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I Built Noah's Ark out of LEGO!!

Sep 11, 2023
Today I'm going to build Noah's Ark out of Lego and then test it in a real flood simulation to see if it can withstand the elements. I've never


a Lego boat before, so we'll see how it goes. So the plan is to build a giant Lego arch out of bricks and stuff that's about 196 Lego Subs long and then I'll fill it with a bunch of two of a kind animals and basically throw it in the pool to see if it works. We'll grab some motherboards and put them in so we can start building this. I'm going to try to make this Arc as realistic as possible, but I'm ignoring the 300 qubits.
i built noah s ark out of lego
I'm not going to transition to Lego scale because then this thing would have to be like nine feet long, but now we have to start designing the layout for the bottom of the boat and I have an idea that I'm going to integrate later on how to keep the water outside so this thing will actually float, I think what I'm going to do is build a layer of plate across its width so it's really strong. Now that we have the main thing in place, we need to add a layer up and then out, basically it will do. that in every way, look, there we go, now what we're going to do is add a layer of Technic bricks on the inside, this goes all the way to the spine and becomes the new spine of our ship.
i built noah s ark out of lego

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i built noah s ark out of lego...

Notice how it sticks out vertically. that means he's strong, as you can see he's very big and only you can see this at minifigure scale. We also have our little Noah, who will be instructing the construction process. We also have a lot of animals to put inside this and some. of them are pretty big, like we have dinosaurs and things that we're going to put in here, so now I'm going to build this up a little bit more until we get up to here and then we'll put in our waterproofing. I really hope this works because if it does, this will be the sickest arc I've ever done.
i built noah s ark out of lego
I've never made a bow before, so we'll see, what I've been doing is basically making a dish that I had. Using six by six plates here because I needed to get this far on this first one, so now we lock it here and then we'll need to lock everything on these braces. It's going very well, so what I realized before starting. Putting bricks is that it will fill with water very quickly if it is hollow, so I need to fill it as much as possible, so I am adding similar plates because I think one of the prerequisites of a boat is that it doesn't.
i built noah s ark out of lego
I don't fill it with water so the more plastic in here the better so what I'm doing now is putting extra stability on the front of the boat because as you can see it's not very strong and I really don't want it to break . while it's in the water because that would ruin everything so thinking ahead is good and on the front of these I'm just moving the bricks up and out so we get a sort of curved shape it's not just all square and blocky and stuff, we're actually making a curve, but yeah, it's really moving forward, it's huge, so as you can see, we've come a long way in this Arc, the problem, though, is that the edges are starting to bow. , so I need to get recertification parts ASAP, which means we can now install our plastic layer or Saran Wrap to keep it waterproof and I think this will work very, very well.
I think it will prevent enough water from getting in. It will float and now we just pat this down and put the recertification layer inside. I don't know if this will work, but it's worth a try because I want this to really float. Look how much sturdier this side is in comparison. on this side and as you can see we have most of the plastic cover and we actually went back and read the Bible and apparently there are three layers to the arch, the top covers, the bottom cover and then the middle cover, which means that we have to start. lower than I thought with the bottom platform down here, let's grab some tan bricks and then I'll lay them all over the floor to start building the enclosures down here, so we'll continue building these sides. areas literally so many bricks I don't know how many bricks there will be but probably between eight and ten thousand because there are so many layers of different things this is one of the biggest things I've


so far and I think for the enclosures or stables just we'll make a line of bricks one by one and on top of that we'll just use a bunch of 1x4 bricks.
Look, there's two enclosures right there and then we just have to do them all over the place and for the animals we have a bunch of them here and we start putting them together and putting them on the bottom layer starting with this T-Rex and you might be wondering how we just there's a T-Rex actually there's two little baby T-Rex's right? there and that's how I cheated for some of these. I bought the baby versions because it would be very difficult to fit two adult versions of some of these creatures, but now that we have the T-Rex here we can add water and food. and start putting in the next ones, don't ask me how they fed the T-Rex, it's not for me to know, I guess because you can add our sheep, we have some penguins, we can add our leopards, lions, triceratops, we'll get a couple of Bambi. and we have some alligators here and since we have some big cats we will add some small cats and voila we have the first level down with all the animals in place and now that we have the first level in place we need to build plates on top of this, we can place them on the next level, put this here, great, so now that we have the plates in place, we could cover these back areas, add some stairs here and then we'll build the enclosures. and details for this middle floor and add one more up here, which is where Noah will live.
Ross is going to build a roof here using these base plates and we'll put plates on top of them. I'm not sure how he's going to rain. It works, but we'll cross that road when we get to it. Now there is a ramp to go up there and then make the door open and close as you can see. I built these little technical bricks before with the future in mind and I just built this. simple door using a couple of brown plates, you just need to wait for them to open, we go to this twist to grab a couple of these, we add some frictionless pins and now this can be folded and that's perfect, almost, it's just not a little waterproof underneath, but you know, it's whatever is on the other side of that road when we get to it, so I'm going to go up on this thing because it has this piece and now we have a perfect little door closer, although that will be accurate.
God closed the arch. but no matter what, we took our details to the middle floor here and now I have all the enclosures built on the top level and they will have little buckets of water, now we will look at our animals like giraffes and give them some hay. we can add our dilophosaurus and our little baby we can add our ostriches we can put our calves in this corner then we put our bears right here we have some llamas totally accurate to real life we ​​put our monkeys in this cage and we can put our elephants in this big one here we also have our horses and dogs, then we can add our squirrels and our chickens, we also have two chameleon lizards that we can put in here and we also have some snakes and spiders that we can throw in here.
I don't think that's entirely accurate, but hey, I was running out of Lego animals. Well, there we have it. We have all the animals on the top level here, so it's like 50+ animals total for the entire Arc. I hope whatever the T. Rex is up here, ready to eat anything with a super cool design. I tell you we spent over 12 hours building this thing, it's absolutely huge and I'm really nervous because it's not going to float and it's going to fall. all we have to do is just build the roof and the third level and this will be ready to go and now as you can see we have this plastic under here so the water doesn't leak out however we need to add a couple of few. exit ports for the water so it can roll, so I move the arch off the table very quickly because we need to build the roof and since the roof has to be very big, I thought of using base plates as a base and then put a layer of Saran Wrap in the middle and put our layer of milled plates to make it look like it's wood, hopefully we have enough milled plates so I'm going through all my plates picking out the colors I could use because I actually ran out of big plates and then you could build a whole roof and a whole top level of this thing, so that's not good, it's actually to avoid moments like this.
You can check out the Bricklink store of the crazy sponsors of this video because they have a ton of Lego pieces in stock, they're really cool. customer service and they ship fast. I really like them. Check them out using the first thing in the description so you can avoid scenarios like this. I'm not kidding. I'm actually not sure how I'm going to do this with just these pieces. We put Saran Wrap on top like this, we don't want to get a lot of water in and then we connect both sections of the roof on top, use some of these little hinges and just put them here and we'll flip it over. around add another layer of Saran wrap overlapping this and then continue well so now we just hope and pray that this actually bends and doesn't break the plastic that is basically all of it and this will just sit right on top of the Ark like the ceiling.
Alright, here we go, thank you, welcome, this thing is very heavy. Now to build the top deck, I left some of this Saran Wrap here because my plan is to build a few layers of bricks and then fold them and cut it that way, the water that goes through here won't go through the wall, all walls leak , so I have to fix that first, we just have to build two walls on the side so they can support the roof. place, so on the third deck we'll just take some 16 by 16 plates and build something long here on top of some pillars and then we'll build a bridge that will go over here and over to the other side.
The last step of the door is to simply build Noah's rooms on top. Well, I just finished it after more than 18 hours of construction and here it is, as you can see, we have the upper deck, Noah's house and his children. I only got three minifigures because I couldn't find enough beer pieces, okay, but check it out. Great tour of the crib. They have some beds here. Dining table. Vegetables and meats they eat right on top of the stench of all other animals. That's good. We have some water and accessories, and Noah is here. you can go up the ladder and then up the ramp and then through the Dwelling and then down the other side and as you can see, that leads to the other door here, so this is a really nice setup. put the roof on, just grab the roof like this and it will be tight like this after hours and hours of building tens of thousands of pieces.
I guess we can take it off the motherboard and put it in the pool and see if I'll get flooded, I'm so nervous, oh my gosh, okay, I'll get in the pool, it's so cold in here, we have our Arc here and I'm basically going to take it out. off this table, I'll slide it into the water and we. We're almost ready. I want to add one more thing, which is the buoys, and these buoys just stick to the side here, now the scary part we remove from the base plates. Okay, that was just the roof.
I made the first layer with plates. and it's actually working pretty well, oh gosh, okay, the moment we've all been waiting for, will it float? I guess I'm just going to tilt it and then just slide it in three, two, one, it's floating, come on, dude, it's floating. I don't know if it is filling with water. I can't see inside. Actually, this is so sick. I'm so excited for this to actually float and not sink, so the first test we're going to do is the turbulence test. so I'm going to try to make waves and we'll see what happens, let's make some small simple waves here and I see that the gate that I made is probably a little low, let's make some big waves, oh yeah, now we're having some waves.
To be honest there is water in the ark, probably from the door, I mean it's still floating so I'd say it's a good wave test. I would give it about a 7 out of ten considering the gate is very low and the waves got really in for the next test we are going to do the wind test to see if we can create some windy conditions because you know the storms are pretty stormy and we have to do the full simulation oh yeah, it's a pretty big storm, I mean, let's say it's doing pretty well on the wind test, like it's working.
The third and final test is the rain test to see if it can withstand rain and not completely sink due to all the water coming in. I worked really hard waterproofing this top. I think it's going to work out pretty well, it's starting to rain and I'm getting out of the pool, the rain is increasing, it's getting stronger, I don't know if those are official terms for rain, but you can see the water conglomerating in theroof that's a real word wow I'm so impressed this is still floating like I thought it would completely fall off dude it's actually working this is sick or maybe it won't sink at all and now the waves and the rain, I'd say that's an absolute win, dude, I didn't really even need them, let's go and it's just not tipping over, we built an ark, I think the animals survived too, let's check it out here, okay, so it's full of water at the bottom but it's still floating. and only the animals at the bottom drowned, so you know, the giraffes and the allies and stuff, they're all still good because they're the tallest, but that's it, we built an ark and it worked pretty well.
Thanks so much for looking. The next video appears we are finally going to take the test drive. Oh wait, I still have to take the thumbnail, never mind next time.

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