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I Am Not a RAPIST - Footballer David Goodwillie Speaks Out for the First Time

Jul 24, 2023
you know, like when I'm sure when they were winning games and stuff, we were like we were going to practice after them, they were getting the field before us, like uh, and we were all going, but we never interacted, we never talked or anything like You know, they were like a separate entity, they were doing their thing and we wouldn't do anything, but everyone was always friendly, well-mannered, like right, uh, like we didn't know, like, it was around, like it was. Not that you were very involved in women's teamwork, but did you feel more uncomfortable than other women, especially there?
i am not a rapist   footballer david goodwillie speaks out for the first time
She said you know, see if the Wesleyan women's teams are out there. I would feel uncomfortable because I would be. Can't. like feeling something and saying that like thinking if they're afraid of me, you know, but I always try to be polite so that they feel comfortable with me, you know, and it's crazy to think that they're absolutely crazy because you're I even think that this is like I'm thinking that they might think that I'm aggressive and I'm not even like in the case that we were involved in with the civil case, there was no assault, there was no violence or similar forcing.
i am not a rapist   footballer david goodwillie speaks out for the first time

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i am not a rapist footballer david goodwillie speaks out for the first time...

You know and you're sitting there thinking I even go out with this day I'm going to walk with a dog and stuff and I run into a lady or something or an old lady and I'm thinking did she read about me on the news or is it like I missed it? , did you know? that passes through me I got what came and I told my wife you need to stop thinking that so again in the last few weeks you have made the headlines again you are saying that for a team in Australia has returned to this office . even the Daily Record article


blah blah blah blah so that's his case basically why are you here yeah and the box got flooded and I thought you know what I'll give the guy a chance to See things from your side, they just repeat themselves, oh, okay.
i am not a rapist   footballer david goodwillie speaks out for the first time
It's the same thing, I'm sure the excuse I got from that estrogen team was like the Women's World Cup was coming up or something in Australia and I think their training field was being rented like rented by the Haiti women's team or something like that and I think I knew when they were going to hire me and all that and like, oh, that's just a couple of things that are important for women's soccer or women in general, you know, and I haven't been opposed to women, you know, I would love for my daughter to grow up and play soccer one day because I would be her follower you didn't stop me you know then how he tried then you will never move alone the basic result no matter what you receive you will see it the day we are still going to receive the same reaction with any team you sign.
i am not a rapist   footballer david goodwillie speaks out for the first time
How do you try to get in shape? Well, I don't think I'll ever get over this unless we go to criminal court and a lot of people will. I think, oh, he'll share it. He would accept it if we could go to criminal court tomorrow. He would go. Can you do that? It's not up to me, it's up to the crown, but I would go tomorrow to clear my name and how. Does that override the civil court because the criminal court is larger than the civil court? Well, the criminal court is like the threshold, the evidence has to be more concrete, you know, then it is something more serious, right?
You can go to jail.


now and you would be happy to go to criminal court with all the evidence here 100 so what happens then? What's going on with that boy now? Well, right now I don't really have a team, you know? And eh, I've had many. from phone calls with a bunch of managers and a bunch of people asking me if I would go and I'm like, uh, no, there's no point in even doing this dance because it happens all the


, you know, okay, I'll go. and I talk to the board and all that and then I get the same old story, you know there's going to be someone there who doesn't quite agree with you, but you know what he thinks, huh, but what will the papers say?
You know, because that's at the end of the day, as social media newspapers, they run the world, don't they, they guide what people think, but for podcasts it's also going to be a game changer. I have seen the voice of the people. I feel like you won't like the voice. I said I'm not here I'm not judging I'm not hitting the press I'm just here for you to tell things about your side happy to have the girl Denise I want to tell things about her stay happy I have the two years sitting opposite each other if that can ever happen happen talk I don't know I really don't know how I say I'm going to get some backlash for this because they've been chatting for several quarters for me they haven't charged me and I came across a law that you know you've almost been notified of you know that several courts They're usually for business deals that go wrong, you know, and nine times out of ten they're all resolved now, but like, new to me, I was thinking, what's this like?
I remember seeing a lawyer, so what happens now? I went to jail and he said no, that's ideal and I'm sure his words were like that, this is just the money deal. You know they can't really blame you for this. I never knew you could spiral and think, but this could be it. You know, so your marriage you have two children, your children have four and only one ended. You were born how. Do you worry about them when they go to school when you know how children want? Everyone is worried, that's a worry for me. You know this because I don't want to think a little like that. one night from hell, you know, and it can, I can set up your whole life, you know how it will be, uh, but I hope I have a good taste.
I'm going to have a good relationship with my children and I. I'll sit down and then one day when they're old enough I'll have to explain what happened and go from there. You know, you commit suicide. Oh, all the time, all the time, I'll tell it to me. wife, you know, especially after the prime minister gets involved, you know you're thinking I'm one man and this is like an army against me, like I can't fight this, like I have nowhere to go. I'm sitting on a couch, my mom and dad come to see me and I'll hurt you feeling like I just burst into tears, you know, and my wife ends up quitting a job and all she doesn't want to face either is like, but we're still .
I'm supposed to pay you, you still have it, we still have to live, we still have to support two kids, but I have to say the thoughts come into my head pretty regularly, but I talk to you, uh, mental health people and stuff. So, do you have an account? So someone like I don't know if she wants me to mention her, it's like she talks to the women here, uh, Libby, she's been a lot of help, you know, when she's Disney, she gets older, she's the. Look at the people who need it, I hope you're feeling, uh, positive right now, you know what I'm thinking, this is a chance for me to say what I want to say and I hope people can take shape and like it.
It happened to me like I always think that my son might be involved in something else one day, you know, maybe he's had too much to drink, he gets caught up and a little romance, you know, and it's like this romance goes wrong and then, before you know it. you're in court, how come it takes you so long to show up and tell your story? I always wanted to talk, but they always told me not to talk, so I don't know what's going to happen. After this, I always wanted to talk for years and years. The lawyers told me not to talk, you know, people smarter than me like it, but it doesn't help me, not up to this point, and then even when I was in Clyde.
The plane is for if I go in and talk now, as you know, I have a daughter that I can worry about, if I go in to talk now, what is going to ruin me? Our salaries are the way we pay. our arcs like Clyde, so I've probably walked away thinking I better know, but I know seeing it in the new or yeah, you never got a salary that month, you know, I don't have anything else, you know. They have taken away everyone I love and know that they like to play football and I will see if I have the opportunity to play football for free.
I would still accept it because I simply like playing this sport, how much is more? Football probably came. he's probably damaged your life in many ways again he's probably made you say that he's probably kept me from getting to that my family obviously my wife my mom and dad know you know uh but what's it like for him to see his boy Thomas Twitter oh? They're, they're devastated, you know, my mom, my mom is angry, she's sad, my dad's an old school kind of guy, he doesn't say many words, you know, but you know, he's sorry, he used to come with me every Saturday to Clyde, I think you're a lost man now on Saturday, you know, 'cause it's not good football, it got you, how about you look over your shoulder?
Does anyone ever try to attack? Yeah, like everyone's been there, you get the older people, you know them, they kind of walk in. and I'm younger now, can I understand?, but they're just looking for a reaction. I'm old enough to realize what's happening, but when I was younger I probably already reacted differently. You know, but I'm older now. People are in contact. With your opinions I understand what are the main things that people want people to take away. I feel like some of you could happen to anyone, like you know, you get drunk, you think everyone's in on this and then the next minute, sometimes you get amnesia or you've lost your memory, you know, like us, we couldn't see that. come and how do you move forward in the future?
If you can, I just try to be positive there, you know, stay to yourself and put food on the table for me. daughter, my son, my wife, so are you going back to football? It's just that it's reduced, you don't use the same kind of routine, sinking the patterns, because if you plan to go to Australia, take your kids, can they start? a new life and then the contracts are immediately broken, unless you know that a lot of people say "Well, he deserves it" and we understand that too, that's all, but how do you get into football or keep trying?
How do we do this? I think I've been like a competitive player and like a senior, you know, you can never give up, like I would never give up. I don't get hung up, you know, until I'm 40 I'll be like me. I'm done, you know, until my legs give up, that's when I give up, you know, but my wife tells me to give up every day. I beat a soccer ball. I do something different, but I'm doing something different. wanting to know, but if I can have the opportunity to go into orbit, something that takes me away from what's happening in my life, you know, just for 90 minutes, like it's worth it, a lot of people turn their backs on me, no, no one close to me, fat boy. players and stuff, not even on a field against players like I can face players now, I've never had anything bad said to me about it, you know, I think in football in general, well, it may seem a bit here, but we all have like mutual respect you know everyone has been through something if you could change it you would change you wouldn't want to be there it would be how far do you think you would have gone in your career if that night had ever happened it's hard to say but I think if I had had a clear mind , I probably could have continued playing in the Premiership if I could have had a clear mind, but that wasn't the case.
So for anyone watching, would you like to say no to the skeptics and people? say yes knob, what would you say to them? put yourself in my place, you know, try to put yourself in my place that night and think that you think this is like this, okay, we laugh, we're talking and stuff like that. but then the next day, on Sunday, he says, I don't remember doing that and then they call you aggressive violence against women when that's not the case, like putting yourself in my shoes and thinking what it feels like to go through a little bit for 12 years knowing what what happened and feeling like you're innocent but you're still labeled as guilty, well, but if Denise is watching, hey, I would just see that initially, if she ever wanted to talk about it, you should talk to me, you know, and if you want know, but I think with Denise I think she has a lot of problems and I don't want to go into them too much, but if she wants justice, I will say this if she sees it as you have to have Justice for everyone, you can't even choose who you have Justice for and she'll know what I'm talking about but I don't want to see it on this podcast because there's no place to see it anymore David's lesson to come thank you for your support well done but would you like to finish something?
No, I'm fine, so I'm happy that you're giving me the opportunity to speak and, hopefully, people can take what they want for this and so there will be something negative, there may be something positive, you know, but I just wanted the golden life like everyone else and I hope there's something good at the end of this tunnel, you know? What I mean, do you think people's reaction will be when this? Because yeah, there might be some people who liked it, some people were doing it, it's one of them, you never really know until you do it.
I assume I'm not judging. I can't decide, yes, guilty I know, I'm not, I'm just here to let people tell our story before we come on a day that is another foundation for the future. I hope everything is like that, I hope you can work things out in the future, but everything. What I can do is keep trying, brother, that's it, greetings foreigners.

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