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I Must Win MrBeast's $10,000 Refrigerator

May 29, 2021
it was a day like any other when bam new discord notification is mr beast is doing a hide and seek contest and the winner gets a ten thousand dollar fridge i had to have it but the event was in an hour i needed a plan and fast i decided to use one one of the older camouflage techniques in Minecraft, but he couldn't just show up looking like this. What would happen if Mr. Beast brought us all together to do the introduction? Everyone would see my costume, but I had a plan. a toggleable second layer now i had never edited a skin before but i mean it's just copy and paste and how hard could it be and finally with just a few minutes to spare i had done it the only thing left to do was put my masterpiece don't laugh it's for the fridge ok it looks a little chubby but as long as no one looks too closely at me wait a sec something's a little off shh Mr Beast explained the rules.
i must win mrbeast s 10 000 refrigerator
We were in a recreation of planet earth and we, the people in hiding, had access. to the map you see now the game began i immediately headed to the safest place i knew afghanistan and took off my disguise so this is my hideout right here uh probably not that clutch im a wildcat got the right idea he went to the middle of the ocean is out there while dying, if you could direct your attention to the shiny subscribe button, doesn't it look beautiful? Don't you just want to push it, guys? uh yeah i love antarctica i did a whole video series there ok i'm headed there you're actually in antarctica why would i lie Techno, can you give me a hint? for this info i'll throw in a five grand fridge if you win you mean extra fridge yeah me and a five grand fridge me double fridge yeah ain't nobody there ain't nobody there it's Ok, I'm going to report. this information.
i must win mrbeast s 10 000 refrigerator

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i must win mrbeast s 10 000 refrigerator...

Speaking of Chris, except me. I can't believe people fell off the side of the earth. Christopher Columbus was wrong. place I found a hole in the map and stayed underground for 30 seconds before an admin kicked me out and then headed to china where things got worse oh god they're headed right for me. What am I listening to right now? That I am listening? Wait, wait, wait, I'm being bombarded. I'm getting a new race. How are you being bombarded? I just got bombed. what did you do you resisted the nukes they literally nuked you they went somewhere else they went somewhere else they literally nuked you um they're both flying back they're both flying back and the admin is staring at me oh wait no way and that's fine i was at such a clutch point and it was like all i see is arrows so i can only imagine what it actually was man asia seems to be the place right now huh i'll post your coordinates fundi uh spyfee spyfee go away why all the hiders come to look at me wait they're actually sabotaging me they just came by and put up a pot why did they put up like 20 pots wait this is a coordinated scam.
i must win mrbeast s 10 000 refrigerator
I just noticed that you guys could see where Chris and I are on your maps, which makes it kind of easy. I don't like that, so this is what we'll do. Chris chooses a random Asian continent in five minutes. completely wipe asia off the map well i never hid there i've been in canada with fundy the whole time wow i see mr beast instantly start flying towards them plus i don't have my boat anymore my boat will take much. time taken taken wow that's someone else the audacity minutes later they decided we were just going to cut the whole right side of the map which is not what i wanted to hear in australia.
i must win mrbeast s 10 000 refrigerator
This meant that he would have to travel halfway around the planet while the hunters patrolled for people crossing the new frontier if he wanted any chance of getting past them and into that cooler, he had to go faster than ever and there was only one way to get that kind of speed ice bowden in minecraft paddling across the ice allows you to travel at about 90 miles an hour and i only knew one place with this much ice headed for antarctica i hit the shores and started sliding on the ice i just got off the new frontier when I saw both hunters fast approaching me on the map I dove underwater and managed not to be seen but when I resurfaced weirdly one of them doubled back.
I think you missed something down here. Well, I don't think you've missed anything. no wait gimme gimme a second here I want I got a cool trick I can show you okay don't pay attention to my skin I'm playing honor here I'm playing so basically what I would like Say you'll never catch me alive wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait you'll never go wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait I'm trying to bargain with you Get on top of this stupid boat , ok negotiations are ok right there we have to go to our own private chat because you know go to record too oh god ok currently two out of ten people have been found yeah we could kill you right now and it's. i would add one to the total true or true you could rat on two people and we let you go are you willing to sacrifice two people for you to stay as i looked at the map i saw it was full of my mates my friends people i have known for years really I had it in me to sabotage two of them just for a measly snack? erator yeah ok now techno has a jail cell tell us where two people are right now or we will kill you oh yeah there are two of them in eastern europe just go north and a bit east of here you can't miss they're fine we'll leave you there it's fine I'll just get stuck in the salads okay if we find it we'll come find you yeah well if I don't find them I'll go I'll kill you right buddy I bet he's freaking out right now should I be in this voice chat?
Yes, yes, because you sold it. I just gave the general location, it's ok. Oh I got it. What have I done? Are we heading in the right direction? Techno Do you want your freedom? We have to kill one more person. Do we trust that Techno couldn't escape from that prison? come on come on guys come on have a little faith but I wait how you got out guys come on guys guys come on guys guys please guys please guys wait he asked for a boat he made the boat I gave him help him escape give him a boat for that he was trying to be nice I killed i why didn't you tell me you gave him a boat your compound nickname yeah you can get on the boat is that actually uh i just jumped and put the boat outside and then got on the boat outside i just made the prisoners close the maps, they don't have it open anymore, i want you to know that the prisoners are now going to help me find some people oh no, you might want to move to a new place oh, they're starting to fly oh god oh, you


be kidding while I was hiding in the jungles of the south.
The contestants from America began to be eliminated from left to right. Not well. Is far. I can breath. I need to breathe. I need to breathe. I need to breathe. t my default move no eddie just got teleported he was teleported oh my god this is so scary oh god there's a burning tree next to me there's fire oh no armor go go see my plot armor go go go i have so many canisters get out of there there were only four participants left but i had a big problem the border was slowly narrowing into america and to get there i would have to travel across hundreds of blocks of open country i would be visible for miles i waited for the right moment to run but before i could find a good height at the spot i saw them the hunters eavesdropping are two puns yeah if they burn this tree above me i lose there ain't no way i wouldn't yeah same thing here man same thing here tree bro oh techno you would have ended up with wombcat right there everyone is scanning the border this is scary i dont know like the bronx so the border is going to shrink nonstop at this point i dont know why it is Or would it affect you, uh significantly, no, I'm just curious, guys, I am. i'm going to be honest i'm really scared right now i'm not going to lie the same thing here was if x people then the number went up one at one point damn there's four people how are we going to find them?
So what are your boys? What is your plan so far? To be honest I don't even know what was going on it will keep shrinking I mean if you guys are still camping kids and hide and seek it couldn't be me I mean I just scanned the whole top of North America y'all are clearly hiding underground oh get 'em out of here techno is definitely trying so he probably changed his skin to blend in get it get it get it get it puns come here i don't want to go there punch ain't right three left oh my god that It's crazy, chandler, chandler trailer, look at this flower right here.
I've never seen her before. hold up chris chris okay guys i'll make a deal with you if i tell you where i am you get five grand oh so you'll make a deal with us where was this deal before i found you five grand take it or leave it so we get hey guys wait he's dealing run away come back here hey can i bring a dolphin here? can i just yell at a dog? why can't i hit you? i ran away good oh connor you sold me out connor how are you connor you sold me out you got her oh i cant believe you would trade your skin for a competitive edge hey fundy look into my eyes look into my eyes shame you ashamed funny, shame you fundy how could you use a minecraft? a sparkly blue Sonic onesie and although I didn't win a ten thousand dollar cooler apparently I did win a five thousand dollar cooler we did win these

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