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I Added CUSTOM ELYTRA to Minecraft...

Jan 31, 2022
be able to create the totem. Oh please, oh I can't wait. You're kidding, I can make three and literally only use one. No, no, no, that's crazy. If I now make other


, we can create an immortal


totem that throws a giant totem and its ability to stand is instant mega kill mode. it's insta mega kill mode oh god it looks like pine cones first things first we're checking what a giant totem is if it does something like the giant pickaxe I don't want to do it at close range just in case it kills oh literally. a giant falls oh what what what what i have golden applesonly for days that's too overpowered so wait wait what does mega instant death mode do?
i added custom elytra to minecraft
I have to find out, okay I dropped another one, oh my gosh, okay, I have to be really careful with that, but how many golden apples did I just make? 50 set I practically have a pile of golden apples from doing nothing and I can create four more totems. Gotta find out what mega instant movers come here, buddy. What I'm still earning is xp. I let you do it. run away from this xp because it bothers me what am I supposed to do it's so annoying wait we need ender pulse we need ender poles and that was definitely looting there's an enderman here okay wait a second boom oh no do it again oh what is that? how to loot a thousand.
i added custom elytra to minecraft

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i added custom elytra to minecraft...

I just have lots and lots of enderpearls. I can literally do 16 eyeballs right now, dude, you don't want to hurt me. I'll do this to you, come on, you're done, I have too many. levels, it's too annoying, okay, yeah, I'm out of here, I'm out, I'm flying out of XP and I have to trade with these guys, I have to want to take this, take this, please don't help me, please don't. Don't help me, okay, get in the hole, oh, oh, okay, I'm half hot, I'm half heart, oh, I only need four of these guys obsidian, oh, there's already one, oh, ender pearls, yeah, Like I need that one, dude, oh.
i added custom elytra to minecraft
Wait, this guy is there and I don't want him to be there so I can go boom and kill him, he's dead. I just need obsidian from you please, this is very annoying. Wait, okay, while you trade and get me my obsidian. I think I have enough to make each elytra now that we've done the totem, we've done the mining, there's a diamond delight, I wasn't even paying attention and there's an ender elytra, you know what? Let's get the ender electro flying right now. Enderman's ability summons and standing ability is teleportation oh wait when did I get enough obsidian?
i added custom elytra to minecraft
Okay, I'm bored with you, I'm done, what does teleportation mean? So if I just oh oh okay yeah it means I teleport if I'm looking which is awesome because if I'm completely still oh no no no no no this is bad this is bad oh I have fire resistance oh okay it's okay and then if I'm blowing it up oh it literally summons Enderman behind me and Everyone just dies in the lava, perfect, well I guess I'm leaving. I'm going this way to get to minus 150 minus 150. I can get there so fast this has been the best bottom experience of my life and I think if I put on my mining elytra I can literally keep throwing things and go this way and boom we're here, we're at 150 150.
How easy is that boom and boom, oh God, this is too good to be true and if you just eat this, we're going in this direction, what a beautiful biome to fly into right now. I'm going to fly a few blocks, land again, oh and dump this bad boy, we're still going the same way, ah, now it's probably a good time to let you guys know that if you want to get this mod or any mod I use , you can go to the link in the description and check out my patreon, but this has definitely been one of the best mods I've ever made. that's ridiculous oh oh yeah that went back 100 wait so if you accidentally oh wait that's a good point I can check to see if it's here I don't think it's here wait actually oh I think it might actually be here just go down very very slowly release a beak come on calmly, do it again another here for me, anything here for me surely yes, in fact we have figured it out, are you kidding me?
That's ridiculous and now comes the hard part every time, no matter what it is. It is always difficult to find the portal, where are you? Oh, literally walk right up to him. Thank you. I feel like I'm carrying too much stuff, so let's get rid of everything I don't need right now. Create this portal and oh man, I totally forgot about it. I haven't made the diamond elytra, how have I not made the diamond elytra, let's boom, the elytra and then the flying diamond ability enchant objects every time and the standing ability turns blocks into diamonds.
Now I'm going to be a full diamond with diamond elytra look how cool that looks yeah I look so good right now and wait a second if when I'm flying oh all my stuff got enchanted including my oh wait wait we can go crazy. things right now, so if I keep spamming when I'm flying, I have to test this to its full capacity, let's see that protection, okay, okay, okay, I just realized that once again I have been foolish, there is one more elytra. his super elytra, which is the ability to fly, is to drop a plasma rocket and his ability to stand is to shoot a plasma ball.
I don't know what that means, but once I'm done with my elytra, I can do it, okay? do this maybe I should use my miner just because now I'm stuck in a hole come on let me get out of here yeah easy I'm free you mean my diamond delight back oh no I don't care about you I'm leaving no come on , let me out, I have to change the load, I'm literally changing a lot right now, come on, love all my articles, do it, do it, do it, oh yeah, it's all adding up, oh my gosh, come on.
I think because I have all the enchantments, now it can't go any higher, so if I say yes, we're fine, I can destroy them all so easily, boom boom, fly up to this one, you know what, this is too dark. and purple I have to yeah, there we are, how nice boom, yeah, that's it, oh, no one down here, boom, that's it, we have each one and you know what I think, I'm completely done. I don't need any of these anymore, I have to turn them into super elytra oh no no oh oh don't use elytra okay oh okay no no no no please stay away stay away enderman now I don't have what I need so I have to put the elytra in what happens come back I'm shooting plasma balls oh my god did they hurt the dragon?
No, how much damage do they cause? Come on, no, she's too high, come on, Bertha, come down, you know what? forget it, I'm coming to you here we are, come on, oh, it hurts too much, oh, stay back, stay back, don't even think about it, yeah, no, no, no, no, oh, I'm fine, I'm fine. I no longer have my totem. I have to be very careful. Come on, he takes a lot of hits. I head towards her. She is falling. She is falling. She fires a bunch of plasma balls with so much damage. Come on, come on, come on.
I'm going to put her down, that's all now, I just have to wait for her to push again. Wait, what happens when she drops this plasma, oh, the plasma ball? Wait, what if she dropped it on a mob, oh, that instant she killed me? I think that ends up killing us, but if that's the case, I need to get up right now and Bertha, you need to perch, come on, I'm looking down on you, we'll stay in my diamond tower, oh, it's a hanger, I think it is. okay, I'm going up, I'm going to drop a bunch of plasma balls, surely one will hit, yeah, no, what, no, no, okay, okay, I'm hitting her, let's go with the plasma balls, come on, come on , come on, come on, go. clicking as fast as she can to enter, that is, she comes here.
Yeah, oh god, that's the most ridiculous mod I've ever used. Okay, well, just make sure you subscribe.

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