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Apr 07, 2024
It might be the best pair of


I've ever used. Hello everyone, today is going to be epic because I have a pair of new


. I


these beasts on Amazon for £160. These are the


forks I could find there. It seemed like a safe thing to ride, so these quad triple crown zooms


go on my tilt turn bike. Here I'll put them there, all fresh and ready to be crushed and then I'll go and taste them. I think it's going to be sick. look at these things 160 grid, let's remove these toolbars and the stem, then boom, there we go, now it's out, time to put these new forks in and look what's all that stuff at the end that should be where it fell off. before wow that's great let me put all this back and we can mark where I need to cut it so I just put the whole stem and stuff back in and then once that's done mark where you need to cut. the stereotube down, so I'm going to remove all of this and give it a cut now, this is where the best tool in the world comes into play, thank you, here we go and see that you have a perfect perfect.
i bought the cheapest downhill forks on amazon   will they snap
Cut there, that's really lovely, so we can put all this back on now and so we've installed the forks, so I've decided to buy a Halo Gravitas front wheel for the


bike, but we don't need a front. desk, I'm not actually going to ride with a front brake that fits like a dream and a glove, very, very, very good, oh I see it's a 26 inch fork, let me get a different wheel, luckily I also have a halo of chaos out there and that's an old school one with a 20k axle so unfortunately this bike got a little bit frank and fancy because now we have 26 racing 27 rear so it's an oppo mullet but actually It


probably work better that way because the forks are so much bigger than what this bike is supposed to have, so now with the smaller wheel I could even out it and make it one of the best bikes I've ever ridden.
i bought the cheapest downhill forks on amazon   will they snap

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i bought the cheapest downhill forks on amazon will they snap...

Wow, she's heavy, now look at that whip it's so cool. Not only does the bike look great, but look at these, my new flavors and types of pill grips have arrived. We have a purple mix, a green mix, a black and white mix, a red and black mix and then with these lengths, we also have green and black. mix black and white, plain black and red. They are incredible. I've been using them on my jump bike for about two months and I love them. They feel so good. They are almost available for you to buy. We are like counting.
i bought the cheapest downhill forks on amazon   will they snap
All stock is being prepared on the website so check back soon and we'll let you know when


're available, but let's get them fitted to the bike. Wow, that's a cool thing if I've ever seen one. Oh oh my goodness, this feels like an amazing bike. Ridiculous with these 160 pound forks on with literally no rebound adjustment, but who cares, let's get out of here and give it a try. I just got to Twisted Oaks bike park, this will be a perfect place to try out these cheap forks. I just pedaled from the truck that's literally there and I'm already leaking oil from the forks and I've noticed that


are super spongy and peak pretty hard, but let's get started.
i bought the cheapest downhill forks on amazon   will they snap
I took things off on these little jumps here just to make sure the forks don't explode on the lip or something, because I'd rather crash on a little jump, not a big one, so here we go, first little visit for these forks, oh my. mine. they feel amazing apart from the top which is so aggressive, they feel good, let's do these little three jumps in a row towards that berm and then for the next one, here we go three more little ones. I totally forgot, I have Louie's jump tire. On our absolute replay, today is not the day to ride Berms Kelly, but I've seen a cool transfer from that four-junction runway to this little landing here, so let's give it a try a bit as another fox test, here we go, oh, that's enough. windy, although pleasant, forming a small dust storm, there, a rude sand storm, come on, let's go a little into the forest.
We've made it to within a stone's throw of the last spot and are now in the woods with some super cool berm jumps and doubles. I'm sure there will be more oil coming out of the forks because we're going to try it, here we go and then onto these new jumps here, oh the flow is just unreal, it feels amazing, oh my god, I actually don't know what zoom I have. I've created but they might be the best pair of forks I've ever used as I'm used to riding sketchy bikes so my body can actively ignore the aggressive top end of these forks and the fact that they don't really work like that. well but the weight of them and how high the front end is made me instantly feel like I was a biker, that whip feels so good with them zoom 160lbs they haven't broken yet so at least you know you can get It's been a small session so far, but let's continue to see how much longer these forks can take.
I think we're going to move forward that way. Now I'm on Growler. This is a trail that leaves from the back. The last hill I started on there are wooden features and double jumps and tables and all sorts and it's super fun so let's blast it with these forks oh oh it's so fluid it's actually the dream wow it's flowing it feels incredibly on actually a whole rock garden oh oh that's such A little bit of fun in the story, so fun it's incredible. I love twisted oaks, super great for some shredding and these forks actually work a lot better than I imagined.
I was thinking they were going to break up, you know? Then I realized what that mentality was. That's cool because if they had died big time and I would have lost another tooth, there's a pretty big jump there like a fun section, so let's go over there and do the next test for these forks, well, look at this, look at this, oh. look at that, it's like a monkey's tail, so weird like there's a ton of them around here anyway, we're just a monkey's tail throw away from that last trail and there's a pretty big new table in town, so let's take a look at that here. come on this is the jump to a session like I said the newest in town and super fun so let's get sideways first and then do some tricks come on it was a good warm up a bit sideways let's have enough without foot.
It may be close that NFC was actually so sick that I was really encouraged to spin these zooms in 360. Here we go, did you fall then yeah, got it? Even though it was huge, it's a cool jump, these forks feel good and the bike and twisty and just life and I'm like I'm in nature and um there's like these cones on the ground dude oh no, no dust, sorry, Crepton Sam keeps talking about how sick these forks are, so obviously I was forced to make this line here, which is three falls in a row and what Sam obviously didn't notice while driving is like, look how funny they look from the side. because these fork parts are actually in front of the bars so it's just ridiculous but anyway I'm going to bike my way out of this and then this little log company I'm not too sure about this second crash and then the last one will cool down any kind of fork, so they're actually sick, so 160 pounds.
It's worth it, so yeah, I think £160, it's probably worth it for these. We've reached a new area and now we're going to get artsy while visiting Marty, so now I'm at the bottom looking at this tree. It's actually made to make a danger, bomb me, I didn't know, catch bomb, I actually don't know what the danger part is, I guess it's dangerous all the time, I got it, don't worry, here we go. oh sick, this is actually so funny, like you're in a bind and you're about to go to mauzine or whistler or something and your forks have broken, just get


prime in the case, next day delivery, zoom four goes away.
I mean, I know the Fox Rock Sharks trim formula, they're all sick, but I mean, who needs the rebound adjustment? Who really needs air adjustment? You don't need it. I just showed you that it works fine. I mean, you'll probably win it. I won't be able to take it on the plane because your bike will be overweight because they weigh a ton, but I mean, I'm very impressed, very impressed, I didn't expect them to last this long, I mean we made an Amazon. bike not too long ago and that was 160 pounds for the whole bike, so you know, I really should have thought they were going to be better and like Louis said, it's really funny that the insoles are further forward than the bar itself, it's really strange.
I also love these new pill grips. It's a dream. I'm so excited that you guys can get yours soon too. We can all participate in the pill grip community. Well, let's do more things, no. We won't do any more things, we'll do the ending, a backflip. I just went to the jump that I think is the best to perform the flip. It is the largest jump in this type of dirt jump zone, although there are. There are a lot of new things being built there that will probably exceed the size of this in the coming months and weeks, but this is the one I want to do backwards at full speed by pulling back and pulling a huge fin.
It's actually a left hip. well, a little, so I'll probably end up going straight to that table when I land, but who cares, add the excitement, let's do it, let's go, yeah, wow, that was actually very scary because I had a quick thought in my head. mind while I was pedaling there and I've seen videos of the bottom of the fork coming off on these cheap bikes, so I was half expecting to go for a spin and see that my forks were gone when I turned around, which It would actually result in one of the biggest accidents of my life so I wondered what the hell I was doing and then I realized it was all for the vlog so okay but here we go it's a change in my appearance of 160 lb.


suspension freeride forks.
As for them, absolute beauties, I wouldn't suggest anyone buy them again. Obviously, this is not a Zoom pitchfork ad. I just found them on Amazon Prime, which is a world of excitement if you decide to look into mountain bike stuff. There's a lot of fun stuff on there, there's actually a ton of bikes and things I'd like to buy, so if you like this whole Amazon vibe, let me know and I can make a fool of myself and buy things like fat bikes, downhill water skis, inflatable kayaks and things like that. just a really fun dream, but anyway, that bomb of absolute fun, excitement, fear in that last really bad turn and bounce, that's the end of the video, I hope you enjoyed it, it would be yours if you leave some comments and they get sick if you subscribe look in the next um

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