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I Had A Baby In Pr*son

Nov 22, 2021
What's up guys? Welcome to today's video, so this video will be a repeat of a video I made months and months ago on my channel. It was actually when I started YouTube. I made a video called Pregnant in Prison. I filmed it in my car, the quality is low and I also did not dive into all the details that I am going to share with you today, since most of you know that my daughter was born in prison and that is what we are going to talk about today I also filmed this video on someone else's channel, but I had to wait.
i had a baby in pr son
I had to take a couple of months after shooting that video on Christine Randall's channel just to calm down, so to speak, this is a very emotional, very difficult video. to film but this is something I wanted to film and better quality and better detail I'm a much better youtuber than eight months ago so if you already saw the story I'll see you in the next one if you were brand new then stay because this video is going to be really hard so without further ado let's get into today's video for those of you who don't know I'm a recovering addict seven years sober I'm also doing prison time and that's where his story begins today so I got arrested in October 2011 on a series of drug and gun charges and two to three weeks after my arrest I started to feel bad I started to feel like I was coming off I was coming off of meth and roxis but I started to feel a different kind of sickness than I was i wasn't used to it my stomach hurt i had menstrual cramps but i didn't have a period and honestly i don't even remember filling out a sick call to go to the nurse to all i remember and this is Probably due to trauma all i remember is sitting in this nursing station you know those little hospital tables no hospital these little doctors offices.
i had a baby in pr son

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i had a baby in pr son...

I'm sitting there and the rustle of paper under me makes me cringe. I just want to lie downstairs in a comfortable bed I don't want to be in jail anymore. I'm so sick of it and it's only been a few weeks but I'm coming off drugs again. hard drugs. Drugs I used intravenously. she is very busy she has a whole hall of girls waiting for her she walks up to me and says oh well that's the problem you are pregnant come back now and i'm like excuse me excuse me i know you're busy but no no no that's bad you must have mixed me up with another person.
i had a baby in pr son
I'm not pregnant, no. I was on birth control at the moment and I thought this girl is crazy. I'm not pregnant. They are so I went back to my cell in complete denial and went back to sleep. A couple of hours passed and a comrade came to my cell door. He was on an upper bunk on the upper level and she comes up and says that she can't have been luggage. its pretty much how they talk to the southern right and i was confused and wonder why she says i need to move you because youre pregnant nant and she yelled this guys now take a little detour here so you understand i was a drug dealer in smith arkansas half the people jealous i sold to and they liked me and that was nice great to me the other half in jail were people the


daddy and all those stories in the news section comments below had me misled or weren't cool with him or had some kind of vendetta against him so i had a lot of enemies i had support i had no support but i also had enemies and the only thing you don't want in prison right now was jail was for people to see a weakness in you that you don't want people to know that you're vulnerable for whatever reason so when she yelled all you have to do is move because you're pregnant I wanted to kill her I was so angry because now you're letting people know there's a way to get to it. yo there is a way to hurt myself ok and this is kind of a story for another time but some of these people were dangerous ok now a county jail houses everyone from non-paying fines to capital murder, everyone who deals drugs to people who hurt children, this jail is full, county jails are always full, maybe some people are innocent, maybe some people are not.
i had a baby in pr son
I know it's a very mixed bag so you could be there on a petty theft charge and be sleeping next to someone with capital murder you just don't know it okay that's how it is in county jail right ? and I needed to protect myself, so I was very angry with this advancing guard. I spent three months in this county jail without prenatal vitamins. I spent three months in a kind of denial. You know, I didn't want to believe that I was pregnant. I want to talk about it. I didn't want people to know, but after three months, the guards finally said, "Oh, Kent isn't going anywhere, so we need to take her to a doctor.
Now my doctor appointments are going to take me though. i am a doctor so this is not their fault i worked by the law i deserve to go to prison this is my fault being pregnant in jail then in prison to get me out of this county you were orange they would get me out in my orange clothes chains on my legs right now even though i was pregnant they didn't care about a chain on my belly and handcuffs on it they take me in the van they take me downtown fort smith arkansas to a free clinic they went to everyone else i couldn't get in through the back door i had to sit in the same waiting room as everyone else people were taking pictures of me people were talking about me sort of whispering like uh huh why is she here, oh what did he do right outside the door I could hear what d they said.
I also hear very well, so I would listen to them. I listened to what they were saying and it was really difficult. um. She was also a very, very bad addict. arms luckily i was only a couple weeks pregnant when i was arrested so my daughter is healthy and well and all is well but we will get there now i was in jail for six months fighting my case i was served with three settlement agreements guilt the first would be 20 years in prison under the 50% law in Arkansas that means I would do 10 years in prison 10 years probation I said absolutely no I will NOT take that I will go to trial I would not I had no idea what the state law was from Arkansas I am originally from New York.
I found my way to Fort Smith Arkansas because I fled the New York charges. no idea if they would offer me another plea they gave me no law books legal books Erial legal mat or any kind of legal advice from my public defender. My public defender also represented other people in my case. He almost always called me thugs. I was disrespected. He disrespected my co-defendants. He's not much help right now he's in federal prison but he knows the law inside out and I trusted him so he told me the girl waited long story short it's been six months and finally they came to me and offered me ten years below 50%.
I will be five years old. I said no take me to trial and I said we absolutely will go to trial. Then a couple of weeks went by, it was the longest weeks of my life, and they said okay, Kent, this is the final offer. I'll give you five years under the 50/50 law and I was like, oh my gosh, I'm so thankful for that. I can't even believe they're offering me that because I know if I'm being honest I deserve ten years. I deserve ten. but they gave me five and i'm so thankful for that and the reason i'm so thankful for that is because i was pregnant and my daughter needed her mom now if they offered me ten years and i wasn't pregnant i would have signed that deal to go to prison because i hated being in county jail i just wanted to get to prison to finish my time with prison it works like a small town it's a horrible place but it's better than county jail county jail is very stagnant not moving i just wanted to get out of the county so bad that a lot of people a lot of people rush and take a plea deal to get out of county jail because it's so horrible in these county jails guys so it wasn't me I was going to fight I was going to be patient no matter what and it was worth it I signed the deal so quickly at this point I'm a little over six months pregnant and it's time for me to go to prison they chain me they chain my feet they chain my stomach or they chain my hands they put me in a van with other people they tell me I can't go to the bathroom we don't take breaks I mean there are no breaks there is no reason why you can't hold on you are in four to five hours and if you are an adult what I totally understand if you're six months pregnant there's no waiting like I have to pee every 20 minutes especially if the


is positioned a certain way that wasn't a luxury I had them um and again I'm not saying I'll feel bad for me this is so horrible i broke down. the law, I deserve to go to prison, I just want to show you what it's like to have a baby in prison, so I was in extreme physical pain because I was holding my urine for so long and it was very difficult when we finally got it. to the prison i was taken to admission and the corrections officer tells me i have to bend over and cough like the rest of the girls but im trying to bend over and do it the way she wants but i am also six months pregnant .
I have a huge stomach and almost fell over during my time in county jail. I was also pushed and tripped and p. People tried to hurt me and my son now that we're in prison and I'm trying to get down and squat and call her whatever she wants but I can't because my stomach is in the way and I physically can't do it. that she wants that makes the guards yell and yell at me and think I'm hiding things in my body cavity which of course I wasn't I finally went through the intake process and they put me in a hallway I have to sit six months pregnant with my legs crossed for over six hours sitting in the hallway and finally I get to my barracks I get to my shelf and I'm trying to put my things away it was very emotionally difficult for me to deal with it I was not transferred from a prison in maximum security to a medium security prison where other women were pregnant, now we all handle trauma, pain and grief differently, but I believed in my heart that because I was watching other women go have their babies in the hospital and come back within 24 hours if that girl did it I can do it If that girl could handle this and get pregnant and have that baby and go back to prison I don't have no doubt that i can do that now that we all deal with grief differently and i was not prepared for what was about to happen. of women knew my daughter was going to be in DHS custody because I had no family in the state of Arkansas tried to tell me over and over again you will never get custody of your daughter you will lose if not in prison for more than a year later before your daughter is born you will lose I heard horror story after horror story now keep in mind I was pregnant and emotional and that was not very good for my mental health to hear that so I had to distance myself from the pregnant crowd and relaxing on my own and just couldn't deal with it On June 12, 2012 at 4:30 in the morning I started having really bad back pain and tried to tell other people that it was ok um I know I slept badly as if outside a prison, it's a prison direction Definitely not in labor I'm totally fine and went down to the dining room every step was more painful as I got closer and closer to the dining room I tried even harder to contain the pain I'm in now active labor but not having it I've never been in labor before so I'm thinking I can wait another day I don't have to go to the hospital today I think I'm fine I sit down with my tray and try to pick up my prison spork and I drop it because a contraction hit me so hard I'm grinding my teeth I'm trying not to scream out loud I'm basically shaking taking this pain and someone sitting next to me said girl I have to take you to the infirmary you're on labor labor you're in labor and she calls the cup and I'm so mad at you I don't know why but I just did I don't want to tell you that I was going to have a baby because I can't have a baby because I'm going to lose the baby and I just wasn't mentally prepared or mentally ready for it, very cold guards tell me: can you? alk I can't I'm like yes yes I can walk and they're like walking to the infirmary and I just went down there in full active labor no one got a wheelchair for me no one helped me I went down just holding my stomach, every step to the infirmary, which it was quite far away it was so painful i finally got to the door of the infirmary and i stand outside waiting for them to open the door there is a process you cant just walk in prison they have to do it open doors open doors is all this time in this in this particular facility they had to call me to the infirmary they called me to another door and then another door so i finally got to the last door where i can get into the infirmary and i'm standing outside the door and i just want to fall down and scream i'm in a lot of pain um the nurses look at me and just assume the man's work they didn't check me they said okwell we have to make him wait until the shift change at 7:30 to go to the hospital and I thought what a shift change as I understand there is a process here but they say we are not going to take you we will just leave for free shift change and I thought that I was alone I don't know what to do I'm in crazy amounts of pain I've never had a baby before I'm terrified I'm terrified that they put me in this wheelchair with what looks like a puppy pad under me because I'm bleeding with who nobody talks helps me ask myself if I'm okay for three almost three hours I'm sitting there alone I can't call my mom I can't call my family I can't call anyone I tell them I'm in labor because it's a security risk and I i feel alone in active labor bleeding everywhere for almost three hours um an ambulance finally arrives and they take me to the hospital um i was very lucky to get a nurse or corr ectional with me that he was very kind to me the emergency room treats me in Little Rock and they tell me that yes you are 6 centimeters dilated we have to take you upstairs I'm going upstairs my daughter was born at 3 p.m. now the nurses during my labor were condescending they were mean if they didn't talk to me they talked to the correctional officer next to me they didn't talk to me directly at all can have this can have that is doing she is fine if the baby goes here no one will help me she asked nothing so finally when my daughter was born i said to myself if i don't look at her i won't love her and if you just take her then i'll be alright so i put my last push in she came out i saw her like a glimpse and then i just looked this way and i wanted them to take her away because i knew i had to say goodbye and i thought if i just broke up. the band-aid will be fine so i turned to this correctional officer she's on my right side and i'm crying and i just don't want to look at this baby and the correctional officer knew she saw where my head was with this and she said girl it's You better look at that baby and I did and oh my gosh she's so beautiful and she was so tiny she was six pounds nine ounces and she was just the cutest Asian baby I've ever seen in my entire life and she was so happy that i immediately fell in love with this baby this beautiful baby was mine another officer came in real quick and noticed my leg wasn't chained to the bed and he gasped and said i can't believe your leg isn't chained to the bed oh my god , i have to put that on your leg and i shook my leg and i thought why am i not going anywhere i can barely walk she said she's a politician so four hours after giving birth to my first child , I was chained to a bed, the correctional officer told me not to i was allowed to get out of bed unless i had to go to the bathroom the doctors came in and said she needs to walk so she can heal herself so she can be okay the correctional officer looked at that doctor and said that according to the prison policy she is not to get out of this bed unless i have to go to the bathroom i was nice scared to even ask to go to the bathroom honestly i mean it was so hard one of the doctors came to see me after i It had probably been 10 hours at this point and he said I'm going to give you percocet and I'm going to give you something else I guess four so I didn't get an infection or whatever some other medication and I said percocet no thanks give me how ibuprofen and some very strong coffee because I only have 24 hours and just looking at her not doctor whoever she is like if she ever saw us I don't know why she would but if she ever saw us thank you very much but I looked and said, I think you need another 24 hours, I mean, e She could see it in my heart but hold my daughter Micah for 48 hours but those 48 hours went by so fast um DEA came to talk to me and take my picture and if I can find it I'll put it on the screen for you guys I knew I was going to have to say goodbye but I didn't want to really didn't want to so two correctional officers came in I've never seen them before they were big and very big guys and they said Ken it's time I didn't respond the way I should have because I was so scared that I didn't want to leave this kid that I had as a mama bear how it came out and I said no I'm holding Micah and they're like Kent don't do anything stupid put that baby down you don't want to hurt her and I said you're going to have to get out of my dead hands i was so upset with you i didnt want to leave this baby and walk her away from her no one told me where i was going who i would be with if she would be ok if i could to see her maybe talk to her on the phone com or if you knew how to talk like a baby but how to say something i didn't know if i was ever going to see her again um i finally came to my senses and put her in the little bassinet the hospitals give you and i'm holding on to the edge of the bassinet and said i'll be right back because of you the police grabbed me now i'm holding on to the right bassinet cops gra hit me and i pushed the bassinet a bit they handcuffed me and threw me very hard into a wheelchair and started wheeling me out very fast just to get into the van security so I can't escape I guess I don't know they didn't know where my head was they have a job to do I get it I go back to the hospital I go back to the prison in the infirmary they are asking me questions to make sure I'm okay to go back to the general population i couldn't talk um i just wasn't well i probably have ptsd because of that but they kept me in the infirmary for a couple of weeks because i wasn't well i wanted to to end my life but that was not something I was going to share with them because when you tell someone and present to them that you want to end your life, they strip you naked, put you in a pickle suit and throw you in segregation in a cell dark and horrible and they watch you for 72 hours i wasnt willing to deal with it i didnt tell anyone i wouldnt talk at all finally like cleared to go back to general population after a couple of weeks.
I'm not exactly sure how long it had been to be completely honest because I put up with a lot. I've just been through a lot, so I'm going back to general population right away. in my face, oh my god, New York, are you okay? What happened is, there's the baby, okay? for all four one one or trying to tell you something like get away from me that was my mentality i was very very angry and i went straight to my shelf i didn't say a word to them and i lay on my bunk and they left me i kept that bunk, it was a medium security prison and any other prison they would have had like, um, they would have packed up my stuff and I probably would have gotten a different unit, someone else would have needed my bed, but in this particular prison they kept my rack and everything locked up um me I went to bed and I stayed in bed for weeks, I probably don't even really remember, uh, I'll tell you right now, they didn't give me anything for the milk in my breast.
They told me I have to wear bandages around my breast and I ask someone to help me with that and keep them very tight to let the milk out the pain was excruciating it hurts so much because they left me in a bed for 48 hours and then again in the infirmary I was not well as if I could I was not walking well I was limping because one side of my back hurt and the other side was fine The epidural was done incorrectly I couldn't walk well because of that Also during labor because the epidural came off It was done incorrectly I could feel everything on one side, not the other I don't know why I don't know if it's because I didn't stay still or they didn't put it on me correctly but it was a very painful process in the healing phase um I didn't see it my daughter again until she was six months old i saw her in a court hearing for fifteen minutes i didn't know what she looked like i didn't know if she was okay i didn't know where she was i didn't know what she was doing the foster family tried to send me a bunch of pictures s but the prison kept sending them back they didn't know the rules and in that person you can only get five photos at a time you can also only keep five photos on your property at all times they will be taken from you you will go to segregation if I don't have more than five pictures I don't know why so I finally got out and Micah has been in DHS custody for over a year.
I worked on a DHHS case for another year and did a hair follicle test. Drug and alcohol counseling therapy. I took parenting classes. I visited my daughter every weekend. She was placed four hours from me. She had no money, no car, no shoes. but i got over all of those things, i now have full custody of my daughter and i am so proud myself, you guys, and i want to share that with you because no mistake is too big not to bounce back and recover. Is it very difficult to overcome these things to overcome the addiction?
Half way through I'm desperate to stay so I'm living proof that sobriety is possible It's not a death sentence No mistake is too big not to pick me up and pick me up I don't care what situation you guys are in I don't care I don't care if you were an addict living in a rehab center and you lost your kids to the system you can get well you can get those babies back you can stay sober and i know because i did it it's been easy it absolutely hasn't been worth it more than i could say in a million years I am so grateful to have my daughter I am so grateful to be sober I am now seven years sober Full custody of my crazy amazing beautiful girl we have been blessed with ever since a second child if you don't know my story and I just can't even say there are no words to describe how good it feels one day my daughter will know that I survived against all odds that against all odds rea i am sitting here today through thick and thin i am her mother and i will be in her life for the rest of her for the rest of my life if you were struggling please seek help and if no one has told you today i am so proud of you i love you stay safe stay sober and i'll see you guys at my next

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