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I Got The Worlds Best Minecraft Armor

Mar 05, 2024
Most people think that the protection for Netherite


is the


and I'm not going to lie, it's pretty good, but after surviving a long time in my harsh world, I don't want to risk losing it, it will be sad. I did some research and found a ton of ways you can make your


much better, basically invincible from basic to crazy stuff line, having an illegal game break, with the ability to breathe infinite water, RAR armor, cut-out design and even fully functional auto-teleportation. I'm not. Just kidding and I'm going to follow all the steps to achieve this so I have the


armor set possible and don't lose my world.
i got the worlds best minecraft armor
I just made a normal diamond armor and the first step we need to do is get Illegal Game Breaking Enchantments on this thing, which means literally having every enchanted protection, fire, projectile, blast, plume, fall and normal protection so that You can literally never die. You might think that's not possible since Spinecraft doesn't allow you to have multiple protection enchantments while I can see that it just doesn't work well, there's actually a secret way around it and it's very, very simple, first we need to get the five books of enchantments of protection and the best way to do that is by trading with the villagers, so let's catch this.
i got the worlds best minecraft armor

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i got the worlds best minecraft armor...

A guy in a box creates a Lecter to get a Job And Trade librarian with enchanted books and is currently selling Fortune 2, which isn't what we need, but we'll just break down and replace his Lecturn, which resets his trades until we get one of the five. books we need, this may take a while, it's okay, we have fire protection. 4 actually didn't take as long as I expected but it was four down and yes if you're wondering I brought these villagers from my villager but I'm not cheating. It took me 7 minutes and 51 seconds for the pen to drop 4 4 minutes and 53 seconds for protection 4 8 minutes and 43 seconds for, oh my god, I almost just broke the explosion reading Completely holy protection, that would have been bad if would break it.
i got the worlds best minecraft armor
I'm actually having a lot of luck with these trades like this one should take me a lot more time. I'm not going to lie, my hand is starting to hurt now, but we only need projectile 4. Please don't take me too long to get it after a although we have them all now, fire protection, feather fall protection, protection against explosions and protection against projectiles, oh my goodness, and to buy all these books for each piece of armor, it will take a lot of emeralds, so luckily to get emeralds I only need to go. to my iron farm, take a ton of iron because I have a literal arm of blacksmith villagers like look at this, this is an entire army that trades a single piece of iron for one emerald, and if you think about it, I basically have unlimited emeralds. and let's create a bunch of books too and buy all the protection enchanted books no no omg I just realized all the trades I had disappeared oh my gosh I forgot to buy from them and block their trades.
i got the worlds best minecraft armor
Okay, we do it. I'm not talking about what just happened, but I got all the trades back, bought all the enchanted books, which took a long time, but now, with all the protection of the enchanted books, the last two things we need are a bunch of anvils, you'll see. Why later we will put all other enchanted books in armor like Unbreaking mending dep Strider aqua affinity? You already know all the basics that we can't forget and lastly, we need a lot of experience levels to be able to combine all the books in the armor. and we don't just need 50, 100 or 200, but more than 300 levels of experience.
I'm currently 30, yeah that's not close luckily in my XP farm video. Oh, why is there a piglin here? Anyway, I built this giant gold XP farm which I'm pretty sure is one of the fastest XP farms you can build since the XP keeps coming and well I guess I'm going to be AFK on this farm for a couple of hours until we reach levels 300 and I will be. Back, okay, we finally got it, that literally took 8 hours of work, oh my, but now we should have everything we need, we can finally start adding all these book enchantments to this armor so that it has legal enchantments and, as I showed at the beginning. from this video Minecraft only allows one protection enchantment per piece of armor, but while we were searching I discovered that there is actually a secret way around it.
About 3 years ago, Minecraft used to let you create armor like this for a single game, version 1.14. before it was patched shortly after, so if we just lower our Ro to 1.14 we can quickly put all the book enchantments on our armor and then update our world to the current version 1.20 sounds easy, well it's not because if one thing comes out wrong at all The whole world can get corrupted and stuck like random bits everywhere and I don't want that to happen, but I'm going to take my chances because this illegal armor is actually very overpowered and, uh, we'll be worth it.
Well, I have everything we should. I need in my inventory let's fly very far into the abyss because when we downgrade the area we log back in will be reset and I don't want my base to be deleted that would be too bad okay this should be enough far. I've been flying for a while, I built a portal and before I go in let me put everything we won't need inside this chest since Netherite didn't exist in 1.14 and if I had it with me it would be removed. and I'm not going to lie, I'm a little scared, if you didn't already know, but we're ready, let's go out and start the game on 1.14, oh my god, this loading screen looks so different.
I'm logging in, let's hope my whole world isn't corrupted, oh oh, I think it worked, as you can see the fragments reset. Now we are in a desert. Oh, look at a temple in the desert, but let's do what we are here to charm everyone. the books on the armor I guess let's start with the helmet and there is a specific order to how you are supposed to put the enchantments on the armor because if you don't it will become too expensive you can't do it and I'm following a tutorial on YouTube about how to do this first we'll start with Unbreaking three and now we have them all combined into two books and if I did this correctly it should work so put this on omg. and put this on, oh my god, oh, oh my god, okay, I should have brought a bed, look at this helmet, okay, you can't lie, this looks crazy, okay, and now let's love the tights, the badge chest and boots, and there we are.
Come on, the pants are missing. Swift slides, as you can see, this book was supposed to be that one, but it's empty, so I guess now we have a weird item to come back to, we just have to leave, join back into a 1.20 and if I did it correctly. We should go back, okay, we're inside for some reason, there's just a bunch of animals swimming in the ocean now, but if we build a portal again and go through it, all our stuff is here, okay, okay, oh my god, okay, gas can. Relax, brother. I just got back and our base hasn't been eliminated.
Okay, that would have been very, very bad. Let's quickly test how good this armor is. Actually, I haven't tried it yet. Alright, here's a creeper, let's see how much. damage it does oh bro if i was wearing the old shit armor i would have blown up a totem look at this these mobs can't even hurt me they hurt them oh oh wait this is really crazy bro this zombie has an enchanted iron sword and he can't even deal damage and the first five steps to make the best possible armor are complete but it is not finished yet although it will get better and better just wait for the teleportation yes you will see and the Second Step Up is to upgrade it and put the rarest armor on it Trim Design.
Let's quickly get some Netherite and I'll steal some old scraps from my Diamond Factory mining machines because I don't use them anymore, and there we are. Come on, we have the netherite we need now for the rarest armor setting. Oh my god I swear I crashed right there like 50 thousand times in the past, if you don't already know, in the latest Minecraft update they added armor settings where you can customize and style your armor well from the 11 patterns different, there is one that is the rarest to find, it can only be found in ancient cities, no it is not there, they have a literal 1% chance of appearing in all of these chests and yes, I am.
I'm not even kidding, no, okay, we have two enchanted golden apples, but not the armor ornament, but there's a reason it's so rare that it makes the armor look really cool, that's why we need it oh oh , that's not even that. What the hell is protective armor? trim I don't want the protective armor setting, okay yeah, this is actually going to take a while, where is that armor setting? Let's see how fast I can get it. I'm just going to speed up and open the whole chest until I find everything. True, I went to another ancient city since the other one didn't have it, let's hope this one does, brother.
Hopefully I won't have to go to five ancient cities until I find one. I am spawning to the left and right of the keeper. Can. I don't even see where I'm going, oh my god, bro, this is so weird, guys, there are so many guardians in this ancient city now, yeah, yeah, bro, that actually didn't take that long, it took at most 30 minutes, well, it was perfect. because there are so many guardians in this ancient city and if I stay there another 5 minutes I will probably die, okay I'm leaving, let's go back home. I'm pretty sure once you have an armor fit you'll be able to duplicate it.
I need a ton of diamonds and you're just like, bang, wait, what a bang, how the hell do you do this? Oh, okay, you also need Cobo Stone to deep kill. I'm so stupid. Okay, here we go, bang, okay, we have all the armor decorations. but before we put it on the armor, let's turn it into netherite bang bang bang oh yeah, to put the edge of the armor on it we have to choose the color we want. I think emerald is green gold, yellow diamonds, blue lapis lazuli, it is the darker blue amethyst charge. There are many options, so I quickly bought them all and let's see how they look.
Well, first we got the Emerald. Oh my God. This is really sick. We have golden diamonds. Oh wait, this might be my favorite lapis lazuli. Okay, this really sucks. whoever puts lapis lazuli on their armor brother you are stupid oh my god iron is even worse and that makes your armor look like iron. NE just makes your armor look black, which actually looks sick. Redstone, okay, a solid red popper is ugly and lastly. amethyst okay it's netherite or amethyst and I don't know what to choose okay screw it let's make netherite let's hope this doesn't look bad because if it does I'll waste the netherite okay three two yeah I can't say If this looks bad or looks good, you're fine with the electro, it looks pretty clean.
I'm not going to lie, it's okay if we use netherite because we're trying to make the best armor set possible, we can't use Redstone or anything like that. So, okay, now it's night and this armor actually looks sick when it's dark and everything is just oh oh, it's so clean, but the second step is complete, the armor has a legal chance and the rarest armor is adorn with netherite as well. Quickly, while searching for Trim armor in ancient cities, I found another Swift Swift 3 book and I'm going to put it in the tights, but now you're probably wondering what the next step is.
CU already did everything we could to do. the best armor set, no, to have the best armor set possible in Minecraft, there are many more pieces of side armor and the first one, you won't believe me, what are leather boots? Yes, because when you wear leather boots, they will actually prevent you from sinking in powder snow, as you can see. I'm not sinking right now, but if I take them off, um, yeah, I'll sink and I'll start freezing death because you know that's a possibility and let's charm Max. This thing and I put the weirdest armor ornament on it.
I also put Frost Walker on it so when you find water you can put it on and hey, okay, that didn't work. Protects you from powder snow and water. See, the second piece of armor is some classic golden leggings, so when you go to the Nether and put them on, no piglins will attack. Look, if I take it away from him, he'll be mad, yeah, oh my God, the same as the other one, let's charm Max. this thing and put the armor trim on it oh my god bro this green one looks really cool and to get the last piece of special armor you'll need some sea grass and raise two turtles because it's a turtle shell helmet that allows you to breathe in the water. while using it and to do it you need five skates that baby turtles drop when they grow and this is where the turtle then lays its eggs so let's build some fences and build like a little wall so they can't get out when they hatch and now we just wait to hatch and grow, like thisthat this might take a while, okay, I raised more turtles and got more eggs, one finally hatched after 40 minutes, the baby turtles are so small, wait, can it fit through the fence?
Okay no I can't but to speed up the baby turtle's growth process I'm just going to feed him a bunch of seagrass because I don't have time for this oh my gosh bro he ate a sack full and No. He didn't even grow well while I got more seagrass he grew but here's the scoop ok one of the five is missing now let me do the same and get the other four and create the hull oh yeah I'm not even kidding . this took 2 hours to get, for some reason turtle eggs take forever to hatch. I was sitting there waiting, but now with this helmet on, you'll probably notice that I have an effect in the top right corner of my screen and that's because we now have infinity. breathe water so we can never drown because that's a really big problem since I almost drown in my hard world every 2 hours and it's really bad, let's charm Max and put an armor fit on him, this isn't so. effective like the other side rig, but it sure looks better, like you have a bull on your head, but here we go, we have all the side rig for all the different scenarios, it's a bit excessive, but that's the point, that is literally the Okay, now there are two steps left that we need to take and before we work so that we can literally teleport, we need to get the extras and what I mean by that is get a fully enchanted Shield because you know you always need it. one of these enchanted flint and steel enchanted golden apples and let me place a charging stone on my base, attach a compass to it so I always know how to get back home.
Enchanted scissors and of course two Trident One with loyalty 3, so that when there is a storm. I can get mob heads and do those Thunder things and the other one with RI hide 3, so when it rains I can travel super fast with my elytra and speaking of traveling, if we head to where I tried all the travel methods in Minecraft, yes, i tried it. one and all, let's take the fastest horse in the world that took me forever to get look at this this is just broken like


why did you make a horse so fast but of course it can't swim which is a stupid part, Are we going to put diamond armor on him? on it and now every time my elytra break I can use these emergency lava and water horse rockets, lots of anvils and some TNT because we all know TNT is super useful and let's go to my giant vending machine that I built in the last video. and get some golden apples because this machine actually makes unlimited golden apples yeah I know yeah yeah yeah I'm flexing you right now okay I went to the bathroom and I got too many uh let me create them and also while we.
I'm here, let's get some normal emergency food and of course I'm going to pick golden carrots because why? Yeah, okay and now we just wait here for a while, so bam, okay, here we go, this Ving machine is really super useful. I'm very grateful that I built it well and the last things are a beacon with all the iron blocks you need to fully charge it, a fully enchanted bow with arrows and of course I can't forget my favorite horn because it just sounds better and there come on now we have a shulker box full of everything we'll need if we need it so now I'm going to carry the shulker box everywhere let's say I really need a couple of stocks that I have. bro, what the hell is this horse doing?
You have to relax. The last step in making this armor is the ability to teleport. Yes, you heard me right as I was doing research for this video when I discovered this was possible. My mind was blown with possibilities. I'm not going to lie and it's actually very, very simple and I don't understand why no one has abused it or used it or made a video about it or anything like that. It's so good, but let's just wait. It works because I haven't tried it in the video yet. I'm looking at the material. The materials you will need are just some Redstone Torches.
Redstone blocks. Two dispensers and a dropper. A fishing rod, which is actually one of the main components. We'll make this work, lava building blocks and all the other basic stuff and the last thing we need is some Ender pearls, okay now we should have all the materials we need, let's build the machine here in the middle of the field, the first step. It's digging a hole seven blocks deep like this to get water at the top and then at the bottom, oh what the heck? There's a cave, um. Place the core, sand and fill it all with seaweed and then break up the seaweed. which makes the water bubble for some reason and as you can see I can't swim down and it just pushes me up and when you throw the ender pearl down it will keep it floating and won't teleport you.
I have to build a machine that activates this Ender pearl and teleports me here whenever I want at my command and no, it won't just be Redstone connected to the trapdoor, no, that's nonsense. I will be able to teleport. Here, whenever you want, we'll just put a dropper right here, a wooden pressure plate, a trap door connected to it, and Redstone going 16 blocks. This probably doesn't make any sense right now, but you see, just wait, wait, and just. Outside of Redstone we will build a nether portal which will be a chunk loader, a Redstone block right here with two blocks on top of this block, we will place a dispenser with a hopper that will go into it, a powered rail, a detector rail, two normal rails and then we will continue.
On this Edge we will place a lava cube and now we will enter the Nether and build the exact same thing like this and now, oh hey hey, BR just ran into the portal, but anyway, now when we place a mine cart on this rail, it will go through the Nether and then come back, it will go through the Nether and come back, basically what this does is load the shards because when the mine cart goes to the portal, the game loads these shards, it's a shard loader. now we will connect it to the Redstone line like this and since it is not on, turn it off and voila, Ma's teleportation machine is finished.
I'll show you how it works and let's hope it really works because I haven't tried it yet, so all you have to do is put ender pearls inside this dropper and with your fishing rod roll them onto this wooden pressure plate like this, the dropper will give you an ender pearl and the trap door will open. put the fishing rod in your left hand so that it stays coiled and throw the ender pearl into the water just like that and now we just have to walk very carefully to the lower portal without breaking the line and go through it, okay, okay, I think.
I think it worked, the fishing rod doesn't look like it's coiled yet, but now what you want to do is put it in your inventory like this, not in your active bar, in your inventory, if you put it in your active bar, I think. that breaks it, but bam, you're done, now you can do whatever you want, look in your chest, uh, say hello to your drowning dog and whenever you want, you'll be teleported back to the area where you built the machine, all you you have to do. What you have to do is just take the fishing rod, put it on your hot rod and reel it in, oh my gosh, and we'll teleport, bro.
I was afraid it wasn't going to work because the video I followed was one down. 16 yeah this is actually very overpowered like let's say you're about to die in the nether fighting mobs oh oh my god oh my god I'm going to die oh take out your fishing rod bam oh it doesn't work on another damn , okay, it only works when you're in override, so keep that in mind, it's still very, very overpowered, like let's say your Electro randomly breaks and you're about to fall to your death, what do you do? Oh, you pull out the fishing rod, bang, no, guys.
I understand the possibilities with this little device. I don't think you guys understand that you don't even have to be close to death to use it, let's say you finished mining and got what you need instead of walking back to your base. Like a stupid loser, all you have to do is get out your fishing rod and Bam, it's that easy and I have the perfect idea of ​​how to use this machine. I just built a bunker far away from Spawn and we're going to connect it to the machine. and now just throw it in there, just go through the portal and now when I'm in a sticky situation about to die, I can just take it out.
Oh, okay, I probably would have died there, but this way I get teleported to my personal bunker. that's all I need, but just like that we have the best armor in the world and also the best looking armor the best of the best side gear a shulker box to carry extra stuff a fishing rod that literally teleports us to a bunker, like To think that for a second is crazy but after all that I don't think we should worry about losing this world soon wait why did my Electro bre oh oh my god ah I'm just kidding, you really thought I was dead no bro.
I'm going to go to my bunk real quick, grab an extra totem, and yeah, I'll see you guys in the next video.

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