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Hunting Montana Archery Elk with Randy Newberg (OYOA S4 E4)

May 03, 2020
If you want to hunt public lands, you have to mentally say you know what I'm going to do. The unconventional thing when it comes to getting access to my public lands, access is very difficult here, or you come with a provider, which I did. Either you're going to get a landlord to charge you a trespass fee which I didn't, or you're going to blow up, which I did. I will not allow obstacles to stand in the way of legally accessing our public lands. If there's public land and there's a tag available, I'm applying and if I get that tag, I'm going to go.
hunting montana archery elk with randy newberg oyoa s4 e4
I don't care what the obstacle is somehow I'm going to be there. Can I just say they don't want me


here? You'll have to be a little more creative to keep me there. Many people will ask you why you would fly a helicopter against such a small audience. I land even if I can't kill a ball, the odds are pretty high. I'm going to see at least one really big ball. One of the challenges I have here is that I am


an area of ​​about 3,000 acres which is not very large. for elcy and it's not a contiguous block, it's these little ribbons of 160 acres here connected to 200 acres connected, so it's almost like going through this Labyrinth and if I get these elk out of here, I'm done, they're gone. a private I'm not going to see them again those Bulls are there private they're about 150 yards across the property line


hunting I can't bring myself to hunt right on the boundary so I'm back three 400 yards this way H you have to come up with a plan plan a plan a plan what gr it's so hot and it's September 8th maybe it's too soon I don't think so, I have d I can shoot it 22 yards Sideways fish to work at the UN, the responsible thing was to let go to that cow I have an ethical responsibility for how I make sure that meat comes home clean, fresh and undamaged and the heat here, I mean we're dealing with 90° heat a lot of these days there's no way to keep a moose cool for 4 days in 90° heat, that's why going outside is a young man's game, but if you want to kill it on public land early in the season, this is what you have to do.
hunting montana archery elk with randy newberg oyoa s4 e4

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hunting montana archery elk with randy newberg oyoa s4 e4...

The good news is that there are more Bulls right in front of me than I could ever shoot in a lifetime of tags. If they continue like that, they might end up in public, but then I got a Four Mile Jaun. up and around the private to get to them, I must kill one of those, although they just these kids don't know it yet. GPS Google Earth, good map and you can search for these areas which are really a checkerboard combination of public and private. I have them up high I have modeled them I have watched them for two days I know what they do and this morning I looked now I know where they are betting they are stopped in a dark forest and it is public what we are looking at From 4 and a half miles to 5 miles there are moose there and if there are moose on your own, Adventures will find a way to go there and film a hunt to kill one of those moose after Troy and I decide we're going to go there and check it out, we're walking over there and there's a big group of blue grouse in front of us and Troy is like you, the one who will be dinner, he got it, they're not the smartest things in the world, but They are some of the tastiest things in the world, especially for a young one like this short order.
hunting montana archery elk with randy newberg oyoa s4 e4
They removed the breast. They removed his legs. I feel like a chicken tonight. I feel like chicken tonight this morning. That large group of people passed by here if they go out. As they have the last two nights, there will be a lot of water coming out of here. What I didn't count on is that there was a water well in a private area just north of me, so I'm here and I'm thinking. They're going to pass by here, no, they run north and fall into this out of bounds waterhole, which is a big Su, yeah, that's the one, no matter how you try to explain it, the frustration of that is probably more evident on video that I.
hunting montana archery elk with randy newberg oyoa s4 e4
I can put it to work this is like the Woodstock of elk there's all kinds of debauchery here but that's what I'm signing up for if you can't stand the frustration of elk being on private land then don't hunt these types of places at the moment. lots of huge bowls just stirring the pot, going back and forth, you don't see this very often. I looked at Troy. I said, what do you think we should spend the night? He said, I think we should, although most of our equipment was back in the camp. We had little food, little water, water, all we had was our equipment to warm weather.
We said we were going to sleep right here in the grass and when those who leave come back, we will be here in case He can. sleep here or we can sleep here we have very little food we have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich this is dinner and breakfast and lunch for tomorrow and what did you say you have? I have two four pieces of jerky he has four pieces of jerky we established our position about 300, 250, 300 yards from the private boundary we began to make our bed for the night, the night, the sun, yeah, don't hate me for this and here's my bedroom, it's actually not that bad, play bags are totally key.
For the survivors, this is very nice, just a bunch of pine branches and, voila, see you in the morning. One more thing, if Randy doesn't shoot a moose, I will kill him. He was kind. It was a lot of fun to begin with, you know, camping overnight sleeping in the grass where the elk are going to come in, but then it got pretty serious when the temperature dropped and the wind started blowing 30 40 m an hour. Now I'm thinking, "this was it." It's a good idea, you start shaking like that, what do you do? You half check in for trying to sleep here.
Come on, in a case like this, you have to have a sense of humor because it's so miserable, it's more miserable than anything you can imagine. Randy looks like a turtle, it's like 3 in the morning, now we're trying, we're trying to decide who has a bigger lair, but I think I beat him, oh, you beat me by about four ropes, I'm shaking 'cause I've been sitting here with this wind all night, I didn't bring enough clothes, I didn't come as prepared as I need to, that's for sure what I want to do for an ALK hoping I won't be able to get out until then, so I'm signing this.
This is what Little Troy Mountain looks like. He built himself a small cabin out of pain. Know. As he thought about the night we spent in the woods, it may have been the dumbest thing we've ever done and it better be worth it. Since neither of us can move backwards, I probably let my enthusiasm for Al get in the way of common sense. He made a hole in the bottom of one of the game bags. Good morning, you know, there's a whole litany of things that can go wrong and I probably go beyond what common sense would dictate, but I guess maybe that's what makes me a serious El Hunter.
I'm shaking so much the images will be terrible. I don't care, come on, come on. kill it right now, okay, I'm ready, maybe that's an expression of my passion for wanting to show people that if you work hard you can kill a moose on public lands and that there's no level of work I can't put in to try. Bring my moose, they're calling me there. I just spent one night in this cabin. I'm heading over there now and we're going to face each other, so we start falling down there and there's a steep cliff. and I thought, well, I'm going to take a look and see how steep that cliff is and when I do, I look and there's a whole row of elf cows that are silent, just looking walking down that path thinking, aha, the have.
They are going to lead the whole herd here at the public well, the wind is what blows in the morning and it falls there and in 20 seconds their noses are up, they are looking around doing this and they didn't see anything, they just smelled it. and a cow barks, they leave, so that small group goes up that way, the rest turn around and go back to the private, you know how I say Hunning is 75% hard work, 20% knowledge and experience and 5% luck, and if that 5% is bad luck, you will go overboard and negate the other 95% of hard work and knowledge, and that's the exercise, so it was.
I wish I had some cool pictures to show you. Oh, they walked past me and I drew and I didn't want that, it didn't work out that way, we busted our asses and didn't even have a meeting. Welcome to Al mentally it's the last day of the hunt. I have been doing this for 5 days if I can. I won't kill a moose for 5 days, which makes me think I'll kill one on the sixth. I mean, everything you can imagine about an elant has come to us and now all of a sudden I think I'm glad. I got out of bed this morning and saw that there were almost three B's right there.
There is absolutely terrible wind here. God, it was like 75 or 80 yards right there and the wind shifts disappeared. Unfortunately, the Ridge is private and there is nothing we can do about it. I told Troy let's look at where they go, see if we can somehow get them in a position that has a lot of public lands where we can go and we sit and just watch bull after cow, cow, cow, cow, cow, cow and some things just monstrous The bulls cross there. I've been waiting here since noon. It's now 6:30. I have a little over an hour to make my move.
The bull is pushing his cows right into the audience right at the boundary, so I'm going to go down here. I'm going to relax there and wait for him to push himself and some of his cows next to me. This is, it's the last night. I don't know how else to say it and we get to where wood is becoming quite scarce. Now he said to Troy. I said: I'm going to leave my backpack right here, the rest I'm going to go very slowly, very quietly and I'm going to find a tree or a couple of trees out there and I'm going to sit down and I tell Troy, look, we're going to have We have to be patient, we're going to have to sit here and wait and see what happens.
It was the most exciting hour of waiting I have ever spent at an elcon without a doubt. I have about 10 minutes left to try to shoot, there is an arch right there with three cows right behind us and here that bull comes and comes and just when he sticks his head behind that tree I get on my knees and I get to draw completely and he sees me do it and then he's standing there, all I can see is antlers behind this limb and I'm thinking, come on buddy, come on, please, please see it, he's spinning up there, he's down, he's down, he made it. 75 yards I can't believe you hunt for the thrill and challenge, yes we hunt for meat, some trophy hunting, sacred cow.
I can't believe I did it, but those of us who are hunters know that when it comes to a man against a quarry, you are not going to be pushed, no other facet of your life forces you to go through so much and it is because that's what we hunt, thank you Mr. Bull. I'm almost speechless, which most people would say Randy has no words to express himself. It's weird, but one of the guys we've done a lot of adventure hunting with on his own is my Uncle Larry and it was the third day of this hunt when my wife called and said her lymphoma had come back and they told her if it comes back, your odds aren't that good and Larry, I thought about you almost every hour of every day since I found out about that and, Alex, to you, you were there with me the whole time.

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