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I Created A 50 State US Battle Simulator!

Feb 01, 2022
so i just


my own US





let's see who can make it to the top literally anyone has a chance to win here and i think it's going to be pretty chaotic so let's just turn the wheel to see what happens. First, an alliance war or ideological surge could also begin in earnest. Here we go. First we must choose which


will go to war, first, who will get the main territory and finally, in which direction they will take this attack. I'm glad they're falling, that's really the only place they can go, so we've got Maine attacking to the southwest, which means they've taken out New Hampshire right away.
i created a 50 state us battle simulator
Look at those big, sexy borders. This looks good, let's see what. happens next, this time we have an alliance, let's see which two states will work together. I have this random US states


and we have indiana and illinois. I don't know why I always pronounce illinois with the s. Sorry, these really do We feel like a lot of these alliances probably won't make sense. It is finally time for the i nations to rise up. Now it's technically possible for this alliance to break up, but it's pretty unlikely that at first the ideology will be the following, so let's assume that all states are starting out democratic because the United States is democratic, but in a real


scenario they could be starting to turn to some pretty interesting governments, so we have California, my own state, choosing between fascism, communism and monarchy, that was fast.
i created a 50 state us battle simulator

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i created a 50 state us battle simulator...

I'm going to draw the most famous sign for that wait. Really? Maybe we shouldn't break up. This time we have another state going to war. It will be Oklahoma. Now they can really go in any direction because they are landlocked, but they go. north and eliminating Kansas, how are you going to do that in Kansas? Look at those blocky borders now, what the hell is this aggressive world? This is all they want to do. Oh, my home state, next step and they'll take us to the incest nation to the southwest. I always knew these two should be together it's too perfect Alabama has taken out Mississippi just getting into an alliance let's get another one this is the peaceful way to win the game this time we'll probably have more rent oh Minnesota getting a It's already a pretty powerful state with the Northern Maine states emerging.
i created a 50 state us battle simulator
I guess I could do more too. Why does all this make sense now that we have Georgia and South Carolina? Why don't they have the Georgia flag for this? I'm so surprised they've all been somewhat similar geographically, I know at some point we're going to unite vermont and alaska, who's going to take over the next state, it's virginia, this isn't good if you're going around virginia, especially west virginia I guess that which is the greatest, oh them. We are moving south and since South Carolina just gained a new friend, North Carolina has been destroyed. They are under the empire of Virginia.
i created a 50 state us battle simulator
They thought that Virginia was going to try to expand her old borders. Remember Virginia had this big claim, like all of North America was warming up. Above, we moved to Maine again, how are they getting so lucky? Because it's on the bottom right, the only person that will be there is Massachusetts, Boston, it doesn't exist anymore or at least it's Maine now and you know homey Minnesota really loves this. they're rooting them in a lower constitution in this universe, the first date was in California, although that's the craziest thing we could ever imagine, oh, it's also another one, it's Alabama that just took over Mississippi and it's just not going to let me like it at all. draw the symbol again what's going on in this world I feel like the world really needs more alliances okay that's perfect we can do that and this time it's Iowa and Maine so now there's a triple trifecta on triple trifecta I don't know What the hell am I trying to say, and Iowa actually borders Minnesota, so this kind of work works with the whole group.
I like how Mane was the one who called it, although specifically Maine is impressing all these states in the rust belt that didn't. I don't think it was in the rust belt, but I tried, oh, is Maine going to get another one? How is this happening? And it's Wyoming and Montana, does it carry that much weight? Why are these places so close? I really thought this was going to be one of the silliest things in this simulation, like the alliances being so far apart, but look what we're going through so far, so yeah, maybe we should stop fighting and make friends first, yeah.
It'll be a little more exciting when you get it. to draw the borders and there's an alliance that takes over an entire state and we finally have a strange one missouri and washington knew this wouldn't last missouri and washington i have no idea what they have in common but maybe washington just doesn't I don't like what they It's happening near Missouri. There are too many friends. They want to make some friends feel bad about the statuses that were eliminated from the beginning. At least whoever dies here. You know, at least you made it for a while. oh, it's Virginia again, these east coast states are having so much luck right now uh-oh, Virginia just eliminated this alliance on her own.
I actually didn't think this was possible, it removed two states in one, but yeah, I'd have to do it like this. That's going to go ahead and move that beautiful va down here, boom, now for an entire alliance to be eliminated is really weird, at least I thought it was going to be, but due to the situation we're having, with all the geographically close states becoming friends. I guess it will be possible. Oh, I was going to say Maine again. This is getting ridiculous. Yes, Louisiana, you're going to want to do something because Alabama is right.
Oh no, you're attacking Texas. Unfortunately, Texas is not going to do it. Do anything in this whole simulation, these strange French people will take over. A battle may soon be brewing between Oklahoma or fascist Alabama, but first some friendship, this time we have West Virginia and Oregon right now in At least this team won't be completely wiped out, let's look on the bright side. West Virginia will also need some friends because Virginia is scary. I have a feeling an already established faction is going to get a little bigger here and well. No, not necessarily wow, the largest state in terms of population and the smallest state in terms of territory, maybe they did this for some strange symbolic reasons.
Little old Rhode Island doesn't look too good here, but that's okay, they allied themselves with a random fascist California. desperate clearly they must be scared hey maybe you can even join what happens if an alliance joins an alliance. I didn't think about that, I just hope that doesn't happen. I mean, it's technically possible. Nebraska and Vermont. The corn shellers and the tree. people, bernie sanders people, oh man, I really hope we don't keep creating new factions in idaho and maryland, maybe I shouldn't have said anything, I think I cursed myself, well, it's finally over, yeah, let's fight again , north dakota, random, but okay, almost there. like this is all random now they will attack north and hit canada no they won't they will head east oh no taking out both minnesota and iowa you can't just attack one they are an alliance and dakota North was the winner. maine now they're going to be all alone like maine is worried after they ate all those states so we already have some really funky borders with this one.
I didn't expect that I feel like it's probably North Dakota. I'm joining something soon, Idaho and now, this time, Michigan, so Idaho already has its little team. It's time for them to recruit a new member. Idaho, Michigan and Maryland, another statement. Someone is going to continue growing. Oh, it's Nevada. I feel like we haven't talked about it. so many states are still going to eliminate fascist Californians huh that's really close oh yeah yeah they do what am I thinking? I'm forgetting where Nevada is. I knew they could have attacked arizona, but no, this is clearly over the land of Las Vegas.
It wasn't okay for us Californian hippies to be a little wild with our hand gestures. I feel like I'll soon forget the abbreviations of some of these states. Envy is like that. Nobody is choosing too much ideology. It looks like Delaware and they are. they're going pretty much the only direction they can, they're going west which means there's no more maryland right now, idaho and michigan in that faction, we still haven't seen an alliance technically eliminated yet or I don't think we've gotten it right , so I have Iowa, already part of a team that elects communism, finally communism has been introduced into the states.
Oh shit, I totally forgot. Iowa was gone. I feel like that's going to happen a lot. Well, whoever is elected is going to become a communist and it's Hawaii, not me. I know how communist Hawaii is going to take over the United States, but it might be fun to see how the hammer and sickle is supposed to be drawn on this little island, okay that's terrible, oh I'm sad about that, kinda scared. the arrows situation when it comes to alaska and hawaii indiana, are we going to have more? Yes, that's right, that's what I felt. well, fortunately, now I can draw better this way.
I drew it backwards on those islands, okay, this is a bit. It's strange that your partner who you were previously cool with has now chosen a different ideology. You guys will still be great after this. How does Illinois feel about the workers who rose up in Louisiana and Maine Louisiana just took over Texas and Maine has already been taking over now? That's a scary team right there with all their power maybe they can get a third remember the alliance was very strong before it was Nevada okay so they just took over California which actually looks pretty good now that they lost , remember your friends in Maryland before the Delawareans, what is it? this term for the people of Delaware Dello warns: let them fight oh it's Nevada again this is really strange because I'm using different websites like there should be no overlap here but I don't know something strange oh they're moving north , is Oregon, West Virginia.
They just lost their friends, but the good thing is that Idaho is here, so we can do something like a little split because Idaho would most likely be willing to help, let's give each other, you know, a little like this, just cut it. In the middle there's probably a better way to do it as the alliances get bigger these wars are going to eliminate more and more states it's really going to start growing like a snowball it's really going to start growing like a snowball snow depending on who gets elected, colorado has decided to take their forces and head south, oh that would be oklahoma if it wasn't for that area, you may have dodged that oklahoma, maybe you should get rid of that.
I think next time we still need more color, I think, but it's not going to happen because we're fighting again finally Florida, big old Florida has finally decided to mobilize and it's going to be our first naval invasion, there's only one state to the west and That is the conglomerate of Texas, Louisiana, Florida has the first disconnected territory. It means you could always take over fascist Alabama. More major war attacks again this time, of course, heading south like they have to. They are actually eliminating two states. There are two states down here. Damn, you need to relax.
They're not relaxing though, this is New England. They perfectly formed New England. Do they need Vermont? I don't think, I don't think they need it. Come on, let's get some peace. Maybe some of oh wow, New Jersey and wait, West Virginia is gone. You can remember? Okay, West Virginia is gone. They expanded their green party after Oregon was eliminated they began to despair clearly now they are friends of New Jersey. I don't even know about New Jersey. I just know that everyone likes to mess with them. I still want someone to be a monarchy. Now finally the moment where I want to say is, oh no, more fashion and look who it is, so they literally got a new friend and then they decided, hey, we should choose a pretty extreme ideology for no reason, here we go and why not choose other.
There are many more names in this. wheel of what there should be and Michigan, thank you Michigan, I can finally draw you a little crown, guys, that's a good crown, I don't even know what that looks like. Sorry, how will your brothers on the west coast feel about this? Nevada and Idaho may add more. They love the monarchy so much that someone else wants to join. I'm talking as if that's for sure. Oh, it's New York. What a strange alliance. I never thought I would see that day. West Virginia, desperate for a friend, decided to team up with New Jersey, then New Jersey decided, hey, we'll go fascist, and New York, yeah, I like it, I'll join your team.
I think Maine is also making people do something fun. Everyone here is stressed and let's see if that stress leads to anything. It will definitely lead to a war somewhere in the United States and not on the east coast, although Arkansas Arkansas really candestroy Florida here, but they're not going to do it. They are going to destroy Missouri. This is what you get for having this strange little hat. Another member of an alliance has fallen and it probably won't be the last. I can't even remember if he was still there. It seems that we. We're going to see even more chaos on the East Coast.
I'm not surprised they are moving south, although they have destroyed the thick virginia and it was single-handedly. None of them were in alliances. Yes, it is the point in the game where the wars begin. It's going to be chaos, but also the friendships, don't underestimate New Jersey and Utah, New Jersey. just the diplomat of the world and this is after the fascism stuff, I guess I understand Utah was surrounded by a lot of things here, oh , Washington, on their own, that's right, let there be blood and it's Wyoming and we have our first broken alliance. Wyoming is attacking. north, meaning it's his friend Montana, that's dirty Wyoming, oh man you should be ashamed of yourself, desperate for attention, desperate for land, they took out his only friends, that's the most evil story we've ever found, our new bad guys, let's see if we survive this round, although oh, they're going to do it again, one wasn't enough, they need more meat now let's take the original position of this state and control it, it's clearly on the top right, so they're eliminating south dakota you should be ashamed of yourself for still keeping that blue they're wearing it like a badge of honor of course the most evil thing might come from the state that honestly barely exists oh are they going to go again or a coalition will form against them new jersey again oh no don't betray your ally new york imagine imagine it doesn't look like they're eliminating pennsylvania uniting the greens look at those big beautiful borders right here new york new jersey and west virginia i never thought i would see them on a team they have some characters now i think it's time for a michigan and delaware coalition wait for a second michigan as scared foods are determined to ditch an old alliance with nevada and idaho to join big daddy thick de that they saw how big and powerful they were and are the only monarchists here so they felt they needed to join something new that is dirty right there.
I wouldn't trust them anymore, Delaware, they literally just abandoned their old friends and now they're What's going on with this, what are the chances? So they're making a move and of course, oh, they're destroying possibly their biggest rival. You could say no, I think he is his biggest rival. Ohio, I guess that's not all. Ohio, they're getting a little. a little bit closer to his new friend, although I have a feeling that two states or three states will be eliminated soon, especially with these alliances growing again, you eliminate the entire alliance that way, it's Utah, Utah is right in the middle. takes out someone big, wait, no scratches, that's just Arizona, they're forming a wall to stop Nevada, yeah we don't know much else, the new governments support the monarchy, but here it will be communism and it's in Alaska, so Not both. -The lower 48 states have chosen communism, that's strange, what exactly is the Pacific Ocean doing to all of you?
Maybe they should go to war, that's what I feel, oh no Delaware, they're possibly the strongest and they're about to get it. much stronger no, it is not New Jersey and it is not just the famous fascist diplomatic state of New Jersey, but it is also New York, West Virginia and Michigan will also receive some of this. This was literally like a world war for this video, what will these new ones be like? Borders are established, we actually have to eliminate a lot of these things. I have a feeling Delaware will really want a lot of things like New Jersey and New York because they've been so small and so close to them that it's probably their biggest rival.
I'm definitely sure they're willing to give Michigan all these things here, but after that I want to say it all has to be that way. Now the man doesn't seem so powerful anymore and here he goes, another Tennessee has done nothing, maybe that's it. for one reason they are heading south and they are taking out fascist alabama the second fascist state and in fact the only ones left in this world after california was taken out and maybe they will get a few more oh its evil wyoming another time, where are you? wow oh no they are taking out the gray squad both idaho and nevada won't make it i guess that's what some of these states just need to do you need to take out your own friend to really get a lot of power in wyoming maybe they We'll pick an ideology here, we need to see oh it's Florida, they've been quiet for a while, oh no, bring it back, we didn't need that Florida, why is this ideology so popular?
Well, I guess it's not that popular yet. a lot of people without friends, oh but we still don't understand that, Utah, wait a second, are they the ones who will raise the epic wyoming? No, they're going to stop the New Mexico epic, although I mean, I guess the New Mexico epic they did. Don't do anything here, okay, we could see a betrayal again or someone joining something they weren't a part of before Florida and Alaska, okay, and besides, that's not some strange alliance whatever a fascist Florida and a communist Alaska, because why not you? I need some friends here too, I guess let's get another one in Utah and Wyoming.
This is perfect because neither of them had friends, they were both alone, of course they would do something like this, oh that's a scary blue. faction now who do you have another one let's finish this game with just some diplomatic things. I'm going to have to start spinning the wheel because that other thing doesn't remove the states that have been killed, oh boy, so the first one. part of this will already be big Delaware Delaware has seen the big movements happening on the west coast and they want to make their own, okay wait a second, how do we do it?
So Delaware has voluntarily combined teams, now we only have one ideology. faction we have monarchist michigan fascist florida communist alaska and then just delaware who i guess is democrat or not aligned well you can pick something now honestly i couldn't even remember vermont still exists well okay guys i mean maybe they um, okay I really don't know what else I was expecting so the brief diplomacy ended the world is at war again Kentucky KFC has been pretty quiet and they've decided to head south and take out Tennessee, I mean they're kind of rivals. The Chicken Empire Gets Thicker I don't know what its key abbreviation is.
Actually yes, I knew it. Oh wow, that was close. This will be a great alliance. I can feel it. Okay, Wisconsin, who's also been very quiet. Let's see who. they join in, they literally haven't done anything the entire game and Kentucky, okay that makes sense, they were just showing off their skills so you probably want to join in. Green is back in this world, we'll see if they last. Oh, it's close again this time. another war uh oh, here we go and they have chosen to go right, one of the only directions they can really take, it's actually perfect, that didn't last long, but since Michigan is part of their squad, all of Wisconsin, you made a mistake, Michigan gets dragged into the war also dragged them into this fight, okay yeah, you tried to take advantage of someone who seems powerful and look where that got you.
Delaware will be gracious enough to allow Florida to reconnect, okay, here we go and the alliance proposal begins in this big old Utah. here, wait, you guys can't be friends again, Utah, Wyoming, that was nice of you, but you say, uh, yeah, buddy, okay, Utah, two, Utah, oh, wow, mighty Vermont, what flirt you have to get someone on the inside this way. It's going to be good or bad someone is going to start betraying each other oh it's Vermont so maybe that friendship was a good idea because it could attract someone big in Vermont to Colorado, now he's smart, it was a big boost, so it was a great idea, Utah. to get vermont involved because then vermont draws colorado there must have been some kind of trade deal it starts off as a nice friendly like i don't know business stuff then they say hey i trust these guys vermont trusts utah so I guess me too, okay this is literally about to go down, we're nearing the end here, possibly these teams just want to grow, although it's Alaska who is already part of a great old team, so who are they going to get? now, oh, they just got to Nebraska, well, Nebraska was chilling, they lost their homey Vermont, this is only going to get bigger, finally, some fighting, here we go, oh, Hawaii's going to do something 'cause Hawaii is here, I'm just going to spin the wheel for him and it's Maine Hawaii is going to eliminate Maine Maine was the initial competitor and then all of a sudden they decided to stop doing things.
I think they just wanted New England and said okay, we're out, that's all we wanted, guys. Hello, hello from Hawaii, also don't forget they are still communists, whatever, okay, I feel like we are building more and more, oh no, it's Vermont, this is huge because if the Vermont arrow goes to the left, then it starts war. has started if it goes to the right even though they just eliminate Hawaii this is finally the moment of truth and there it is I was making fun of Vermont like why would you ally with Vermont Utah? Then Vermont helped get Colorado and the real thing has begun.
The Vermont War is the reason this entire squad is about to die. Remember Wyoming had that as a mess too. He started eliminating Montana. It was evil. I mean, fortunately, Wyoming probably won't be able to get any of this. It will only be Colorado, Utah and Vermont. with all the loot, I guess you never underestimate even the smallest states in a scenario like this, the world is also super communist, don't forget Hawaii, here, Illinois and Indiana, who did nothing in Vermont and who now They are spreading it, maybe their friends will get out of this. they're like hey this is a cool ideology and thank you so much to the sponsors of october the majestic unicorn poppy draw i love brands thick breaks and draw's girlfriends draw's argentinian grandpa aryan after hours, bring back poland, max cooper, minebrothers 999 and stormtrooper 501, thank you.

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