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I’m kind of an iPad hater, but this is MAGICAL. - iPad Pro M4

Jun 21, 2024
Truth be told, I've never been a big fan of the iPad. If I wanted something convenient and portable, I would just use the phone I already have in my pocket and if I really wanted to do something and I wanted to carry something that big. I would just use my laptop, but there's no denying that these devices have been incredibly popular over the years and now we have the best one, my friends, the new iPad Pro. I'm going to figure out how to get out of it. The box sometime features Apple's new M4 processor and from everything I've heard about it so far, it's really slim, isn't it?
i m kind of an ipad hater but this is magical   ipad pro m4
It's a bit wild, of course, the thinness isn't what caught my attention first, that's it. Screen guys, we've put


through a whole range of tests in the lab and I don't know how to say


other than to say that it's on par, if not better, than any screen we've touched before that includes the $20,000 reference. The screen we recently reviewed in Flanders scientifically makes the price look downright reasonable, doesn't it? We'll get to that, but first let's talk about what Apple has accomplished here, starting with the shine. It seems unreal, my God, the sweat shines.
i m kind of an ipad hater but this is magical   ipad pro m4

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i m kind of an ipad hater but this is magical ipad pro m4...

Holy balls. I don't think I've ever seen something as realistic as this through a screen. We've seen dual panel displays before. In fact, the High Senses brand name was originally used to describe a dual LCD panel that stacked the two panels to achieve much deeper blacks, well, Apple has changed that concept with dual OLEDs. OLEDs already have excellent blacks, so why are they using dual panels to massively increase maximum brightness? What's really impressive here is that Apple has managed to offer an OLED that has 1,000 points of brightness across the entire screen and not only did it not dim after half an hour, it actually managed to get brighter as the pixels warmed up. , so now you're looking at a completely white screen and in the meantime, it offers 1,000 points of brightness. a reference mode that allows you to lock it at 1000 nits with unparalleled precision.
i m kind of an ipad hater but this is magical   ipad pro m4
I mean, Brandon, have we seen a screen that is more accurate out of the box than this one in reference mode, just the fs for 10 to 20 times the price? I just don't know how I don't know how to put it I don't think I don't think the graphics can convey the difference in HDR content consumption with this device versus something lesser, it offers 10 to 120 HZ very refresh rate capable, it's available with its Nano texture , which we're not sure if it's the same as the xdr pro screen because we have the one without the nano texture, but in a nutshell, if what you were looking for was an iPad with one of the best screens on the planet, then this is it if what you were looking for was just an iPad to search and read emails and to have on your side while you cook.
i m kind of an ipad hater but this is magical   ipad pro m4
I don't know if the value proposition is I'm going to be so strong here to have fun. I grabbed an old iPad we had lying around. Do you really know what the iPad Pro 11 is? That even means Apple. Can anyone look up MTX Q2 vc/a for me? iPad Pro 2018. 11 in perfect you couldn't have just said you know what it doesn't matter it doesn't matter uh I mean I don't know okay that's a little bit faster I don't know if it's changing the world so I I guess what I'm trying to say is that I understand the two main versions of this product, on the one hand, a beautiful, very interesting, amazing screen, on the other hand, if all you need is an iPad to make iPad, is it really much thinner?
I mean, yes, but part of this thickness is our dbrand skin, which happens to be our sponsor, at least I hope it's from dbrand, apparently all I need to do is read this. I mean, it seems pretty simple. I got this, though enjoy your helium. It is this? fanfiction I'm going to try to do this on a small lonus, the pint-sized pimp could stand up wide-eyed to tackle the complicated spikes of tags extending rapidly skyward from his undisguised child-sized stretcher next to a suspicious and surprise sponsor, dbrand hands and orders with his creaky the strange speech becomes creakier and stranger the more shameless praise his deeply accurate products preface with a prelude to his prodigious jokes they deserve no thanks what is this? to buy some iPad cases wow, that makes my voice sound downright gravelly going back to However, the iPad Pro just because we didn't see a devastatingly large difference in day-to-day responsiveness doesn't mean there isn't a big difference in performance, the M4 chip at the heart of this arrived much earlier. than we expected and is absolutely prepared to support, not only did it achieve GPU performance that is on par with a 5500 desktop, but its CPU performance was excellent.
On par with a 13th Gen Core i7, oh yeah, and did I mention it managed 17 hours of battery life in our endurance test? Imagine how much battery life you could get out of this thing if Apple made it just a couple millimeters thicker and one of its priorities is to make sure the iPad never cannibalizes MacBook sales, no matter how close they make it to a Macbook, let's look at some of the accessories, oh, starting with the ones that come with it, oh wow, look at that, a charging brick. Oh, and a USB2 cable. Oh, thank you.
Apple USB 2 cable. Honestly, I'm already getting Stockholm Syndrome at this point and I'm grateful that the USBC port, which it thankfully has, is Thunderbolt to comply with regulations, so you can connect all sorts of accessories. and bases, you can connect it to high speed storage and transfer your data, that's cool, oh yeah, while we're here, it's got four speakers, two on each side, we've got our lock button here, man, how many microphones does it have? What I have, I saw one there, four, that's cool, oh while we're here, there's actually a downgrade, we lost the ultra wide angle camera, but luckily we kept the liar scanner so we can collect depth maps of our environments , let's take a look.
In the accessories you find the magic keyboard again, it's more


than ever I guess, and that's what these little Pogo pads are for, seriously, that's how they make sure it doesn't look too much like a MacBook whose hinge couldn't have opened up more than that because then it would have been a Macbook, the fact that you can buy an iPad with an M4 processor you can't buy a MacBook with an M4 processor and they still don't give you the option to choose between iPad OS and Mac OS on this You absolutely know what I don't care because I don't care.
I'm not going to be a daily driver of either, but it should matter to you Apple faithful, there's no argument left for Apple as to why you should. It doesn't allow you to simply use whatever software you want ooh pencil Pro. This has been a major source of controversy. I've seen a lot of the usual arguments against Apple's intergenerational incompatibility, but in this case I really don't agree with them. The compatibility list for the new Pro Pencil is extremely short, it's the new iPads and that's it, and I can understand why people are upset about this.
I mean, they've clearly bought into this ecosystem and want to be able to continue using their old one. iPad with the new pencil and if Apple decided to make this not compatible with the old ones, it was a design choice that Apple made, but they added a lot of functionality to this that honestly justifies it being a new generation of product designed to work with new generations of products in my mind, unfortunately all our artists are free today or working from home, which is really inconvenient. Are you going to get one of them to come in and actually like to draw?
Okay, great, hello. Maria, I'm a graphic designer here at lmg and I love the iPad Pro. I've been using the iPad since 2016. I'm a big fan and I actually bought this new iPad Pro M4 because I had an M1 and I think. It was really worth the upgrade now, especially thanks to the new Pro Pen. I use Procreate 100% of the time. Oh, I like to illustrate and I love how smooth it is, how easy it is to draw whatever I want honestly. Okay, yeah, hover over here with the new Pro pen. I think it's great. It would be great if you hover over, for example, this menu here of the brushes and you can squeeze and select the one that's selected somehow, but I mean, maybe. they will update, they will make an update.
I hope I like this new feature with the double top. I can immediately switch to eraser, so if I need to erase something here, it's super easy and then I double tap and continue drawing for now. In Procreate we don't have the squeeze feature with the menu that comes out with the brushes, but I assume this is something that will come out eventually. For now, there are other apps that support that pen feature, but I mean, I work on this every day. day I love to draw like when I'm at home, even if I'm watching TV or something, sometimes I draw while watching a show or something.
It's so perfect how the pencil takes exactly the pressure I'm applying to it. I think I've finished my artwork. I mean, overall, I love it. Apple, you did a great job with this device and the screen is amazing. The colors look super vibrant. It's like I drew this in real life, but now it's digital. easier and faster I love this it's so stupid the fact that I can't just fold it down 180° like why do I why do I have to separate it why can't I broke it let's go back to the keyboard For a second, that's something that actually I am qualified to evaluate.
Now my ADD brain has a hard time with these types of tests, but I'll do my best. It is a very good keyboard that I liked. the low profile keys lately um and the TRU pad is apparently bigger than the last gen once you put the giant thing on it, although it's really that thin, wait, let's go back to my RTX 47d gaming laptop now, ah, no I know man but hey it's half a millimeter thinner not everyone is going to put this case on it a lot of people will just use it like an iPad and if that's the case then it's them and apparently it's not even fragile Zach from Jerry Rever said it held up surprisingly well to his bending test this way although it was a little easier than he expected this way I guess they weren't ready for that oh what am I ready to see the speakers are apparently working amazing the device is almost Too thin to contain this amount of audio greatness.
Have you noticed how much it vibrates like in your hands? I mean the only reason I'm not impressed by far is because I expected them to be this good, they're great, oh what's up with the camera? I bet it sucks though, but honestly, if you're taking pictures with a notebook, you deserve your pictures to stink, okay, that's pretty bad. although that's a dog, no that's really bad, like the iPhone 6, bad, but you know what I bet, the front camera is decent and it's in a decent position. Now back to my set, seriously Apple, this is not a Macbook right now.
I moved the front camera to the side edge now, oh no, the front camera is terrible too. It really cost you something when you gave up that, uh, that thickness, what else can we talk about? It comes in space, black and silver. aka black and silver uh you can oh you can locate the pen pro with find my app actually find my app I saved my wife's purse like two weeks ago find my app ah yeah the elephant In the room, the price, good Lord, this thing. it starts at ,000 and that's for standard glass not for cellular that's for 256 gigs of storage do you know how much 256 gigs of nand costs like nothing these days and you have to pay another $200 for another 256 gigs of storage?
Customers are so angry at this point. Heck, it caps out at $2,300 and you know, even more notable, it's somehow not the most egregiously priced item in Apple's lineup. It's not even the second. Apple set the bar extremely low. Great value. Good job compared to Apple. at least to some of your other stuff and honestly you know if I wanted this


of screen, I do it, this is the only way to get it, no one else is even close, subscribe to Short Circuit.

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