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I Built a Profitable INSTAGRAM theme page Business ($500k)

Aug 31, 2023
My faceless Instagram accounts have generated over five hundred thousand dollars in passive income. I started creating faceless Instagram accounts a few years ago knowing next to nothing and now I've turned it into a



that runs almost entirely on autopilot if you follow the system and the technology. stack that I am sharing with you today, then I have no doubt that you will be able to achieve similar results, so with that, let's dive into step one, choose a


for your


and trust me, if you get this step wrong, then all your efforts will be in vain, you need to choose a trending topic that people will interact with for years to come, because if you choose something that has already run its course, you probably won't find many followers.
i built a profitable instagram theme page business 500k
I will give you an example. Starting a Game of Thrones account now would be a complete waste of time compared to if you started one in 2016. Whoever created this came in early and rode that wave of hype, you might as well make the topic about something you really care about. . because otherwise you will probably get bored and give up early Step 2 download the softwares that we will use to run this account this is the complete technology stack that I use to create Instagram content mainly you will need a Design Studio for posts and an editor video for reels.
i built a profitable instagram theme page business 500k

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i built a profitable instagram theme page business 500k...

If you're a student, you can get Adobe Creative Cloud for less than fifteen dollars a month, but if you're looking for the easiest budget options, Cap Cut is great for video and canvas editing. everything you need for designs, in fact I personally only use canva to grow an account to over 1 million followers. Step three, now we are going to start creating our content, but to do this effectively we need to understand the human psychology of why people. In fact, you follow new Instagram accounts. You should keep these things in mind every time you create new content.
i built a profitable instagram theme page business 500k
People only follow Instagram accounts for one of four reasons: one of them is for entertainment. Think funny meme


s. Comedy accounts. You know what he does. You feel like something is reason number two to learn more about a specific topic and this can be somewhat informative. Some examples could be an account that shows you how to improve at the basketball you know, such as new skills, or an account that teaches you the wonders of basketball. Reason three in the universe why people follow new Instagram accounts is to see more about a specific topic or because it could be romantic quotes, cute poems or self-motivational type content that inspires people and finally reason four is For someone to stay up to date on a certain topic or person, these would be accounts about sports, highlights, political news, or as simple as following a friend to see what's going on in their life.
i built a profitable instagram theme page business 500k
Your account


should satisfy at least one of these reasons, but the best follower magnets are accounts that can tie two or more together. In fact, from these together, I created a follower magnet checklist for you to use every time you create content. It goes like this: Will anyone be entertained by this content? Would anyone be curious to learn more about this topic? Will anyone walk away feeling like they've done more? Positively after seeing this content and finally someone will want to stay updated on this topic. If you can answer yes to at least two of these questions, then your account is a follower magnet and you will be successful.
I go much deeper. on the topic of my new Instagram blueprints course, but the reason I'm showing you all of this is so that while you're creating clips and posts, you can try to take advantage of this basic human psychology and retain as much traffic as possible while people are Looking at your content, with all that in mind, let's start creating viral content first. I'm going to show you how to create simple posts using Canva. Let's say your channel has to do with Fitness. We can go in and create something like this on the first slide.
It's bold and makes people stop and stare. This is called a hook and represents about 80 percent of the total battle. I like the way it looks because it creates a level of intrigue and contrasts well. Next, we can take advantage of AI by coming to chat. gbt and asking you to give us 10 motivational quotes about the fitness industry written by famous athletes. Once you have what you're looking for, you can copy and paste them into your canvas slides. I definitely recommend going the extra mile with branding and adding some cool graphics that you can relate to because it will add value to your entertainment.
Things like this go viral all the time, so you should see some success here, but that brings us to step four, which is creating viral reels. Instagram basically pivots its entire


model. Since the success of Tick Tock, your feed went from having your feed consisting of silly photos of your friends to now being a bunch of random strangers on the internet yelling in your face, this has created a huge window of opportunity for people like you. and me to grow an audience faster than ever by riding the Instagram reels wave just take a look at some of these accounts going viral.
This one has 13 million views and more than 1 million likes, but the crazy thing is that the account that posted it is Tiny and only has a hundred posts in total and look, look, this little account with 300 followers has a video with more of 100,000 visits. We're really in the content gold rush, so let me show you how to create some simple viral videos like these. The strategy I like to use is to find a viral audio clip that's already working in the space and then we're going to revive it with better visuals, so I found this clip of David Goggins telling me I'm lazy now.
We'll get to the halfway point of the journey and create some images to match the theme. To do this, simply type forward slash, imagine, and then prompt. I asked him to create a Greek god lifting weights in an ancient gym and this is what came up. Now we can throw some of these into the video editor, add some motion and voila, we have our first viral clip. This is just a style that currently works very well on Instagram, but in future videos I'll explain how to do it. create other even more attractive reels, so make sure you're subscribed to see step five.
Now that we've created our viral content, it's time to start sharing, but before you hit share, here's a quick checklist to follow to understand how viral this content will be. Just ask yourself these questions. People will want to stop and watch for a few seconds people will want to share it on their story or send it to a friend good people will want to leave a comment and give their opinion people will want to save this for later and come back to see if this really provides value and substance. If you can answer yes to all of these questions, then you will activate the algorithm.
Just make sure you take a screenshot or go back to this part of the video because Promise that works well, so let's go back to step five and we'll start posting. A good rule of thumb is to publish one post per day; You don't want to drown your audience with content, but you don't want them to forget it either. about you I'd rather post three times a day and get 500,000 views on each post, then post something every day and only get 10,000 views. The sixth step is to repeat what works once you find a style that appeals to you.
Know what your audience likes, then it's your job to listen to them, in other words, don't force your vision, listen to their feedback and give them more than they can handle, came to see step 7 is juicy, now let's monetize. your account, all the steps above mean practically nothing if we don't find a way to make real money and a lot of creators really struggle with this, but I've been able to make hundreds of thousands of dollars with Instagram accounts, there are several. creative ways we can do this and I'll go over them in future videos, but today we're going to focus on affiliate marketing.
Now some of you might roll your eyes because you've heard of this model or whatever, but what if I told you that I know affiliates that make over a hundred thousand dollars a month from their affiliate links? Here's how it works: you need to find a product that is exactly what your audience needs, put yourself in their shoes and think about what keeps them awake at night and what excites them. The great thing about being an affiliate is that you don't need to worry about any of the operational issues that come with running and building your own business;
The only thing you need to focus on is how to market the affiliate product, you will simply charge a percentage of each sale and here's a secret: the best affiliate products are usually not physical products, you will want to find software with a monthly subscription that will earn you a piece of for the rest of your life, for example, I use a website called kajabi, that's where I host my course where I help more serious people grow and monetize Instagram pages as quickly as possible. Kajabi also has an affiliate program where they pay 30 to their affiliates.
Right now I pay 200 a month to Kajabi, so if I had started on Kajabi using someone else's affiliate link, that person would be making sixty dollars a month just from me, which can add up quickly with more referrals, so check out the final step in this plan. It's all up to you, if you follow this roadmap, invest time, money and energy into this goal and surround yourself with people who have already achieved it, then I have no doubt that you will succeed. Thanks for looking today and making sure. to subscribe for more like this in the future

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