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HUGE BROWN TROUT and Velvet STAGS New Zealand South Island - Nov 2019 - Josh James and Sam Harrison

Jun 01, 2021
20 km, this can take them a day to walk. 20 arrived, it could even be about 25 km, we are very far away and not only when the hike ends, then you have a car to cross this really dubious place. swingbridge you're shitting your pants and I don't want to cross the bridge I still have pictures uh but we didn't have time when we came in we just started another site that will be good we'll be home and dry by the time I get to the swing bridge and shit on pants, I bet it ends up somewhere closer show you a coat rack put it in the bag you use to inflate the rafts like a dry bag stick the barrel through the yeah Wow look at that and you have a gun dry bag on your gun raft load, let's pack our ass is much better than mine this is the Mark 3 model.
huge brown trout and velvet stags new zealand south island   nov 2019   josh james and sam harrison
I have the test model. It still works. However, put your backpack face down in the cargo raft. You can put your Ascot and your backpack and one goes to transport by Rapids. I will take it with you yes, it will give you a lot of weight in the sense that the backpack even I will have walked, it has another day to burn down there and then I have to pick up my paddle at the camp that will be set up at the end. camp, that's all I have, hand pedals, I see it very well, I'm very glad that we would have to go out with an amazing hike, we are going to fly down and what could go wrong is not that good, never really We have tried this method. entering from behind and from above seems to be working quite well.
huge brown trout and velvet stags new zealand south island   nov 2019   josh james and sam harrison

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huge brown trout and velvet stags new zealand south island nov 2019 josh james and sam harrison...

Sam asked me if you've ever come in from behind and from above. I told him no, man, it's not really my kind of thing, but he's giving it a go and it's going pretty well. In fact, get down there, oh, look at those nice skills. The shiny silver side goes pretty far down here. Look at that Pepsi burning, making it bitter. Having the heavy, heavy one in front, but a target there, I look, one pushes May up and it fits. white very good, they also manage to burst the house hey, thanks for watching, follow them happy.
huge brown trout and velvet stags new zealand south island   nov 2019   josh james and sam harrison
I hope you enjoyed that vlog, dammit. Did we catch a big fish? We cooked 1213 fish, landed, ate, lost a few, all around the 10 pound mark, not much more. below I think the smallest one was seven and a half pounds or just under eight pounds and the largest lived at half a pound and we lost some even bigger ones. What an epic week, so I really want to thank you for your contributions, thanks for the funding. the luxurious lifestyle I live and then being able to feed my family and have spending money to put gas in my boats and gas in the truck and all the other expenses that come with camera equipment and all the rest of that crap, thank you .
huge brown trout and velvet stags new zealand south island   nov 2019   josh james and sam harrison
Very much and I also want to thank you for your patience. Sometimes I don't manage to post a vlog every week. There is a lot of work behind the scenes. I have a couple of other businesses going. the rafting business and I have the Discovery Channel thing. I just started teaming up with Chevrolet and trying this out. I'm going back to China for a week soon and I hope it becomes a regular job, yes, that. It's going to be fantastic, so keep your followers tuned for exciting things in the future. My goal is to get twice as many sponsors and then I can hire my friends and pay them money.
Hire a cameraman and a sound technician and travel everywhere. across the country and through hunting and fishing videos, motivational videos keep the vlogs familiar, but make them bigger and better, and I'll do that. I'm still only halfway to my goal, my monetary goal keeps the bar higher and higher. some reason, so thanks for your patience, if I don't post a vlog every Tuesday, just cut me some slack and hang out next Tuesday. I'll get Kristin a GoPro and she'll create some content for me. behind the scenes as well to help me maintain these vlogs and she is such a lovely woman and so amazing on camera and I think you guys appreciate seeing her and what she does behind the scenes, she does a lot of work around the home and garden I'm very lucky to do it because it means that when I get home at the end of the day, if I'm really exhausted after the expedition, she can make me dinner.
I can sit on the couch and just be exhausted, yeah I'm a little bit exhausted now Ashley 3:30pm I'm finishing up the day Cheers team I'll catch up next Tuesday Not quite sure what next Tuesday will bring It's going to be exciting yeah, cue, dramatic music with the drums and stuff in the background and guys like that, but it was something at the end, stuff like that, I'm trying to mix it up, it's very difficult for me to keep these productions varied and creative, just you already know. Same old stuff: camping, fishing, eating and all that, but yeah, I'll do my best to keep it working for you and any suggestions you have from any comments below of anything you'd like me to do or places you'd visit.
I would like you to visit him. I may not do it. I have said this before people say it since with my learning I am doing it, but keep them coming. I have a lot on my plate. It's hard for me to render things and give. give me a like and a comment I really appreciate those likes and comments and suggestions and everything else and please if you see me fishing or hunting in your favorite place forgive me I try to keep it as an incognito scam is that the word I'm looking for, I try not to reveal places, I try not to make them have reference points, the rest is there, so from time to time I do it wrong and people become spiritists, so I apologize for that, I will work on it a little.
It's harder to keep these spots a secret because I know you and your other fishing guides fish them, this is your breath and butter and I don't want to upset anyone by saying that, although I have yet to get to these spots to fish. the big fish and shooting the deer and the big tar and the chamois, so I'll keep thinking about it, I hope you don't bother too many people and that you have a good time guys, have fun enjoying your Christmas, appreciate what you have and just be awesome. Alright. It's over. Tallyho greets you.

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