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I Lived Like WeWearCute For A Day

May 31, 2021
Amazon fake and old and it showed up but there was only one review and it was bad it says don I didn't buy it it didn't work so I'm going to take your word for it so I'm going to make my own fake cola with mineral water and soy sauce. Okay, I'm just going to serve this chocolate. Oh, why did it hurt you so much? This video will be the death of me so now I'll drink it later but first I have to grab my mini blowtorch and make the breath burn everything grab your mini canister blowtorch and burn it so now let's put on the soy sauce .
i lived like wewearcute for a day
I'm worried that it will smell too much like soy sauce because the only thing that's going to be there, there's water and soy sauce, oh man, I mean, it looks pretty real. I think I'll add a little coke to this, but it will take away some of the soy sauce smell. Coke buddy, I'm going to do a little taste test, so the fake Cola prank is ready to go. The Wiener prank is ready to begin. Now all that's left to do is prank my friends, so come over after spending all that time in the prank zone.
i lived like wewearcute for a day

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i lived like wewearcute for a day...

I'm finally ready to go, so I hopped on my prank phone ready to conquer the world. Casey Neistat. I'm going for the throne. Actually, Casey and Casey are nice, representing Curtis Connor. Many people don't know it. Okay, so I. I'm going to my friend Jacobs' house, he is the victim of my fake Cola prank on my friend. I told him I'm shooting a brand deal for a coke slide. I lied to my friend. I feel bad because he was very excited. He was so proud of me because he was down, so we'll drive there and see you in a second.
i lived like wewearcute for a day
Okay, I just bought the Jacobs. I just made the best parallel park of my life. It's whatever. I feel very nervous. Normally when I go out I eat before going on stage when I like stand-up I am very nervous and I feel like urinating I have to urinate like 30 times before going on stage and then the same thing happened to me I urinated four times before I left and I have to be again, so I'm very nervous, but let's go up, Jacob. I hope you're ready. I went up to Jacob's apartment ready to play a prank on his socks.
i lived like wewearcute for a day
He greeted me with pure excitement, but he has no idea that it's about to get so good that I sat down with him and explained how the Coca-Cola commercial was going to go, and with everything in place, it was time to make jokes. . I'm not kidding. What does he taste like? Not well. It smells very strange. Take a selfie. Yes, that tastes weird. Jacob just got Fred, you just got Frank. There is no way there is a camera there and that's it. What is this? It's a fake cola Frank on me how you caught me with a fake is this one of your beeps that tastes or I know it's soy sauce and club stuff I thought you were just not going to say anything I didn't really drink it I was like anyone else, there's no problem, well the prank was a success and the best part, Jacob wasn't even mad at me, he politely said goodbye to me and I happily returned to the prank mobile to prepare for my next prank, okay, now I'll head home of my friend Dean, he is the victim. from the pushpop prank i'm going to tell you that i'm filming a video for my second channel where i'm ranking my favorite candies from when i was a kid and push pops are at the top of my list and i need a video of we just suck on some pops, ya You know, we just sucked some pops, so I'm going to go there right now.
I tried to film myself driving, but almost immediately I had an accident, so I stopped, but I got to Dean's house and went. to grab the push and up accessories, sorry I scared a little one. I grabbed the push pops, started explaining the premise of the second channel fake video to Dean, and just as I expected, he bought it, no questions asked, joke time, three, two, one, whatever, a pushpot. I would love to upgrade a custom wood, that's perfect, okay, three, two, one, cheers, okay, what's that? There's a push bar, you just put it in your mouth, it's not cool, Wiener's joke didn't work.
I guess the real Weiner was me all along. I left Dean's house defeated, but the day isn't over yet. I still have one more thing to do. It didn't work. I guess he knows a sausage when he sees one and that's fine. I'm thinking maybe I should have painted it blue. or something like that, maybe put some glitter on it. I don't know, I don't know friend. I mean, one out of two you can't beat them, but I don't know about you, but I'm pretty. I'm hungry for more shitty ramen, so I'm going to go home and you know I'm going to make dessert because it's been a long day and I deserve it, okay, I'm quitting, it's time for dessert, it's time for dessert because it's been a Long day, I deserve a treat, okay, so I'm going to make some cotton candy ramen.
I can have a cotton candy ramen as a treat. cotton candy ramen is what there is cookie ramen add two drops of your cotton candy flavor add your cotton candy color it smells great and looks even better, how to make a delicious carnival steal treat at home , let me tell you, friend, I really like push pops. I went through the ringer to get this cotton candy flavor, this thing, this little bottle that I had to go to. a wedding cake shop. I didn't even know they existed, but I went to one and bought it. She said it's very strong so I have to be careful with how much I put in it.
Here I have a bowl of cooked ramen. I'm going to pour in a little bit of cotton candy flavor and then a little bit of cotton candy color, which is like, I guess it's like blue and red because there's no real cotton candy color, you know, if someone said, Hey, what color is that car? Like, oh, it's the color of cotton candy, no one says that and they make it impossible to open, which is really cool, well, here we go, the helicopters grab again, God bless the teeth, you know, I'm so tired, man Okay, I'll have my cotton. candy flavor now a couple bucks is pretty holy okay wow how was cotton candy oil made? red and blue a look at superman ramen super um and now we mix Oh god take a crime scene man if it doesn't sound like that I'm not complaining it looks like a dead wig where's our clown wig you're dead like you found a clown's head dead and you're like a dumpster, this is what the top would look like.
You know, it's okay, everyone, this is your good, since we will get it so good. Unfortunately, I don't have fangs like them. in the video we have fangs false alarm Jenna showed up with the fangs so now I can really be a part of us we were cute we go well, well, from the bottom up I can't do it with that guy, yeah, oh god, he's not even sweet, If that makes sense, it's very bitter because I think you usually put it with things that already have sugar in it, yeah, that's the worst, worse than spicy ramen, hey, don't make that cotton candy ramen, forget it.
It's garbage, don't do it, ramen, macaroni and cheese, although this type of success, in conclusion, what did we learn?, where do we learn?, friends, we learned. You should never do what I did. you should make ramen as intended. I regret asking this good question, yes absolutely, I miss my chair. I miss sitting in my chair making jokes. I had a good time? I learned something. Yes, actually I did. I got that cotton candy ramen that looks like a dead clown's head and tastes like one too, so don't take it seriously, although what I did learn was that we were a pretty hat.
I have a lot of respect for what they do, how do they do it? Don't know. I convey to you that your mother is a robot, but I am convinced that you are too because no human, no normal human, could live on a diet like this. You must be. I need real food. Okay, I just don't know what to eat. Curtis Rana. You just make a hell of cool, you know how strange handsome, I think I'm going to go make a Hello cool and you know what, why don't you come? because they are actually today's sponsor.
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Hella Fresh eliminates stressful meal planning and prep so you can enjoy cooking and have dinner on the table in just about 30 minutes or even 20 minutes with its quick recipe options. Another amazing thing about hellofresh is that the packaging they use to ship your food is made almost entirely from recyclable or already recycled content, and their pre-portioned ingredients mean less prep for you and less eating. waste Expect weekly food deliveries from Curtis What happens if I'm out of town for an extended period? Great question Hi, Fresh is super flexible and they make it super easy to make changes to fit your schedule.
I'm away from home about once a month. Basically, because of my stand-up shows, skipping a week of meals is as easy as tap, tap, tap on my phone a few times and you can even add extra meals or add delicious sides and desserts like garlic bread and cookie dough , if you wish. Now, this all sounds amazing, well this deal is about to get a lot sweeter. The folks at hellofresh have secured an incredible deal for the citizens of Curtis Town. Just go to Hello Fresh Calm and use the code Curtis Town 10 to get 10 free meals. including free shipping wowza what a tasty offer thanks again to hella Fresh for sponsoring this video and many others in the past.
They have been supporting my channel for a long time and it's really amazing that they still like me because I like them so much. So yeah, check them out because you directly support me and my channel and you'll quickly learn why Hello Fresh is America's #1 meal kit. Fine, thanks. Hello Fresh. Good food. I think that's it, thanks somewhere for watching. Let me know. If you enjoyed it please hit the Like button which will let me know if you enjoyed this type of video. I had a lot of Fun. I'm very tired and my stomach hurts, but I had a lot of fun getting out of my house today. you know, actually doing things, doing things, it was fun, it was a good time, so let me know if you want to see more videos like this and yeah, just leave a comment, let me know your ideas and don't forget to hit the subscribe button because I do a video every week and as soon as you press that button you become a valued citizen of Curtis Town if you don't know that Curtis Town is the best place to live in the world and I'm the mayor so you have to do it.
Be nice to me if you want to see the other things I make, you can check the description. I have my Instagram, my Twitter down there, everything called my weekly podcast, very, very good, what I do. If you like my videos, you'll like the podcast. Also, it's a good time, but yeah, that's it. Thank you so much for tuning in, I love you, it's too early, uh, too early to say I have to go, even though I have to run. You know I have to do it for the 90th time today, so bye. I don't think you'll ever get one now

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