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I *FINALLY* bought a new vehicle....

Feb 27, 2020
Sometimes the anticipation of getting a new truck is more fun than actually getting the new truck. I have driven the same truck for about 6 or 7 years. This is a '98 Tacoma. And I've loved it, and it still runs like a champ. It has about 250,000 km. It has been a very good truck. But today is the time to get something new. I'm buying a 2018 Toyota Tacoma, a truck 20 years newer than this. However, the reason I've waited so long to buy a new truck is because this truck still runs well and does 90% of what a new truck would, so I haven't been able to justify the cost of a new truck.
i finally bought a new vehicle
Still, because I 100% believe that buying a new truck off the lot is a terrible financial decision. I'll do it anyway, but I'll explain why. I tried to buy a truck here locally in utah but didn't quite work out with the dealer here... car dealers are not my favorite. But I found the exact truck I want in Boulder Colorado. So come check it out with me while we fly to Colorado and drive the truck back. Let us begin. Let me introduce you to what I have been driving for the past 8 years. I've been through a lot with this little guy.
i finally bought a new vehicle

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i finally bought a new vehicle...

I put about 100,000 km on it. I


it when it was 160,000 and now it is 250,000. So starting here, this is where he jumped a fence on the trail and hit me. I fixed most of it. It did a little damage to this part just above the wheel, the fender. I haven't done anything to the suspension on this truck, but it does have some damage to the rear. I replaced this side panel from that same fence, and never fully fixed this light. It has a small gap. It used to be held down with duct tape. Eventually I'll get that bottom section attached.
i finally bought a new vehicle
The bumper is also falling apart. The truck has been held together mostly with duct tape. If that duct tape was gone, the bumper would be hanging halfway down. It is not the safest. Here on this side, no damage. I have a truck bed full of tools; you never know when you might need them. The exhaust was wearing out a while ago so there is a big hole in the center of the bed. You can see the exhaust there and you can see all the way to the ground. I replaced the exhaust myself and now everything works fine.
i finally bought a new vehicle
I'll give you a little tour of the inside so we can compare it to the 2018 Toyota Tacoma. Here we have the inside of the door, we have the top and bottom's a little dirty here. Door lock, window lock, center consoles. And here in the truck we have almost 250,000 miles on it. The check engine light never goes off. Hopefully the new truck doesn't have the same problem. The deck I replaced myself. I installed a 10 inch subwoofer in the rear. You have to have your songs going. So yeah, basically pretty low-key. Not a lot of tech in a 1998 truck.
It's a manual transmission. It is 5 speed. It also has four-wheel drive. This is the off-road package, which is exactly what I'm looking for in the new truck as well. And one change that I'm excited about is that the new truck is a 4-door, whereas this is just a 2-door, and it has that, you know, room for half a person in the back. You can see the subwoofer here that I've hooked up, kind of fun. So the anticipation has been there for about 2 years. I told myself when I hit 100,000 subscribers two years ago that I would buy a truck as a reward, but I could never justify it because this works so well every time.
Toyota has never died. In fact, I was researching some statistics on how much it costs to keep trucks and


s running, and Toyota was like number 30 on the list. I'm going to put the list right here so you can see it. BMW is like number one with the highest repair costs, and Toyota was the lowest. That's one of the reasons I can justify buying a new one. Also, I looked into buying a used one and the prices, even at 3-4 years old, were about the same as a new one because they hold their value so well.


this truck 7 years ago for about 7,000 bucks, and even now if I were to turn around and sell it in the classifieds, I could get about four or five even with all the miles on it. Toyotas last forever, they hold their value forever. It's a good deal. Needless to say, I am very happy with this Tacoma. I have had no problems with it for as long as I have had it. I've only had to replace the starter... except for these last two months. At 250,000 miles things start to disintegrate regularly. I had to replace the clutch a while back which was about $1,000 and took a couple days of my time.
And that's another reason why I need a new truck because as soon as it stops becoming a tool and more of a hindrance and eats away at my productivity, then something else needs to happen. Now buying a new $37,000 truck is a bit extreme to solve that problem, but I'll explain the rationale as we grab the new truck. Let's go to the airport. So the plan has landed. We have come as far as Boulder Colorado and I see the truck. It's right here: the new 2018 Toyota Tacoma 4-Door. This is the color of cement. This is incredible! It has the sunroof up.
It has the short bed in the back. I'll explain everything in a minute, but this is amazing. It has the tow package. It has rear lockers, four wheel drive... this thing is sick! And the best part is that this truck doesn't have the massive rust hole in the truck bed like my old truck, so it's a step in the right direction. So after years of waiting, the truck is


here. I'm going to go get the keys from inside, it's already paid for and everything. I just need to take off and give them a tour of the interior in just a second.
So normally when you buy a new truck and you're the first person to drive it a lot, you instantly lose thousands of dollars driving off the lot like I just did. But that is not the case with me. I bought this truck and I'm going to use it as a tool, you know, it's a business expense. Also, what I'm doing to this truck will increase its value beyond what I just lost pulling out of the parking lot. So yeah, now that the truck is out of the lot and mine, I'm going to walk you through some of the features.
So we started with 10 miles on the odometer, now we're at 78 or something. I think we're in the middle of Colorado somewhere. Colorado is much flatter than I expected. But I'll show you some of the features of the truck and why I chose it as my daily driver. So, first of all, I chose the cement color because it's unique to Tacoma, and it's also unique to 2018. Now you can get the off-roader, it's not just limited to the TRD package. And here we have the front grill, we have the headlights, this is like the projection bulbs and things like that.
It is 4 doors, so 5 people can fit in it. So here we have the inside. I chose the black leather. Leather wasn't my first choice, but it's part of a tech package or something, and I wanted the sunroof, so that was fine. I think the tech pack was required with the leather, so I'll survive. Here we have the rear outlets for the rear of the truck. There is a power outlet in the bed of the truck, which I thought was great. It has a clutch launch cancel that helps you when you're off roading and stuff, or trying to go up a hill.
So inside the truck we have the dash, we have the leather steering wheel. We have the center console here. And the parts that I think are cool is that there's a wireless charger down here. So I can take my Galaxy S8 that has wireless charging enabled, just like the iPhone 8 and iPhone 10, and I can place it on this pad here at the bottom, and then it will start charging automatically. That light comes on here and I can turn wireless charging on and off. It has a ton of security features, like this is a blind spot manager.
So if I press that, if someone appears in my blind spot, on that mirror there is a light on the side and the light will flash letting me know that someone is in my blind spot. So a security feature there. And that's one difference between this truck and my old truck. So this one has side airbags. And you can't really put a price on safety, like when I talked about earlier that my old truck does 90% of what a new truck can do, the old truck doesn't have side airbags or as many safety features as this. truck has.
So this truck has one of those radar management systems. When you drive on the highway, it will track the car in front of you and if the car in front of you stops, the truck will stop automatically. It also has the lane divergence systems where if you start to drift over one of the lines on the side of the road, like you're drowsy or something, it will start beeping for you and wake you up and make sure that you know you're getting off. deviating from the path. My old truck definitely doesn't have those features, and if the features save your life, there's no way I could put a monetary value on it.
So, it's great that this truck has it. We also have the heated seats for the driver and passenger, which is fun, and the climate control on both sides. So this truck is also a manual Tacoma, which means I shift all the gears myself while driving. The rep I spoke to said that only 5% of the trucks that are Soles are sold with a manual transmission. But I like to have that kind of control when I'm driving and going off-road. And now let's take a look at the rear seats. Pretty much the same here. There's a ton of storage behind these things, so I can just lift them up and stick them like tools and stuff.
Remember with my old truck I had the truck bed in the back, and that's not the case with this one. Since the bed is shorter, I'm going to leave the truck bed outside and just use the space under the seats for storage. Also, everything lays flat, I can pull out the headrest and then tuck those things, tools, boards and construction equipment in here with more storage behind the seats. Going back to the truck bed. Drop this, and this has a power outlet. You can plug in power tools, you can plug in lights if you're working like a construction project in the middle of nowhere.
Having an electrical outlet is useful, especially in a truck because a truck is designed to be useful. And then, you know, you've got more storage compartments for, you know, tow straps and jumper cables and stuff like that, too. I mentioned earlier that it has lockers on the rear tires. I'm going to add a lift kit to this truck, which is all sorts of stuff I had on my old truck. Also here's a headphone jack and a USB port so you can plug in, you know, aux cables and stuff. Definitely useful for phones that have additional features.
So I'm going to drive the 450 miles back to Salt Lake, Utah, where I'm from. It was worth the wait? Time will tell. I still don't have buyer's remorse. I am very excited to have this new truck. It's a big step up from the 20 year old truck I've been driving for the last 7 years. A lot of people buy cars to improve gas mileage and stuff, but for me, my personality, and what I do, I need something with a lot of features, and having a truck with all those bells and whistles helps me achieve the things I want in my daily life.
And Tacoma, after looking at a bunch of other brands, is what I want to use. I was once talking to a friend about the usefulness of trucks in general, and he told me that a truck can win a race against any


as long as the truck can choose the route or the payload. We can pit my truck against a Tesla if the payload is a curb, or I can choose the route, because there's no way a Tesla can follow me up the mountain. I'll do a couple more videos on this truck on my channel, just showing the lift and light bar installation.
If you have any questions, obviously leave them below in the comments. Let me know what you think of my truck and let me know what your dream car is in the comments. Thank you very much for looking, and see you.

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