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HUMILIATING: Gen-Z Can't Answer the Most Basic Questions

Aug 23, 2022
Do you know how many stars are on the US flag? 52 yes what state is Utah in Michigan? Yes you know what state Utah is in, to be honest you've never heard of that place in my life. I live under a rock. Can you name it? three countries besides the US suck at history. It was like my worst song. Can we do like science? I can't I can't okay okay I can't make history I can't do you know how many dimes are in a dollar? a dollar a dip is 10 cents or five cents you say I, I don't know, I came to three countries besides the US um, yeah, three, you know this Canada, New Mexico, right, that's good, yeah, many more, uh, yeah, so you've got Canada, New Mexico, and what I need to do to go back to school. do you know how many states there are in total in the US 100 how many continents there are three continents yes, yes, do you know which are the two countries that border the US, yes, as in borders, the only border I know It's Puerto Rico and Mexico, yes, who fought? in the civil war um, I don't know, you're talking about the president, president, no, the people who against two, I don't know one, I know I had to do what with France or France and I don't know the other one. a Branson, here you are close friends and the British are the same, right, yes, damn, I don't know who they fought against us.
humiliating gen z can t answer the most basic questions
Yes, do you know which continents they were on now? Do you know who fought in the civil war? Who? I fought in the civil war like for the president no like who against who the Nazis were against Germany no yeah I'm not going to say yes, but correct me if I'm wrong yeah, you actually guessed it no, yeah, I'm like you did No I know that, oh, did they teach you that in school or what they taught me? But I guessed it now, but yeah, it's like, right in the back of your head and it came up, yeah, how many Kardashian sisters can you? name kendall jenner kylie jenner kim kardashian um khloe kardashian um kourtney kardashian is that all that is all yeah that's all for sure yeah you're how many seasons are there may june july august september december eight no, sorry, what did you do? let's say I said eight yes three countries besides the united states um three countries yes canada mexico and um um asia no yes asia yes what state is utah utah I don't know what you thought I'm terrible best friend I don't know I don't know history like that History History Things that I don't like them I'm angry Do you know what three times three times three is three times three times three three?
humiliating gen z can t answer the most basic questions

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humiliating gen z can t answer the most basic questions...

You know this, yes I know, wait, not because it's supposed to be a trick. That's supposed to be a trick, but I have to comb my hair, sorry, and then nine times three, damn, oh 36, what's 3 times, 3 times, 3? It was 3 times, 3 times, 3. It's okay, um 36, yeah, what's three times, three, three, three, three? multiplied by three, uh, nine, that's actually five, I don't know, yeah, guess a number like 36, yeah, what's 3 times three, times three?, 12. yeah, do you know what content we're in? this moment? No, no, none of Do you know who the current vice president is? Why did you guess or not?
humiliating gen z can t answer the most basic questions
No, I don't know his name, but I know I heard him. You remember his name. I know it's from Bulldog. I am not mistaken. What is the capital of Chicago? Um capital. From Chicago I have to think that yes, this is difficult, it is Los Angeles. I feel like that is very wrong. Wow, that's not even capital, my fool, capital of Chicago. I really do not know. What language do people speak in Idaho? What is the language of people who live in Idaho? That speak? You know, no, I don't know what Japan. Do you know how many presidents we have had so far?
humiliating gen z can t answer the most basic questions
Oh no, no, like about how many 11 10, yeah, around there, how. long it's a quarter of an hour 25 minutes yeah you know two countries border us you said what are your hits what border Mexico I don't know Mexico and um I don't know I forgot yeah how many times do they make a dollar how many dimes yeah Oh my god, we're doing math now, why are you asking all the


I can't


? Guess, you know, dimes, wait, I'm trying to remember what dimes are, wait a dollar, yeah, next question. how many minutes are there in a half hour 60. yes you're al


wrong how many dimes make up a dollar one thousand or one hundred one hundred yes what year was the US founded what year yes oh you lost me with that one about what year I know this around what year it was founded I feel like I should know this I feel like you do know this one what year it was founded um no, you got it with that one I don't know, I guess around what year I have to guess, no, because I'm like, yeah, yeah, you know, around year one, it was 94.
What the hell, yeah? Do you know how long a quarter of an hour is? A quarter of an hour is a quarter of an hour, that's 24, 25 minutes, yes, how many stations is that? there wait spring correct step seasons spring summer winter autumn four spring summer waterfall If you are driving 60 miles per hour and you have been driving for an hour, then how far are you traveling? I don't know, like oh six, I don't know. I know 60 miles per hour, yes, and you've been driving for an hour, so what's the distance you travel? How far do you travel?
I don't drive, so I don't know. I wish I knew, but I don't. Guess. Imagine you're in a car and you're driving 60 miles an hour and then you've been driving for an hour, so yeah, it's pretty fast, so how far do you think you'd go in that time that it wouldn't take? I so long, so maybe like 20 minutes, yeah, do you know how many stars are on the US flag? Okay, about how many 16 15 15 or 16. Yeah, 15 yeah, how long is a quarter of an hour like 30? Half an hour, that's 30. minutes correct yes, when do they celebrate the 4th of July in England?
I don't know, I don't know if you had to guess, it was July 2nd? Yes, two days before us, who after the civil war you know who fought in it. the civil war yes people yes soldiers you have me there if you were born 10 years ago how old would you be today? 10 years ago, no, I'll be like 14, 12, 12. You don't even know how old I am. I am if I were what was I again if you were born 10 years ago today 4 and 10 years ago today how old would I be? I have 20. You have 20 10 correct I said 12 close yes you

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