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I Played 100 Days of Undertale

Apr 04, 2024
come. Now, were you really trying to hide from me? You were trying to get him to find me, you idiot. I thought you were helping me. Sans is going to the next area, so I followed him there immediately. I see Sans and Papyrus, but now I have no way. To hide from Papyrus I take a few steps forward and then Papyrus immediately turns to me in surprise. Somehow Papyrus mistakes The Rock behind me for a human, but Sans helps redirect his brother Derpy's attention to me. Actually, I think it's a rock. Oh hey, what is that? facing the rock, wait, are you kidding me?
i played 100 days of undertale
They were both looking at the Rock thinking it was the human, oh my god, after Papyrus challenges me and laughs in the next room. Sam says he'll hold an eye socket open for me and then follows me. papyrus to the right, the nearby sign tells me not to move, but I go around it anyway, then move past the sign and wake up a guard dog. He stops me moving and the guard looks past me and says they can only see moving things. Oh well, thanks for telling me. I your weakness from the beginning the fight starts but I just pet the dog hello to the dog look they have patched me we could leave but we are not going to do it we are going to pet again where does that come from?
i played 100 days of undertale

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i played 100 days of undertale...

I give up and spare doggo claims 30 gold as a reward, so this is something that pets me, something that doesn't move. I'm going to need some dog treats for this after I finally leave doggo alone. I find evidence nearby that someone has been smoking dog treats, someone has been smoking dogs. treats, wait, what are you smoking, I'm heading to the next room when suddenly a lesser dog appears, brother, he has a sword and a shield, he's like a night dog, but he's also doing a cute plep, the ax section is full of pet options, so pet the dog, pet. after the pet lets his dog's neck extend to the clouds and then goes back down behind the text box, leicester dog is learning to read as my pets no longer extend the lesser dog's neck.
i played 100 days of undertale
Instead, I forgive them. I love the whole collar, it just snaps back into place instantly. small state and now it's just the normal doggo. I then head to the right to find Papyrus and Sans again. Oh, the human comes to stop you. My brother and I have created some puzzles. Oh no, I think this one will be quite shocking when you touch the walls of this maze, this orb will administer a hearty Zab, okay you can move on now, signs, what did you do? I think the human has to hold the orb, oh okay, hold this, please, I don't want you, damn it.
i played 100 days of undertale
I'm forced to try, unbelievable, slippery snail after Papyrus laughs and leaves the room again. Sans thanks me and then I go to the next room. What's happening? Sans wants some fried snow. It's just five gold, five gold, it's not too much, it's okay. I'll buy it. I said five gold. He made 50 gold. What a scam for fried snow. We are literally a little snow. How about five five seconds? You don't have the money. Hey, it's okay. I don't have snow. Progress and enter. the room with Papyrus and the next sansa puzzle Sans, where is the puzzle?
It's there on the floor, trust me, there's no way they can top this one I see, but why do I have to? Sans who didn't do anything, wow! so sure I was like there's no way to get through this is like what I knew I should have used today's crossword what crossword I can't believe you said that in my opinion Junior double is easily the hardest what really dude it's that easy mix of words amazing human solves this dispute since Sans wants him to make his brother happy I lie and say the confusion is harder after Papyrus left Sans thanks me for agreeing with his brother suddenly two large hooded dogs with big axes are approaching me what is that smell? where is that? smells ah nothing makes me want to eliminate eliminate you oh after rolling in the dirt and smelling them like a strange puppy I pet the dogareza a dog that pets incredible dogs The dog's minds have expanded dogs can pet other dogs a new world is coming has opened for us, oh, after blowing the minds of these two dogs, I explore where the dogs went, the room is filled with snow cloud after snow cloud, I finally checked the latest Snoop, making a fluffy tail stick out by the back. oh, that may not be a snow cloud, it's a doggo hiding in a snow cloud, oh, cute, not so cute, deadly dangerous, it's a mugger dog, wait, it has such a small head, maybe you're susceptible to pets, just as the lesser doggo is a rare dog. looking for affection, okay pets, the weird dog snuggles up in your lap, as you pet him, make a snowball and throw it for the dog to pick up.
He hits the ground. The biggest dog collects all the snow in the area and carries it away. win the fight then the doggo jumps out of his armor oh little what oh I think you made a mistake after heading to the right I start to cross a long bridge but Papyrus stops me on the other side human this is your end and The most dangerous challenge Behold the gauntlet of mortal terror. Oh, what the heck, each part will sway violently up and down. Well, what's the delay? Hey, don't cheer him up well. This challenge seems too easy for the human to defeat.
I am a skeleton. My standards are very fair and my traps are expertly cooked, but this method is too direct, no class at all, what are you looking at? This was another decisive victory for Papyrus after Papyrus left. I follow him to the town of Snowden and enter the Inn welcome to Snowden, oh it snowed and Snowden, the smart Snowden Premier Hotel, a night is 80 gold, here is the key to the room, make sure you bottle, wait, what? I didn't say no?, wait, I said yes, I thought I said no, stop snoring later. I go out to the right and enter the library when the librarian tells me that the sign is misspelled welcome to the library yes we know the sign is misspelled wait I didn't even notice the library after leaving the library , I continued to the right entering a new area.
Are we walking into a snow storm? Look at this, what the hell suddenly Papyrus shows up starting a fight? Oh, I could flirt or I could insult you. Well, let's check you first. 20 attack 20 defense. He likes to say what a pitiful attack, do you think? you're going to bone me with that good luck, okay, I guess I'll try to flirt with him, what a flirt, yes, I always wanted to make out with a bone, well, I'm a skeleton with very high standards, yes, clearly, I can make spaghetti. Oh no. You are significant. I stand still before Papyrus's blue attack but suddenly my soul turns blue and falls to the bottom before being hit by his bone.
Oh, now I have to jump over his bones. I continue to smear Papyrus as he threatens to use his special attack. Get ready for his special attack but a dog ends up stealing Papyrus's special attack bone and runs away what the hell that's my special attack hey stupid dog can you hear me what are you doing come back here with my special attack well start the special attack that Papyrus launches? Instead, it's a normal attack, but the bones of it are long and difficult to avoid, forcing me to jump extremely high to avoid the final section.
That's what lul friend said and then there is a bone standing on Wheels. What happened to the exhausted Papyrus? I accept mercy from him. and stop the fight from ending and the snow storm clearing. Papyrus said that he couldn't capture me, so I asked him to be his friend. Do you really want to be my friend? Well, then I guess he could make you a concession. Wowie, we did it. We didn't even have our first date and I've already made it to the friend zone. I don't think that's how it worked. Hands across the sky. I follow him back to his house and talk to him about our date.
I will have to do it. take you to a really special place oh a place I like to spend a lot of time where are we going to wait why are we going back seriously my house we were literally here I start looking around and Sansa's house Papyrus then I find a sink That It's too high to reach. Impressed. I increased the height of my sink. Wait, why did you raise it so high? Now I can place more bones underneath. Take a look and see what that center catches on the canine. It's right next to you.
You catch it well. The curses are gone Sans, stop plaguing my life with incidental music. Papyrus and Sans start fighting over Sansa's old socks. It's a sock. It's a dirty sock with a series of notes. wait, then he picked it up and just put it back down. Okay, you moved it two inches. Move it to your room. It's okay and don't bring it. She moved him to her river. She brought him back. It's okay, it's still here. No. You just say don't bring him back to Bairu, forget it. I go up the stairs and into Papyrus's room, that's my room.
If you finish looking around, we could go in and do whatever people do when they go out. Oh, how scandalous. Papyrus, why are you so interested in me? bed are you tired eh wait wait wait wait no no no no I wasn't I was just I wanted to see if there was a second interaction okay, I didn't want to go to bed with you bone man ah yes action figures great reference for theoretical battle scenarios, the action figures have a lot of attractive robots, oh are you sure these are battle scenarios, naughty skeleton, naughty skeleton, naughty, have you been practicing for our date?
What are you planning there? Mr. bone man, start the date, yes, okay, start the date wait, we are fighting here we are on our date. I checked out an official dating rule book from the library. Those exist. We are ready to have a good time. Let's look at step one. Press the C key on your keyboard to exit with HUD. Oh oh, what reel? in the population, egg crime radar, why is there a doggo being detected on the radar? It's Wednesday and it's sunny, wait, why do I need to know? Egg wowie, I feel very informed, yes, maybe too informed.
Step three, wear nice clothes to show you care. Wait a second, wear clothes, that scarf around your head, you're wearing clothes right now, yeah, I'm not naked, you're right, not only were you wearing clothes today too, oh Bravo, you're right, could that be you? You've wanted to date me from the beginning Yes, Papyrus, you were absolutely right. I was wearing clothes because I always wanted to go out with you and not anyone else, or anyone else who saw me wearing clothes, but you, I wore clothes just for you, Papyrus, so we could. go on a date together, did I just be critical of you? you're so much better at dating than me not your dating power he's actually admitting that I'm better than him at something which is amazing don't think you're over me yet Look, I can wear clothes too.
Oh, in fact, I always wear my special clothes under my normal clothes. What are you staring at? However, uh-oh, you don't really understand the hidden power of this outfit, therefore what you just said is invalid, the status will not increase. further unless you find my secret my hat well then you found my secret I guess I have no choice it's a gift a gift just for you okay I'll open it do you know what this spaghetti is? That's what you're thinking? It's not like that, but too bad, this is not just any pasta, it's the work of an artisan, soaking the spaghetti finally aged in an Oaken mold and then cooked by me, human Master Chef Papyrus, it's time to end this, There's no way this can go any further. you take a small bite your face wrinkles reflexively the taste is indescribable what a passionate expression you must really love my cooking and by extension me maybe even more than me oh oh human it is clear now that you are madly in love with me human I want you to be happy too oh it's time for me to express my feelings it's time for me to tell you I'm sorry I don't like you the way you like me I feel the same as before how could I have done this to my Dear friend, no, wait, that's wrong.
I cannot fail in anything human. I will help you in these difficult times. I will continue to be your cool friend and act like it. Everything happened. Well, I have to go. I leave papyrus at Santa's house and then I travel. where I flirted with Papyrus when I get to High Grass Papyrus comes to a path right above me, approaches a scary looking knight in armor hiding in the shadows, calls the night undyne and admits that he fought me but couldn't catch me . I found out that undyne is now trying to take our soul themselves Papyrus tries to help me but seems too intimidated by the person he calls undyne.
I move forward carefully and notice the monster boy who was also standing in the Tall Grass, wait, what are you doing here, come on? Go watch her beat up some bad guys, the kid steps forward and I proceed to the next area in this area. I'm attacked by a buff monster named Aaron, what am I looking at? Aaron flexes, oh baby, what the hell are you? Then I check on Aaron. he says I can check it all I want to check it all you want face winking hey, I wasn't checking like that what you suspect is your sweat stop sweating on me, sus, you Flex Aaron flexes really hard and flexes off of the room

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