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I Competed in Youtube's Hardest Offroad Challenge

Apr 10, 2024
Today I will compete in the world's most elite off-road


, where I will face increasingly difficult


s to prove if I have what it takes to become the best off-roader on the planet of you two. I'm not an off-roader, but luckily for me he isn't either, my competition will be paired with a more experienced pro driver and my teammate is the legend of recovery and himself Matt, from Matt's off-road recovery, let's get out of the road and let's get into the record. books West Champlain, you're going on the first trail we're tackling is rated at a level eight on the difficulty scale, meaning vehicle damage and rollovers are most likely okay.
i competed in youtube s hardest offroad challenge
I'm detecting it from here because it's hotter, ah, I trust this guy. We will be facing obstacles and ledges up to 6 feet high on almost vertical slopes 12 to 14 feet high and again I just want to remind you that I have no idea what I'm doing, just put it there in low gear and just Now, just drive straight for a second turn to the right. You have to be on Long Way, a long way this way. That is too much. You have this. We have some equipment back there, so I'm remembering that Matt doesn't like it. warning, I don't know if he did it.
i competed in youtube s hardest offroad challenge

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i competed in youtube s hardest offroad challenge...

I didn't say skyt, he said skyt. I didn't figure it out well enough. I just received some information on the way here that makes me a little nervous. I was completely sure until Matt I was just told that there is a standing offer on the vehicle I will drive all day for 2 million dollars and if I wreck it that offer disappears, the doorman is a fin so you have to get on the fin and then drive. at the top without falling it's not very clean so it goes way off camber and then you have to drive around a pit of death and there are a couple of places in this place where I've seen first hand people fall into them accidentally and This is one of them and it's one where if we fall we will be upside down and we won't be able to get out because the windows will be blocked by rocks.
i competed in youtube s hardest offroad challenge
We'll have to wait for the windshield to come off, but No, that's not going to happen, right, it's not going to happen to me because I'm going to be outside to see you, okay, that sounds good, but come on, come on, so, stop make me even more nervous, Matt puts his wife on the. car with me so I'll wreck her car and I have to keep her safe keep my family safe keep my car in one piece you're doing great Welcome to hell so the pit of death is on your right okay, cool, thanks to the well of death is on our right the well of death we just updated by Matt Jamie confirmed that the well of death is on our right this is where P Fun hit rock bottom I think you could have broken it $2 million there are so many spectators here is like Group B, people are our barriers, there is no runoff.
i competed in youtube s hardest offroad challenge
I'm going through this trail just fine, but my nemesis Weston has hit some additional obstacles. What happened here? You wouldn't believe it, those guys ran into me, so I backed into them, oh. Yeah, and then we had a big war in the middle of an off-road trail. This is the abyss of death. Everything is death. Yeah, so get a thesaurus. There is another word for death. The door of death. The abyss of death, this is the abyss of the mortise of the mortise, so what's going to happen here is you're going to control your descent at a bad angle and you're not going to roll it.
I have recovered a Jeep here that ran well and you will. I know when we get there you'll know where the place is so I'm not even going to tell you how to control my speed at what angle a bad angle a bad angle there are the Skittles we lost all the Skittles and then the Skittles so next The obstacle is Jimmy Legs named after Estelle Castanza. Okay, okay, she's got the Jimmy Legs, yeah, yeah, she's got the Jimmy Legs. There are things that you would normally drive like a truck or a Jeep or something like that, but the best way to do it on this is because the tires are so big and it has such crazy gearing that it just drives up, so several times today I've gone up straight into a wall and driven down a wall a couple of times and I can only assume I'm going to go. one more vertical in the mo a the mo a is a 1961 Chevy Corvair pickup truck sitting atop a tubular chassis powered by a 5.3L LM7 engine that sends all of your Pur to massive 40-inch tires.
It is very stressful to do this. uh uh obstacles because you're going like 00 miles per hour but you're changing like your angle, literally like the pitch and yaw of the vehicle that you're in, so much so that it's like at any moment you could just roll. or like dropping and I'm very aware of that and I just realized that my jaw like I've been clenching my jaw so hard it feels like it's locking so I like TM okay I don't know if I'm made for this I mean, yeah, I'm incredibly talented at it, I'm a natural, yeah, but maybe I clench my jaw so much that maybe it's not good for me, yeah, we're definitely more than 3/4 of the way there.
Throughout this, I've been riding trails with people who have come here and who we call Allen's Regret, so I've been concentrating on spotting in some places this really is outside of James's element, turn left if you can there. go just move on what did we break did it come out of four wheel drive oh did it come out of four wheel drive keep checking I'll hold it for a minute okay okay come this way while you go up , okay Now you have to go up that wall, apparently, uh, Match just told me to drive up this wall, okay, and when you get to the top, you'll start to turn a little bit to the right, but not too soon or you .
We're going to start skidding and we're going to go sideways and we're going to land upside down right through that window now to start turning a little bit to the right, turning left, right, piece of cake, right now, now we're on to the


challenge of the day, It's the moment. To make Matt, the Donut community and America proud, this is a big obstacle. How do you feel, friend? I feel great I have a great team I have a great spotter I'm just trying to make Matt proud I think you're doing a great job doing a great job what do you think could go wrong?
I'm trying not to think about anything that could go wrong. Become the best off-roader on the planet. You make me believe that it is being afraid and going through obstacles acting as SP. W W Okay, that was crazy. final D. Obstacle of the day we just got over the shoot almost 90° vertical uh amazing you're looking at the sky forever we did great Matt walked me through this this truck is an amazing finale honey it's the second day the last day of the finale Lo we did so let's land this plane drive these trucks and bring the championship for the donut first.
We have kind of tug of war pulling trucks. It rained last night, so we'll see how much traction we get. In the game, the competition has narrowed, but we're not done yet. The guy pushing us is known for doing backwards hurdles, so naturally he's going to push us back. Give the people what they want. A spectacle that is a great truck. Passengers cheering the crowd. What was the? ride like at some point you're on land and it starts to feel like water, you're dying the cool way, go on like a jet ski on land. Weston and Robbie Leighton fought hard, but unfortunately for them, their team.
It's overheating, get some air through that radiator with our biggest competitor out of the picture, all that's left is our final challenge, a tug of war, a lot of viewers have been telling me, Jam, you did a great job, you make me Believe me, I really appreciate it. It makes me feel really good, how do you think we compare? Yes, our strategy is to bury our tires in the sand, wait until the right moment and hit like a Catalina. The boys' eyes look at each baby that was thrown at us. I could have adjusted my collar, but Matt and Mor managed to get through the wind, but unfortunately that wasn't enough for the judges, first place for sure.
I'm proud of the team and how far we've come next year, we'll take home the goal darling. a recap of matt's


games 2024 uh thanks everyone for watching, subscribe to the channel, go to zooies, get some gear, support matt, subscribe to matt's channel and all these other awesome


creators. It was great to be in your world for a little bit I love you guys bye

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