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How We MET... STORYTIME!! | Louie's Life

Jun 09, 2021
The breath, what are we going to do? Should I go back? and then that's when we realized they were closing. they're like telling people to leave, I was like that, that reminds me when we were dancing we started talking a little because I asked you, you asked me where I was from, yeah, Like I don't remember what we were dancing or anything, but I just remember looking in my ears, that's the one we can hear each other and I was like, where are you from? and you say, oh, I'm from sacramento, so that's all I knew about him, guys, I didn't know.
how we met storytime louie s life
I don't know his name, I don't know how old he was, I don't know who his sister's name was, all he told me was that it was a sacrament and that's when he left and I said, oh, he left, but obviously he didn't. we were. get something like we were just dancing and having a good time, but I still would have loved to know his name, you know, what are the chances of us seeing each other again, but yeah, he left and after the club I told him. I thought I really wanted to find this guy again, like I didn't know where he went, so my stupid ass literally tried to find him, anything, I swear to God, guys, I went on Instagram and typed sacrament like you know. some people have their likes um in their bio, like where are they from, I did that, I literally downloaded a pinwheel and found out I just created the stupidest account ever, it was probably like no profile picture, nothing like neither not even my name because, I wouldn't want to put myself out there so people can say oh my god, I didn't have it, so I downloaded grindr and I was like, oh, like I remember what it looks like, I didn't have a grinder.
how we met storytime louie s life

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how we met storytime louie s life...

I like it very well, I feel like I don't want to be a stereotype or anything else, but I feel like it's pride and I thought the chances of a guy being here and having a grinder are pretty big and like he said when he left the club, they were just friendly of closed, so I thought that even though he left, I still had to be near my dollar grinder and he wasn't there and I thought I was out of ideas, I didn't know how to look for them. him, so we pretty much ended our night like that, we actually handled it, I mean, I had fun like I had such a good time with him that I literally hurt my butt after that, I thought I didn't know his name.
how we met storytime louie s life
I don't know anything about him and he was so cute and I like him, I just don't know how to find him the next day. I went to Pride. The only reason I want to go back to Pride because it's Saturday and Sunday is because. I was hoping to meet him again but I didn't go, yeah he didn't even go to Pride, we didn't go because me, my sister and my friend were all so tired from Saturday because the next day. It was like we were ready to go again, like we did what we were going to do yesterday and then we just went to the mall.
how we met storytime louie s life
I think we were both really interested. I mean, I don't know how you felt, but I was like "really." interested, but I was like I don't know how to contact you, you don't want to DM me, yeah, but I mean, I thought he was like you, I'm probably not even going to get through to him like he is. It was just going to be like another message among thousands. I thought what are the chances of me texting you and you like saying it so I thought well there goes my chance, the next year we were at the mall like I was really interested.
I liked talking to you again, but I didn't know what to do. I was running out of options, so I went to Twitter. I was like, um, like I stumbled upon someone like Twitter. Can you help me find it? So I think. That's when we like, that's when we started talking to each other, he posted something of mine and I remember when he, when you made this post, I started getting tagged by a lot of people on Twitter and you know, when people do that, like help me. I find something like Twitter or whatever, pretty much what he did was a little laughing motion and um, I was already on the train leaving Pride and I remember because we took a little train there because we didn't, oh yeah, no we wanted. to drive so I was on my phone and I was on Twitter and then I was like oh I saw his post and I was like delicious I thought I found the guy and she was like no you didn't I was like I did. and she was like what the heck and then I went on his profile and I saw it and I was like oh my gosh that's who he is what the heck and some people tired and people were like he's looking for you you're like oh my gosh it's just that people just give me the ass or whatever and I was like, oh my god, that's so crazy to me that obviously there could have been other ways you could have approached me. for me but I definitely think what he said is like my DM there are so many messages I feel like I was competing with you but I feel like I wouldn't have been able to find it so thanks to all of you Perez I saw your post and you tagged me like I can find you and I have my Twitter messages where you can't message me unless I follow you so as soon as I saw his post I followed him so he can message me and then he followed me and I think I swiped first in your Twitter message.
I was like, hey, it felt like a bunch of exclamation points and you're like, hey, and then we started talking and then I was like, oh, like. That I felt like I didn't even like arriving? I didn't even know your name the other day, yeah, we had a nice little conversation and then I thought the whole thing in general was like crazy to me because I thought, damn, like it's like a mental book because I like that we talk about it all the time, like we had passed by that place like five minutes before, like we hadn't met at all or like his sister hadn't asked me for a photo or it's like one of those things where you feel like if something would have changed, like this little thing would have changed and the craziest thing is that I wasn't even supposed to go to pride, I had an event in Los Angeles.
I mean, you guys know I'm always all over the place, but I haven't been out with Yummy and, as you know, my hometown friends in a long time. I'm not going to my event, I'm going out with my friends and they all really wanted to go to Pride, so I was like, damn, I can imagine he wouldn't have gone to Pride like he hadn't met me. him and like everything that happened and I don't know, I would have never thought that he would have found someone like in Pride like it was so random, but like I said, we didn't see each other once, not twice, not three times. four times and then after we started talking we ended up planning like our first little day and that was like I mean like three weeks later, I feel like it was pretty soon after, no that was like three weeks later because I had like I thought that It was like two no because I had like vidcon and I was in Los Angeles and I remember I went to Texas, I remember you went to Hawaii too oh yeah, it literally has to be like three weeks, so our date was literally like three weeks later we went to Six Flags and we had a nice little day and everything from mom was hers, sorry just kidding, now here we are making a little video eating nachos dips and eating meows, pretty much how we met, that was our little story.
And I'm glad it happened the way it did, although I cut the cameras too, no, but guys, that'll be it for this week's video. I feel great, yeah, sorry for talking so much and sorry for getting nervous, but I'll see. you next time come up peace, bye guys, oh my god, okay, how much do I owe you for being my boyfriend? This was the one who caught the man, oh my God.

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