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I Changed My Face To Take Revenge

Apr 30, 2023
true friends are those who care without hesitation those who remember without limits those who forgive without explanation and those who trust without communication the woman had a baby in her arms and ran as fast as she could never look back at last we are safe my Let's go to America, the land of opportunity, our future will be different now, that's what Robin's mom hoped for when she ran away from her husband in Brazil and moved to the US, but making a living in the US was not as easy as he thought it would be. At four years old, Robin and her mother lived in foster care and were having trouble making ends meet.
i changed my face to take revenge
On Robin's fifth birthday, her mother saved enough money to


her to a playground, a place Robin had wanted to go. go for a long time. the playland rides were super fun until the card ran out just as robin's mom was about to


her off the ride the lady came and swiped her card um no you didn't have to we're done please let me hey boy take as many rides as you want I need to finish this card today or my daughter summer will make me stay here for the rest of my life watching the lady's daughter jump up and down like a kangaroo on a sugar rush Robin knew which she meant soon the girl ran to the jungle gym and her mother put Robin in there too while Robin was having fun she heard a scream and instantly ran towards the sound to find the other girl trapped in one of the tunnels.
i changed my face to take revenge

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i changed my face to take revenge...

Are you OK? Please help me, thank God. You are here, I was so scared, it was so dark but also colorful, strangely like The Witch's House from Hansel and Gretel. Robin pushed and in a short time the girl was able to get out of the tunnel, they both became good friends and seeing how much they both liked it. Summer's mom soon offered Robin's mom a job at her house, she had to work as a cleaning lady, but she also got a room in the big mansion. Over time, both girls became inseparable. They soon started going to the same school and were like two peas in a heat, but the kids always had something to say about how different Robin and Summer looked, especially Anya who was as mean as a snake, together they do the number 10.
i changed my face to take revenge
Does summer eat all your food? Idiot robin his weight is a temporary caloric imbalance but your stupidity is a permanent genetic malfunction if you say anything to my friend again i'll let him go robin he's not worth it those mean comments didn't affect their friendship until they joined classes ballet together in 8th grade let's go summer there's only five ballet positions we did this year and you can't even hit one of them look at robin her pose is like a delicate swan but no butts come on you can do it let's try again again to see how hard.
i changed my face to take revenge
Summer was pushing herself. Robin couldn't just sit still, so she started doing ballet and ended up landing right on her teacher about her. Wow, I'm so sorry. I guess the lesson is over now. that horrible position until there were tears in her eyes and that's when robin had enough i swear if you don't stop i'll never talk to you again then i don't think it would be better to say that summer kept repeating the ballet steps until she ran out of breath, that was the day something


between the girls and Summer started spending less and less time with Robin, worse yet, she got into all kinds of diets and started dating Anya, the same girl she used to tease she once during lunchtime when robin started enjoying her chocolate muffin she could see how much summer wanted it so she offered it to him oh no don't tell me you're going to eat that and why can't she eat she doesn't have to starve um i mean how can she eat you touched it isn't you her maid or something or her mom like they clean your toilets summer that's so unsanitary yeah gross her mom scrubs our toilets was even I thought, thanks for rescuing me, girl, come on let's have some detox water as summer left with her new friends.
Robin was in shock. That was the day that Robin promised to change her life, so she concentrated a lot on her studies and soon began. excelling in her exams by the time the girls reached high school, summer was the official queen bee of the school, she had it all, a sexy body, designer clothes, designer bags, she even had a following who carried her bag for her but there was one thing summer didn't have. goblet summer had a huge crush on the school heartthrob the boy was the perfect combination of beauty and intelligence an athlete and a straight A student and Robin had crushes on him too even though goblet might have smiled at him once or twice who robin never with he spoke knowing how much he loved summer once Robin was late for school and running when suddenly a car whizzed by and someone threw juice at Robin hey idiot look where you're going oh it's you of course uh i didn't. by the way me hey come on we're running late and don't worry Robin you look just as vulgar as ever Robin expected summer to say something in her defense but she just avoided her gaze and walked away when Robin got to the school she caught her reflection in a window and saw that her hair was a mess as she got ready.
She saw a smiling


. It was a chalice behind her. Hey, what happened to you? It doesn't matter to say that the chalice moved away from her, leaving Robin stunned. Oh! The god-like Greek hunk told her she looked amazing, she sure did after that day. the crowded dining room again they were paired up in the science lab and once in the cafe a robin was buying a donut when he realized he forgot his wallet and chalice came to the rescue oh no need this is so embarrassing I forgot my wallet. It's 50 cents. You need to relax a bit, so I'm throwing this party and I'd love it if you could come.
Please, she won't come. She's always too busy studying, but I'll go. would you like that chalice? um, of course, Robin is trying to come over and, uh, I'll see you later, just as Goblet left, Summer's sweet smile faded and she looked at Robin. pathetic Robin Robin wanted to slap Summer but she controlled herself later that night she was dressed for Calix's party she wasn't doing it to make Summer jealous but because for the first time someone from school had invited her just as Robin was arriving at the Calix's house saw it and was swept away when the guy came running and grabbed her hand and I thought you look pretty in glasses you look fascinating in this dress um thank you chalice then he took Robin to the dance floor and while she was having fun life Robin saw the look of hate on Summer's


, but once the song ended and Calix leaned in and kissed her on the cheek, it looked like Summer was going to explode, oh no, Robin needed to explain to Summer that she wasn't after her. she. to go wait robin I wanted to tell you how much I like you but robin was more worried about summer since she was running after summer she bumped into anya well wow we have here a little bird told me that this dress you are showing is courtesy of Summer's mom, so i guess you won't mind taking it off saying that in your ripped robin dress and within seconds both girls got into a fight but summer came and pushed anya robin stop you're better than her and i'm sorry i told her To Anya that my mom gave you that dress that I shouldn't have.
I want to go home, yes I would like that summer and Robin sat in the car and talked after all this time and for a while Robin thought about everything. Between them she would be fine, but at that moment it started to rain like crazy and Robin realized that they were heading towards a cliff. That particular cliff had a bad reputation among the townspeople for being haunted by ghosts. Fear of horror things Why do you want to see it? I've only wanted to see the city from here ever since I learned to drive. I wanted to go there.
I hear the view is to die for once the girls get to the cliff. They both enjoyed the view, but suddenly someone threw Robin out of her car. It was Anya. She had been hiding in the backseat from her. What are you doing? She is raining in summer. Let me in. you could steal my boy walking home in this rain it will teach you a lesson or maybe you'll make friends with some ghosts what no she can't walk back it's raining let's just drive for five minutes and come back for her no way she tried to steal the chalice i say punish her saying anya took the wheel and they both drove off while robin kept begging her to stop she even ran after the car but exhausted she fell to her knees the next day when summer woke up she was sure robin she would be sick and tired of walking home, but to her surprise she saw Robin's mom all worried last summer.
Did you see Robin last night? her mom and robin's mom called all her friends and then police summer felt her world shake but before she went to school summer saw a shadow in robin's room perfect she came back she worried to his mother for nothing, but when he entered Robin's room he saw nothing, except what shoe. marks on the floor and up to the ceiling, whatever you're doing, it won't work on me. Robin says that the summer she went to school, but when the announcement of Robin's disappearance was made, she was confused, what if Robin was still missing?
Who was that at home during summer recess who told Anya everything just to be laughed at? Are you saying Robin became a wall-scaling ghost or is he now Spider-Man? I don't know I just think we should tell the police about last night police don't be crazy she'll be back in no time don't be so dramatic a few days later calyx visited her at night and at that time an officer also came to talk to Robin's mom but when she opened the door summer saw something behind them a person robin oh my god she's here she's coming here what who's here hey kid you're so scared silly summer ran to her room and locked herself in there the next day at school Anya came to summer you're trying to blackmail me i'll ruin you summer what are you talking about don't play dumb i have this note in my locker i know you're trying to scare me at the sight of the note summer's heart jumped into her throat it was robin's handwriting me I'm coming, everyone will pay.
I swear it's not me, it's Robin. In fact, it's Robin's ghost. She wants


. you're the one who cheated on her keep your mouth shut or else what are you horrible i wish i could have seen your real face sooner robin was the only true friend i ever had yeah and it turned boo this was the point where she realized summer what an idiot Anya was and she hoped and prayed that her true friend would come back alive a week later on the night her mother was out and Summer was alone when all of a sudden the lights went out.
Summer immediately lit a candle and looked out the window. he almost fell on his ass he couldn't believe what he was seeing it was it was robin robin looked deathly pale as a ghost you betrayed me summer you betrayed me why you betrayed me no no I didn't it was it wasn't and then there was a loud knock on the door and on the Split second Summer looked at the door, Robin was gone from the window, but the knocking was still driving, some are angry, no, no, I won't open the door, ever. and Summer screamed but her mom came in and seeing her crying on the floor she hugged her mom Robin was outside on the porch oh mom did something terrible Anya said Justin but it was my fault I could have said no but I was so blind and jealous what are you talking and then summer told her mom the whole truth mom I'm so sorry I miss Robin I wish he could come back and none of this would have happened now I know jealousy is a disease and that's why look what I did to him My best friend, oh mom, well I'm glad you learned your lesson from hearing Robin's voice.
Summer's eyes widened and she realized that Robin was alive. and i shouldn't have done this you shouldn't have but all summer i'm glad all this could open your eyes and then robin explained how chalice had followed her that night and picked her up even though robin could press charges against she. Summer and Anya opted out and decided to teach Summer a much deserved lesson, so the whole plan with Calyx, even Calyx's cousin who was in the police was in on the plan and even both of their mothers, what? OK? You really understood me there. I was scared but your absence told me the value of your presence come here

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