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I Found EVIL Baby Preston in Minecraft!

Jun 06, 2021


Baby Preston's


twin in Minecraft and his only goal is to cause trouble. Can we capture him or will we be forced to join the dark side? Hold your breath, don't say anything because there is a tree full of light. I've seen this in a movie before and something bad happened but I'm definitely going to run there,





jerry, what do you think we should do if we turn it up? Mom, look, there's a tree house, let's see what's inside. Oh, good point, someone is. We definitely live here and we have to come give them Girl Scout cookies, let's be real, I want to be a good neighbor, sure, the damage is here, okay, we'll bring you all the cookies you could ever want, baby Preston, that's a lot. faster than me this isn't even fair I'm trying to get here go explore why aren't you exploring normally he would sum things up guys please like this video because I have a sneaking suspicion something weird is about to happen.
i found evil baby preston in minecraft
I'm here, hello, you look a little strange, don't tell that to your son, bri, that was terrible, uh, who lives here, it's there like a bad villager, some kind of witch, uh, there's a broken portal, which is worrying, but oh oh, a button, what is it? this, oh my


, you need to catch him quick, stop the


baby before he gets too much mom, we have to fix the portal to help dad, wait, come here, come here real quick where he can't hear us, are you telling me that is this baby right? in front of me it's evil it looks like my son I don't like the feeling of this we're just going to be careful we're going to be careful we have a sword I'm not afraid to use this actually but I have it just in case and I have flint, now that one portal is not just any portal, you can't just light it with plebi flint and steel, no, we have to get dark flint, that's dark flint, we need dark dust, now take a leap of faith bree eyes closed jump up ow wait they're like baby zombies dark ones are creepy they are called dark mods you can't even see their face i can't trust them i have to run away soon i will die oh we have one i died that was depressing this is ridiculous here we go so we have dark dust we need to combine that with my flint and steel so we have dark flint and steel and I think we'll be able to light the portal hello hello baby preston if that's your real name this should work three two one yeah here we go so far, Alright, it's scaring me.
i found evil baby preston in minecraft

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i found evil baby preston in minecraft...

Okay, let's do this. We have to save Preston. Three, two, one jump, that's it. the nether breeze's favorite place this is great another button if this reveals that preston has now been trapped in the evil baby preston who has not yet been named you will have a conversation are you brave enough to jump into the darkness ? Your last chance turn around and leave while you can It's this baby Preston talking to me You're the evil one for the boys requested I have so many questions What's here Oh something just fell from the ceiling Um what was that I'm afraid I am?
i found evil baby preston in minecraft
Plus, the floor is literally falling out from under us. um, we can do this mom, we just fell into a netherite lava cave and uh, I don't know how I'm supposed to feel good about this when all else fails, walk forward, you know? I think it's a positive thing to think, no matter what happens, keep going, no, don't go, don't go, there are dark mobs everywhere, these things are delicate too. It took me a second to kill them before, baby Preston, you see. Thanks for you, could you help me. I'm just saying that fireworks explode when you kill them.
i found evil baby preston in minecraft
That's exciting. Yes. Do you have fun seeing Jerry's face? Jerry is the symbol of failure. We are definitely going in the right direction because these dark mobs are obviously. protecting something, baby preston kept getting in my way, well, more dark mops, these things are delicate, they're a little hard to kill, I think that's it, I think that's it, um, I heard a nice noise, right, just I need to kill you, here we go and I. I think we're almost there, hold on guys, I feel like we need a moment of silence. I just walked over another sword, which I think means another swordsman has died down here.
Be on your guard. It's okay, even if you are evil, be on your guard. This has to be like this. I have a good feeling about this it's actually a very good feeling maybe I shouldn't I don't have any good feeling actually this is a horrible place a horrible place is this an exit this looks like a door that has been sealed and locked and I think which is our only way out. Help, what are we going to do? I don't see any hidden buttons or anything. Wait? There was a hidden tunnel that only a baby with a pressure plate could enter.
We're crossing the path to go two more lavas this is beautiful my favorite view um yeah there's no way we can parkour there there has to be something here there's like a fireproof boat we can find let's see let's see what This It's the most incomplete thing I've ever seen in my life. Check out this hidden chest right here. It has to have what we need. A teleportation hook entity. Select them and then throw the hook where you want to teleport them. Okay, I don't know if. you're either evil or not yet so I'm just going to select you okay baby preston you've been chosen and I'm going to take you to the next safe platform so let's go here maybe yes it worked that's exciting now I need it. to do it myself, I selected myself, this tool is great, oh, but it blinds my vision a little.
Excuse me, honey, Preston, here I am, that's amazing. Now we have to get to the next platform. This one seems a little further away, so, uh. get ready this might be a little scary baby preston selected oh no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no that was bad there we go now back to me this is honestly a little scary, don't I know I want to land in the lava here we go hello now we just need where I came from and where I'm going to wait be very careful but I think there are barrier blocks in front of us look so if we crawl a little bit it should help us Come on, follow me, follow me carefully, carefully, okay, of course, he's beating me.
I'm just trying to be slow and steady and win this race, mom, we have to be fast, dad is in danger, I know I'm going so fast. as I can, but I don't want to fall into the lava, okay, son, look at us, we have made good progress, oh, there are skeleton heads, this is a terrible sign, be careful, you will not drown in the lava, you never will. reach for the control stick the lava is rising in


huh did you see that significantly? oh my god, here we are, baby preston, no more jumping, the lava is rising, great, great, there's a trapdoor, there's a trapdoor right there, how do we get there?
Oh boy, this is a long jump, baby Preston, watch out, we did it. I swear, there's a trap door over here. What's underneath? A tunnel. What is this? We have to see. I don't know where I'm going if I don't find it. Him, please tell Preston and I love him because I don't know what this place is. There was a hidden button. What did he do? Baby Preston. Tell me. I guess we have to go out again. I haven't heard anything. This is not good. more steps this is good this is really good hurry up baby preston we don't have much time this lava is seriously rising and we're out of the steps again I love that um guys comment below if you see anything right now I'm not waiting wait there's a hidden button here yeah, go ahead, baby preston, save us, I don't think I can make it that far, oh oh no, oh no, it's coming down mom, you're too slow, thank you, I appreciate it's already up there.
It's ridiculous, you know, you could have teleported me, you know, sent me here. What happens if it gets here? What is that baby Preston? He pulls the lever, he is going to stop the rise of the lava. Seriously, you won't. I'll even try to help, I got it, you might be, where are the opponents after all? Let's see if you survive the next challenge. Okay, if this is really the real baby Preston standing next to me, he must survive or the show can't go on. Okay, be careful. don't touch the lasers we can do this warning preston set off an alarm are you kidding me why did you do that uh oh run run they have lava creeper guards mommy I'm scared stay away the guards can generate fireballs and shoot flame breath oh god god this is scary , I don't even know where to go back here.
I think I see something. I have an idea. If we hit this laser once they get close, it can trap them. Okay, let go of the baby activated. Preston. Now is a good time to tell it. You, I have a fire extinguisher, mommy, you said if I play with fire, stay safe, so I always carry one. Good, because you're currently on fire, baby Preston, good job, you're saving the day, but we have to hurry. The lava vines are still alive. There is help, this is the only way we can go, so the door is closed, you need an ID card.
Did you bring an ID card? No, me neither, oh you know what maybe this will do something. No, what's wrong with this trap activated? Oh no, don't move. You're arrested, okay, I'm not going to let some creepers arrest me, where's that lover? I'll get you slowly but surely, ooga booga, there it is, wait, that was evil, baby preston, you're just jerry, where's evil baby preston? he sees oh my god there he is he hey come back here we go we have the ID card and we have to get out of here something was summoned behind the throne is this the throne where is the throne oh god oh a hidden chest with a crown only for kings and if bree is the king huh, give me that crown oh, baby preston is going to be king now I see you, what was that noise?
I just heard a very strange noise and there are particles, these are bad particles, oh, where are we, where are we? we maybe preston king help me evil maze try to complete wait evil maze why is this maze evil me no oh oh oh the red squares turn into lava baby preston we have to hurry we have to hurry um wait you know what? I'm going to the right. I feel this is not correct. If we were on the right side, part of the floor would still be intact. I just feel like that's true. Oh my god I'm getting lost trying to get back to the beginning is this the beginning oh here we go here we go we got this you almost died baby preston that was scary I'm going right going right so far not everything is fine but um we could definitely die soon in lava, so this is not good, look, the key is that you just have to walk very fast, exits, be careful, there are a lot of guards out there, the guards realized that was scary, oh no, and they are lava creeper guards with tons of fireball regeneration potion yeah thanks baby preston we can do this now.
Oh my gosh, look, I have enough help for this. I have so much health. Where did you get that? By the way, oh, you are the king, now he is the king of the jungle ow is that all the cards no, no, there is definitely another ow, come here and fight me like a creeper, we got somewhere, there is like a little and nice living room around here, who is he, why did he steal my identity, he dies, doesn't he? Don't touch the lasers guys, evil baby Preston is here oh, he has horns, he has horns and lightning, I'm scared, mommy, it's okay, I died, evil Preston is trying to escape, oh, I saw him, he's around here I think who returned the way we came. of oh, we can do this, we can do this, we can get to him just in time, everything's going to be okay, he's definitely around this corner, what if he kills us?
I'll get him sir, he can't be an evil baby Preston. Oh no guys, we lost evil baby Preston and he not only left potions but destroyed our only way home, but you guys have a blessed day, I'll see you in my next video and we'll try to figure out how to get out. from the secret lair of evil baby preston

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