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May 31, 2021
If you guys launch IO support, you're basically a small hull, everyone else is a small


and you're in a beautiful little


, you have to slowly eat small things like thin water, gelatin or a light pole and as you they do, they will get bigger. and bigger is the point where they can eat cars and even buildings, they can also eat each other, whoever is the last player standing is the winner. Our goal today will be to become that winner and if you want to see more polder io and click like. Anyway, let's get into it, get ready, look at us, we're a little


, okay, we need to eat things to get thicker in this game and it's intense, there's no way to slow down, okay, I can eat these little things, these little hubcaps on the way. whatever they're called, I'm stressed right now, but we're going to do this, we're going to become the biggest, okay, where's another one around here, okay, these things are really good, oh, look at that.
i ate the whole city hole io
Hey, increase the size, now we can. eat this Hey, are you kidding me? Poles, cars don't work yet, it's a shame, trees and whatever these things in between are, they work fine. Oh, what is this? There's kind of a part that works. Oh, we sized, but there's a bigger hole there. and we have to stay away from that, so I'll go to the park some more. I want to stay away from other players as much as possible because honestly, who can win, this is like who survives the longest. here and that's a big hole that's about to eat me, okay, oh there's no way I escaped this, I just escaped that and now we're eating buildings, this just went from 0 to 100 real quick , buildings, buildings, buildings, well, that was not eaten, well. come on here there's too much going on I'm afraid if we hide under the buildings I think we're doing a little better oh you're going in look at all these buildings hey we'll eat all of these we're going to be so well come on He's got a sister, there we're going to size up, okay, that guy's bigger than me, that guy's bigger than me though, bigger size, bigger size, bigger size, house, whoa, okay, no, okay, this guy is going to eat me, that will be it, that will be it. no way unless we can eat buildings faster we're dead right now come on come on we remeasured we're still no bigger than this even though he's going to eat me how he backed up he actually backed up come on yeah , make us bigger.
i ate the whole city hole io

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i ate the whole city hole io...

Upstairs, we're not big enough yet, we're going to have to go, oh, okay, this is going to be hard, what's going on right now, hey, big building, get in my mouth, okay, that's not going to happen work, how about you look? We need to consume something big. Uns not here, I'm stuck in the corner, don't let me die like this, oh this is crazy, okay, let's say I'm prey to some smaller buildings. I think this is the best way to free ourselves to do it. Yes, large size. see okay, I'm actually scared right now Oh, new buildings are being generated, that's exactly what we want, okay, and let's go, oh, look at that big one on the left, okay, I see how it is.
i ate the whole city hole io
Okay, we measure again, okay. There's a lot going on right now, look at this game. Okay, big buildings. I think the big owners are far away. You need those final points, so I'll stay away from large groups of other players. I think that will be the safest and most likely option for us. oh, look at the size of these buildings we're eating, you come in, you come in, come on, come on, you're playing with me here yeah, it's bouncing, it's bouncing. Oh, what are we doing now? Those guys are too. focused on eating each other while we're trying to play the end game here we're trying to get as big as possible by eating these buildings and stuff and there's another hole here maybe we could eat this one we're eating an absolute ton of buildings. right now I think so, we could eat this guy, here we go and well, we have a death, our first death, no way, okay, some other buildings around here think one is bigger than me, yeah, this one is bigger than me, but maybe not for How long do we need new buildings to generate?
i ate the whole city hole io
Can we know we're not bigger than this guy? Come on, give me more buildings. Yeah, these guys this morning, come on, come on, that's what I'm talking about, okay, stuff that shows up here. and I think we can eat this one in a second if they get inside my belly, which I don't seem to want, oh, okay, come on, this is really stressful, oh, we got some big ones and spawn, okay, okay, come on because of this, okay, we're actually in second place right now, okay, this is crazy, okay, let's go back to the top, there may only be three people left or the person below me is the most big in the game right now and yo, what are we going to kill?
If I size up, definitely, oh, okay, that one just disappeared today, that counts well, that was a kill, okay, it's me and another player right now, can we win? "We defeated, wait, I owe it in one go. I doubt it, but we can try. Come on, are these buildings any good? Actually, I don't even know if we can eat everything in front of this guy. We should be able to." We are actually at level 21. If we level up right now, we will surely be able to eat it. Oh no, this is not the first place. This is the third place.
Does that mean we can eat it right away. Wait a second. Yes, I just killed him. It means that there is only one other player, right or am I wrong? this guy is a level above me now we are on the same level here we go let's eat this we are literally neck and neck with this other player right now so it's going to be an interesting game whether we can kill them or no it's okay all these buildings were popping up so I think the best thing would be to tie it up take it good and then up yeah okay my heart is beating really fast right now if we can do this.
In the first game it's going to be crazy, sorry, all of these, we're neck and neck with the person who's in first place right now, it seems like they're still holding on to first place somehow, but let's go for them, let's go for them quickly, okay, here we go. in all of these have reappeared, that's actually perfect and we've separated them from some of the big ones, okay, we're literally the same size right now. I don't know when any of us will level up. I have no idea, but if one of us does it, it's probably game over for the other, okay, these will respawn, let's get some points from this step and entire sections will respawn too, these were good, these were good, give me a level , words, come on, Jess.
We're at level 23, we're at level 23, we could probably take this person out right now. No, no, no, don't go to level 23, don't go to level 23, don't go to level 23, come on, come on, come on, come on, how is it? That doesn't matter, there's a carnage to see, does it need to be bigger? Why is it not big enough? Ah, okay, let's take some of these buildings. I think we are in front of him for all of these and that is exactly what we want. Do it, we are also at level 23 right now, all we have to do is stay in front of him because then we will eat everything in front of him.
This is an emoji tactic. Look, what are you going to do? Eat these. buildings well, I'm going to eat these buildings to a certain extent, okay, I have to be able to do this, this is very close, okay, we have to follow where it goes, there you go, we have this blockade, this is crazy, okay , it's okay, it's okay. He goes for cars and stuff, but we look for buildings that will be much better. I don't even know what you're trying to do here. Well, we have all these smaller buildings. We don't have level 24 yet. opens up going up he's going up okay I feel like we should be close to level 24 okay these buildings have respawned here let's zoom in a bit more take them out first when will we level up when will I level up of level, wait, I think that's the sounds around my character that's that's size increase how is that that no yes we did it no you don't know how long it took me to do that that was crazy we just defeated fall so I Oh guys , like if you want to see something More holes die, oh, maybe let's try timed mode and see how good we are at it, bye.

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