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I Challenged Plats to $50 Per Game in Rocket League..

May 30, 2021
Guys, I did something really dumb, so dumb that I don't think I'll ever face the light of day again. I really don't know what I was thinking guys, I bet against some of the best and smartest Rocket players.


and if they won I would give them 50, I


the platinums, that's right, I told the platinum players that they can do whatever they want to beat me and if they did, they would win some money, so I sent a form to my discord to all the platforms and started thinking of different ways to beat me, like changing the mutators, bringing in multiple platforms and having whoever is the first to score win the


, anything, it doesn't matter how much money I'm going to give away, how. creative were the plans to create a private match lobby that I can't win and how much is my new aerial master course for players ready.
i challenged plats to 50 per game in rocket league
Oh that's right, I'm very proud to announce that my aerial master course is now available and this course is for anyone who is trying to get better at any aerial mechanics, from fast aerial to restarts and double touches, the course is packed with great information and I guarantee you will find extreme value in this, the description has a link that will take you to where you can purchase the course and get 20 off the 19.99 price. These plots in this video may need to buy this course because I don't plan on losing. Well, we have our first private match against platinum. looks like this name is very secure it's sibel the password is sibel we'll join okay okay let's see what this platinum has planted I mean it can do anything any mutator joins the latest okay look what it's called Oh, it's getting really late. light, fast, unlimited, boost, mount, oh oh, the ball is super light, oh, there are also rumble boosters, he will try to beat me with rumble, come in, come in, come in, come in, look at that angle, not bad though , not bad, I see what you did. here I'm still going to make fifty bucks if you beat me this ball of light it's kind of a coup ma'am delayed pow although it's true it's running late come on come on come on come on follow this easy clip reset , not well. let's get it out here sweetheart I never remember it was crazy to dribble with this oh he's going to win no no I'm just kidding okay we got we got spikes put them on grab the ball and right there. on the net, easy, three, nothing, I'll show you how to do it, here you go, that's how to use the magnet, come on, ball, look, that's how to use the magnet, guys and geek, that's right there and perfect, all right, four zero, this guy.
i challenged plats to 50 per game in rocket league

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i challenged plats to 50 per game in rocket league...

I also didn't know it as a fucking main rumble, huh bang, we read these not even close, it missed oh my god how did it miss? There's no way to really see it. I know I failed here too, but whatever, I beat it six or two and now. It's time for plate number two, okay, let's see what we've got, let's see if it can win me fifty dollars, if this plot beats me, I mean, it's straight, I mean, however you want to do it, I'll check out the mutators real quick. join siebel very nice oh no I don't think I have any mutators this is just a straight


wait what oh it's heatseeking oh I'm actually really bad at heatseeking no actually oh No, I'm actually a really bad heat seeker, dude, oh yeah, he says I am.
i challenged plats to 50 per game in rocket league
This is the only limitation. I know you guys probably love the heat seeker. I absolutely hate it. I think it's the stupidest thing in the world. Okay, I'm literally waiting on it. that's so fast there's no way I'm going to win this game but it's actually really good though no ah I didn't think about this if everyone does Heatseeker I literally ran out of money wait that's my ball like it doesn't do anything Compared to yours, oh. that's totally it and there's no way I'm saving that, what the hell write to him nicely again, he doesn't, there's no way, okay, okay, you know, I look around this room and I see a flop, it's the only playlist for a limited time that I won't touch because it's so real I really find it extremely easy to be defeated it's the name the password is you lost the speed of the game slow motion boost strength 1.5 what is that slow reload and we're doing slow motion I don't even want to flip I don't do it I don't even want to do it no way oh this is so terrible you see a half platinum flip right there oh I missed the ball I faked it the easiest fake of my life come on I literally can't play okay neither can I I don't I don't know why he chose this one guy.
i challenged plats to 50 per game in rocket league
I legitimately think I'm falling behind every time the countdown goes by. I get so nervous. These guys come up with some good ideas. I don't like. OK. I have to be a little. I have to be a little. smarter, okay, let's play smart, let's play smart, this guy obviously knows what he's doing, this is going to trip me up for the next game, man, I shouldn't, I shouldn't have picked floors, dude , the plots are secret. Too smart Muscle memory Muscle memory The bell fits about to ring, come on, boom, I even saw it in slow motion, bro, you saw it coming.
I know you did, waiting very patiently, yeah I know what you're doing buddy, always going for the aerial dribble. That I feel a little better about this now? I'm going to feel so fast in the next game, for example, friend gg, what's good? The maximum speed is so slow. Ball type, cubic ball size, giant bouncing ball is tall, oh my god this cube is ridiculous, take that momentum, very important for this, I have a feeling what the hell, oh, air dribble, air dribble , yeah, my car looks pretty sick right now, oh, come on, come on, come on, this ball doesn't fit in the net, I mean, technically.
If no one could score, then he doesn't, he doesn't win, come with me, come with me, come with me, come with me, come with me, buddy, come in, he kicked me, he kicked me, no, buddy, it's okay, we're okay, yeah, dribble in the air. Let's dribble this frozen movie almost right oh the boot we've got the boot we've got the boot kick 'em you're gone good let's see that dribble in the air buddy kick right kick left kick left kick left pick left click yeah come on buddy I'm so good with the cue ball which was actually quite fun.
The car looks pretty sick although I tell you I'm playing against three platinums oh no and one is called phase nrg justin demolish in contact unlimited blue dot this could be bad okay? it's like they're literally chasing me this is crazy okay here we go okay we move on to the easy game unlimited boost that could have been a mistake on their part that could have been a mistake let's fake this. It doesn't matter, I'm just bringing out the viewers, you guys thought I was actually going to fake that, oh, I missed it all, here we go, we're going up, okay, you missed the good stuff, okay, we got two, oh, it's okay, okay, here we go, see you around this.
It might be hard for these guys to have time to come up with a strategy here he called his friends no chance here oh well fake I have time I have time I have time I have time I have time I have time there is no one near me yet so it's good to be careful here I'm dead again no no no no no no no won't miss failed didn't fail this is going to be fine this could have been smart I should I should play this smart it's a 3v1 the contact demo makes it a little harder because they're actually me chasing, but oh no, two to six, brother, the contact demonstration was great for them, that was it, that was the move.
That was definitely the move there and getting me to the EU, also the move that these guys know what they're doing. Alas, I said in the subject that you can do whatever you want as long as everyone is flat and you are the first to bring it. several people so destruction derby demolish on contact oh no and there are bots what is this ridiculous friend I hope my bots are better than your boss that's all that's all I know good job sting nice good game there it is kick a kick a target I acquired you I went out, I hit the wrong guy.
He was a genius putting robots here. This is only adding more chaos. This is 100 no, are you okay? the balls, the ball is too big, we're only up by one, like anything could happen here, I feel like there's a bang and there are robots everywhere, oh, the own goal, unfortunate, that was the only problem . playing with bots is that they could potentially score a goal on yourself. Wow, no way, what a play mate, stinger, passing to the swab that's in the goal, it's a 60km ph, oh my god, yeah, this was an easy win, my bots were superior, look at that pass, friend. a chipper penny to end the game wait, time has already started wait, what is this? just a straight match a normal straight match against platinum oh I see what he's doing he's making me slow ok I see the play here I'm getting Ddosed look at that what's going on he had all this time all those mutators , sorry Samuel, no mercy, here I go for the oh, I almost got a double tap on the page, okay, that was, uh, that was fun, just, look at this, bro.
I think you can easily beat me Salty Coasts Okay, snot squad, come on, snot squad, ball speed, slow strength increase, tenfold, contact demolition, oh my god, so the boot force is, oh god, the ball turns so bad, okay, he's done a demonstration, good guy, I can't push. its literally a no momentum game with ten times hard i say that in my head oh yeah i mean sibo of course they are going to speed up the spin here it will get you the ball much faster than momentum would 10 times, that's very strange. watch this movie, look, oh, that's so cool, the space shuttle shoulders, okay, using two or three boosts at a time isn't a bad idea, oh, come on, get me out of here, get me out of here, buddy, Oh. no drop shot super fast light gigantic super high bulb unlimited boost default boost strength oh, this is bad, this is not good, nice bounce, oh, he's in trouble, he's in trouble, oh, what's that touch doing?
I have spikes, no, friend, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, what is this hell, friend, what are we doing? Now is my chance to attack, because he has no power, it doesn't matter, he just hit me again. Well, here we go, with the score, he just left. How did he go about buying me? What are you doing? He's actually so good at this. This is crazy. Was I practicing this? He can hit the ball perfectly. I could go. Yes, there we go. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. that, I hate it, I hate it, no, no, no, no, stop, stop, oh, welcome to hell, what was that?
I legitimately hate you, that was basically a little introduction to the toxic truck game modes that my friends and I play all the time, so do you know how to play that? Oh hell yeah, that wasn't just random. Well, I didn't expect to lose money, but three platinums were good for me. Let me know if you want to see this again with golds or diamonds. or something like the video, take a quick look at the description of my new aerial mastery course and make sure you're subscribed because this year we're going to make 1 million.

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