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Jun 02, 2021
came right in front of me northeast, cool, 20 down, hey, what's the weirdest item you have outside of your jacket? My scarf, doesn't it just come with the jacket? Yeah, so I haven't even sold the jacket for $400, but that's 400 steam dollars. To be honest, there aren't many games I want to buy on Steam. It's a really good point. Hills in real dollars. I would think about it. What is it? What is the best? What is not the best? I pulled out of a box I have double pants because I'm pretty good the walls should wear them the worse it's literally the worst you want to look like Bruce Lee look at Bruce Lee at home taking it easy like Bruce Lee at home it's the easy part bottom of What we're going to look for is Bruce Lee at home checking off course setting a new course man no one would walk oh yeah just you and me of all ours well let's go to the supermarket hopefully they'll be stocking up on bullets a game of food, I have a level three helmet and an AKM on my signal, don't you need it?
i eat chickens like you for dinner   pubg
I already have a level three helmet, oh really, wow, I didn't tell you because I didn't want you to be jealous, we're a little out of the loop like a good amount, so I should get ready to leave real soon I want you to be so bad , yeah I thought I found one but it was actually a pain, a vector also I see vectors let me down so many times, it just goes too fast, it's like a cyclone gun. from perfect darkness, yeah, exactly, uh, you fail even first, your whole magazine might still work fine, that's the point where I wish my gun wasn't firing so fast.
i eat chickens like you for dinner   pubg

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i eat chickens like you for dinner pubg...

Oh, UMP, I've been blessed, nice, nice, if that furniture on your side can. make up for or give up anything you could ever want I have another reach of times you want it, yes I want it. I'll trade you this suppressed SMG for a double scope, yes, yes, I'm going to share my life, oh, I see buggies and The cars over there look like they're going to cross to the island, bridge boys, yes, let's make beer, boys, it's good friend. Yesterday I had the worst experience with the boy on the bridge. I drove the car to cut him off, the guy jumped out to kill him and then he just ran me over. about that time skipped before Lee okay are they driving together a hearse fun pressure driving in first person there quiet game so far yes people live to see the top ten I think we will I have a feeling that no We'll take you later in the game, obviously the only team you might really want to support.
i eat chickens like you for dinner   pubg
I'm still, and maybe it sounds like my, they're, I'm pretty good everywhere else, three on the bridge, so what's our policy for getting my guys involved in the At the end of the bridge south of us a guy ran across. I see him, he's in the building, he's living in the building. I see they're up there, they're moving, they're jumping, he jumped, he's standing in the middle of the. The road is too far to shoot, huh, there's another guy who said there are two, one at the base of the bullet on the right. I wanted yes, they are pointing at us, looking at us, you could be looking to be the voice of the bridge.
i eat chickens like you for dinner   pubg
Yeah, they're going to make a bridge, boy, we, well, we try to make a bridge, boy, these guys might not even know we're here. I see him there on the edge of the birds, to the right, on the edge of the bridge, yes, yes, looking, yes. You know, the best thing we can do is let something else fuck up and shoot me. Damn son, where did he come from? I think if they couldn't see you, but they can see me, I'm hiding, man. buggy boy I think there are people to the north, here comes a car, let them cross a little and now we are going to perform the basic navigation maneuvers.
They hit me so many times, no, we should go back and kill those guys, now we know where they are. and they don't know where we agree, first things first, get it out, can I give myself a push? Yes, I'll give you a pair. This will break, right? A guy from our north shot you. our northeast I can hear it was I see the Jeep is directly in front of us again this is bad you see no, it's directly north of us let's see the guy behind him he's crossing not a good job oh I see a guy on the ridge from the hill at a distance of about 150 200 meters heading 30 to 15 okay, I'm coming towards you I see him I see him too he's doing he's moving down I only see one those two guys running across the ridge burying 30 there's a guy straight 15 degrees see them crying I see him once oh my eyes are watery I need one more blink I got a suppressor on 4x really oh yeah I see him I see him he's ready on the street like twice, be aware that something could come after us too and kill us, yeah, I just see one guy, he's being that tree.
I don't see the other guy you're shooting at. I was lying down, yeah, they looked behind the mountain ridge, okay, they're going to have to come at us whoa, yeah, shoot you, that's how big the silenced gun is that shoots, someone's shooting at me from somewhere nearby, so that's uphill, yeah, yeah, he'll get, stop drinking, run back, yeah, come on, we'll come to me, okay, it came on. Keep an eye on these guys on the ridge because they'll be coming this way, yeah, move to a new position and watch the circles close. These guys are going to have to come to work, come to us if there's anyone out there, they've got Ray in front. from me howl from the northeast right in front of me they are down like literally right for me I heard their footsteps they are in the tree house in front of two I killed both houses are duplicated is that yeah that's it after 4x and the IRS to you sounds like acid crust something above I see a guy I'm going to shoot if I can I have to move 50 seconds we have a long way to go let's move right now I hit a guy he's running a little it's a game all business yeah great your business right now there are only 16 other people alive oh my god circle you'll really make it I don't want them to burn me where they will do it I have a very low tolerance for circles oh we'll make it thanks it's going to be like behind the rock up here don't say that's okay drinking and eating and all that stuff goes on let's start let's use this thin side okay come on you have a guy on the radar tower there's a guy at the base of the sign like the big one that's the radar tower that's it's a guy on top of it - Sh I kill him I see him very well where he is knocked out he is dead there is another guy at the base it was his companion I'm sure I saw him running running towards the southwest we have to go well, I love him, people up again, these trees here yes, bees Google shooting at the sign, I think, and they're hitting you, it's coming to the top of the hill or something.
I see a guy southwest of us use your scroll if you can break the line of sight between eating those guys there's a guy south of this a guy west of us that was a guy south of us it was a sign yeah I see a Car also parked turns southwest there is definitely a guy in the tree directly west of us okay let this fool come running after us there is some kind of I'm knocked out with an SKS well there's another guy behind of us or left, there are only two other people alive, I know. where one of them is we keep drawing, so there's a guy directly west of us, sure, okay, are you beyond that tree?
I'm down here by this tree yeah okay I'm going to come get you ready look to your left I also said circle about 50 seconds so they're directly west of us okay when you take some meds and van there's some broccoli like I just killed someone someone just killed someone he says only one other person will hit you and me on echo and I'm I'm pretty sure he's the guy west of we, okay, I'll move to the right and then a little bit, okay, okay, since the trees between West and me could be lying down, he could be in a bush, he was behind that ridge directly west of us . 285 okay, get in the circle, let him come towards us, we have a tree and a rock here, so definitely northwest of us from our position, he is on that hill, let's see what we do with this circle, because the circle favors , it all comes down to us.
We'll both go after him, well the circle favors us currently. If the time comes, I'll move forward this way and you'll cover around the circle and I'll open them up and hopefully he'll start. start shooting at me and then you can take him down I think I see you maybe not that's where he was last time behind that little ledge where that tree is it might look like a circle it seemed to be just a little bit I'm going to push myself up go push a full push going up well I'm missing a wife run north I'm going to go this way although it will be just one line down something here goes up this hill in a moment I see it has a tree I got that game very early very slow to the end and I took it well it was a very well done man, is there a second chicken


in the way?
This is my first first person only game. I won, yeah, same here, yeah, really, dude, oh. that was a textbook and I can open some boxes is Bowl or did I do well on the day of the week that was good that was a good scam like would you say they like to come down here? If you had to describe these people, would you say that? they like to get down here like they do or how they like to get down here

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