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Hunting New Mexico Elk at 2 Yards with Randy Newberg (OYOA S3 E4)

May 31, 2021
Overseas, this hunt here is an archery elk hunt in western New Mexico, large tracts of public lands, some pretty tough country, and some of the historically vast elk herds in North America. Moose


, by its very nature, is a difficult hunt, there aren't many of them found. Easy elk


on public lands, this hunt gets a little more extreme because no vehicles allowed, no ATVs allowed, nothing like that, so anything we do is going to come off our backs, it's going to be hooves, it's going to take a lot. of preliminary work and it's going to be difficult Quality managers New Mexico is known for these vast grasslands, but it's still high mountain and I'll hunt both.
hunting new mexico elk at 2 yards with randy newberg oyoa s3 e4
I will hunt the high mountains and the dark wood, the Ponderosa, the Deep. canyons and if that doesn't work then I'll go to the grasslands where people say you won't believe it but you'll see moose in these places where there are no real habitats for moose when I get here. The first thing I did was look at those big, tall mountains and said that's where the moose would be. I spent my first day exploring there and finding where the roads were closed. Everything else. I heard a bugle. I think so. I've heard of a moose on a ridge.
hunting new mexico elk at 2 yards with randy newberg oyoa s3 e4

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hunting new mexico elk at 2 yards with randy newberg oyoa s3 e4...

I'm thinking to myself, this is the place, it's an incredible moose and this ridge this morning, right in daylight, an absolutely perfect place for him, it's been his day. I've only had this day to explore and at this point I'm worried that this is so thick, it's so hot during the day that the moose aren't singing at all. I think they do all their singing at night. We have a full moon. This is going to be hard. There is a water well. three miles over those ridges and maybe I'll be forced to sit in that waterhole all day during the heat of the day I gained 1200 feet of elevation and I'm just sweating and I'm listening and I'm listening, no I don't hear nothing but bugles very weak, very disappointing, all my scouting effort went into hunting this taller Timber and I realized it was going to be a difficult strategy, but I'm getting out so who cares how difficult it is on this scout, so Noel got.
hunting new mexico elk at 2 yards with randy newberg oyoa s3 e4
Standing on these bald grassland bumps here every time I look I see them all Coffee, who cares there's no vegetation? They would see them coming for 500


, why didn't I go after them? I said, you know what? I really have nothing to lose. I only had one day to explore. I'm going to count this afternoon as a scouting mission and headed out to the prairie. I had heard from some of the biologists and rangers I talked to and I also heard it from a guy at a gas station in this little town and they all said don't give up on the grasslands you're going to see elk in those grasslands, no one hunts them with bow because there's no cover and it's hard to catch them, but don't rule it out, you know, a lot of people will send me emails asking me what kind of signal I'm looking for when I'm scouting, that's the signal I'm looking for right there, you know, most people think about how. the country is Big Tall ridges deep bottoms tight cover and that's classic elk country and that's where I scouted the first day and where I hunted this morning barely heard scribbles now you'll see me here in Short Grass on that Tom There are some scattered trees to give shade and coverage, but I'm going to look for some milk.
hunting new mexico elk at 2 yards with randy newberg oyoa s3 e4
I have you. I'm going to sleep out here and it's taking me 45 to 50 minutes to get to this high end. bank because the wind is blowing bad so I had to get down here and get behind them so when they come out in an hour or so I'll be downwind and hopefully I can intercept them when I left the truck he said it was 92 degrees and no I'm ready at almost 8,000 feet elevation, if I shoot one I'll be packing up all night because it's going to be ruined if I don't get out of here, one of the things that's going on in my mind is if I photograph something in this hot weather, how am I going to do it? to get it out of the hills before it goes bad?
And if it's in some of the places, I think it will be. I have a pack of three to four miles each. I walk and you don't take out a moose in a load there is a ball right there another one outside these moose have no business being here but then I thought about it and I looked down and there is a water hole. I looked around and there's more food than those moose could eat in a lifetime, so the only thing they're really missing is cover, but what they have in the way of cover is all of this.
The archers in the escape area will not be able to sneak up on them. I'm easily not going to be able to call them that easily, except in these little pockets where there are some trees, so they're pretty safe. I've been here for about two minutes and found two big balls of Spike Bullets right now without laughing. If someone had told me I was going to come here, sit down, and in five minutes see a bowl that big, I would have said no, but I did it with this wind, now it's changing more towards an easterly wind, I could follow it. that Hillside and try to attract them in some way, even the best thing you can do is try to get them to do what they want to do, don't try to get them to do what you want them to do, it's more exciting than Being 500 meters from a moose, you want put an arrow on public land.
The good news is that the wind is starting to shift a little more from the east, which is helpful. Those three spikes are way below him and he has three cows right there. and he's lying right under the rocks this is a bet but I go and I go against the wind and I'm falling look what's happening right there look back he goes under my right to my left he already has looks like some kind of arrow right on the shoulder outside the line of sight is 95. the actual horizontal distance on the DVR is 55. the foreign cows come walking and she goes downwind the concert is over, you see that bowl it's the biggest ball I've ever seen ever seen.
I've been around archery but there's such a strong crosswind that the cows surround it. I wasn't going to shoot and make a bad shot. I just couldn't try. uh, you know, although Leopold tramples these same hills and is famous for saying. that ethics is what you do when no one is looking properly, in my case that's not exactly how it works because I have a camera and I know there are hundreds of thousands of people watching, but whether I was here alone or in front of the camera , I'm not. I'm going to take a photo that's out of my reach.
I don't care how big that bowl is, but it was fun. The next morning I tell Troy to take the drone from him. Let's get lit. Let's go and let's prepare. a peak We camped in that roadless area, so that's what we did, we dragged all that stuff up there, got up at four or something in the morning, got there at 5:30. We're walking in the dark and unfortunately That morning I was as sick as could be Randy is super sick right now he's laying in the trees it's prime time I mean prime time so we sit there for about 20 minutes while I tried to regain enough strength to continue climbing the ridges. and suddenly we heard some bold people in this basin in my mind.
I'm thinking I'm already two miles here and if there are bold bugles over that ridge, I don't care if my stomach hurts if I have the flu. or whatever, I'm going to climb that ridge and if it takes me two and a half miles, that's where I'm going, so I go up that ridge, look, I don't see anything, I think I must be hearing things right then. It really wasn't that good I heard more bugles, the bugles I had been hearing were actually over the next ridge which was about three quarters of a mile away and at that point you say, well I'm in it up to my chest.
We also went over my head and went and made a big circle up where we could look down on these draws and we get there and there are bulls snorting and hissing and going crazy and there isn't a tree anywhere around them. I think I counted 17 cows two barbs in a really big herd bowl and now that I found them we figured there's no way we can sneak up on a bull with 17 cows the chances are we'll call him away from those cows near zero and meanwhile I hear this little bugle right on the lip below me and I look and I can see the back of a moose and I look and I see another moose, there are four raghorn bulls just 150


from my West and I told Troy.
I told him we should set up the Montana decoy and see if we can call one of those. Oh, he took a couple of calls before they started paying attention and all of a sudden the four of them are like, “Hey, wait.” In a second, an arrow hits me and I'm in the draw ready to go and I can hear these other Bulls behind us breaking not only the bulb of the herd but a couple more screws. I'm thinking to myself, what now? Do I want to do here? This one comes I want to shoot. It's focused squarely on me and I'm thinking you know I could take this.
I got directly downwind and at that moment I'm thinking you know, here's a young man. ball, he's tense, he knows I'm here, I'll probably let him go, I did Troy and he was sitting there under the shade of this piñon tree and he was glassy and behind the Bowl herd about another four or five. A hundred meters away I see another Bowl that is leaning right against this Rock Ledge trying to keep the shadow on it. There's a bull right where the sun rises on that ledge right there placed right under the rocks. I think I can get on it, Troy. and I'm making this stock, I'm thinking to myself, you know?
This is a big gamble because if I take the wrong direction of the wind, that herd plate and all their cows smell me, they'll go away, so I dropped my backpack, I hit an arrow and now I'm excited, so I keep going, I just want to say , step by step, if you step on the grass, there's a lot of noise, so I'm looking rock by rock, I go and go and I get about 10 feet from the edge of these rocks and I'm looking like where he went he's not up here in Somewhere there are your antlers right there I have these rocks right in front of me I need you to stand outside your ends we're standing there for probably 10 minutes and I told Trice I was like, "I can shoot him right here.
I can shoot him right in his bed," so I said, "No, that's not fair, let him get up. What the hell happened? Oh, hell, he just shot." a really big bowl at two yards bought in stock two yards oh my gosh I'm a lucky guy so after all the kind of humility of all this and it's taking in what's just unfolded it's like getting that slap in the expensive. When Randy wakes up it's 80 degrees it's one in the afternoon you owe it to this bowl to get every ounce of meat out of here and not let anything spoil Troy and I've done it hundreds of times we're carving and cutting bags, boning things to packing, hanging them in the shade of a small tree that was there, we loaded our backpacks at three o'clock, we are leaving with the first load, okay, first load, I moved the other coins here. in the shade so that they sit in the shade with the wind blowing on them, take this load, we hunt for me first, seconds for pleasure and trophies, third, so that the last one comes out 6 45.
It took an hour and 10 minutes to arrive here from the truck coming up now I'm whipped I don't care what it costs this is the last time I need a break two hours more two hours thank God for the wild elk and the wild places it almost seems like a fantasy the sun is setting another incredible on your own adventure, thank goodness for New Mexico, thank you very much, the truth behind what you really see is that the cameraman usually does all the work, but the guy here gets all the credit, yeah, I'm lucky to have a cameraman like Troy Bassler Troy has hunted a lot, he is an inexperienced hunter when he is not filming, he is usually hunting, he gives me all kinds of medium help.
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