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Horseland: International Sarah // Season 1, Episode 24 | WildBrain

Nov 27, 2021
there's a place today in Horseland we're going to France a glamorous trip to France where she could be something must have happened suddenly it becomes scary when Sarah gets trapped in a cold, dark cave the thing about meeting someone new is that sometimes you don't That's right, it seems like it should be the easiest thing in the world, right? But hey, when something is unknown to us, it is natural to be careful. You have to decide if this new thing is dangerous or, oh no, is it what's out there? Look at the tail, what is that?
horseland international sarah season 1 episode 24 wildbrain
Champion, what is it? that uh what's going on I don't know tina didn't see it right whatever it is she doesn't trust us oh hello there's a wild beast out there new drama for that I live oh bye bye oh bye let's warn everyone Of course, it's not just us, animals, those of us who have difficulties meeting someone new. Do you think there is finally only one way to find out? Yeah, I guess it's better to know than not know, hey girl, well who's gonna watch, I'll bill trash. Rubbish Bill, this is it, it's from the event organiser, come on Sarah, are we going or not?
horseland international sarah season 1 episode 24 wildbrain

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horseland international sarah season 1 episode 24 wildbrain...

I don't know how to tell you this, but friends, we are going to France and we can take our horses with us too. World goodwill. expo we're going to be at it button yeah it should be a lot of fun at least I hope so so you hope my mom is looking forward to this as much as I am she's had a backpack for weeks just in case yeah


we are. I'm going with friends to be with riders and horses from all over the world and I hope it will be fun when I told my parents about it.
horseland international sarah season 1 episode 24 wildbrain
My dad was very excited. He is friends with the director of a company in India and what has India to do? What to do with France, well the guy's daughter is a champion writer, her name is symbala and she's going on a trip with a friend and my dad wants me to go out with her,


, we're still waiting to hear what the problem is, and if just no? I don't like this girl. What if she doesn't like me? Hi Sarah, you get along well with everyone. Everybody loves you. Yes, of course, but I don't know anything about India.
horseland international sarah season 1 episode 24 wildbrain
How am I supposed to act around her? What are we going to talk about? We won. We have nothing in common, don't worry Sarah, you'll have a great time, we all will, how can we not go to France? I wonder what these horses are like. I mean, they're French and Spanish, Arab and Argentinian, they'll come from all over the world, yeah, and that's a little bit different, you know, I know, but I hope they'll be like horses anywhere, they'll be friendly, they'll be shy, they'll be scared, we will simply have. wait and see I'm not that good at waiting and seeing Do you hear period?
Did you hear the ship? Whatever's out there is bad, calm down little guy, there's probably nothing to worry about, whatever it is, got Shep to grab angora again, slow down, well, this is it. It's the big day chef, it's beautiful up here, isn't it? Yes, I bet France will be even prettier, settle in, you'll have the rest of the day to yourselves, the exhibition starts tomorrow afternoon in the morning, we'll treat all the riders to a tour of our fascinating local caves I think someone could give me a hand here oh I almost forgot about our bag where is my head today hello hello where are you from kenya kenya you have like giraffes and lions there right me personally no, are you fine sarah yeah right why wouldn't you be a little worried?
No, I'm fine, scarlet girl, I'll see you guys later, someone has a bad kick. Hey, girl, good to see you. No, please let me shh, it's me, ronaxi, no more plane. rides, you'd be fine, oh man, you did it on Raw, it wasn't like that, but hey, it was there, whoa, sarah, are you playing in the mud?, sarah, sarah, are you the sarah, yeah, are you, what have I done, symbola, hey, symbola, come back, isn't it the best? way to start a friendship, eh, i better go after her, we'll catch up with you later, see you in a bit, looks like they're off to a rocky start when my dad finds out that i made the american fall in the mud Oh, wait, wait.
Let's try this again and then find a good hiking trail. How are you? I'm Sarah I'm Symballa Namaste Namo what does it mean I honor you Namaste oh thank you Namaste no thank you what's going on disgusting oh what a mess oh me I'm so sorry hey it was my turn to get muddy I think we found an undercurrent let's hope these things work out here down, nothing, no, but we can use it as a light anyway, hello, how can anyone hear us? Can anyone help us? Can anyone hear us? When my father said that he would spend time with you he had no idea that this would be the same here I would still like to get us out of here careful Sarah no one knows I'm gone what about you?
I told our sponsor. I would be with Ronak all afternoon. How is that strange look? We're all dying to get out and stretch our legs, but you don't see us making a fuss. Did you, Michaela's family breathe horses in Patagonia and Argentina? She always wanted to do it. go there hello calypso button I bet you're ready for a good run, don't you worry? Scarlett, I'm sure Sarah hasn't forgotten you, I wonder where she went, probably resting for a while, I can't believe it. sarah is not here yet something must have happened symbolic she always comes and brings me sugar cubes after a flight we are down here please we are down here say something at least someone listened to us they are not sacred cows where you come from yes, really walk eating around people's gardens not everywhere but it does happen I was wondering could I ask what is that? you know what sarah on your forehead here it's called a bindi we put it here over our chakra the spiritual energy center protects us against bad luck it didn't stop us from falling through that hole maybe it wasn't bad luck a breeze here that's strange it means the holes dark places around us need another place maybe other rooms I don't have much battery left how about you? very low we have to find a way to get out of here.
If we stop going down these tunnels, we could be lost forever, but if we stay here, who will help us? What are you doing? Maybe there's something here that can help us. Hey, you're hungry. Oh no, thanks. I don't like junk food, I mean it's a pear and an apple, the carrots are scarlet, I'll take the pear, thanks, I'm sorry, I thought you Americans only ate junk food, sometimes we do, but no always, I really like fresh vegetables and fruits. of scarlet and dental floss I can't stand things getting stuck in my teeth you're not the only one do you know how many kids our age like to fail maybe our parents were right maybe we were meant to be friends maybe so Hey, I know that we could tie the rope like Hansel and Gretel.
Sorry, it's a fairy tale. These children leave crumbs behind them. Oh yes, I've heard that queue. They leave crumbs so they can find their way back to the forest. That's how it is. The tunnel leads nowhere at least we can find our way back exactly. It's cold here, isn't it? I bet it's all warm and dry in horse country, that's where I keep my scarlet horse. It is a stable in the country near the mountains. It sounds beautiful it is uh it's out there again it doesn't smell like anything dangerous I don't know but not like that you can see something no, it's so dark be careful zambala look where you are ah are you okay down here how?
Will we ever rise again now? We are so lost and I am so worried about Ranoc. Oh yeah, and I miss Scarlet Ranu. He may act big and evil, but it's just an act. He is a very gentle horse. Oh, symbol, look, what are all these cave paintings? They must be prehistoric looking horses. Oh, they are amazing and just think they were painted a long time ago by people who loved horses as much as we do. Hey, symbol, look here, people know this cave, this is the way out, come on, you know, soul. This isn't like Sarah, she should have taken Scarlett for a walk by now, where could he be?
Ronald is always in a bad mood after a flight, but I think he does it just to get sugar cubes, garlic, hey girl, Sarah, what happened to you? You know that cave. tour we are supposed to start tomorrow we did it by accident this is my new friend zimbala hello nice to meet you finally we have heard a lot about you so this is scarlett she is so beautiful can she have some sugar? she mainly eats carrots, I think they want to go out and run, I think so too. First I have to change out of these muddy clothes.
I'll be right back. I can wait a few minutes too, right? Scarlett, what is that thing? Know? That thing is called bindi molly, it protects against bad luck, that's right, bindis have a long history in my country for some people, it's spiritual for others, it's mainly a fashion thing, you can order them online, sorry for the way I acted before. I don't like flying, okay, I don't like it very much either. Next time try to focus on where you're going, not how you're going to get there. I will, thanks Scarlett. It looks like they're going to be good. friends like us, like us, that thing is its name tundra, we will track its owner from the tank stop, please, tundra, tundra, here boy, that must be the tundra zone now and you thought it was a wild animal dangerous, although dangerous, a wild animal, yes, but a How cute he is, there was nothing to fear, after all, I guess we were too quick to judge him, who aren't we?
We should have gotten fat before we got our vibes back, for once I agree with you. cookie jar

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