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Jun 10, 2021
Hello guys, welcome back to my channel. I'm a little late in uploading this video because I lost the footage, but now I have it back, so yeah, here's the Vlog, if you like to watch it, click the like button. I'm about to fly. to Seattle, so if you want to see a vlog of that, then you know, 40,000 likes and a vlog in Seattle, let's do this, welcome back to Jelly, today I'm with who is this guy, hey, why are you point of saying no? I don't care, I don't care, hey Santa, welcome to the Vlog, hey Twan, welcome to the Vlog, okay, Jesus Christ, and hey, other guys, he doesn't have a job, we have to put him on today, okay, so today I'm recording a new Vlog.
i almost died again
I'm in an amusement park


, yes, Jordy, I'm in it. I'm going to use my fast pass for that one. Yeah, we're going to use our fast pass for this one. Look, it's just wow, how cute. I'm. I'm loving life right now if you don't know where we are we're in Germany this amusement theme park is called Fantasia L it's fantastic LUN no waa who wao wa yes yes oh oh look at that look, that pretty look guys, there's water there's there's water It's amazing jelly, what water, but it's funny, well, we're at a water amusement park, it looks like Garrett is ready for this, hey, Brad, Brad, high five, okay, that wasn't bad at all, that was good, oh that.
i almost died again

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i almost died again...

It was really bad, guys, there's water, water, oh no, oh, no, come on, man, come on, stay seated, guys, well, now I'm wet, that was fantastic, give me your bag, you don't like this now so can fix what's going on oh no oh there's an elevator guys there's an elevator I'm not enjoying this okay guys I have some news we're in an elevator oh there's no seat Bel said what the hell is it , this is amazing, are you ready for the next part? here we go uhoh uhoh uhoh oh my god there's more there's more there's more guys oh god oh god there's no this is more than I expected I've never been W it's so wet here so even though everyone got wet on that trip that was amazing, so now it's time for the mysterious castle.
i almost died again
Brad, explain to me what the mysterious castle is. Don't talk about it. You don't want to know what's going on there. You do not want to know. I'm excited about this mystery. Castle looks like a penis in a way, like those are the two balls and that's a penis. I'm very funny, so we're inside the mysterious castle and I'm not sure what that thing is supposed to be. Move, that thing is going to move. God, are you enjoying the theme park? Boring Santa, she's very boring, she's very boring, oh come on, hey, I like this music, it's great, right, yeah, it's good music, so we stuck with it and that's it.
i almost died again
Pretty cool, what did you think of that? Santa, it was boring, it was boring, everything is too boring for Santa, his life is great, so we're about to continue with this, uh, this should be a lot of fun, look, there's water, it moves, it turns upside down oh no wait no oh and there's fire so this guy here Twan lost a bet so he has to paint his face what are you going to get Twan I want to get a I want? to get a I want to get a flower, there you go, tan, get my good side, oh, you'll look so pretty, starting to look good, Twan, you'll be a beautiful baby, a little shine, Twan finished, you know what I don't even I'm going to do.
Lose, thank you so much, you look great, okay, let me take a look, wow, that's beautiful, man, Santa, we're about to catch a train, you know, look, look at that thing, look at that thing. I guess you could say we had to do it. catch the train oh shut up there it goes guys there it goes hey guys how are you? we're we're in front guys we're on the train okay guys we're moving Jordy are you ready I'm so loose here we go good guys this is fast this is very fast yeah this is good my oh terrible I hit my head on this pole D grab my camera oh look guys this looks good I I think I think it's that I didn't know it was going to be dark I didn't know it was going to be dark I'm afraid if the dog does it I'm afraid here we go that's better that's much better oh oh Oh my god, it's over guys, it's finally over but I literally



there, I literally


Jimmy, yeah, how was that?
It was great, it was really great, then my camera died or well, Santa's camera died thanks for letting me borrow your camera, shout out to Santa, but now I keep making Vlogs on my phone because that's what I do please Please I'm doing this for you guys thank you thank you Josh I love you oh my gosh look at this I know it's loud inside but it's amazing cool. This, this ride looks great K, do you want to continue? Yeah, let's do it guys, it's time to leave the theme park, right? Yes, it's time to leave the theme park.
It was fun while it lasted, say hello to the Vlog. I don't care about you, him, no, goodbye, I said, say hi, say hello to the Vlog, what's going on, hi, I'm Mike Tyson, the white guy, I'll beat you up, I'll eat your ear off, so we're in a taxi and and where are we going? Garrett Garrett where do we go to the hair salon to get more hair? We are him, blood flows. Come back, nice, nice Josh. Where we go? Oh really. How are you at home? Okay, we're going home strong, so. I freshened up at the hotel and now where are we going Jordy Sushi, let's eat sushi.
I mean, I already ate in the room, but whatever, oh, you just licked my ear, that's great, oh, your butterfly is gone, the butterfly is gone. I was just about to say about my YouTube channel that's tw's YouTube channel right there #buttslap which actually wasn't a but he didn't even realize this is the worst thing he calls dirty but I don't care , but slap Josh, you know? what's about to happen are you going to try and St me in the ass yes yes sh high five you I failed F your YouTube channel I don't think it's very good delicious oh look who's here hey Santa hello okay hey hey me I'm famous and Brad is a hallelujah, hallelujah, a Josh punch, stop hitting my ass, jeez, dare is only allowed when I do it, try it, try it, he grabbed my leg, that's not fair, thanks for watching this video guys , if you enjoyed it, 40,000 likes and me.
I'll be Vlogging in Seattle make sure you go to if you want to buy some jelly merch because we just added a school set and added a crazy jelly collection check it out it's awesome and yeah I'll see you guys in the next one peanut butter jelly

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