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Feb 27, 2020
so accounting came out a while ago it's a collab trina justin roiland and crows crows kosovo led me to a parable by stanley oh oh great it feels like i got that sense of humor combined i love recording people love me says it's like rick and morty hey you're an accountant hey you're going to be you're going to be yes i'm really gonna like it so i guess from what i'm seeing right now that i'm an accountant for smith and smith arson oh yeah you finally gotta be on your accountant yeah I hope you like your new bookkeeping oh yeah we're excited about your closing work you'll be doing yeah that's terrific yeah we've been without an accountant it's all good jump off the cartridge slot there on the desk.
i killed the king of vr
Bobby opens, push him down and the whole cartridge will appear or hit the popup. All you have to do is push it. I'll jump off the desk. Cool it's for the red part in the middle so it's raining with a pin and it means nothing around 4:00 and it's gray and smashed so if you push it down it'll open a hole there might be some stuff on the table, but you can move it all, you can figure it out there, you can figure it out, why are you going to open it? There you go oh well let me open it ok I pushed it down yeah what and open its top end it should open to vote me out.
i killed the king of vr

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i killed the king of vr...

Now you will need to get the cartridge. way i can throw them in the desk drawer the desk drawer oh no i know it's inside the top drawer of the file couple that has the heart or not the desk drawer because that's how the young die man i lo I know I know they know Simon that's right we never put one of the Uniting on that was nice no boy ecology so which corner is it to dive no oh oh yeah when you feel like you oh man been on the plane all the time all the time that's water with a little bit of paranoid aggressiveness you you you man please like this instant me wait y'all have my Justin whatever you try I'm to discover this week sleeping on set properly finally so in a moment it will be our day out glasses an emo and everything just works.
i killed the king of vr
Vibration mark for oh wow, I didn't know counting was like that. warning electrical risk no personnel authorized personnel temperatures good 72 17 sounds great you hey you get out of here you how are you doing here my place you get out of here what are you doing in my place this is my tree place you a tree water tap or quieter or you wait i don't know i like to be in my place get up get out of my personal choice i don't have my personal space you get out of my place get out of here did you have weird chances my battery increased to the right it's out hey go don't touch these glasses those two my glasses oh my god oh my god this is my dough and wait you broke it you're right I don't know what I'm doing getting out of this holy holy who are you so glad to see you god thank you for being here in my dungeon oh my god you are but oh He's my knife oh my god you thank you for cleaning up my mess oh my god I couldn't have done it without you I'm so glad I have someone like you here in my dungeon and help me is this kind of


I just don't know you can just e find my knife was with it was unfortunate you you you are you have something in you but that's so beautiful what are you tal


about horrible it's in your eyes it wasn't your eyes you see the subject can be guided in love take a walk , it just turns on me anyway, I'm the cop, that's why I'm here, so you're the king with work, you wouldn't believe how many people's throats I'd have to cut in a single day.
i killed the king of vr
I'm not going to tell you about that, we'll get to it later, okay. I heard as Aang. I'm making a King which is pretty tough. triangulated open it up oh I'm not used to it hot yeah a couple items literally just fit right oh yeah with the king of the yard this is the king of the arctic what you Bri well I was just going bad next to the king of virtual reality and it's like everything i'm the king of the king of virtual McKenna B became what are you doing cause you sound like again i know it's good to see you oh thank god they stayed in Jersey. here Oh Oh in the hand touch this these bony who is this before me oh yes brother now you play with them father oh I'm fine yes touch those bones yes never stop I have bones playing from the rest bones good now you hit two of the right bones in one place no but me robin on the way put but put your pin here now huh omg you're kidding all these bones you're messing with all of them yeah so why did you stop playing the bones?
It happens when you stop touching my bones like you know what happens when you stop and I can't like I don't understand the day I like this Does it really really bother me a lot of? I wouldn't call it a ball playing the phone man she like everyone else you come here you play me you don't play me I hate the shock don't mess with that cabinet no I don't know what you're just touching the cabinet oh you're just in it , that's for you, put down the acid, bro, anyway. it's just acid like burnt acid you just walked away from us with that acid we don't want to do enough with it that acid seriously bro im gonna get real serious right now let me soften you up don't mess with that acid on each other you know i have a family i have a family and i have baby bones at home you're big brother helpful yes brother now you're playing with them oh you're playing a sampler of what i'm playing oh no i didn't teach them trying to do what was that what do i do poured on yourself oh my god this is how you get out of that situation who are you here we are in the courtroom i'm the judge you can take the good off you good now that you're okay let's get started we are kind people we are and they are benevolent people here what are we just very respectable people we are kind people there are humble people Kingdom you


our King he was a king of ER he was sweet like skiing the canal he likes the kind of thing and you took it all not very well this is a courtroom where we function it will be public with thunder we are crazy about small cases we need to talk about this in the King i need a little home i mean i'm the judge and i'm kinda alright okay who's alright?
Is this your first little public defendant? Yes, his honor. a witch trial i don't think it's true but indicate your status your situation she and our client not many bottles of water continue if a small bottle of water wow does it fit then you must let my client go you must acquit come on who this same panel little phrase perfect you're definitely pulling me pulling me you're winning me up here so our profit is one of our clients this little public defender is what has my number that's awesome look away my client was trying to help the King not to get hurt because well don't believe everything you're true okay I see his customers just standing there doing not much of anything at all yeah and I think that really shows his innocence to see a guilty person who she would know how to handle herself in a courtroom and not just sit around doing nothing at all now what to tell you about the fact that your client walked into my courtroom with a giant hunk of c King's bloody arne on the face.
I think he was trying to make sure the King's skin could still be preserved for people to play. dge is ok, that was definitely pretty cool. I must admit that my client also likes meat. He eats a lot of food and was never going to hurt someone on an empty stomach. This is the courtroom of the magical world. I'm curious why your grabba client are standing there and looking around and not ebbing the weight we don't know each other well you two just took my body? I don't know I didn't sign up for this I know you were asking what do you mean? oh he's asking for a come on man I don't want him to pick me up I want you to use the put me down this is scary I'm so small and I'm up so high I can fall to the ground and hurt myself so I won't do it too much I won't be able to defend other defendants Oh God, did you scare him?
Fear of heights. things you had last night use puppy spa sodium oh my client is an upstanding citizen quibble yes I only objected because I can say no my person I know Wow what do we have here a little cheeky no knock knock , who's there? I don't like that kind of talk in my courtroom no sorry Jojo yeah don't pick me up easy stranger danger stranger danger excuse me make it easy some please put me down put me down don't pick me up I'm so sorry gimme excuse me what are you, you're just assuming what it looks like today.
I won't tell you what you just did, but put it down. It's another, oh, gosh, this guy, oh, I'm sorry. here we go we're starting now well i've seen a lot of things made out of wicker a lot of wicker here oh boy here we go it's like i'm going to figure it out hey i just got here ok well you got another little public defender here is your honor my client is innocent of these crimes, let's say he committed these crimes, how was he going to do it? Did he do it? Did he have the King's paper across the room?
Perhaps as a small defendant. I don't know. I don't believe it. Wait, we don't know each other. there boy ok that's it yeah for you i never want it with little public defenders that's what it is you just sealed this book we just closed the book on this case Hereby with the authority of the power of the king realm of the king virtual reality pronounce yourself to death you are going to die that is the right time to put it put put an end to all your life here we go bring the guillotine michael leave mike guillotine put the guillotine oh no, no, michael, no, get on the guillotine, michael, you're your friend daddy, you're as bad as the door, now you blew it up, you could have had a chance, you could have had a chance, but you didn't am. you're not going to lose it anymore you couldn't hear but you just chalk it eat in the jasmine in the cake i guess there's only one way i'm going to die what do you get you're in my world the whole forest is on fire this is my place yeah losing the world take my bomb take my bomb and protected me you know don't let the fuse set you have a pick don't let the shell light you have to know the rules away from shooting you can mistake the whip you buy and you're going to keep it away from the fire oh a little phase coming out of the little place stuck in you oh god well it's all just a simulation oh wow you choose it you're gonna tell oh you did it you're coming oh I didn't know about your account guys yulish that had a lot. more cussing than hollywood yeah i got that level of diversity pretty good tell me what you ordered we got here saying dinner we got only leah coos kelly career med vacuum air can't get us out

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