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I'm SO close to Rank 1 NA ......... (1500 LP CHALLENGER GAMEPLAY)

Mar 16, 2022
oh cam oh ok it should be good so i'm going to hit i'm going to melee front one time and slowly push the wave can't can't walk up for cs the goal is to push this as slow as possible but i also want pressing him the moment he gets


, he should be able to negate all three melees, all three melees shouldn't be accessible to him, whatever is playing this wave so badly. cleared his raptors so he can be on the top side he's probably ganking on the top side because of the matchup blue riot started he already has blue and he's not providing a really sloppy landing on my end ok i think so , you will commit to this invasion for sure. i want to fight echo here wow that fucker i replied i cant believe i didnt stun i thought i might that sucks i would have lived oh thats really bad i cant go upstairs either because hey damn bro i think we would have killed kled too but my e just went through it oh man i called my gobot i didn't see him o n bar river though my top laner is getting the treatment bro i don't know how to help him i can't help him either man i'm so mad for that claddy bro why why don't you insta fling, bro, why have you? to make that so damn hard I shouldn't have to turn on or whatever they kill us I guess I'll stick around man this is so rubbish oh my god like I can't believe I thought that was a good idea this guy is horrible he's scorched this guy is terrible scorched but i gotta play him so the dog game state completes the trashy game state but they're pretty heavy and at least oh it's interesting because of the night i think its always worth it to watch though hmm i wish i could help riven more bro this is a high quality hint sir a high quality pain dammit i cant believe a sona got it Let's walk around the map like this, me, kate, thank you, thank you, kate for the 10 gifts. stay focused, even though you appreciate money, that's pretty rubbish, isn't it?
i m so close to rank 1 na 1500 lp challenger gameplay
I have to stay here, he is Most likely to set him off or remember him. He will remember it and blow it up somewhere. What a terrible game. even die for those worthless players on my team, bro, do you listen to gordon goodwin? No, I mean, so no flash, I can't even punish this brother. too tough man at least its floating listening bush most likely the recents in the hole its not a huge flash im not sure about that but its such a terrible thing holy are you trolling me i cant stay claude actually one behind this you can I can't stand I I I I I am fighting here guys you guys think uh finger wenger italian thank you I think the sauna still has no flash thanks inside no I don't know where the team is too risky oh my life yeah yeah see for yourself kha 'zix kd player damn i didn't think about him still having everything i should have waited he didn't use ulti for dog v igar ok but bro what is this man oh my god we got a tape look look we got a tape oh my gosh we can do something we have a tape right? is this sorry i guess my bot lane scaling but playing to scaling this game is kind of a hit because they have sona veigar scorched he is fantastic against his competition though vigor sting actually shuts down all his champions but we have to wait for them. to get to that point we need to buy when you buy a guy like level 13 man this claire is so strong i blew bro like crazy my life no for not for long my bike is typing we just have to kill clad but yeah killing clyde it's a little too hard it would seem yo vigar you're as worthless as tape bro like the only thing we're trusting is your champion is opium out of this game but you're also playing like trash but not a good cannon bro i mean surely this is just free kill surely oh my god my teammates are so horrible but maybe we can win, we have to take this bounty now or he will reset with us.
i m so close to rank 1 na 1500 lp challenger gameplay

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i m so close to rank 1 na 1500 lp challenger gameplay...

Holy shit, these are the players that I have to play as my base for teamfights, so these two players are really bad, really, really bad, but we're making it work, I guess I mean, we saw it? the scorched flash we saw the scorched flash adventure which was horrible ok what we got deathcob i really wish i would have given the 1k i wish vygard had the 1k but i mean clay was going to ride again i had no choice alright come on guys come on it's game time oh we could actually win the game yeah that's actually win the game i got too cool flash oh but i guess your only job is to save me on my ga make my ga go down bro well played man what a blade ah thats really too bad i mean n losing g is terrible but at least we won the fight because we still have to fight for seoul but i still have stopwatch at least i dont know what to do with my builds i don't know what to do in my build here i sell the ga i need the g armor i know but if i'm trolling i'm trolling i'm trolling his ulti was terrible though nice it hurts i think the play is just i wanna sit in the 80's and the armor from selling ga not the best idea dude this game is over if if i didnt lose my g this game would be over we gotta hold those guys back 100 guaranteed guaranteed this game would be over we get dragon we can get turrets but this Dragon fighting is really hard, but there is a chance that they don't actually play the dragon fight and just play to like the clutch division.
i m so close to rank 1 na 1500 lp challenger gameplay
It seems that's what they want to do. alright oh i shouldn't go to that but of course she ain't flash i was good with that uh i don't know about contin even though it can't be that hard almighty is gonna win bro this is alright , it's so good, it's so good, it's so good, how little my teammates have to do to win this game, how little they have to put in. you know and they still manage to climb up it's crazy please don't kill my vigor please get out bro come down he wants the cannon oh my god he missed the cannon ok i don't need anymore the stopwatch, I think.
i m so close to rank 1 na 1500 lp challenger gameplay
I'm going ma uh dude I could ride around like a zonians mods aren't really necessary actually what a weird build whatever I don't need more damage I think zonia is actually more survivability than ma the only person that pricks my jaws is echo he is not even going for me in fights i think we need to play for the baron the next baron is our wincon yeah kha'zix is ​​on chem punk the chainsword It's your big buy, oh, that's a risky room, sir, I think it reads without, it's not flash. so my stamina should be safe a bit fga and 20.
I really don't know what we can fight for. should fight for it bought tier one turret bot tier 1 turret still has full hp but maybe we can look for a similar turbo coin toss game we got echo nice got us all wow they did me a lot of damage what man we're good Lee, this is just too much paper, the fact that we're not playing for butter right now is beyond paper. Pretty bad ok now let's get out of here guys Lisa's still around we can crash down on him we've got 40 seconds to do it so he's not a flash they'll be after him for sure woof woof where did you go?
What are we going to do? brown enduring a little tough 3v3 oh never mind we got it ain't hard at all wouldn't you want to eat it? in front of me i think the tp battle was whatever sure man whatever surely this guy is like a winning trade or something i mean thats right before the dragon he will spawn the same timer as drake that we buy pushing so we should fight halfway the only way this gets up is if we fight too fast yeah um maybe it's alright sona oh man it's working it's working guys I don't I don't know how but it's working let's the tomio division uh tilt pushing tomio classic jesus what a terrible game great nice very hard but we hold on hold on we are mentally strong plus 20 probably not gonna be 19 thats a big win though huge on my calls because he was really helpful oh 20 nice i wouldn't say my colleagues were helpful as the main reason early game was so bad is because we have a kha'zix on our team. kha'zix just gets invaded early and like the early game it falls apart because we have champion kha'zix but at least as he maintained it was kind of useful throughout the game but since tristana was trading tomio was trading tank man was trading tank man was flashing in melee range of our entire team he actually likes one of t hose fights tank man showed up in the beam cage and just died and like the fight almost ended I lost anyway, like I don't even know how he legitimately shows up in the vigar cage and we still almost lost the fight

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