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Huskatrashed - Best one to date!

Feb 23, 2022
um oh 14 that's what it is and omg we have a lot to catch up on so it's january 7th and i have three to catch up on so let's catch up someone warned me this is boring. I'll see what happens. He's going to renew his suspension. The suspension of his bag. come on we just no we can't we can't see now ah whatever I do it's a dark screen so whatever let's get on with it so we've got three to do I'll try to do it right. we'll just see what happens this will be as long as it's a positive attitude it won't solve all your problems but it will annoy enough people to make it worth it jesus come on now good morning welcome back today i will do it hopefully the last day of cleaning and restoring components so you can start assembling everything back on the rear of the bike so with almost everything you're almost all set to start assembling the full exhaust system including oh my gosh yeah I'll let you finish the brackets of the clips and hardware, the swing and rear wheel chain link and sprockets and even the mounting bracket for the bottom cover but there's still a few parts to clean the shock so it can get back to temporarily putting on the bike this little mud flap that goes up front to protect all the link bolts is like sorry i'm literally trying to listen um it's that's literally like a bad engine obsession where they know even though they don't they do it from time to time but I see what it's doing this is what I mean right that's what the Dell Boys Garage has been saying for all these years it's to try to save you money and show you basic maintenance and things on bikes to save you money and blah blah now this presentation this kind of presentation we are skipping half sentence everywhere do that what some people I love well they don't care what the video says they just want to see it jump like a whatever you know what I mean but it's worthless as far as you learning something or whatever whatever he said the thing about your tv interview that you did years ago that's what you said that's what you said this is now things can change over time unfortunately other than just jumping does it go through the whole short link mechanism that has to be cleaned up and de Of course the bike itself I can't put all that beautiful shiny stuff in this filthy filthy hole so there's a lot of jokes a lot to cook up here and that's what today will be about first of all this heat shield needs cleaning. up and mounted correctly and this and this and all this here needs a proper cleaning and one more thing the bracket clamp and clamp can wait until later but the bracket itself lives with a ligature why not do the clamp now cause every little job that needs to be done on this bike is its own video i'm too far let me master the zoom myself your bell and there we go oh don't you see my ugly mug my verse is cute oh my hands are cute oh god mine it's like it's been working fine unlike this fairy inside the swing arm so I can't assemble it unless it's clean so take these two apart and clean the bracket so we have a long day ahead of us final cleanup and prep around skipping the camera i think because that was too fluid and he doesn't do scripts i think he said everything like he would and then played it back and listened to each part and then redid the parts i think that's what did before the great im press to put everything back together let's do it oh and by the way yeah i said put the record back together he's got the same camera eyes so he'll hit record he'll walk to that corner and then he'll walk to the camera and that's it. oh by the way it's just it doesn't add anything really this is like commercials and stuff you know it's like qvc factory shock absorber back into the bike but it's temporary like I said I can't find the one I want there and there's literally nothing wrong with that you don't know what you want what do you want if you say adjustability?
huskatrashed   best one to date
You need slap adjustability for what won't even be your bike. You will sell it. Any of the bikes designed. This can be changed later while everything is in place. It just unbolts, drops out the bottom and a new one is bolted on, I want to take a little more time to find the right one for the bike but for now I just need something to hold everything up so this will clear up for today and I'll be back. what's the point could you just put it in temporarily or clean it and leave it as it's balanced rarely hmm oh i have a thermometer it's 18 degrees in here and two degrees out just needs cleaning not bad never been used let's see how long it takes to put a hole in the gloves l look at that brand new this brand new wow look at it it's bro this bike is old true it's all but it's not it's never been outside never done anything it's immaculate look at it it's immaculate this hole still has the marks of the machine which strangely enough the that's not reamed alright that's that's um yeah that's on the cnc machine guys you can tell because you can see the splines bits really n or they leave holes like that that's a toolpath not a toolpath but that's a trace of a feedrate and you can see they're all concentric not concentric equally spacing the step um that's not a drill pitch and the bits are all over the place so it's done by a machine everything has been done by a machine you can see everything you can see the very slight tool marks on things like this it's not a criticism of what they've done what I'm saying is that we have that's it's main suspension aspect and with everything riding down because it's sitting n basically on a pin uh there's not anywhere in there that hasn't been elongated or something this thing is nothing and it has uh the compression ring and it has the other fit in there so why would you want something with more fit?
huskatrashed   best one to date

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huskatrashed best one to date...

I don't know yeah so it has, it's not a, it's not, it's a stepped neck so it's got the stepped neck in there but you know there's enough adjustment in there for whatever you need and nobody's taking this with a passenger on or shouldn't i wonder if he's going to say something about filling the holes in this swingarm the original problem if you cleaned it you don't need that gt 30 40 50 60 90 000 wd40 all these two letters two Numbers you don't need any of this, TRUE? And if you cleaned it, if you washed it and you certainly don't need so much. improve enough but not that much for me because if you really look at it you can never get this stuff rubbers are weird right when they stain or whatever you never can unless you start using rubber solvents which they usually no one has access, they'll start to crack and get weird, look how well the zinc has done. and then these nuts is that it's the wire wheel you can instantly see you know a zinc finish is a dull finish but it has wire wheels i can see the thread it has wire wheels at the end of the thread that's why i grip these nuts no it's just going to rust like a now he's like a kid and he likes this it's a little heat shield and he has to go out to clean it and clean it behind him and it's just holding it down a hot rivet left over from the factory before i drilled that little split there, but he cut off what was left, which is a good thing, right? outside I'm going to take the obvious precaution right behind here this is the gas tank a plastic gas tank so I'm going to take a piece of sheet metal slide it over the back of the heat shield right behind the rivet as well so when i push the natural fuel tank it's plastic fuel tank gasoline fuel tank i meant plastic was going to say again plastic fuel tank just eating it now with that sharp edge but any rod a little bit through i don't put a hole in my tank you have to drill to remove the head it uses a much larger bit usually about the size of the rivet it's not necessary but what I'm saying is you have to remove the head you don't need to look at their smug little chops it's like it's a genius dude you ain't really a rivet you ain't piercing the whole damn thing the clown in him oh this is this look at him with his gloves that don't leave e clairvoyance behind why it's going to rip into it in a minute anyway i'll get to it drill that's too slow move on see what that was for you took your head off what all that nonsense was about oh look all the drilling you're doing good old harpic we'll do it soon what's going on on my phone it keeps plugging and unplugging it's oh he's got a hole in his glove but he's got a hole in his glove but you know it's doubtful you noticed how he's time he stayed and watch i know he watches and it's good to see that when he learns something people say all my videos are useless and useful to him.
huskatrashed   best one to date
I literally say something and he does it because it's common sense or it should have been if you don't remember the last time he put that on the wheel and turned around and started looking for something else like now he's not these things it's not about no matter how hard you push if someone is a little stubborn just hang in there a little bit longer it will slowly start to warm up and that will help you, you know, work out anything or whatever but this is what you know is a buffing wheel and so a buffing wheel you shouldn't be real and taking off with this thing right?
huskatrashed   best one to date
It's not that's what it's not for you. You should have cleaned up all that junk beforehand. I've seen it though it's oh he's hammering it in there to the point where he doesn't jump or the table starts to move. um pedestal not table don't catch the edge when you're showing the camera look what you're doing you might look at this mirror finish but the rest is all scratched up and you know that's what I am. What I'm saying is what's the point if you have this surface here, this texture here where it starts to corrode slightly because that's where it's been squashed between the frame and this and the water got in there and stayed there for quite a while. while yes, if you have that, why polish the mirror or parts?
If it looks like what I'm saying is just wipe it off and rub it off and then leave it like but mirror polish it's like when you did the exhaust. the after his miller mirror was polished by the ally liter around the welds in the little pockets he can't get into that's a half job why bother it's like a mirror once you have a mirror and look the james webb telescope science shit and it's done successfully it's almost finished doing its parts like the um james webb telescope which is fantastic and an engineering marvel really it's amazing or something and we've done all of this right and then they have their big hexagonal mirrors and if you have a bit of there or a scratch like what's the point? purpose and this defeats purpose it's like the party is polishing shit and it gets to the point that that's why you can get a semi on doing it right that's what he is so much for filling videos leave leave this I'll rub it a bit but I bet even when you because he'll come in here with a sponge or a wet wipe or something this is a wet wipe he might as well just rub his head against it but even if he does there will be parts of you can see how oh


if i just take it apart wow i needed brains someone put copper grease on the back of them the hood ends thats not what brembo tells you to do i want to see if it cleans the boots, I don't bother.
I buy new ones if you're going to get to this point of taking the brake pads out with calipers replacing the pin replacing the pads cleaning the clips all that stuff then rubber boots just buy new ones right? Don't go just buy a new one. last time i did it i already did the sv. I replaced some rubber boots. I think one was a pound forty and the other was two pound ten. Don't bother trying just buy new ones ok so you're scrubbing that stuff down here with a brush so if you have a brush like that and it's not stiff enough don't go out and buy another brush just cut the bristles downward cut cut the bristles in half and it will stiffen the brush and if that is not enough cut it until you have got everything you need like stiffness.
I'm glad women don't do that to you with your penis. Just cut it until it's stiff enough. Just take that off your fingers. The man thought. I'm sure I heard the sound of a hammer. there yeah that's a hammer hold your fingers we're sensitive leave no evidence of gloves we should call them epstein gloves every once in a while missing the gloves missing the clothes i see that cast on the other end oh god I gave a new pair of gloves. Outside, no, a round blade knife. I bought a knife, right? You know you used it.
I remember well. You used to have in the past. You only have the olive. You know, like mother of pearl. What do you call it now? It is not ivory itself. The other things that are cheap, since it's like a plastic. We only have one with a little. slightly curved towards them, so things are cool, good old fashioned knives made in England, um, they're cool, like she can bend them a little bit and they're fine like that, I'm fine, they were great at doing things like that. I can't believe your fans can't believe you made meheard as always.
If you don't exist anymore you have a car see if you can find them you just pick them up like four four knives for a pound as I love them you see it makes doing so much easier. gt gt80 is or gt i can't it was called gt85 that was the savings year i was born just yes it's disposable stuff but the amount of it gets jesus oh look oh look it's barely used it's never been outside for the sun get damaged brand new a piece of plastic that looks like new like a piece of plastic was diseased on its edge i don't know why that took too long to stare at for ages oh let's get out a refractometer and take a look at it the uh oh no cosplay no she's just getting it for someone else the parts go through the frame all this over here they'll touch you touch you I see the side of the tank blur oh yeah oh yeah great job around here though, but we could come to that.
You see he's at this point where he thinks why don't you take it all apart. I disarm everything. He said that he still wants to do the front end and some of the plastics and stuff. If we can take it all apart. he got in this state now you better got it all figured out what he doesn't realize is his death project would last even longer you can get even more videos of him anything people get bored of watching the same usual but there are people out there who take a bike apart like a crash bike put it back together usually bad but they put it back together and that's a video a video it's like i understand why it does this but at least why i forget it there's an entrance here I can see that it's difficult, but you can see that it's all there, it's all there, it's just that he's done as good a job as you could do doing that.
The moral of the stories does not do that. You have to remember this. the thing was practically new anyway i'm like looking at the rubber boot the uh um lost garter the league the rubber boot is like a rubber boot cv i'm trying to think of the word for that is there a proper y word i cant think about it if you look at all these clips on these reservoir horses look at the condition of the tires look at everything on this bike the things that are actually there the nooks and crannies its immaculate the bike hasnt been anywhere good final job of the day everything is clean those three holes that they would put rivets in that they won't am I going to put screws in their place?
So I want to see if they are thick enough to screw something into. I want to be able to put nuts on the back because you can't put anything in the back. there i need to thread them onto that metal plate this is a plate welded through frame check the thickness with a caliper and that plate is a full three millimeters thick so the beef is thick enough to hold an m5 thread, I'll hit them first and then cut three m5 screws so that they're short enough to get a full thread through and stay in place with a bit of thread lock, but at the same time not so long that they do a hole in a gas tank, let's get on with it, it's like he shows you. putting on your glasses and turning on the light just stop wasting your bell and you'll see you can talk while you do it explain things to your viewers i'm just trying to persuade you to go back to explaining boring square not a square it's a beauty, you have a lathe when you have a huge or you have a head as big as that you have like a machine screw with a big head and you know it's also a dome head so it's not like a cap it's not like a head screw where you have a nice cylinder this is a doormat no need to grab it how to grab it and machine it put it thread it into a necklace put the thread so the head sticks out and separates remove it because you just want the end and then the end you can get a little file and leaf through it you don't have to go or better yet buy the right size screws he has these little ones like i have the weird little drawers and stuff in them oh he's so gross l any hell i hate die i hate them i have to get the hexes i got quite a few of them so it's easy to grab them they look really longer than i expected to do about six thousand five thousand but longer than that that's all nothing else left to restore or refinish we are good to go so join me in the next video for a complete rear end reassembly with clean hands i'll see them so where they go no sorry i'm trying, where are they going, this says suspension renewal. people showed up expecting a renewal because i was what oh my god oh my god what happened because i was still confused what happened with the renewal i didn't even look at the bar at the bottom i was like ok we're doing a a bunch of crap and it just kills it what happened to the crash that clicks this is the revamp right?
Ok let's go back to the revamp, there's the commotion, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait there, so it's 210 2 minutes 10. There's ok 20 seconds 20 seconds of footage is the refresh. Watch it again what's that 30 seconds so we're talking about uh 5 5 of this video it's got the suspension in it that's not overhaul the you talk about a bit sir what is this says this is the final prep a bit of cleaning a bit of surgery done to go and then straight to the tip cup give me money what the hell? why did you have to be kidding? well there was no renewal, it says renewal right there, exclamation point, oh, it got rid of the gap, look, it's learned. how its little grammar thank god for that um and they all give it a thumbs up everyone give it a thumbs up because there are reasons and they say it's just the


video ever just a great work of video and photography that we we are getting closer and closer. remount he knows how to look at that bit of punctuation sure wish my fat boy parts would come soon happy new year to you and your girlfriend girlfriend these are weird people aren't they? they're weird huh this is just weird weird weird no one seems to say where he is it's the shock revamp that the title says we're getting and as you can see it's not bad not bad not bad any way let's get on with next one oh head stop burning can't wait for that but then we'll have to get on with the others so after that weird little fiasco that is oh my gosh oh rear suspension rebuild mount Complete rear suspension, well I don't know if I believe you, let's move on. well, well, well, well, let's not forget that we need an explanation as to why we haven't solved the swingarm problem that he talked about for a long time, remember he said that? restored and cleaned and shined and polished and painted now ready to reassemble so today it will rock on the short link assembly temporarily put the factory shock back on until you can get a better one then put the wheel on how do you know what is better?
Seriously, how do you know which is better? see they're not really that complicated at all area hits right it's only when you get into the two three four thousand that it really gets complicated but the knot put the chain on the chain rivet and put the chain guard on so i will have a rear end i can stall the bike so i can go ahead and do the front end because the next thing after this is going to be the head bearing yeah i better deal with it i want to get to that one so bad so hopefully this be quick and what I mean quick is I hope you don't we have to go through a big rant about how much it is one of the things I like is you see these blocks some of my flats there to captivate the nut so you can basically just install it from the side, which I like, but it's also polished. p as you can see stripping all the chrome off that crumb all the zinc coating if its a zinc sheet one which in the end looks like it is so it is oh we got it oh hell its like jurassic park oh god please you should do a channel on how to make videos not like you know make a channel on how to make videos look pretty not to do this click on it he said temporarily so why is he squeezing it so hard?
Oh it's the lower melting point the lm2 which doesn't mean low melting point means multipurpose lithium but any way what do I know? Oh my gosh there's no point in greasing them properly if you haven't removed all the coating the reason is these are bearings and then they have a correct inner pin it's the inner pin that turns the bolt it just carries the load and you know it holds everything attached it's just a fastener um you can put grease on them to keep them from cutting and stuff but this goes right into the recycling facility so it doesn't really matter some people think oh you put them on to slide them better it's a nonsense, right?
It's like throwing a sausage trying to throw a sausage down a hallway, right? you know authorization suits you, you can just add these things as you can see, then just nothing, absolutely nothing, it's just a pointless conversation setup, yeah, what's up with that? It's like the early learning center for youtube viewers if you remember the early learning center you don't even know if that's still around. I think it disappeared. because it's actually taped look how many full thread commits are in that oh look it's all sticking out now that's exactly how it works oh no no that one though be careful though that sony alley oh god did you buy a new one? or did you not know i just got all the parts i said last week i have all the parts for the sv videos coming soon and um all the gaskets and stuff and uh i got some new nuts i was buying units always always crank nut clutch nut and something else, do this if you're sending them out to breed which doesn't cost as much as you'd think um or just make your own little bathroom and learn how to do the little setup as an associate. set it right never touch it again keep it that way you might even do some hot zip what did I just say hot zinc dipping?
I'll show you some of that because zinc takes all it needs. one is not like this toilet feature um but yeah zinc dipping so much fun fucking dogs oh come on just this let's go see something decent oh gosh this is boring now you see I'll clean up this, we won't get rid of these. rust spots and rust spots are important because that's through the 50 acf plating all this is the other thing this is the standard stock right? Look at her, she's got some little bite marks, she's new, she's new, she's not as heavy as a glove, you'll feel it, you must have two cameras set up, he's not doing everything. this so good instead of around with this why don't you just take the other pin out and put the other pin in? look how he got it right, rested, propped this up on this cabinet, come and put a washer and nut on there. just to put the other bloody pin in oh for love wow toilet paper i didn't like that one there was quite a bit of clearance between the head end the two flats the american fines there was a lot of clearance between that and it's actually kicking a lot which it means that there is a lot of pressure at that point and that is in your frame. you keep putting and then taking off and ta king again because it just turns it off because you just don't need as much you better be done clicking. tricky ponies and they ain't even tight or they shouldn't be huh where did the drill come from everything has so much grease on it oh that looks chewy chewy look at the ladder you wouldn't think it has a bit uh the drill press is on okay the bolts are going in like this so there's your surface and they're going in like this they look perpendicular but I wasn't hitting and it's perpendicular first time I've seen him use washers on anything I think that's because the bolts are too long oh nora he's lying this was the first thing he ever did you can trust he always has this always take it all out look at everything why did you do that why should you be wrong look at that amazing paint finish I don't know if you've figured out what's going on there but look at the bra not working that nothing is square if that's gone tight at the back edge that's a problem that's a big problem something's not square it's ok lo he's threaded like because even the raised washer looks at the bell end on camera in front of everyone so what a knob what a giant knob I just edited that if I were him you know I mean you only edit that because we know he does things like this.
You get ones by pressing. I like them much better. God, I was going to say that one looks good. that looks good. yeah, look at the state of the room, it's already peeling off, look, he's done something to them, you know, I think he's done something to them because they're not that bad, he would have painted over what he's done, he'll let a load of water and now you la ho le, although I don't think so, he is these things, they're not, they're not waterproof, but I don't think anything got past these, the wall just slides off, eventually it'll soak through another capillary action and so on, but I just don't. do not believe it, not that volumeof water, oh god, it's the bargement bodging toolkit.
Jesus Christ oh well done squirt it in the hole if you're gonna do it what a badge what a podge it's gonna smash oh yeah that's it that's lovely jubbly what a badge just wow again too you wanted clips. don't use that one oh we're not using it nine times out of ten those things stay on the steel oh come back i want to see what else you have i'm a really horrible aussie junta yeah yeah and oh a decent chain for once the amount of money it takes escape is just amazing now i'm back he's going to make a meal out of this.
I've seen him do this a few times, he makes the right food, he's not even doing the caliber in hell, yeah there's a scene. Have you ever seen a faster jump? put the caliper on it too this is without the caliper it's easy oh no spacer yeah that's it jump right into it look jump right into it it's not that hard you made a meal out of it and there's no chain he is he is he is this is the shape easier to do and at tit level now he blocks whoa whoa he's lost his blocks see look he is can you tell he does this all the time he has done it for years where is your block your block isn't there are you a bird yes this?
Is this just proof of how dumb he is? I've done this all the time I've done this all the time 30 years I've been doing this for years I've been doing this 136 years and seven months I've been doing this don't get me wrong right? We've all done it, but you do it first. Couple times you never do it again like he did a few times but you know what I mean you miss him and then but this yeah 30 years of experience and he was you he forgot that a good indication though or a good example of missing him. completely the other thing is also dude you know these weren't touched like this you have an idea oh it was removed about a centimeter two centimeters or something so do that before you put it all Let's see now every time you do this jack every time you change a chain you use a different tool and you do the different procedure each time so you have the chain tool on a stick it's like the pro motion pro one i don't like that one or is he did one but it has a rip off it's a chinese wii moto rip off which is fine as long as you get the dead pin i've done videos on all of that before um but yeah let's see what it does this time and on the back of this box it gives you full instructions the website gives you full ons instructions and all the research so let's quickly break down in my mind so I've seen a lot of people do this before I've seen videos on this when I did the research to do the other video of finding out what's which people do wrong, um so there's that little packet with the pins so you put the o-rings in and then you put a little bit of grease on each pin because grease is meant to go on the pins.
I have seen people put on fat. on and then put the o-rings on that's silly don't bother doing it so you put the pins on and you want to try and spray as much grease between the pins and the two roller sections on each end of the chain then you put your o-rings on and you try to squirt as much grease in there then you put your o-rings in then you put your plates in and then what you do is you use the crush tool because I see people with pliers and all kinds you crush the plate until it literally fits over the exposed pins and then you crush the rivets with the tool and you measure the rivets I've seen people measure all kinds of crap it just measures the rivet spacing it tells you on the back of the box how to do this let's see what Dell does you got a ring. it's that I'm not I must have never seen it before yes it has its four roars so it shows you here look it has the game on and everything it says caught with grease and it shows you what to catch with grease and all that crap like that which even comes with the instructions he took it out so you shouldn't get it right he tells you something else he's putting it in the oh for love you can catch the o-rings in greece I get it, but he just washed it, he just soaped up the plates, what are you doing, that's like half the grease, but not the pins.
It's a little loose, so the fat you fill well, shed a little fat. To push the pins in there, he's going to push most of it out, but try to get as much in there as possible because the grease has to go. It's between the pins and the rollers here, that's where the grease lives, that's where it's supposed to. to live the o-rings are there to seal the grease in so putting some grease between the plate and the o-rings are the flanks obviously you don't want to dry out the tear but that will get washed up on them soon anyway modes no no no no no you this is what i mean what are you doing look i can see that side is dry and that side is dry there's a little bit i can see the hood ends and wipe off the excess clog it in there i just put a little bit, but yeah, that's how it should be correct, don't worry about this side of the o-ring, it's the other side because that's what o-rings are for.
They are trying. to keep this fat for love oh just on your finger would have made here we go moto jobby that's the one we go thinking about what happened to the other one cause i'm sure it was one of sealy oh so which you will use the tool to install the board. A lot of people don't do that. It has like a thin strip down the center as a step to lose the pins as you push it in and then flip the tool over now that's what you're trying with your fingers that's what the tools are for right before you do something stop and have a good head in there and have a look good look good take out your torch or whatever look good make sure it's not crooked or out yeah that's that's just smug tight just tight everything oh for love 10.3 that's just keep squeezing them 'cause they're from plastic and they will show you the number you want they will say 15km if i push hard enough measure them against each other measure them against the ones next to each other good not really you s I shouldn't even do that because the different rivets follow the instructions on the box and when I say buy, follow the instructions on the box, not the instructions on the box. i've done it by hand instead of the drill, they've been fine, won't it work on both sides?
Where did that block come from? Haven't seen any suspension rebuilds yet they were just putting bolts in the holes oh sick spraying cancer inducing all over do you really need to show us that ok ok very happy with it love the way it looks not anymore I have seen the shine the wheel on the satin black swingarm, however the swing in pain absolutely matches the pain in the frame. I am very happy, happy with the result. The frame painting would be of good quality. more to do the exhaust it has to go in but I'm going to rip all the body work out and repaint it so there's no point in doing that please say it's black please it's black always go for a disgusting color if it doesn't turn black like a weird brown done but now i want to answer an obvious and unavoidable question please say we are going to buy the rocker arm i want to know i cant wait for this one i want to know why i didnt fill the rocker arm weld it drill a hole in it whatever the reason Didn't talk anything today?
That's because I talked about everything at the end. Some bras today stay in place, but others have to come back out. When I change that shock I have to undo the whole short link and then put a new one on and do it all so the easiest way on any project to make sure you've done every fastener is to talk about all of them on the same day it seems the strange, this is the problem that surrounds it. I miss you this I can see it from here we have one two three four five six seven eight nine ten elev at twelve thirty-five and you don't know which you have done which if you do it as you go and then mark it with a pen it is to mark it with a marker which reminds you never go hand tightening and then go oh pen you don't do it right you only take the pen out when you do the talk setup oh you're making a fool of yourself and you'll miss something alright so I will go. about the whole project at the end, i'm just tightening everything tight for now, won't ride until everything has been checked with the torque wrench.
I've played front to back exactly as I do on all the other projects absolutely fine there we are that's it for today look into the next one and we'll attack the headstock bearings hopefully yeah I'll see you then yeah yeah you will see us then yeah i can't wait at that point so i shit this is it now the reason i'm really excited is i want to see what he says nasty surprise rise not what i expected an eight year old bike it's only eight years old but nothing surprises me right now the reason i'm excited is if you don't know he did the hammer dog project which is kawasaki street fighter and uh he completely mullet that beyond recognition also people will probably ask is that a stop light from the 1980s um that's because they don't change things around here because they're all cheap bastards yeah people know what i got but i got it from the roundabout in the a11 um the 12 37 now the b1237 uh they don't have too many they don't need them it's not uh chris obviously not a christmas present from the ladies so thank you so much honey that's absolutely fantastic i love it it's great and there's an arrow pointing to the exit, which is to exit, uh let's get on with this I'm very excited because I'm sure you read the manual and you'll do it correctly I'm sure you will I'm going to do this correctly um but it will be just or a good con contrast and let's see if he rages like he's an expert you know if he starts saying something but yeah literally we'll see what happens with success.
We didn't have a blackboard at last. in this life you need three things a wishbone a backbone and a funny bone i'd say that's funny he added the y later because you can see the progression of an and ee and then he said oh crap that looks stupid so it's all about hand but other than that and we got rid of the oh for some reason ok good morning welcome back ok today head bearings or steering head races depending on what you want to call them head races Head, never heard of that head bearing, steering bearings, the ones up there. now i'm going to upgrade them from ball bearings which are apparently tapered roller bearings which is definitely an improvement right?
It is not an improvement. Roller ball bearings are not roller ball bearings. I love this there now I'm going to upgrade them from ball bearings apparently they are but they are angular contact bearings not roller ball bearings. but whatever yeah people think they're up to


they're not tapered roller bearings which is there's a lot of manufacturers that fit tapered roller bearings so people think they're up to


they're not a update oh angular contact bearings are actually pretty sexy definitely an upgrade now that doesn't imply much because the wheels are already off the brakes are already off I can drop the forkGet your legs out and get to work now I've done this on lots and lots of bikes in the golden wings. head straight rolling that wheel oh this is a friend come on what you doing I will do it.
You don't need the other. hand threads sorry um ming and bumble put some copper grease on that right away that's cheap is some of the ones caught in this black paint are just painted on and haven't been treated that just shows what the paint instead of just saying electroplating like zinc or something nice i should point out it depends on how the zinc is applied just for those who just don't know just be correct it's funny actually because this is what makes me laugh is that his face here I can he's just thinking what I'm going to take the piss off look how happy he is that we shouldn't talk shit oh wait what about the bands?
Did someone release me from there? They could have turned on because they are not an angle. Check out the crispy bands of bumblebees. They're not even part of the casting which means this york is for something else right this york is for something else because um the fastest fly a lot of other bikes have them these parts are parts of the castings um , it's not a bad thing, which means it's interchangeable with other things actually they've already done this, why don't you just leave it all out? I that is rubbed because I was waiting for him to move it to see if it is just a reflection of something but it is not honor it is sorry I was going to say I thought that it had been in an accident it could rub against the chrome there look because it seems to follow it but it is the reflection of the cabinets or something someone just died yeah go away i know what he's going to do he's going to hang this whole thing with a ratchet strap or some rope. wow a rat rat two ratchets what are you doing ah forget it great great look we all look like this is how this is the new thing it is still has the husqvarna number from the dealer the paper tag on it me this has not been to any part this hasn't been anywhere me these bearings make eight is eight years old nine thousand miles thethey look like bearings that have done thirty thousand miles they really do but i think where it's coming from is miled with the jet wash that filled the swingarm i think i had the jets ah so now it feels like the jet wash filled the swingarm i don't know if believe that either in around the headstock area has inserted the water under this inserted the water seals the water lead up to the rust and the rust makes the remains there it is so no it's not and show us the rust just grind the bearings, you can see that it doesn't. t for it to remove the bearings you would have to move it around a lot the bike hasn't done anything look at all that finish there it's just ripped off and that's what happens so stay away from the jet wash anyway speaking they definitely need to do it no they don't its nice to see that because i know the money i spent on these now he's just trying to justify like he did with the chain and sprocket like he did with everything else he makes he's trying to justify the fact that he's making these videos was worth it let's bring them I literally just got a comment now that he just said the question mark from the Husker trashed video.
I'm recording it. I see that he has the ones from skf. I think he has these with the other parts that he has. Don't buy skf I think he bought these in the micro fish from a parts supplier how can you be so dumb? Oh look they are already rusted look at the color look at the rust look look at them they look exactly the same me look at the markings there look look at the markings look at all these markings look feline look at this actually look there what is that what is this oh it's a new deal new sealy tool right look at the brand new stairs dummy too he has never opened this thing look at the box look at everything inside it has never been touched never touched he has i wonder if he will use that controller correctly because there's a driver in there let's see if it's ever been hit by a hammer new tool but you have to save up to 20 years actually how much does this cost it will probably have a link in the description let's find out how much does this cost because I bet it's an ass too and it's a monkey span, you see, you could have bought a press. that idiot i made one of these for people to buy it costs 20 quid and you dont have the right i can see now i dont have the right thread i dont want to have a v thread on something like this poor poor quality tool what are you doing tool that should be an oidal trapezoid or acme thread like your vise or a g-clamp the reason is that those threads are designed to go in and out, in and out, in and out, in and out, in and out now without tying v the threads are designed to bond um and it's also the load that the thread can carry the thread in a thread is not meant to carry any load um but in a trapezoidal acme thread because it's basically square it's designed to carry load that's why they're really good for g-clamps and vices look he hasn't even had a brain any further wait on how this works again look is that oh yeah let's get on there you can see his bread can smell it such a good tool you I can't actually get on it because of the clearance it needs between the tank which will be the same for each bike and the head wow look I don't like this tool right away because there isn't much feel with a handle set up like that you could grow you could you could literally again you could crack your head off ok if it was an aluminum you could probably split it with this tool you can even breathe when i say grab it looks like it's going to fly hit the spike. look if you're going to make a mark on it whatever you're doing don't stop it you might as well use that there's a point this is just to turn the tool off 120lbs oh god oh look look no chisel marks on he that's awesome imagine you can also notice this bike is in full look at the stop ok that's the side that's that that's the side it leans to the right there's no markings on them no marks on them, barely touched, haven't put anything on me probably done 20 weekends someone doing you know a couple hundred miles each go oh god with the grease let's see if he does he has his own dell procedure what happened to your pack in the grease you know little trick you like to do with your palm cause he loves that right he is yes he is a guy in a hcv garage or wherever a car garage does he says oh , I will use it to show people in the video and it is not doing this is inc laughable this is a totally different version again what's got into the at the end of there oh one of the pins here you realize they're meant to go at the end of that that's why they have the ball bearing on these, they go at the end, so they are centralized. constant swirl look this is better but it's also full of shit oh you didn't pat him you agree you didn't pat your heading properly dell oh oh he's not even doing it the way he used to oh not there goes his brain clicked into gear the thing is i can remember what he's done why can't he remember what he's done hundreds of thousands of times because he's been doing this for 30 years and he's done it thousands of hundreds of times ? literally said at the beginning this video is in this hundreds of times i don't get me wrong it's much better but we don't know if these videos like andy made a video i made a couple of videos if we hadn't made these videos i would still be doing it the way old oh look it looks exactly like it almost looks exactly like when you took it off looks exactly the same I love what happened to doing it straight up and doing the math from your simple skills.
It looks like you've turned it 90 degrees and you're using the normal torque setting. say jesus christ oh yeah you want to make sure you understand that you really want to make sure everything is alright or the right way otherwise you will turn, turn left and throw your engine will rev oh I'm not backing down again ok he says like i said i should do it in the light it's because the light bar we can see ah that's like r650 look inside everything is immaculate now look someone been putting a paint pen in here , look when I installed it at the factory.
Yes, you will need all of that. How do you see that he is editing? It's everywhere. You don't go and leave the handlebars clutching for dear life while you ride this and strip all the zinc coating off. in there with the loads off just don't forget that ok we're a quicker job here than usual but I've only done half the job obviously enough to kill myself with some chisels not setting the fender and the wheel. and brakes on and rebuilding the whole front end still because the fender itself doesn't fit with the wheel in place so I'm going to wait until it's painted and that brings me to the next point all this bodywork is still loose because in next video i'm going to start stripping all the plastics off and getting it ready to paint it black paint it black please paint it black then i'll see you later i'm not music oh no the birds are not good at all i found out that um well i was , i was being serious , i was half expecting g an apology or a thank you would have been nice um anyone say something similar you should be thanking this channel because these things you learned are things i've been through uh yeah you know you didn't see any installation From Factory The bearings on my TR 650 were new when I replaced them last year.
I don't pressure wash but mine were badly rusted after 28,000 miles and they hold up in the living room. never flushed my bike with water good old fashioned sponge so i will be water great presentation you are editing and fast forward beats whatever did you use grease to help seat the inside of the bearings as a lawn mower mechanic I see a lot of the bearings that function as bushings get washed out or irradiated. It's a silly idea, isn't it? Who said that I really like the lighting in the final scene? Look, this is what everyone is sloppy lighting, just rubbish, but no, I'm not saying anything. minute you told us how to make some But you never said those immortal words, but you knew, right?
I want a refund. I don't know if it's bothering him in a genuine way in a genuine way. inefficient at critical bearings, prove it, just how do you know i really like to do heads? One question though, let's see what Dell says, no tapered bearings have been seen in bitten wheels before on trucks and buses. the headstock i haven't seen it before i haven't seen a lot of things like um yea so no no no thanks no nothing though we fixed it but at least it's doing a lot better besides possibly breaking the headstock . I love to see that I'm not saying it's cracked but that's terribly suspicious it looks like a crack it's on two surfaces so not just the top but the side also looks like a crack that's exactly where the bearing gave out um the bearing also chipped and the reason a bearing would pop like that is one because it's brittle but number two is because there's enough force to squeeze it like that and as you lift a bearing on one side like you did it breaks and it blows up usually means there isn't enough room and things give out huh if it has broken it is because now it will slowly break and break and break the vibrations the suspension everything that happens i would love to see any way that is enough for now this has been gone for bloody ever that was a brilliant video which is more what i want to see uh nasty surprise yeah breaking the headstock by the looks of it um but the bearings were fine if you want to post some pics of the baronsdale and all the grease all the rust and all this so we can see why i don't believe you i hope it makes sense and i'll see you in a bit

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