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I hid CUSTOM Moons in Mario Odyssey

Mar 18, 2024
I didn't hit them, that was the first place I went, I really stumped them. The cardboard box, but now you know what new tricks I have up my sleeve for Seaside Kingdom. I'm going to turn the moon into a rocket flower and place it along this path where the spiked balls roll and crush Mario. My hope is that ZX manyi moves quickly. through the area to not take damage and he completely misses my


Luna, okay, heart glomba plus spikes, you know what that makes me think, I know where to go right away, let's see, it's the area where all the spikes They are going down and we have to go. to the Goomba lady oh wait, I think it's actually faster to get up here.
i hid custom moons in mario odyssey
I could use this fork to get up or these forks and I'm going to go up here. I think the moon has to be around here somewhere, so I think that heart waits, waits normally, the lady glomba of the heart, isn't she around here? normally wait and wait where all the spiky balls are gone and normally there are supposed to be wooden boxes up there when we pass but the wooden boxes are gone wait this is a bit suspicious or wait maybe the lady Goomba is here. The Goomba Lady is here. No, she is not here.
i hid custom moons in mario odyssey

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i hid custom moons in mario odyssey...

There's nothing up there. Wait, maybe it's this. Ah, that's it, here we go. I have no idea why the game crashed. and that was probably the easiest one I've done so far so to get even I'm going to be meaner for lunch at Kingdom. I'm going to turn the


Moon into a golden radish that I'm going to hide with the other one. Radishes my lead Art is going to be vague and I don't think he has any idea where to go. Well, I know where he is. It's one of the golden rat rishes we could get.
i hid custom moons in mario odyssey
I think you're saying go somewhere else. golden radish, that's what I assume, okay, I know where one of the golden radishes is. I know there's one here in town so let's go check it out first, yeah I don't think you're making me understand this. one because I think this one would be too easy. I know there's one around here somewhere, it's one of these, right, maybe your suggestion is not to get a golden radish, maybe it's to go get a normal radish. I want to be here so I can have a little vantage point from here, there's a little green bean up here that I don't know if it's normally here, this is very suspicious to me, ah, I thought that was it, but I just kicked it, it's just that It's usually there, yeah, okay.
i hid custom moons in mario odyssey
I thought it was very suspicious. I thought maybe there was some other ingredient I had to approve, so let's see. I'm actually going to try to go up there even though it sounds like it's saying, "Don't go that way. Wait." I'm going to take this canyon, I think that'll make it easier, okay, so I'm going to go up here now, let's go like this. I remember when I played this game for the first time I thought that getting here was very difficult. Wait wait wait. wait wait wait wait I can get it looks like I can get it I can get it oh thank god I thought I'd have to find a different one my clue art was a lot better than I thought but I'm unleashing my Secret Weapon now the


won't spin, shine or make no sound for the ruined Kingdom.
I'm trading the moon for one of these swords that you can find throughout the area. He will wait for me to put her close. the dragon, so I will hide it behind this hidden place near the Odyssey. I will also make him believe that he found it by replacing this treasure chest with a golden sword that is just a normal item, let's see if he falls for it. Oh, it's one of the things about the sword that's so cool, so I have to go and check out all the things about the sword, okay, let's see, not this one, not this one.
I don't think there are any down there. I wonder if there will be one. group up high, wait, did I hit that one? I did it right, what if this is it and you can't get up there? Getting closer. Is there a sword around here we can pull out? I don't see any of the swords around here. This is a bit surprising. I must have missed one back there because yeah, I don't see any back here unless you have to go up to the dragon and it's like this is where the swords were, I don't see that maybe we want to go up the dragon because you have to kill the dragon the sword it's not a big kingdom there aren't many places you can look for it or you know what would be an evil clue maybe the moon wait wait wait ah look at this look at this normally the treasure chest is here but it's one of these this is definitely so wait, Let's see, wait no, it's not what, how, how is that, no, this was going to be the next thing I was thinking about, maybe after taking these out it comes out and one of these has the power moon or maybe you have to take them out to all of them and then the power moon appears.
Let's see, they are all gone. Those are all of them. I have all of them. There are no more. Maybe there is one behind the Odyssey. Let's go down here. Maybe I should hit the bright spots. Let's also see something back here. I don't see anything. there's some back here oh there's one right here look at that omg oh and that's the power Mo oh my god that's such a good place he fell in love with everything he wanted him to do in that one for Bowser's Kingdom. I'm going to turn the moon into a statue and make it smaller than normal statues and then hide it in the ceiling of the Crazy Hat Shop, so you can barely see it unless you go inside.
I'm in his head, so now he's starting to guess every clue I give him. Crazy cap, wait, this seems too easy. I know where the crazy hat store is, wait, I bet. There will be a lot of crazy hat signs everywhere and I have to find the right one. Its not this. That is not the Moon of power. That is not the Moon of power. Okay, I'm going to go to the crazy hat store I thought I saw. something on the ceiling here I'm going to grab one of these guys and go up here because I thought I saw something on the ceiling oh, it's just a stickleback that guy down there ah, he looks a little suspicious but he's moving, so he's well if it's really just that sign that will be as complicated and crazy as sign C unless there is another one hidden somewhere else in the Kingdom.
I just have to get to the store, where is the store? There has to be something more. maybe it's one of those statues over there or something, so let's take this, oh perfect, let's go this way excellent. Now where is the sign? The sign is here, but it doesn't rotate or anything, we don't have many customers. What's happening? Not you, maybe I have to go to the crazy hat store you're not power


, let's first see if there is a power. Mo, wait, you're one of you power moons, no, oh, it's not the spinning guys that would be crazy if it were.
They were here and I thought it was them in the previous H Kingdom. I don't think we have to dress up and go through the back door. Expect anything here. Wait wait. I just went up there and found the power. Luna by accident I didn't even see it, I just understood it. It seemed empty, maybe I got lucky with that, but now I have to make him suffer. The Moon Kingdom is known for its moon rocks, so I'll do that. I'm going to add a custom Moon that looks like a rock in the middle of a crater at the top.
I hope you give up after you realize how many rocks you'll have to sort through. This is very funny. Blank paper. Scissors. Well, he has to do it. be some kind of rock somewhere I have to find a rock oh and look, there are rocks right here okay, well, that's an easy clue to remember, but my goodness, there are a lot of rocks here, the rocks may not be glowing, they may not be turning it I just have to kick every rock wait oh no, this is bright but this is here before this is not the moon of power that you hid this was already here, yeah, that's already there, you know, it can't there's so many rocks here I'm not leaving any stone unturned uh ah well, totally true I heard a moon of power oh that reminds me to turn up the volume on my game so maybe I can hear it when I get close to it hey, let's see if we can turn it up here I'm not sure if you can, let's go like this and that's cool, you did it perfect, you might as well jump over the wall right here, oh I didn't see that, keep doing everything the hard way you're on, get this one right here.
Well well that's not the only one wait this one is here oh wait I guess these rocks are just coming back oh that would be really hard if all the rocks you kick if they just came back reappeared yeah I think these are just normal rocks. here I'm wondering if I'm going to have to go up to the chapel I'll probably have to get all the Rocks one I need will probably be one of the last ones or there might be one near the starting behind the Odyssey that I missed or something, there's a rock I don't think it's like that here, no, it can't be, it would be too easy, well, not too easy, but oh, and there are a lot of them here, there really are.
So many rocks here you said there weren't that many, yeah I didn't think there were but there are so many but let's see it could be one of these come on come on come on wait is there a rock behind this guy? I think there's a rock behind this guy I saw too wait, what if the rock you have to get is like the moon rock? It's not even one of these rocks oh, I got it, I got it there we go. ZX mini pushed through my tedious Rock Challenge, but I plan to defeat it in the Mushroom Kingdom.
I'm going to use a small mushroom and transform it into a moon and then add it to a hard to see grassy area. My clue will allow you to look close to a toad, but. There are toads everywhere to figure this out, you eventually have to realize that toads are like mushrooms and then connect that you need to find a mushroom near a toad. I have to stump you on this last one, not a frog, does that mean I have to go catch a catch other than a frog I know there's another green thing over here I think there's a Yoshi over there on that island but I don't know if that Is it what we need or is that where we need to go maybe there's something we want to find that's like a frog or maybe it's actually a wait there are all kinds of animals here I wonder if it's one of these not just all kinds of birds fly away that's not what we need maybe we need a crab or something a crab isn't a frog or wait maybe instead of oh no frog toad I just got it so there has to be a toad somewhere that it has to be you're not a power moon you're not a power moon you're not one you're not one you're not one it would be crazy if you could also make them have snacks but they were still powerful moods let's see I don't see any toads for There is a toad here, no, but I think this toad is normally here, yes, that toad is normally some toad down here, where could the toad be?
I'm definitely looking for a toad, what if fire was the power of the Moon? That would be such an evil trick is inside the castle because it is considered. part of the kingdom is the fairground, it's outside, nothing inside is okay, that reduces the area we have to search. Oh, it would be crazy if it was one of the little mushrooms that you have to get, maybe we have to collect one of these mushrooms because toads are like mushrooms and toads are not frogs. Can I ask for a hint? Am I right that I'm looking for a toad or is this wrong?
I will say that in the last 10 seconds you had a really great idea, let's see wow, I don't know if I have to look for mushrooms or if I have to look for a toad that is hanging off the edge of a level and these mushrooms are so stationary, okay, I'm going to try this. mushroom it's not that one I don't even know if it's big or small so I'm going to have to check everything maybe there could be something here it could be one of these it would be really fun if I accidentally got it right I don't think it's that let's see is this one ?
No, not that one, nor any of these either. I'd like another track please, okay, it's on. I'm going to give you a quadrant. Okay, I think it's technically A3. Well, basically here this is not going to be some kind of trick like glomas are technically mushrooms or something. No, it's basically somewhere around here. Could it be at the top of one of the trees? Maybe we'll see, oh God. Oh my God, no, it can't be that little one, how could it be a little one? I got it, you got it, I got it, it was the worst, it was so hard.
ZX mini also came to Moons for me to find on his channel, so click away. the video on screen right now to see it I'm aerosotle and thanks for watching

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