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I Forced Everyone to Fly to OHIO... (Fly Corp)

Jul 13, 2023
So I'm going to create an airline for Ohio and force


in the world to have to stop in Ohio before they can go anywhere else. Of course, I have to start in the US and we are going to build this center within Cleveland in Cleveland. Ohio I thought it couldn't get any worse, so it doesn't matter if you're in Washington DC and you just want to go to New York, you have to go to Ohio first and that will be the case in literally every city. Around the world I'm very curious about what this is going to do to the city of Cleveland, which will literally be


to take delivery of thousands of new airplanes every day.
i forced everyone to fly to ohio fly corp
Also, I don't want to start thinking about the psychological impact this will have. literally


in the world, so to do this we're going to have to actually build the best airport ever. I'm going to have to upgrade it so many times that I'm just going to bump it up to level four. now it can only hold 300 people, it will need to hold a lot more than that and at the moment it only has routes to Detroit, New York and DC and this will eventually fill up to I don't know 100, I'm going to literally need to buy huge planes to all parts of the world , almost every air route needs a plane because I'm going to force people like Tokyo to come to Ohio first if they want to go to Osaka, Japan, New York will organize an air show is not in Ohio, so I don't care, it's okay , Pittsburgh, which is very close, Ohio is doing pretty well, we're not even getting to about 100 people at this airport, but actually the rush of people is coming from New York.
i forced everyone to fly to ohio fly corp

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i forced everyone to fly to ohio fly corp...

Now that we have Chicago opening, the aircraft manufacturer's employees went on strike. He was about to take Ohio Airlines international. Not only am I going to have to build a lot of planes, but I'm going to have to upgrade a lot of them as well. more airports besides Cleveland because these people are going to be waiting for a long time, especially for the longer routes, there are already 10 people just relaxing, it's time to take our airlines overseas and why not open the first country in New Zealand literally On the other side of the world, okay, so from Wellington we'll go to Cleveland.
i forced everyone to fly to ohio fly corp
I literally just have to make sure I'm doing this right. I don't want to connect it to the wrong city. Okay, just four thousand dollars to do this. We make it five because I have to make sure there is a good plane there, now we have to take into account the curvature of the Earth, so this line actually goes through South Asia through Europe and then they will land in Ohio Oh wow, I forgot. about Boston, we actually have our Second Ohio City and I could use that to my advantage if things start to get a little crazy for Cleveland to handle.
i forced everyone to fly to ohio fly corp
I can always ship them to Columbus first. I'm going to assume this. The game probably won't open up any more relevant Ohio cities, well actually maybe Cincinnati if we're lucky okay I'm literally broke after trying to do this line oh the plane actually made it though it will come back oh wait, no, it's just getting started. your trip is halfway down this route you don't even have to be surprised, I have to improve this yeah, there will be like 400 people sitting here for about two weeks Cleveland is already getting ready to explode, there are just a lot of planes coming in Now you can hold a thousand people.
We will probably want to add a second plane to the Cleveland Wellington route. Yeah, let's get like a level five. Hopefully two is enough. Things are moving forward. The financial crisis has shocked the world. Passengers are trying to save. money because we have to reduce our prices, who isn't trying to pay about $5,000 to go to Ohio? I don't understand. I thought there was a passenger in New Haven who just wanted to go to Philadelphia, but he has to go to Ohio first. There were almost 50 people here in Wellington in New Zealand who were just waiting for the Jets to arrive.
No, actually, trying to go to Cleveland. I think it's time to open up our next country. Ohio Airlines is really getting better now. I really hope to have the opportunity. money for this we really have to stretch there, okay, barely, we're not going to be able to make a plane, so this thing will go out over the Pacific, probably spread over Central America and then they'll land, oh, Cleveland. You're okay, you don't look so good, okay, Cleveland is going to explode. The United States of America just gave me money to improve the airport. Okay, can you make Cleveland better?
That's what's important though. It's literally, it's literally packed right now. Okay, I can make it better, oh. Oh my God, no, no, that's going to be very expensive. I was very lucky to know why when they didn't improve they didn't make an extra plane in New Zealand, but I'm not having any luck in Argentina, luckily it's not that expensive. I have to send everyone. in Córdoba to the United States first. I don't have money for this. Should I update? I think Córdoba is going to have to die like me. I don't know what you want me to do.
I also need to give this line. another plane please tell me I have the funds please tell me I have the funds okay just now fortunately strangely a lot of people from Córdoba are not necessarily trying to go to Buenos Aires anyway, actually they are all trying to go to the United States to Now I don't know how we got so lucky. This is the most inefficient way to play this game ever. Cleveland once again looks like it's about to explode again. I could send people to Columbus if we upgrade Cleveland to at most the biggest airport ever and it still has problems and I'm going to have to use Columbus please Neptune don't open another New Zealand city okay St.
Louis, I can handle this plane being filled with 100, I guess I can. give you a little improvement these poor planes go to Argentina these poor people from Córdoba there are five of them who only want to go to Buenos Aires there would be a two hour flight that turned into a 24 hour trip thank you for flying with Ohio Air. I'm actually afraid to open another country because I don't think I can handle it. I'm going to go ahead and update Cleveland once again. We can take it to a level 10. We sell about two more upgrades a year.
Gardening Festival Imagine if it were in Cleveland, the number of passengers looking to visit this city increases twofold good for nothing Indianapolis Indiana is open yeah, that plane to New Zealand is full there's a level six plane oh I guess oh yeah oh Now it's completely amazing, it's like a supersonic plane, that's what you need, the route is actually okay, weirdly, we're driving it and this thing can hold 600 people, the airport only holds 500, okay, Kansas City, thank you for keeping it within my own borders. Well, I will do it in all corners of the earth. I made reference to the beginning.
Next Japan is fine. Then we have Tokyo and I actually have a lot of money. I feel like my computer is going to explode when I have to do this. Good. 5 000 I. I think a level six plane can handle this like this, it's just a level six plane. I feel bad, they are there. We might as well let Canada bask in the glories of Ohio and look at that Ottawa. Toronto. They both appeared instantly. They're excited. Look how the Cleveland airport is so big I can't even click on it, there are so many planes coming in at all times that it can hold ten thousand passengers right now, and we're not even at 10 percent of what it will be.
It's tremendously expensive to have to update it, although Córdoba is about to explode, oh, Buenos Aires, okay. We have to give these guys jets. I thought I already made them. I don't even know if we need two. I could sell this plane right here. I think a level six jet is enough as long as you make sure Wellington is nice and yeah okay there are only 15 people in here it can hold 500. When I delete this what happens to all the people in there ? I think they just got lost. in the Bermuda Triangle I really hope the Ohio airline survives this lawsuit.
Is this like the ultimate trick to beating this game? There are too many passengers on their airlines. Just eliminate people. Nobody will ask questions. I must make sure these European countries finally realize this. why we meme Ohio so London can discover the glories oh no no no no no no no this is not the right city four people in Tokyo just want to go to Osaka and there are two people in Osaka who want to go to Tokyo They're about to have the best time of their lives. Can you imagine what this would do to tourism in the state?
Ohio becomes the largest economic power in the entire United States. Paris, the next one cost me about ten thousand dollars to open. new countries, I mean, well, that was from the Midpoint, it's a lot more opening these up this way Osaka, okay guys, I don't need to update first, okay, actually okay, that also gives us access to Guyana French I forgot about that with the Paris tornado that touched down in Boston, it's okay, it's a good thing it wasn't in Ohio because sometimes that happens when an entire airline shuts down, if that, oh my God, okay, that isn't either It's good, it's absolutely possible in places like Ohio. or Cleveland specifically is off, it's dead for a week and in that case the entire universe just explodes.
I think I'd have to do alternate routes that go directly to Columbus to survive even the Tokyo private upgrade, why are there three locations in Japan? four, she said whatever, just getting around here and making sure it connects to Cleveland takes a long time, oh suck, it's filling up, okay, I have to upgrade these airports to at least a thousand. I think, oh, Tokyo is already a thousand. Okay, just take 3,000, she guesses. You're going to be sitting there for a long time. These plans are not technically complete, although they can accommodate 600 people. Employees of the aircraft manufacturer went on strike.
Oh wow, okay, we definitely can't open anything. Okay, it could have been worse. Manchester United is like The first thing that comes to mind when I see that the city of Manchester Manchester really needs a plane. I think they can survive with a level five plane. I don't think I need to improve it. Boston has been scaring me a little. Let me get some improvements. for Boston, anything that looks a little yellow will get some money. How is my Argentina doing? Okay, pretty good, you scared me for a second, but that's okay. I'm down here. I will improve you too. we have Montreal, which is quite full but it has to be Tokyo.
I think it's okay, we have a lot of money. Let's bring in Berlin. That's right, it wasn't supposed to be an improvement because it's expensive. Alright. It is recommended. I saw the scene. I think not, we have to close Cleveland, a city called Hamburg in Germany. I think I'd love to go through hamburger country. Basically the burger land of the USA. You'd be wasting a lot of money. I just want to see Cleveland at a level 10 airport. Okay, we've maxed out. Capacity for 30,000 people. I don't think Cleveland is ever going to blow up. I don't think so, but I'm not sure why it's just the UK all the time Osaka is going to explode, didn't I put you in a thousand already?
Not well. I'm going to have to upgrade all of this to three thousand, especially Tokyo, oh, Tokyo is at 3,000. I mean, I guess I might as well give it to you. I've been very lucky with New Zealand. This could have been much worse. I mean, Japan is bad enough, but New Zealand would have been infinitely worse. Stop in Europe. Can? We stay in the US. Birmingham doesn't blow up Frankfurt would probably improve that too. This plane is full. In fact, many of the Jets are full to go to Japan. Okay, so it's getting a little wild.
Maybe I'll give you something else. it makes sense that we need like uh maybe maybe two is going to cross half the world, let's give them two we have to open up Africa for Ohio hey, relax, relax with all these new cities. I can't even draw these lines fast enough before. the city is already like ready to explode, okay, I mean, now we will go to Italy too and the whole EU will take vacations here. I can't forget Spain. Madrid, that route is not far away. I'm like running unlocking. Countries on the left and right have to make Mexico come to Brazil.
No, I don't think so, so we have a new phrase. The game has so many similar places to open new cities, but they don't know where to do it. Oh, Argentina is having some problems. Wait, I think we're surviving pretty well with just level five, I mean, Japan is the big problem, they're still fighting here, each one has like three, okay, take another one, all the flights to Tokyo have been canceled, well . I don't want Tokyo anyway I think it's a terrible idea I think if I open Australia I'll do it anyway I know it's a terrible idea, although I mean I've come this far Australia is such a big piece, I know we're going to have several new airports here wait, they just notified me of another city oh there it is, I was like I can't remember where they just told me the next city is we have this crazy route where, like the entire southern United States is passing like Florida.
I can say that these routes aregoing. I think this is Brazil and these were two like Argentina, oh, that's right, Mexico too and they are having so many problems in Japan. I want more in Africa I don't want just South Africa, why did you have to do it? Oh, this might be the most ridiculous of all Alexander's routes to Cairo. They are so close to each other at this point as if they were connecting lines all over the world. What is all I have time to do? Are you serious? Okay, we'll update all of them.update all of the planes.
I'm going to continue doing well. That line was actually working well. The Olympic Games will take place in the United Kingdom. Okay, I don't care, let's unblock the biggest country in the world. Russia. Russia might need at least one level. Yes, because Russia looked like the distance between Brazil and we know that this can be survived with a level six aircraft that looks like about the same distance. I promise Japan has twice that lane and I don't even want to think about Australia and New Zealand. Is Cleveland doing it? It's a level 10 airport and yet okay, literally every second, it's actually getting closer, it's almost a third, sometimes it gets to about a third full if I keep unlocking countries.
Cleveland won't be able to handle it. I did not do it. even see Sydney, sorry Sydney, look at these three people in Canberra who just want to go to Sydney, there's actually four of them now, oh okay, okay, relax, relax, I mean I have practically unlimited money. Ohio is just a money printing machine that just throws money at anything. I see that it looks like a strange color and I move on and go to one of the darkest places on Earth. They also seem to be Ohio fans. Can you stop in Australia? Please, surprisingly it hasn't been that bad.
Oh, Wellington could use it. an improvement here, I'm just going to go and give it to them, they have survived with only 500 people. I think population numbers are taken into account, perhaps because which of these cities has caused us the most problems. Tokyo and that makes sense, surprisingly, these planes to Japan are actually being much more efficient now, I mean, there are still a couple of red ones out there, the authorities, uh, in Egypt, report that there is a risk of an outbreak coming in Ebola, that's a little scary. I had no idea it was even possible in this game, they didn't let me go to Ohio anymore?
I don't know, it's okay, I can still do it, I just have to do it from Cleveland, they physically won't let me pick it up, what's wrong? all these new Brazilian cities, can you two? All level five aircraft have been withdrawn from service due to the suspense in the southern French and Atlantic islands. All we have down there is a level five plane that's perfect, I mean, that iron right here, I'm just. I'm going to upgrade that single level six, are we okay now? Okay, wait a second. Where did they just tell me that another airline appears?
I am not another airport. Where is? I do not remember. Oh, Puebla. Okay, there it is. I think this is him. the craziest of the yes, Pueblo to Mexico City, that has to be the closest. I think it's okay, actually the routes in Europe and Asia still led me to connect to Cleveland, but the ones in South America, Latin America, are having problems, I'm very afraid. to unlock China I'm so terrified it's basically a route as far away as Japan. I don't want to go to Detroit. I'm sure no one else in the world wants to go to Ohio.
Well, volcano in Mexico. This is. Why was he afraid of China. This is exactly why I keep making new airports here and I have to click on Cleveland first and then drag it out because it won't let me if I'm too far away. I'm not angry. I know I'm not supposed to play like this, but it's kind of funny, this is an incredible amount, a gaming expedition in Shanghai, this is just this incredible amount of planes flying over the Atlantic stop, you have no idea how much I want plug this in right now that hurts might as well get North Korea it's too perfect the financial crisis I don't care Melbourne is struggling that was the only one okay yeah you can definitely get a couple of extra planes oh this oh China please stop Please , stop trying.
I can't keep doing this. I mean, I'm complaining and now I'm going to unblock India, which I'm sure won't get any better. Surprisingly, we'll keep Cleveland, you know, okay, there are times when it's really a little scary, although we never get to the other Ohio city, Cincinnati, so there's still Columbus, which we do need, but I guess we don't. We needed it, I guess it was a good idea to open up too. another country, not China, like now, they want to open a lot of airports in India, which is a little better, it's a little closer, make sure Chad is connected, look at the list of routes to Cleveland.
I'm going to have to scroll to see a long time I love how oh I didn't even know what it is this is New York fighting yeah and we all have them in alphabetical order too that's cool oh New York has been closed I don't know birds or something it's like A literal Invasion is like the world coming to Ohio to stop them. They are tired of memes. I think I somehow managed to do this. I literally can't even see what's really going on here. I think they just stopped deleting. I think so. there's just one black line, probably the funniest of all I think, although Egypt is pretty bad because they're so close to each other, no, wait, no, Beijing, yeah, because that's all on the other side of the world.
I don't know, I think the world should think about doing this and thank you so much to my sponsors, Drew, I'm stalking you and we're kidnapping you on December 27, 2020. Argentinian DJ Mix twenty dollars and why am I doing this.

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