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I Built the First Hidden Fortress in Rust...

Apr 14, 2024
good? Can I put this wall here? OMG, that's perfect. I did it perfectly. Now I just need to place this one. Come on, okay, please let me place. this, oh I've done it, I've done it, yeah I love it, this isn't the cutest little complex you've ever seen literally like six tall walls that's crazy unfortunately I can't put a wo in there but it's okay because I don't need it oh wait actually that could be a little air problem yeah I can get over it yeah it works it works I have a little compound come on oh I know what to do if I put a frame there and then half.
i built the first hidden fortress in rust
WS because a full yarn doesn't work for some reason, but half yarns do, so I'm going to do that and now we have an airock in our perfect Gate House. I love this, my own little space wood pickaxes will have to make it. fits the aesthetic, we get that improved triangle, we'll get rid of those two, we don't need that one over there, okay, oh, I just realized I'm not going to be able to get Pickles the horse out here, he's locked up here. Always sorry mate and while this hyper efficient compound is great, I wasn't done with the base yet.
i built the first hidden fortress in rust

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i built the first hidden fortress in rust...

I think I can use a rug to block that slight gap. Actually, yeah, that looks good, looks good, blocks it. Kinda okay, what I didn't know until yesterday is that you can put rugs on high walls and it looks amazing, just wait. I know you're skeptical, but I promise this looks so good, you'll see it when the sun comes up. new morning, okay, as the night went on, I was busy making rugs. I'm spending my entire fabric store on this because it's worth it, I always need more rugs here we go, so each wall needs six rugs to completely cover, but if you can do it right it can cover pretty much everything without leaving gaps, which is very clean, yeah, there we go, we have one on top Or, I can even squeeze one in there, oh yeah bro, how good does that look?
i built the first hidden fortress in rust
This is much better than the original Camouflage I used to use on the walls. This looks great, but we're not stopping there, we're moving on, baby. I'm covering this whole compound, I love it. There's so much stuff in this place, man, I gotta take a screenshot of that bro, don't shoot me, you're ruining my moment, what the hell, come here, yeah, that's right, oh Oh my god, 300 junk, bro, that was a damn delivery, thanks. Amazon, you know what I'm going to learn some electricity with, I think this base could use a little electricity, that will be nice and you know why, because I want to start a small farm with the new Minecart pots, look how cool.
i built the first hidden fortress in rust
This plant box is standing, where should I put it? Maybe I put it in the back, like look at that, okay, I think there are ovens that will do that. Oh, you could even use a double pot which could be great. I can farm a little. fabric of that, a little bit of light there, I see to make this Fortress really camouflage. I think I have to improve the whole base, it's just the rules, look at that tub pot, it doesn't even take up the top, that's actually very very op, even if you like it. I thought I was done I still haven't finished more rugs look how good this looks I love one more rug and it's completely covered boom look at my work it looks so firefighter no one can tell me it doesn't look amazing new tall wall DLC just dropped .
BR people are going to go through this and be very confused, but you know, what stands out right now is that stone. I think I know what to do, but


I need some more scrap metal. Oh oh, what was underneath? come on crispy that much alright two we took that oh hello you oh I'm the prissy king and no one can tell me otherwise damn it oh those last two shots were clean that's kinda too double barrel, okay buddy, take it, hey. I got home safely, we got the scrap metal right. I'm definitely going to learn the double barrel 100%.
And now that my ovens have had time to smell a little more, I think it's time to let's get this all into the green room. wait, you can put, you can put barrels on top of each other, right?, oh, this would be strong, you can stack barrels, that's sick, I really like that, actually, that's cool, Oho, I have so much random loot today, what? an interesting day for just swiping, they let me try this search poster. I wonder if I can, that's sick. I can just type his name and that's his character. I'm coming for you, Frost, that's funny.
What a cozy base this is. I also love it like it's my little window so you know what maybe you don't have to build next to a monument to have a good WIP day, maybe you can just build in the middle of nowhere and have fun with it instead going through the torture of trying to drive a gas station in the desert like I did, I don't do it as well. It looks like my wife's day might be coming to an end, but you know? For the


time in a long time I have had a good experience.
It's very fun to play alone. I feel like recently Solo has been tough, man it's been tough, but today I just don't care, it actually ended up going really well. Do you know what I'm going to shield my core? I think that would be a good idea to just defend myself from raiders, since I don't have a honeycomb. It's peaceful here on my little mountain, my cozy little


, okay, we gotta make it all green, everything goes and it's almost green and here we go. Come on, the entire base is green. I have to take a look at this.
Put my rocking chair here. You know what I've made a lot of camouflage bases out of, but I think this one wins. Let me know what you think. If this one wins, this is the most camouflage base I think I've ever


. Unbiased, there aren't even that many trees, that's cool, this guy is going to kill me, please don't kill me, man, I'm just. I'm just admiring my B, okay, okay, now where was he? There's a screenshot right there. I'm proud, I'm proud. Man Four, he swipe by himself, but not in the usual way that we came out of the goal today and it was good, he kind of reminded me.
I played for a while in the past, I don't know what it was about today but I just felt different and I like that frost on the wall but it's already late and I went to sleep man, I'm tired oh and with me saying good night and I'll see you all on the next Rust adventure.

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