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Apr 22, 2023
foreign tv what's going on i got the espresso take my shot of espresso and we're ready to go a special cup ready to go how's everyone doing today we


a great fight weekend great fight weekend


garcia thanks to davis actually or should we say Hank Davis Private Ryan Garcia I don't know which one you mean first anyway it's a great fight everyone broke up opposing it also it's a fight people


been talking about it's a fight people have been talking about sense of curiosity it's a fight that people wonder if it was going to happen, sometimes boxing is good for us, that's for sure, let's start, let's start, when was your first experience with Tank?
i have ryan by 5th round ko combat and coffee episode 2
When was the first time you saw Tank and is this guy on the map? I saw a tank man in the Mayweather in the card man. I mean kind of vital when he's an Outsider of four and I thought I thought he was really really cool when I first saw him then there was a moment like in the middle of his uh I got where I was wondering if he was a little overrated like yeah it didn't look so good it was a Fighter tour it didn't look so good to me and I was questioning it and then I thought when uh, Floyd can put him in the Pedraza fight.
i have ryan by 5th round ko combat and coffee episode 2

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i have ryan by 5th round ko combat and coffee episode 2...

I'll be honest. I thought Pedraza might have been too much for him at the time because he hadn't. I didn't really see the tank looking as good as it originally did. At the time she bought the dress, she hadn't seen that Tank looked so good originally and you guys remember a guy having a problem with Tank at the time so I was wondering if he was trying to beat him but let's not forget I was too . he was in the wrestlers meetings a lot for the pedra fights in those days and i can remember padraza specifically harping on us constantly about how hard you were fighting to make weight and only staying at 130 because he had the title so he stayed with pedraza hurt staying at 130lbs a little too long for me because the way the tank destroyed him though a credit to the tank you know you saw a different Pedro when he won white we didn't even have super lightweight he was a better fighter once again so you know i think uh tank uh had a good win over padrazo and that's where uh uh you really started to say okay you know what this kid won his first world title now now he's uh they're a little they're ready to anoint him or at least, uh, start to put him in that position in that situation and so and so here we are ever since, I mean, you know he continued up the ladder and here we have the same question with Ryan, I mean which was the first time Ryan was a little less honest.
i have ryan by 5th round ko combat and coffee episode 2
I didn't see much of Brian. I heard a lot from Brian growing up. A lot about Ryan, but I wasn't seeing Ryan much, um, you know he was. I remember the first time I really paid attention to Ryan. I think he went on Canelo, but he's cold on the card where he was like Wally. i got a pertron knockout on a guy who was supposed to be really very durable and i thought he was a filipino guy if i remember correctly but hey then again my memory may be a little hazy but i remember he just had this performance where he stopped the guy that he wasn't actually supposed to stop and stopped him in a round like really, really bad and I thought to myself well I mean this guy is really coming around a corner here and up the ladder but the fight that basically made me look at it the way the tank looked at the tank after he beat Pedraza the fight for the camera huh for Garcia it was the Campbell fight you know the Campbell fight was a fight I really thought I I was taking a chance because I really thought Luke Campbell was always better than people gave him credit for and Liu Kang will show that in the fight that gave Ryan trouble, he dropped Ryan, but then Ryan, uh, showing a lot of character, uh, he came back and stopped it and i thought so.
i have ryan by 5th round ko combat and coffee episode 2
It was a big statement not only for beating Lou Campbell, but also for the way he was able to do it when he had to overcome adversity or get up off the canvas and still keep the means in his mind to hold on to a game. . plan, as well as stay with the winning mentality and go win that fight against a solid solid veteran who had a challenge for world titles, had an Olympic gold medal and was a very, very good fighter, so there have been times where The ones where I was wondering about these guys when they came down the ladder wondering if they were the good guys or not and then there was a moment where I clicked and said ok these guys are the good guys and stuff and I announced where those two fights were for these guys. you know who's a resume you put him above the other or who's your resume yeah i think overall tank has a better resume overall tank has a better resume but i think the best fighter against The one that every one of them has fought is Luke Campbell, I think Luke Campbell tops all the fights that came before Tank Davis' resume.
Luke Campbell would have been undefeated as well, but he would have fewer knockouts, so I guess I'll basically put you like that and this is the guy that Ryan. knocked out so even though the overall resume for me is strong as a tank the best fighter any of them has ever fought is Ryan and again I say that because I look I will I will. Joanna Davis has been good, so with that, if Luke Campbell sent him to the canvas, what happens if the tank connects the way Luke Campbell did right? you know the tank is also six feet shorter than a little wire too i mean when a leader talks and we are talking about a guy in javan but davis who are you it was like beetles use his height and you are talking about Luke Campbell. which is a very, very tall lightweight, you know, so you have the complications in the range, you know, Campbell's range, uh, it posed a lot of problems for Garcia, you know, and combined with the South Pole stance, um, I think in this fight that the Battle Is Gonna range, you know it's the problem that Ryan poses for jovanta to have to close that gap and he has to figure out his range if he wants to land those big shots on Ryan in the way that he lands between other guys and I think you're going to have a guy in Ryan who also thinks he belongs on this stage.
I don't know if Joanna scored a lot of guys but we feel like we belong on this stage like I felt like Santa Cruz is a bloated bantamweight uh Wisconsin only has one gear it's just going straight the whole time no change of pace eventually you're going to punch when you're playing a guy like ok like david double switch on speed and switch on pace um the other guys uh again i felt like bandraza though it's a nice win uh i was drained of weight and i think my experiences with Pedraza and the wrestlers meetings before that uh in the fight in his fights before that and also the way he looked after that I think it shows that but it's a good win nonetheless um Mario Barrios he is a tall guy. if you're a tall guy who doesn't have a gym and you don't hit like Deontay Wilder which actually has a gym but I'm just saying I'm setting the example of power if you're a tall guy with no jab and you don't hit like Deontay Wilder you're a waste of time and so Mario Barrios is a waste of a great frame and a great appearance Mario virus for me was a very promotable guy who had the look but he didn't but nobody taught him the basics of boxing and I already saw that in the key tournament when Barrio sports tournament absolutely no prison just throws with his left hand outside he doesn't have a jab he doesn't know how to use it, I don't know how to use it to close ranks, how to do anything, then, again, Barrios' victory becomes a slightly overrated win you know because I don't really rate Barrios that much you know um and so at that point where you really start to go you know um again the tank has been a good fighter huh yo yo yo I still think it's better What is Garcia's general resume?
I'll tell you I'm referring to Garcia's Campbell, but then he has really small guys, yes and Fortuna too. Not only was it on the sides, but the first one was also kind of like we don't want to be there. You could tell he was only fighting for payday. a guy showed up just to show up, you know, so you don't really get that, but then again, the Luke Campbell fight was a battle, it was a battle, uh, between uh, against a guy who wanted to win against a guy who knew. how to win against the guy who had been with the best and I guess a guy who really knew how to be crafty and maneuver things you know and he was the right size you know Campbell is a natural lightweight not right he has the right size to great light weight, you know, and that would really pose a lot of problems.
I would have been really curious to see uh cable against uh any of the other guys you know because i think even uh haney or tank davis i think kim will uh he's still a better wrestler than anyone and then anyone on their resumes and kate will beat anyone on any of your resumes. Let's go back to the Rollie fight. one of the best opponents, I tell you what, well this is one of the best opponents, you know those first six rounds, what did you see Rolly was doing right again? a discomfort Ryan doesn't have but of course Ryan is a Southport so I mean I'm wearing this out Paul I mean Ryan has more power right now Brian has more power against uh and against the South Poles with a A guy with a big right hand and a guy with a big left hook against a short South Pole could be a problem, so I think at the end of the day, Rolly showed what complications range can have on Davis, but Davis ultimately he set the trap and he got it and I think Rowley I think it's something that Davis was also processing over the course of that fight because Roley was kind of going down right hand trying to throw his right hand to the south point and and and and and and and that push like jab from midrange hook that he was throwing after the right hand and he was letting a little bit of daylight between them and I think God is and I think David saw it David saw it processed and he finally hit between the punches if you look at how well he he did and I thought he got hit between the right hand and the hook he was trying to throw you know Davis Time the same punch twice in Durante Davis yeah yeah I was it was a punch he was throwing. uh, over the course of the fight, it was a combination that was being thrown over the course of the fight, I think, I think, I think Rowley made his own mistake. one way to get past that range is in that range discrepancy because it looks like the range was really bugging him and that's the fight I'm really looking at and today in a fight I've been switching back and forth today leaves me to believe that Ryan wins the fight which is how we're going into how we're going into tomorrow I've been following back and forth for two months, but today, April 21, when I look, really because he was really talking about Rolly. in Pro Box seriously because Rolly has to fight too and then his fight got canceled because the drug test was removed huh Poyo so I was looking I was analyzing just a little bit this weekend and I have an epiphany you know ? range the range mismatch against Davis really is a problem because Davis is a slow beginner he doesn't have the fastest speed even though he does have quick hands and I'll be honest man I mean Ryan has that range and Ryan is less reckless than his paper. you know, he still has more power to roll, so it brings a little more complication and he doesn't have the range that Lou Campbell has to present the issues that Luke cable presented, he has the power but to present that power as an issue, you have to figure out the range and he doesn't have the tools and in terms of closing range in terms of disguising rings that Luke Campbell had he doesn't have the height he doesn't have the short length on his arms the reach of all these other things so that it has to be better you have to be a different kind of fighter listen tank is a capable guy um but these complications i saw especially in the rolling fight really lead me to believe.
Nowadays, you know what, yeah, Davis has a good point. Ryan many times has been just a counter left hook guy but really what was real what Rolly was at the end of the day wasn't just some leftover guy. well he was just a wild guy but he was he was giving you a lot of trouble strictly strictly in control range and it was a matter of fact it was the moment roley fell and he started to fall and give up his own range that he called but he really stays disciplined with that range check if Davis has an answer we're going to find out why Ryan isn't going to Ryan going to say more than Roly said so we're going to find out if Davis has an answer against his range guy and I'll tell you what it is against a lot more firepower Ryan there's a lot more firepower for you to see the fight in the distance is that what you're saying no no I'm going to go you know I think the more time goes by I think Davidsaid because I think David probably takes more control the fight goes on too long I can see David taking more control and even getting a late stoppage I feel like Dave is going to I feel like I feel like Ryan in five rounds brother Ryan ok ok yeah it's ok if it's gonna be Ryan he's gonna get it it's gonna be sooner you know I mean I feel like the longer the fight goes Davisit's so much better well the baby just has a very uh cerebral mind you know and and he really starts to put things together and I feel like Ryan has to go through too many rounds in this fight that means he hasn't realized much you know what I say, I feel like Ryan picks it up. he'll just hit the big shots the fight will be over you know but I think if he doesn't do that he won't start to mean he's having trouble keeping Davis at bay or he's having trouble keeping the closing range of Davidson and Dave is getting close to you is a big problem because he has the fight he has more firepower than Campbell so he starts to get in position to land the punches that Campbell landed this fight is not going to go this fight is going to angle , it's only in lanes that kind of thing if that's Davis we all think we'll all agree Davis lands a left hand like Campbell's left hand the fight is over I mean the fight is over and Ryan probably won't wake up until tomorrow morning you know that but again landing that shot for Davis is more complicated because there is a much higher complication and range between the two fighters ok great great um so it's all about Garcia wins in the fifth, what happens next, um, rematch. at least a couple times honestly uh it's the nature of the business i think these guys are going to fight at least a couple times um and i think uh i think that's how it's going to go i think this fight is going to be a fun year for this division I'll tell you because because I'm picking Ryan in this fight, I'm picking Lomachenko to beat uh Haney, which means later in the year we'll have a rematch of Ryan and Ryan and uh uh and tank and us. re and then we're going to have lomachenko and stevenson at the end of the year so I think this year's form has to be a lot of fun in a lightweight division now if we can get them in between fights which are going to be very, very fun that nobody does like, like, came bags and like Pitbull Cruz, like things like that, like we got them between fights, that would make the FlyAway division fun too.
I know we'll be really and again guys like Joe Odorno and Jermaine Ortiz in the mix as well, the rematch couldn't happen, the rematch couldn't happen that fast, how long does Javonte have to do, how many months does Vermont have to do. do it in May well we don't know if it will you know you want that has high powered lawyers come on bro you know O.J Simpson got away with murder come on let's be honest when you got that kind of money , no, but he is actually going as if he was sentenced and everything as yes, no, they said it was, uh, what was it? like uh no content what was um was what is that what is the term they didn't give him a term a suspended sentence something was something suspended sentence but it has to start that was a while ago so the suspended sentence kicks in he what what is the prayer I'm not available, how would you approach a tank in a fight? he has a speed that is slow his hands are fast but his feet are slow and he has trouble with guys who understand the range of control range you know you don't necessarily have to have great power for him to respect your range because even the guy he just fought I mean uh I thought yeah you know that guy was ripped and you know Tango again got off to a full start against him as well so I think um a Range Mastery uh um is that it's a What complicates Tank's life I think is he has that equalizer where if he catches you you walk away so you can't really you would have to have a very disciplined fight but one of the advantages that Ryan has is not He's just tall enough to control range, but he also has The Equalizer, so he's also not just a tall guy who can make your life difficult, he also has the kind of firepower to finish the fight. let's say a 140 fight with Ryan as in your Prime I think Ryan is a stylistically tougher fight for me than Davis I think David Davis I never lost at a South Pole um and I was very, very one thing I was good at is very controlling the range, especially against slow footed fighters, but of course I'm not saying any of the fights would have been easy but I think Ryan Ryan would have been a very very tough fighting man I mean Ryan would be taller that I, uh, with quick hands too and firepower. let's remember what I ended up dealing with my photography, you know, so with that thing where that guy of me was doing the same thing, yeah, yeah, so I think Ryan, I think for me, stylistically, Ryan would have complicated my life more than Jolanta would have done. you know it was a waste it was a waste of such a good height do you have any do you have any questions like in general for the fans or anything that has been on your mind let's talk about this fight forever what is everyone's thoughts, I mean you know every once in a while boxing gives us these little gift wraps gift wrap giveaways you know where we talk about a fighter we actually get it you know so I mean what is everybody doing how everyone's mentality is entering. week it's not like you know a thing the great thing about being a boxing fan is when you have these kinds of fights that fight week like that morning of that big fight it's a really confusing feeling you know what i'm saying like just the events of box can really describe that, as I always tell people like you, I really can't understand that people wouldn't live in the Mike Tyson era, like all people like, oh, they feel like Mike Tyson is overrated, sort of.
A lot of it, but I think you can't really understand Mike Tyson unless you live in an era where you knew what it was like to wake up the morning of my fight with Tyson, it was just goosebumps all day, you know? I mean it was like you had butterflies in your stomach all day it was like it was the best feeling ever so I think every boxing fan has that and some guys give us that more than the Titan was used to . give it to us more than any of them more than anything else in my life I can remember I feel like even adults feel that way because there are so many people I think it's like the best death you've ever known Best Buy forever so me and I think it's for the reason that you know these butterflies make you feel a little denial sometimes because even all I want to say is that Ty is not the best ever but Tyson certainly was a guy that gave us very special feelings.
For those of us who live in the moment. where we knew what it was like to wake up the morning of a Tyson fight especially the morning of a Tyson fight in the late 80's bro 88 to 90 was amazing 87 88 tonight Saturday yeah that side was amazing and I I don't even think they were all on Saturdays. I think it was a fight in Tokyo with 20 tops. I think it was in the middle of the weeks. Boxing was different back then, but yet we have this feeling for us boxing fans. let's be in that fashion week we're in that high profile uh high adrenaline week and tomorrow morning we'll all wake up with the same feeling we'll wake up with that feeling like it's your only box events can really understand this kind of thing , you know, it's like yeah, I try to explain to my casual fans and they don't get it, it's a different kind of feeling, you know, and I feel like I feel like that's what excites me the most also you know everyone texts everyone they talk about everyone can't wait for you to know so uh i'm i'm uh i'm on that side now you know i don't fight anymore so i'm on that side and it's so good and watch this for some reason.
I like that we've talked about this in the past. Ryan is not your typical Mexican wrestler. I know it's Brian Garcia, but he's not. he's got that style uh no no Ryan he's not your typical Mexican fighter he's not your typical Mexican American culture either like he doesn't have that Victorville style but it's okay when I think about how I think about how you taste like when I think about West Coast American Mexican Americans it's a very particular culture like old school like Italian Americans in the world on the east coast like you might if I could imagine your quintessence you know yeah uh yeah like like Brando Vargas you think of as a Mexican-American from the west coast, you know, you think of the Fernando Vargas type of culture, you know what I'm saying, you kind of know and you think of the east coast Italian-American type of culture, you know you had like you know you had like an Arturo Gotti, you know, I mean, that is what you would think of that, so I think I think Ryan is kind of a hybrid in a way where he's Mexican-American but he's got a little bit of a hybrid about him and in terms of the way he talks, it's not because of the accent, you know, I'm saying that Fernando speaks like a west coast Mexican American, you know what I mean, yes, Italian, New Yorker, you know, I mean Ryan is a Mexican American. from the west coast, but he doesn't talk like a mexican-american from the west coast, you know, I mean I feel like that, that's one of those accents, it's like my accent that he's dying out in, you know, etc Ryan almost becomes like this hybrid sensation, but you know it worked for him, it works for him, he attracts different types of fans, um, I don't know if he's like the whole Mexican icon.
I think I think the Mexican fans appreciate the fact. that he's Mexican-American, but I think the fact that he doesn't speak Spanish and, again, doesn't have to live in the style of that culture, um, doesn't make him a Mexican favorite, like saying a bug is in La Jolla or a Raúl Márquez I remember back in the day uh you know these Italian United States these Mexican American wrestlers who uh really were uh uh you know they were loved by the Mexican American culture. I think Ryan likes Mexican-Americans. culture, but I don't think he's endeared to him in the same way, but at the same time I think he also has a lot more crossover fans because he's kind of created this, uh, a different kind of thing 10 million Instagram followers, yeah yeah, it's created a different niche and it's kind of different, like I said, I mean, if I listen to Ryan, oh my gosh, you're talking to me on the phone, I wouldn't assume he's Mexican-American, you know, I mean I wouldn't.
Don't assume you wouldn't see that in this fight, he's fine in his fighting style too, yes you don't see it in Mrs.'s fighting style, but I wouldn't assume he's also an American born Mexican like they've had Italians born in the United States. my accent back in the day but new italian americans don't have my accent anymore you know mexican americans back in the day on the west coast had that fernando vargas accent you know what i mean but but newer ones really might not you know so you know um it's kind of a change huh but it works for it works for me very very popular i think he brings a lot of potential to the sport i really think he because if he can he lives up to the hype i think he brings a lot of potential to the sport sports base has a clean face is marketable um he's uh uh an attractive guy he doesn't get in trouble he's a good example um and so on I really think he brings he brings a lot of that a tank you know he has to clean it so I don't think tank being a bad guy i've been through things i meant i met tank you know i mean that fool tank's a bad guy but certainly tank makes certain decisions in life that are questionable and i don't know what kind of example he is for the people and I don't know if that hurts your marketability at the end of the day too, you know.
So I'm taking the tank for if I like it through the decision I'm taking it yeah I think he'll go I think he'll be one of those yeah I rarely think he'll go all the way if this fight goes far I'd hate it . think about the controversy brother because you know how much politics is tied to this fight, right brother, you will regret it. I feel like this is going to. I have such a weird feeling from the judges because the judge is in boxing sucks and this fight is going to be tied up with so much politics gosh can you imagine if it goes all the way yeah i just finished just finished the wire and i forgot that, um, your guys are on it. commercial with me yeah so i have uh i just finished cable for all of baltimore and um oh no that made me feel good um my decision and you got


in fifth yeah and you're right about the fortune fight , you protect yourself, you correctly predicted the six round knockout yeah yeah I just think Brian will do it it will be an early part of the fight and I know Ryan has that early firepower anyway so because I think the later it starts working, the more likely it is to run away to the point where it's probably supposed to be advantageous that Davidson Davis will probably win the fight, so if I'm a guy who's going to pick Ryan.
You're going to have to pick it early. I think you know that and that's what I think is going on. I am taking tanks by decision. I don't even know how that is probably plus 800 I know what a tank set minus 195 now Ryan is the underdog yeah I mean yeah minus 195 that means some back money has come in from Ryan and the interest is the Rider rehydration, look at your opinion on that, does that matter? No, that's interesting, no, that's funny because I was thinking that, but I talked to Oscar. earlier this week on likely box tv umon our ProBox TV talk show and Oscar said that Ryan makes him live a disciplined life and that Ryan is going to stay at lightweight for a while after this fight so that makes me think you know the real thing about the whole rehydration clause is you know because you're dying to get out of the weight class but you still need to stay there you know but in this sense you know it might not affect them as much as everyone thinks because if he's the guy that plays to keep up with life, that means he makes it pretty, you know no one would do it this way easily, but that's something he does pretty pretty well, you know I've seen it in real life it's not as big as I don't know, he was shorter than me yeah he's very very skinny kind of like luke campbell actually luke campbell i mean campbell won olympic gold in bantamweight i think you know he was very tall wait and he just completed but um yeah, he's a foreign skinny dude

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