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I knocked the bastard off - Retracing the footsteps of a murderer (Ep 3)

Mar 25, 2024
in the previous episodes, after a failed attempt to run the McMillan Walking Track, I was back on the track 15 weeks later, it was cooler which suits a redhead and I spent the day with no worries that came from this run , it was a white man's. The madness that was beginning to sink in step by step was that my lot in life is based on a rough and violent start to the second day. I would have with me Hugh Jackman, aka Chris, my handsome friend and cameraman, who had lost my GPS beacon at the bottom of the treasure spur on the first day.
i knocked the bastard off   retracing the footsteps of a murderer ep 3
Chris would accompany me on the second day, including the Maroka River, which is one of Australia's most remote mountain valleys. Beyond that, I had no idea what this damn long haul was like. It Go, you're right, I always put it in my backpack. Yes, room in this excellent and excellent piles room, you are not too overloaded. Well, he's better than this. Okay, thanks again guys, thanks Charlie. Well, see you buddy, see you going, yeah, we're a cute couple, little UPS, um to get the blood pumping. his companion Angus McMillan, the Blu, made this track with a group of men 160 years ago, he died in 1865, a year after the track was completed, not far from the track itself, in fact his horse fell into a steep terrain and crushed it when I think of characters like McMillan I.
i knocked the bastard off   retracing the footsteps of a murderer ep 3

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i knocked the bastard off retracing the footsteps of a murderer ep 3...

Think of blackberries, thorny


s that put down roots and are almost impossible to get rid of. They were bought in these valleys as seeds on this road in the following decades, so it seems like a dead end to me and perhaps it is because of the decreasing number of blackberries. times I have cursed a Blackberry, your knees have also been destroyed oh, they are cutting me off McMillan's legacy and the blackberries that now remain are still very much alive even in the most remote parts of this country, surprisingly in the 15 weeks since he Tried This race for the first time, a brave and smiling Ultra Runner named George ran this track unsupported in 5 days, 4 hours and 50 minutes, he told me he had been chased up the hill by wild dogs.
i knocked the bastard off   retracing the footsteps of a murderer ep 3
I like the sound of that being hunted. good motivation to keep hauling oh the track has a bit of a nasty bite up here there's a big hot orb that's an amazing view that's the onea valley and that's what we're going back to today mate have some maroka I'm going there God who lives here, who looks at what is surrounded by incredible, look at that for the pastures, friend, what a steward, where are you going. I wonder if you could bring your horse. This is the Eagle Valve camp. It's lovely to have Chris with you. It was excellent, he changes things instantly, in fact he changes things completely.
i knocked the bastard off   retracing the footsteps of a murderer ep 3
Running alone is a very different game from running with company. Yesterday I did the 100 100, so 100 steps running to 100 steps walking. Yeah, that was good, so we could do it right now. The path I still take in the world around me, but on a very different scale because with another person you are never far from the next conversation. Damn, sometimes a conversation with a human instead of myself or a tree suits me just fine. We wouldn't see the crew until the end of the day. They would have to drive for 6 hours to gain 12 km in a straight line.
Christopher before us was a remote and fascinating country, the ancient and trackless Maroka Valley. McMillan's route takes in nine major rivers and countless streams, but here in Maroka, Mine can fantasize about such spectacular scenery around here that there are no footprints that simply follow a river. Upstream as we followed the river, it felt like a version of Australia that I have rarely felt. It was as if the oldest known human culture on Earth was watching from the Rocks over the patient and relentless nature of time divided into eras by moment of history. It runs deep in places like this, apparently McMillan's men left a trail here in the other. side of the river, but that was a long time ago, it is no longer here, it zigzags a lot and loses ground about 3 years after McMillan cut this track, the first European artists followed in his


carpeted with gum trees in a scorching sun.
Maroka was represented in a way that the world had never seen, the thing about moving along an important river is that your next move has to be up and up, we went up a slope of 1 in 5 to the next high planes and the climb biggest of the whole track not looking, oh mom, lube, trash, Christopher, would you like some? Actually, I wouldn't mind getting intimate, having a good fight, let it out, son, half um music, yeah, why not, yeah, feeling good, tired, would you ever say this stage? I feel F I feel fresh as a daisy, it's like I just got out of bed after a week of sleep.
I don't think I'm going to say that right now, right after 600 p.m. Day 2 50k day approaching Kelly's Hut, a beautiful alpine hut just below Mount Arbuckle, I feel pretty good, after all, life is good and they tell us how the body is, the blisters and yes, I'm still waiting for the Charlie's wheels fall off and they are. no, which sucks, it means I can't pull the pin, no, we've had enough of that, I have to keep hauling, yeah, we can't do this a third time, that's it, yeah, thanks guys, thanks again, we are still transporting.
So we're doing something right and I'm still moving. I head deeper into the forest. uh, there's a foot pad here, but Jesus, it's easy to lose. It's nice when I see a center marker here. Cougar bars if I look a little worse. Wees, it's probably because I'm like you've been in a bar fight, but I won and I'm pretty excited about my form after having a beer, reflecting on the fight. Strange metaphor, I know, but you know I'm kicking myself. When I was a kid, I was taught the story about Columbus's pyramids and the cook men who landed on the moon and men like McMillan found the places where we live and the mountains.
Toops now. visit, so yes, on the way, walking now for the next order 12 km high and more. The story of Mount Tambara focused on the durability of humans and so I never once questioned it because I assumed my teachers were teaching me the best version of things. Hey, I have a new pair. of n I'm looking for a new pair of n anyone in the morning, a turn that was a bit of an underrated track, well I don't think it's underrated, but is it harder than you? Yes, 1300M of untracked descent for 2./3 of that, yes, thanks M, thanks Charlie, thanks, I got my poles another 7m.
I'm doing it idiot, it's hot. I'm in full sun and I'm sweating a lot. It's a mix of trying to slow down to I don't sweat as much, but I'm short on time today. I'm starting to go a little crazy. We are in Glen Can. Here you have just crossed the Mallister River. We are just above Laa, just after the halfway point and in series. It begins its climb from Gibbsland and the Maller River Valley to the Gin River Valley which is much closer to Woods Point, its end point, yes it is definitely running out of steam after a few days.
I think I'm at about 145K here. feel them, I feel them the next day, it's really critical, he's at the end of the journey and we just have to make sure we help him, so it's really a mind game from now on, because he's so close and he knows he's so close. so yes, we will keep him well supplied, we will remind him how close he is, we will remind him that he is almost on the other side of the basin. Divide, he's down the stretch and I think we'll help him limp, but he's definitely. starting to slow down a little, let it be known that I'm still running after 165 K, damn it, tell someone about that 5 1/2 K and almost a k of vertical, that's disgusting, it's now in the story that I begin to internalize my OnTrack.
The narrative starts to get timid. I think things instead of turning on the GoPro and saying them. I think of muscles and blisters and soreness, and the last time I took a gel, I think of water and the little patch of sun on my neck where I could have sunscreen. I think about Helen and my daughter and eating licorice and drinking beer and sitting under that damn tree and not running. I wonder if my shoes stay behind one rubber pellet at a time and if my hip joints are really grinding. I wonder about the death of my body through this and about life and if I'm killing myself or keeping it alive.
I wonder. All I do is wonder why all I do is run. I haven't thought about my life and evolution. of people and landscapes as deeply as this, my current identity as a family man, athlete and boot storyteller, sometimes it takes a lot of running through the hills to realize how much you don't know about the places where you live here. I have enough wealth and desire to not only run through the mountains but also own a piece of the Foothills because people like McMillan with implied ownership and violence cut tracks like this on Mt C to six on day three uh I'm toasting to many Things that were, you know?
I could bet yes, I'm not a very good conversationalist right now the brain is slowing down the gears have thickened the oil isn't very good yes I think a big blister on my left foot just burst. I don't even think I care. We just saw that Bod only has a couple of Cas left before joining us here and he's definitely finding it a little harder now. The other benefit is that he finds my jokes much funnier when he doesn't actually have the ability to do them. Understand them, he just laughs anyway, so we'll do it with him tonight, we'll kick his ass tomorrow, take him to Woods Point, you blackberry


s, she ain't the High Country Hilton B, but hey, I I like a bush a little.
Campmate, yes. I like it, it's a great day, the thing is Mitch Mitch can come in and give you that beard, the boy goes into strategy mode, how to get places, how to get shots, how the hell get to Bow if he breaks his leg, I enjoy listening. to the game plan and how my friends are putting this damn long race together. I think good thoughts and sleep like a guy. I'm close, but not close enough to trust it. Kie did some little sections with me on the alpine walk 10 years ago and he hasn't done anything this time so I said oh mate would you mind coming with me this morning?
It would be nice to have one as your company and two, you can just guide me and I will follow you here. Charlie's been great, he's been chatting. We talk about the world, our families, and what's happening this year. Son, he just broke through on the fourth day. He is beautiful, he is magnificent, he is pretty. It's kind of an orange, red, inky pink, which usually means it's going to be a tremendously hot day up to Black River. This is enough. nervous because it means that when I come out on the other side of this towards things I know, then oh the job is almost done, check the map, ah, I was about to read the toilet paper, no, just read your maps B, beautiful being on the south side of the mountain there is no sun yet not a single ray of ultraviolet light suits me to the ground the Negro River never mind beautiful when yesterday afternoon was a great day for him the sun started to hit a little and I started to see a bit of that same arc.
I saw him on the track in the Australian Alps, where yes, he started to get a little delirious, yes, clearly the wear and tear on his body is starting to affect your mental capacity too, but there's no sign of that, he has a tracker at home today and it is. On the road, these trips feel like a long day, a long epic day, you know, just three or so days ago I started and crossed all this terrain and all these rivers and all these mountain tops and consumed a huge amount of calories. and I'll sit in the pub at the end if the pub's open or I'll sit by the river with a beer and this just happened so fucking abstractly to anyone except those who've experienced it, it really is the original Terrace cut by McMillan's men have been here for over 60 years, so there's the Gin River.
I think that is the last crossing of the trip after leaving 81 hours ago. I came to the sign that told me about this track. First of all, I asked the Kerey elders if they thought the track name should be changed. This was Cheryl's response. No, he walked the track. He built the track. What happened in the past is there to remind people how hard it was, but I think it's the same as the statue below. highway I've always said uh, we don't tear things down, we recognize the legacy of these people and what they've done as a memory, good or bad, hey, look at you running in there, this is it 220 thanks, sure, thanks Char.
I'm still looking for a little fake Rado for the last two K's, but feel good, awesome, awesome, there you go, well that sucker opens at 4:00, she's on the phone, come on Carly, we're good to business, she just needs. to flip that sign now from you she's there she's on her phone she oh there she's sorry I'm not sorry to bother you it's you Carly I'm hi klie hi I'm Bo I just ran away from Oho I'm just wondering if you drove the Tergo railroad? Yes, I saw that video, thereyou have, did you like it? I did, yeah, well, we'd love to drink your beer if you invite us.
Okay, give me a mini good for you to see. You know I saw you film, yeah that's it

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