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I made the MEAN GIRLS as mad as possible

Jun 09, 2021
university, we met in our archeology class, archeology 201, with mr. Dukes, although his lectures were long and boring, he spent hours and hours in that small room with you laughing at Old Kings and your kingdoms, the class


the difference. Blake has been a great friend to me over the years and I hope to continue our friendship and maybe have his kids play together one day and on that note, cheers to Blake and Cheers to the new couple, well I have no idea Whose guy is that? He has a great speech. I think it would have been better if, like he just said. like he was Bentley Banks and he was a big guy and he was here to eat cupcakes and whatever, but we were dancing all night, we were having fun, easy steps, look, you got it.
i made the mean girls as mad as possible
I can teach you how to dance because I can tell that no one has taught you hey, you're not that bad either, what do you think is everyone's story here? This looks like a new couple. He's trying to impress her, but it seems like she either has eyes for someone else or she just doesn't. enjoying it I think. Either way, they'll split up tonight, we're people watching, what do you think? I think the one on the left is the brother and the other one is his friend that he just dragged, maybe the brother is excited that his sister is getting into it. married, I think maybe the friend is actually in love with the boyfriend, she looks at those jealous eyes and then of course she is the nice aunt, we believe what she did and murdered her husband for money.
i made the mean girls as mad as possible

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i made the mean girls as mad as possible...

I think that's the husband she gave a strange look to, hey man. great speech, how can I meet you again? college, honey, could you look at the time we have to leave? It was fun looks like we didn't get lost too much oh shit what my dad is here oh I get to meet the dad oh it's beautiful I don't know how many codes I'm about to break but this one is breaking hello blue hello sir. Banks, how are you? I'm good, thank you for asking. Can I talk to my son for a moment, of course?
i made the mean girls as mad as possible
Oh, will it ruin everything? Congratulations on the victory. Thank you. I didn't know you'd be here. It was too much. decision, I need to talk to you about your performance and how you've been slacking lately. I know I should listen to my father, but I can't focus on anything but her. His citrus-scented shampoo is Hubble essences. Oh, I can't fight it anymore. She is perfect, absolutely perfect, are you even listening to me? Son, yeah, I'm sorry dad, I was just distracted, it's her, you're in love with Poppy's friend, you can't take your eyes off her, your mom told me there was someone you talked to, mom. we have to keep in touch so what is it, how far has it come, have you done it, more attraction, dad, we haven't done anything, she doesn't even know, I don't think she's a little young for you, but she's a Good Girl, you haven't had any problems.
i made the mean girls as mad as possible
What do you know about her? Where are her parents? Why has she been living with Poppy? I do not know much. Poppy refused to tell me. All I know is that she came from a hard place. This is what I'm saying, Poppy is a good friend, she just doesn't have enough brain cells to be the loving friend I would need when she first moved away. She had bruises all over her body and she couldn't sleep because of night terrors. I guess she is much better now. Bruises from what I don't know. At first he was reluctant to let her move out.
I thought it was bad news and it was the wrong crowd or something, but it turns out he's been a good influence on little Poppy. When Poppy was arrested, Gloom had no alcohol in his system and was trying to help the police control Poppy anyway. I want you to be happy, son, but you can't forget your responsibilities. I know I'll focus on this. I'm going to say hello to some people I'll see you later Oh, what a good father hurt Knight here, what happened to her, oh, it's Victor, what are you doing in the house? Bentley.
I was wondering if you wanted to get out of here, maybe grab a Bite to eat movie Victoria you and me will never happen Oh, you better be good, don't you know Hey, I've been looking for you I just needed some air Marissa and dad, he won't let to talk about next weekend, right? Marissa's birthday weekend extravaganza. You see, I really hope you leave, but I'll have you home to relax, although I suppose you know that, since I have to look after Poppy and I don't think she can spend a weekend away from you. He's still bothering you, he apologized, but right after inviting me to dinner, Oh, Victoria doesn't quite take the hint either, so make me your girlfriend, otherwise I'm definitely going to consider my options, mm-hmm.
I have an idea what we're going to do. Pretend you and I are together no, why would we pretend you're crazy, a Victorian Preston? You think we're together and maybe they'll leave us alone, why don't you ask me to be your girlfriend and then what about Poppy? We'll know we're lying, we don't have to tell him it's going to be in front of Preston in Victoria until they look this alone, but let's do it, oh my god, these are not the decisions. I wish he would lean forward. Mouth barely an inch from mine, what are you doing?
Oh he's about to kiss my girlfriend fake girlfriend he's right in front of Victoria and Preston you're not going to take advantage of the situation oh right idiots come on you can't get mad at a guy for trying shut up idiot I hate you oh shit , they're coming hey glue I was hoping to talk to you oh Preston hates it alone can I talk to you alone? Anything you need to say to my girlfriend you can say it in front of my girlfriend, oh yeah, we're together now, you can't be serious, oh, we're very serious, right, baby, yeah, so you can leave us alone now we're happily taken spoken for whatever there is something fishy here, not even in the slightest, oh my goodness.
Do you see Victoria's face? I think she might murder us in our sleep. Oh, Preston, Preston, wait, what's wrong? I don't think he's been trying to be with her for a year, but he came along a few weeks ago and they. We're already dating, how is this


? I had never been rejected before. I love Bentley and that little dog, that little dog won't come between me and him, Victoria, you say every man, family is different, we belong to each other and we must support each other. them apart from each other will lead them to call Chanel if they don't want to call Chanel, that's a disaster right there, Chanel, she has problems, well that was episode two and three of crossing the line with my brother with the my friend's brother I hope you enjoyed it.
Let me know if you want me to continue with it. Don't know. I think he's a little overcooked, right? I


, I feel like he's been simmering since the first time we played him, and said he was. I'm not going to continue, you guys convinced me, here we are, if you want to see you again, be sure to send notifications and I'll see you next time, bye.

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