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I gave 100 Minecraft players one chunk each to build anything

Feb 20, 2020
We have a bunch of


ing layouts available on the server, so everyone who connects to the server will be given one of these layouts and we'll let people


what they want and I built the best I could. build on this rope not let go of everything I say this knowing full well that about 40 of the bills will be from Sanz but I live with precarious hope I was thinking that this is a wool ooh for a moment but then the bottom part comes out like blood and guts oh no , that's the cupcake stand, that's a cupcake, no, it's not like it's an AIT cupcake, it's specifically a cupcake and that's the wrapper, which is not like your intestines, like people.
i gave 100 minecraft players one chunk each to build anything
I love how people are already taken in different ways, like environments too, like the first of its kind. The reaction is I just want neder so I'm going to change it and this guy's reaction is my water broke. This guy is just going to isolate himself from the outside world. Reasons to live. How's it going? Man, hey, it's good to see you, please don't. Don't jump because it would be too strong a metaphor if you do, right? The tree here makes me think of the Tree of Life, so I think a good idea people could do is that since we have these 16 by 16 grids, we build micro builds of the previous build sequences we've made.
i gave 100 minecraft players one chunk each to build anything

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i gave 100 minecraft players one chunk each to build anything...

You know, we could say it's like the tree of life there, we could say this is just the Netherlands because it's hell and everything is on fire, so if you could build something in Minecraft, I just have to build something that someone is doing like some kind of weird split construction here, this is going to look really weird, some people are just pulling up the lines, like this guy, this guy wants to be able to look down and everyone else is like this, which is pretty right, yes, you want to build a little hill for yourself, just work, it will be a strange contrast, like what your neighbors do here.
i gave 100 minecraft players one chunk each to build anything
I think this guy is building like a ravine or something. Look, it's like this is natural. it looks like a ravine like a beautiful little cliff on the side of a mountain, here is a purple pixel art, yes some people are taking it that way, everyone decided to make a gars here which is actually very cute, hey Mei, how's it going? Let's get some flowers and nature here this guy just has a log we wouldn't go to he's building the infinite racquet from Mario Tennis oh my god they even have rocks so what else do the layers do?
i gave 100 minecraft players one chunk each to build anything
Which is particularly cool, look at this, you have like the network is down here. this is like your top layer on the surface, you have a beacon that unites them all now to do like the end to become like a series of dioramas just to represent like all the worlds in Minecraft, all the igloos of this type come great, it looks very cozy, you just camp here, you look at the Norden lights and you just look to the right to see your neighbor and half his house is on fire. Is it nice to see the amount of detail that people are trying to consider?
Consider that the construction site is so limited that you know you don't have much to work with. The main thing he has more than


is walking, so he must make the most of his land value as Mr. Tato also knows him as a program, he has a big cheeky smile, oh, he's an octopus, yes, they're like tentacles, that actually looks really nice, yeah, I already like that someone is building more like a tree house, oh, but look at this. So yeah, they've done it, so it's like a cut segment here, so you can still see underground that it's actually very cold.
This guy is making a soda. You walk through a lower portal to enter the subway. Also, it will be like a cube, there is even a temple in the works. Different shades of temple, many temples we have inspired doubly, except the burning grounds, it is as accurate as it is true, two O'Connell Street and Dublin, oh no. Diglett, what have they done to you? No, oh I think it's supposed to be Dugtrio, but all I see is fire, oh, the ads are going so well, how is it getting so radical? I never knew we wore fur before, but you look particularly homeless today.
No, I don't know what it is, oh, we have a beautiful snowman boy, he's a little cheeky looking, it looks like he's melted a little because the eye is off center. Oh God, it's like his arms were tucked in and so were his views as we got to work on that narrow plot of land. I love how this is a house that started out as an igloo now that this feature like a big tree was incorporated again also how to make the most of that area because that's right it's right on the corner here oh the house divided is also coming this is when a Catholic marries a Protestant in Northern Ireland, this is how families divide us in the Netherlands before after, okay we have someone who is doing a massive underground segment, this one is really attractive again, as is the attention in detail to replicate this well.
I hope that when this is finished, some of these walls will be covered and like you are completely enveloped like in an underground mine scene, look at this valley. this and the cherry blossoms falling that's really crazy the things that people come up with we are how we like because the funny thing is that every time we make these broadcasts like we're horrible, the people who participate in these constructions are like if we killed people for fun we say you can't use this block we introduce strange blocks that you are specifically for the meme just to try and ruin and clog up the builds but everyone is still very talented and it's actually crazy yeah even as it is the interior of the neder. as if it came, you have the Dutch flag here, as if hidden, this is, oh God, this is, I will not die.
I don't like his eyebrows. The cherry blossom is actually my favorite type of tree that my next door neighbor used to have. one outside his house for about 15 years. I like every April. Everyone would like there to be petals everywhere right outside the house. It was great. Thank you all. My favorite memories from Japan are also like Hana. I like the cherry blossom season. and when no power goes away it can look like petals everywhere and people just sitting in the park having a picnic oh im a real dick because i love it when people make things with what someone is building, like the


block from the launcher game, that's so it looks cool, the octopus looks good too, they have had it, oh, they bought it as a chicken friend of the octopus, that's very cute.
They're like cute little characters here. I love it. Someone starts working on the little yes and it's right next door. Asda, this is perfect, they are now in direct competition, weight loss, who did? Oh how many years it's been since it was lost, like it became a thing, we're not over this meme of course, it was only a matter of time before. the real construction started you just can't escape it something bad like we're cursed every stream we do oh we have a tank that just broke and it's true a scene here she's very well done jesus I'm sorry for whoever it's going to die who is in the next plot in a will loop, I mean, that's appropriate, and that's just ours, which is like in the character and Lily, the house with SpongeBob, you'll want to buy a Krabby Patty boy who's like SpongeBob, but he's been chain smoking for like 30 years, don't eat too many, you'll get the shit like Squidward liked SpongeBob no, we also have a co-op, yeah, why do we have like all the normal stores?
Just act it out, someone needs to make a Tesco now so we'll make a Waitrose so we'll make super value, we've got reality collapsing here oh no this is under the sea oh my god it's like a crab but like They had a fish and everything, but I imagine that you are working in just your house, I know you, it's like what you always wanted, this is the stone tower, someone builds a giant microwave next to where you live, that's very nice, Although I like that, no, I don't like it, this, Harry, no, Wyatt, people have done it. this Oh God, they've done the derp, they make the grass block here, but you walk in and it's like a little Minecraft world which is amazing.
Oh, more consoles are being made; We have like all the Nintendo consoles here. NES SNES Nintendo 64 game cube we change mouna silence for Wii U it's just not here oh we have a the B is like part of the earth now it's so sweet and there's like a hive in the pit of disobedient slaves in cherry blossom oh good lord se It's supposed to represent my streams in some capacity like hell it's a lovely little diner in hell oh wait, this is Starbucks with the color, isn't it? oh, it's Starbucks, you can tell by the hanging bodies, there's an Irish boy, I think there's more Lego, oh, that's it. that's Carol Weiser, Jimmy Neutron's fat girl, croissants, guys, I like how a person's build was, I'm just going to like redo the floor and they just left it called one day, that's how the cupcake is incorporated, oh, it's bleeding, now that we're here. a cupcake company built our business on the idea of ​​murder and Lulu's, it's cool to see it's like a backbone in the middle, oh my god, a little horrible, but okay in the first era, in the first bottle , when the shadows first lent themselves and were once burned by the embers of Armageddon, his soul blistered by the fires of hell, immaculate beyond ascension, chose the path of perpetual torment in his voracious hatred, he found no peace and with boiling blood he roamed the humble plains seeking revenge against the dark burdens that had wronged him. the crown of the sentinels of the night and those who tasted the bite of his sword called him karo Iza the fat boy of Jimmy Neutron, you bastard, he has a sword.
I'll take it all from a distance, look how colorful Michelangelo's is. Davis, I tried to make a buckle for José de Loup David, but I r


ed the build limit, so they cut him in half, oh that's what's happening, that explains like the red on top, oh my god , like David doesn't look too good, oh no, Gary, it's been a hard day at work

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