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I Bought an ELECTRIC SUPERCAR from CHINA ($31,000 NEW)

Jun 06, 2021
It has a camera, it's a reversing camera, oh, that's it. a camera right there, what the fuck, we gotta turn this thing on, let me show you some of the panel accessories too, look at this thing here, I don't know if you can see it, it's super bright and hot out here, but Look at this space on the panel just like you can see right through it and then look it doesn't even fit at all to like the headlight. None of this stuff they just put together in a Chinese factory probably cost them what do you think is a hundred and two hundred dollars? to do all this slave labor, yes, exactly, he's probably seven years old, so that's all we have now, let's see if we can get this out of the way.
i bought an electric supercar from china 31 000 new
I took some photos to have all the documentation and to get the seller's opinion. It actually happened, if he doesn't respond I'll assume it's a complete scam and he knew this was happening. He stopped responding since last week. He was asking her about shipping. He never even gave me an answer. Very disrespectful fact for children, that's right. To be honest, it's a very small thing. I'm a little embarrassed to even have it in my driveway. Many people drive by. Everyone has been looking out the windows. I just smiled. I'm like Hello neighbors. I know I'm new here, but that's not who I am.
i bought an electric supercar from china 31 000 new

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i bought an electric supercar from china 31 000 new...

Oh the charger was shipped with a 220 charger as it turns out this is only a 60 volt car, yes 60 volts and 12 amps so it should charge pretty quickly, probably not a huge battery but it needs 220 ninja does it have a converter any type of plug fits in it yes this I mean universal but I'm not sure it's going to work so yeah plug it in and see if we can charge it while at least I like to unplug it so we'll move it away if We have 20 miles per hour very fast exactly. I always thought that China was a country with a certain honor, since they maintained their integrity, that was their code, right, that's what I've always thought.
i bought an electric supercar from china 31 000 new
I thought it didn't even fit, oh my God, it just pops out, but I really press, nothing is put together well, well, there are two batteries here, one, two, yes, there is no controller. They're, oh wow, they look like they just came out. the batteries, I know how to run one of these things, yeah, okay, we have one, we have two, no, I don't keep it, but it's a good platform for a kart or a buggy, it's not what we wanted. Definitely, but I'd rather go 100-something miles per hour zero 60 in three-something seconds, but yeah, we got what we got, we made the most of it guys, well, that's it for this video, uh, it's not worth forty grand. . dollars, but it's fun in its own way and anyway, we'll turn it into a series, you know, and we'll turn it into something cool, you know, we'll just work with what we've been given, you know, and just do our thing, so in the next video I'm sure you'll see more of the


Cafe Racer.
i bought an electric supercar from china 31 000 new
We just finished the drum kit and it looks amazing. Finally we can start putting in the engine and everything to get that motorcycle moving. It's like 12 times more powerful than this car that Kurt was talking about so it's going to be one hell of a build so stay tuned for that guys make sure your notifications are on and make sure you're subscribed if you want to see more videos even more videos about this. I know it's not a real


and I'm still very disappointed by the whole situation. More information about the seller will be available soon.
I'll let you know who he was. I just want to make sure that it was a real scam and that it wasn't a real mistake, there are a lot of things that could have happened, a little more in the next video, stay tuned guys, thank you very much for watching, I'll see you next time

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