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I cooked a WAGYU COW for 3 Million | Guga Foods

Apr 03, 2024
-Go Go! -What is happening? Hey! Chill chill! -Did you ask to cook it? -No! They said dry age, they said dry age! For a big cookout like this we need a big smoker and at 2am this arrived. I don't know about you, but this is the biggest smoker I've ever seen. This is huge, but that wasn't enough because remember we're doing a special for 3


subscribers, so we went ahead and got the world's biggest drum smoker. This thing is a beast, just to move it we need a forklift because for today's cook we are making something truly epic and I can't wait for you to see the results.
i cooked a wagyu cow for 3 million guga foods
Now, the smoker himself is something else. Are you ready for this? -No, I don't think I can do anything to be ready, but you'll have to do it. -That's how it is! To ensure that the wood is dry, we will put it underneath. We also have several other kitchens because we are going to prepare the most food I have ever prepared in my life. The first task was to lift the pile and this thing is heavy, but with four guys we managed to do it. Now this smoker is pretty awesome. You might be wondering how big it is, we're talking a thousand gallons and about two tons, that's how big it is!
i cooked a wagyu cow for 3 million guga foods

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i cooked a wagyu cow for 3 million guga foods...

If you think I can handle this on my own, there's no way you all can, I just can't do it. So I brought in Jeremy from Mad Scientist Barbecue. You have to help me, there is no way I can do this. -Happy to! -Okay, what are we cooking? -We are cooking half a cow, three


specials, half a cow,


cow. -Oh, not even a normal cow, we are all cooking a


cow. Okay, enough talking, let's do it. -Guga Foods, take it to the top. -Let's do it! For that to happen, the first thing we had to do is prepare the tables.
i cooked a wagyu cow for 3 million guga foods
And after laying down some parchment paper, believe me, it wasn't enough, so we went ahead and used two. Now that might be able to do the job. Because when we started preparing we went to see where the cow really was and that face says it all. Now this is where it starts to get really exciting because this is heavy. We had to use a tarp to handle it, but not only that, we had to break the cooler to make this happen. And when we start to eliminate it, we are all hands on deck. We definitely needed all the help we could get.
i cooked a wagyu cow for 3 million guga foods
You do not believe me? This is today's training, no joke. And believe me it was a good exercise. Now the next big challenge was to put this on the table and this I'll just let you hear. One, two, three, come on. Up up up. Come on! - It's slippery. -One two three. -No no no. -With seven adults we couldn't get back to it, so I decided to trim the fat a little. Once this was done, we managed to put a grate right under it and with everyone's help this is what happened. -So close! -Pick it up!
Oh, my finger almost got stuck. Let's do it! Give me five men! -Yes man! -Yeah! That wasn't a joke. No joke, this is huge and I feel very honored to be able to cook this for you. Now let me give you a little more information about this piece of meat and for that I asked Tim to explain it to you. -This is a 100% purebred wagyu beef that we raise on our farm in New Haven Missouri. -One hundred percent Wagyu? -Hundred percent. -It is not an American Wagyu mix. -Not fifty -fifty here. -Oh man, we're going to do everything possible for everyone.
How big is this now? -Right now he weighs around 450 pounds. It was a cattle weighing approximately 1,400 pounds live weight. -Tim didn't feel like that, he felt like a thousand pounds. -He definitely did it! As you've probably noticed by now, this has a lot of fat in it, so we had four people start trimming it. This wasn't actually a joke because you have to remember one thing, if we don't remove it, it will go to waste, that's the last thing we want. We need to put this wonderful fat to good use so we made sure to trim a good amount and as we continue trimming you can see the wagyu beef reveal itself.
That's what I'm talking about. Now this cook's biggest challenge is how massive this is and trying to cook everything perfectly is going to be difficult. And the more we cut out, the better this starts to look. And as always, we have to trim both sides and turning it over is no joke. Being very careful not to cut each other, we went ahead and ended up on the other side and were left with a ridiculous amount of fat. And while we continued working it was time to take a break. The first meal was this beautiful wagyu tomahawk.
This should give us a lot of energy to continue the work. Since we had a lot of people we decided to go ahead and make some tacos. That was great to give us some energy, but it still wasn't enough, so we went ahead and threw some wagyu picanha on the smoker. Now, when you cook it in the smoker, you will need it to brown well. For that, we went ahead, got the grill as hot as possible and seared it and honestly, it was a boost of energy we all needed. This is absolutely delicious, so once everyone's stomachs were full, it was time to get back to work.
And remember we just finished cutting all of that out and this is what we had to do next. Trim perfectly, all that's left is to season it in the smoker. Shall we inject it first, Jeremy? -We are going to inject more sebum. -Just because you don't have enough, right? -It doesn't have enough. We're going to make even more. We're going to turn everything up to 11. -Let's be specific. Wagyu suet. Now I did an experiment where we inject tallow into the meat and that makes everything better. You have to remember that this will cook for a long time, so a little fat inside doesn't hurt.
And when I say a little, you know what I mean because, as we all know, fat makes everything taste better. Then we go ahead and start with the seasoning and we're talking about a ridiculous amount of salt. We use kosher salt because we believe it is the best and no matter how much we put in it, there is no way we can over season it. Since this is a large piece of meat, there is no way for it to penetrate deep inside. Wait wait wait. Salt Bae? -Yes, why not? -That kind. Once the salt was made it was time for the black pepper.
So yes, this is the most salt and pepper I have ever used in my life. If I'm not mistaken we used about eight pounds of salt and eight pounds of pepper. It's an incredible amount and to say we were all exhausted was an understatement. You look tired. -Yes, it's a lot of work, man. -This is no joke everyone, I'm telling you right now. -You are welcome. -To gain energy it was time to eat once again and for that Tim went ahead and made some incredible ribs, they turned out absolutely phenomenal. A pleasant sweet and spicy taste was perfect for boosting morale.
A big thank you to Joe and Josh. You should definitely check them out in the description. We also had some amazing giant lobsters, we just threw them in the smoker and chopped them up because what we really wanted was some brisket, and this one turned out fantastic. To say this was juicy was an understatement. After that boost of energy, it was time to get back to work. I'll be honest with you, there's no way we can pick this up and put it there right now. -It's not going to happen. I think we should divide it into a couple of different pieces that will help it cook a little faster and allow us to transport it because otherwise it won't fit without a forklift. -That's right, I'm not a forklift and neither are you.
Using a handsaw, Jeremy realized that it was an enormous amount of work. After the first card, he immediately handed it to me and I'll tell you one thing: It's hard work. I leave! Maybe I won't give up. Come on! Because we were finally able to separate the pieces. This thing is huge for everyone and by breaking it all down it allows us to see the beautiful intramuscular fat he has. As now we have to go ahead and prepare the kitchens. We will use real wood. Having Joe in charge of the fire was amazing, lighting it takes quite a while and you can imagine how long it takes to get to the right temperature.
Speaking of which, we're aiming for 250 degrees Fahrenheit because once that was reached, it was time to throw away all the meat. And after we were all extremely exhausted, we went ahead and tried our best to put this thing inside. We were all fighting because this was no joke. In the end with everyone's help we managed to do it. Remember that we are not only cooking a wagyu cow but we are also cooking a mangalist pig. We finally have everything inside the smoker, how is Jeremy feeling? -He feels good but I'm tired. Me too, yeah, it's no joke for everyone.
It's going to take a long time to cook this tonight, right Jeremy? -Probably about 24 hours. -We're going to spend all night cooking this thing. It's a lot of work, make sure they watch your Mad Scientist Barbecue channel. I'll put it in the link in the description below so you can watch it right after this video because I'll tell you what, there's going to be a lot of stuff behind the scenes that you guys won't be able to see. look here. -I love exploring the science, so we go over the practical details of how I cook this and I think you'll see some minds blown by the amazing meat that will be


with a lot of love and for a long time. -I couldn't say it better, you know what I'm saying now, enough talking and let's do it!
It's pig time, baby! Right now the deal is, you guys are here to eat! We need you to eat it. Eat it all you want, it's okay. -Alright! -Enough, let's do it! -Incredible, thank you Guga, thank you all for letting us enjoy this with you. -So I'm not sure if this is the pig. the wagyu cow or the angel meat, but I really want to try it. -Oh, that's definitely Angel, that's definitely Angel. -It's very good, very good! -It's great, I love it. -Here's the scoop that's on a different level, so that's cool, but putting all capital letters with exclamation points is awesome.
Is that good? Give me five, yeah! My daughter right here all of you - Oh my God! -Wow, that was a lot of work Jeremy. -It was a lot of work and I'm still sweating. -I know, everyone is exhausted, I think Jeremy is too. It's fair to say I think we did a good job. -I think so, if people's reactions are any indication, we did a good job. -I know, I don't know if we can overcome this, but I love hearing your comments. What you think. Be sure to write it in the comments below and let us know.
Anyway guys, here are the results. I hope you enjoyed this video, if you did make sure to like it, if you haven't subscribed make sure you subscribe. And remember that this wasn't just Jeremy and I, there were many people who helped us. This is for a lot of people and I'm going to put everyone in the description. Be sure to check out each one of them. That being said, thank you very much for watching, see you in the next one.

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