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I Found A SECRET TREASURE Island In SKYBLOCK! (Minecraft)

Feb 27, 2020
No, no, no, no, no, get out, seriously. work don't blow up the vines ok so i think this is better cause they can't see me now maybe they can see me sooner i have no idea ok i can't kill the ones in the back i'll have to like arrow them i dont know im a newbie guys in the comments please help also another reason i might have been blown away by a vine is because it could have come from behind me or from here thats where they spawn too so that i lower this ok now let's go to level 28 and enchant something new oh yeah let's go one more ok i think t That should be enough we may just need level 28 I don't know this is pretty easy guys this is pretty easy, look how fast it goes up, okay, just kill the remaining hero, okay, come on come on we have a lot of things now. an integral too apparently when i died i had the lapis lazuli on me thats not very smart but i still have it so i didnt lose it well let's grab our 12 iron ingots let's go here and create ourselves what should i make a pickaxe or a sword i think hmm an iron pick that's right it will save me a lot of time because stone pick is much slower with cobblestone mining in cobblestone farm and it takes so much time that an iron pick will speed it up a bit. a little bit which is good so here we go our first self ok let's save the rest for now because we don't really need it let's go to our enchantment room and create the best and strongest ones where is the dirty blood?
i found a secret treasure island in skyblock minecraft
Go with the best and strongest iron pickaxe you have ever seen. eah oh yes it's ok to break three here we go Oh efficiency for fortune - that's really very good we can do it again no because it's been enchanted we need an anvil for that we can make an anvil out of the rest what do we do with an anvil even if we don't I know, I don't know, ladies and gentlemen, and that's where I'll leave today's episode. It was absolutely amazing. I can't believe we actually




to create an enchantment room on. happy with this ok let's just create another bow wait let's be really careful now because I only have 29 lapis lazuli guys.
i found a secret treasure island in skyblock minecraft

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i found a secret treasure island in skyblock minecraft...

I need to get more lapis lazuli. I need to get more iron and I need to find diamonds. We are in Sky Block. Are there diamonds? Please let me know in the comments section, leave a like on the Sky Blood video if you enjoyed it, and subscribe below if you haven't already. by watching this video if you liked it click or n that subscribe button and also be sure to check out the new exclusive jelly army shirts on jelly
i found a secret treasure island in skyblock minecraft

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