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Apr 13, 2023
there ain't nothing cutting you off i could throw a car in here though it's just you're not gonna hide it right there saturday august 20th we're in donner lake truckee california we can see alot of visibility i can see the bottom i can still see the bottomwow you know i don't we can see it on the drone so right here where it stops it drops significantly so if it went in here it would This drop is a big drop, so it will stick around if it's gone. here it's going to continue we're not going to be able to see it although the team couldn't say specifically what brought them here to donner lake they are concentrating on the jetty and the area around it four feet five feet 10 feet 16 17 19 22 feet 26 30 42 feet 50 feet wow it gets deep fast it gets really deep 75 feet 80 feet already 93 feet 105 feet I'm going to change my scan to 100 feet either way to offset the depth 117 feet deep here 142 feet do some vertical patterns in and out safe 117 feet deep here 142 feet going down the side here at 40 41 feet so if we're considering foul play could you do this right across the street from the fire department in a fire department scenario panic and you only know the areas that you are familiar with, don't you know that people do weird things when they are in a panic looking for our new cars, it's very hard to see, that's why I'm being rude right?
how we found kiely rodni murder or accident
I get what that is, uh, rocks, how is it still under there? It must be just rocks, a layer of them or something. I don't think it will roll that far, especially since there were rocks. it would come up but it just depends on how floaty it is there's no way once it gets there it won't be max 50 yards it goes one more time around that corner yeah there's a little spot at the end they could have shot up see I don't have a curb if you look over here you can see there's no guardrail or anything on this road so we're going to scan the whole lake here to make sure it's clear because the vehicle could easily get out either by


or on purpose. the path to the lake drops pretty steep we are at 31 feet here that's why we are going to clear it the lake is clear it is very shallow around the edges except here but you can see the bottom almost 150 feet away. the shoreline and there are only a few places a car could get there we went even further than that so I'm 100 sure the vehicle is not in this lake we have now cleared five miles of shoreline on all three boat ramps here at donner lake and you know we still have questions and not a ton of answers so maybe one of you knows someone has answers if you or someone you know thinks they might know something that happened that day or night that you need to step forward you need to step up call the authorities talk to someone and get the information there is a 16-year-old daughter missing a mother is missing her 16-year-old daughter we need to find her bring answers to this family the team specializing in solving cases without solve for free and they came from miles away to help solve her mysterious disappearance now two weeks after her disappearance on day two in our search for kylie rodney we are starting right here at ground zero prosser family recreation site where kylie is 16 old kylie disappeared according to the police this was her last known location yesterday we based our search on advice we deemed credible we took that we dissected it and determined we should start in a different area those areas were within out of our 10 in a mile radius we were able to rule them out and that's what brings us back to square one here at camp prosser family kylie and her family are from the local area here in truckee california and everywhere they go those of us who have gone through this search have seen these posters absolutely everywhere, it's great to see a community come together to support this family in need and it's also thanks to a community like you that we can do what we do so , if you haven't already, please subscribe, share and watch these videos, we really appreciate all that you do for us, yes, thank you very much, of course, many questions, as you mentioned there, and an important one is that this team diving was able to find it.
how we found kiely rodni murder or accident

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how we found kiely rodni murder or accident...

They went out there this weekend and


her pretty quickly. while investigators searched that area and hadn't


it, they responded to say: guess why that pushes up time is 10 41. we are now at prosser creek reservoir this is according to kylie's last known location from the police so we are looking for a silver vehicle, his honda crv is silver in color, the helicopters have stated that they could see the bottom of this reservoir. We have had multiple different extreme levels of sonar used by different sonar teams in this reservoir. done though and not to sound arrogant but if we haven't searched it hasn't been searched that is our motto for us to be efficient and protect the integrity of everything we do as we are working for families in enforcement law, so I'm theorizing that the bottom of this deposit is a color similar to silver, could it not have been seen at all?
how we found kiely rodni murder or accident
Could the car be here according to the police? Like I said, we're at its last known location. They said his cell phone stopped ringing here at 12 33 am on August 6 today we're going to put me and Nick in two boats for one uh it's going to be a great workout for Nick as you know we're training Nick to to be the team leader for our second team, so not only are two boats better than one, but we're also using my ability to put Nick in front of me so he can see what he's seeing, see what he's missing, see if he catches anything etc great training opportunity and talk to the Placer county sheriff dept informed me he got to about 55ft deep and right now we are at 45ft reading on live range real consistent 45ft here just got this sent to me cant name who did it but says um the truckee Facebook missing persons groups are ablaze with speculation about what happened to kylie.
how we found kiely rodni murder or accident
It's just that some of it may not be speculation. They can be real clues about what happened. some disturbing behavior between kylie and a girl named minutes before the pardon the party was suddenly interrupted and then cars started flying out of the parking lot something bad happened and all the parents of the kids told them not to get involved you might want to keep in mind He realizes that there is a possibility that what happened to Kylie could be more sinister and there was a panic. someone knows something someone possibly did something is an accurate and fair assessment to make not just one person know but multiple people know that this boat ramp here is in our target area as well all of this reservoir but we have another boat ramp right here that you can see the cars going down to the water here so if something bad happens you can put a car here anywhere we're on the side where the party was here at camp so if we're going to find the vehicle I would expect to find it right where we are right now man very shallow it's only two feet hey does this lake get pretty dry at the end of summer?
It's really okay, there's something strange, let me see the camera. a couple of times there's something that casts a big shadow right there so let's go it's right from this point on if they scanned it how would they miss it? So I'm assuming it's nothing because they had scuba gear, but I don't want to be the guy who just says oh, it's nothing because it doesn't look like a car, hey, doug, uh, devin, here, um, we might have something it's hard to tell my scope isn't working so it's hard to check but we're definitely getting a solid cash shadow where are you commit to uh i sent the coordinates to carson but i work on the shoot is this the part this east shore I know um we're on the we're on the other boat ramp not the one you guys went to but the one at the top of the lake so we'll head over here to the other side of the reservoir where there are a lot of lanes of driving to the water's edge where people have cookouts. together parties you know family gatherings you know this is a prime spot where kylie's vehicle could have hit the reservoir is what you just saw yeah it's just a big shadow there you see yeah it doesn't make sense even though it's only 10 feet of water definitely we got something big man made it's probably nothing but it's a big shadow it's something that's not that weird I mean it's just big it's definitely something directly below us right now what is that carson ?
Is it a boat or is it an SUV whatever it is it could be a more boat shaped car and I see similarities that show a buildup we shouldn't have built up on this car it's only been two weeks it looked like a sunken boat to the upside down possibly could be a boat it's something though i think it's a car and i have to be quiet because i don't want to alarm the whole camp right now this is an ongoing investigation man we're getting some funny images on this that are indicative of a newer vehicle there is see that's a wheel see the wheel is a wheel is a ship it's like a wheel man look that look that's a wheel that's a wheel dude we got a wheel it's tall whatever have it, we have it, we have a car, we have a car, so I try to go directly over it, look, it's not giving a good reading, but there is a wheel. we have to go get dressed we have to figure out how to get our rv here you guys put us in this position everyone who supports us you put us in this position we couldn't afford to do this if it wasn't for you let's assess our situation 18 different agencies they've been putting over 19,000 man-hours into this no vehicles were found in this reservoir it's giving me a really weird reading it looks like a car it just looks like an SUV and it looks like it's giving me some read errors from the way a newer car would.
So amazing scan. Great job, man. Great great job. it's and it's slipping it's slipping on part of the vehicle the way a newer car would really know it's not getting a um it's smooth i can tell it's smooth it's a boat it absolutely could be a boat but i doubt it's man most boats already yeah yeah right right right no one in camp can know what we're doing um everyone's phones need to be turned off if you have a phone you need to turn your phone off right now the last thing we want to do is cause alarm. to the family and or if this is if this is a car and it's not the car we're looking for I won't be able to do it peacefully I don't want to have the courage to call confusion if anyone knows we found a car right now it's just going to be unnecessary um , it will be an unnecessary trauma for the family, we must return to the ramp and, at the very least, we do not find anything, we will only move places, everything is fine, it is fine if she is her. you know this this this this means all hope is lost as far as she's still out there alright and she shows up being found safe this is devastating it's as devastating as it gets you know it's different when we're finding someone who's been missing for 20 and 30 years, this girl, you know, 16, the same age as my daughter, she's only been missing for two weeks, literally, the camp is just up the hill, right up the hill, this car it is three-tenths of a mile. from the camp he was in so hmm uh this is absolutely a crime scene it's an active investigation our job is to be here to find the place we've done now we need to assess it properly don't delete the tag like we normally do copy i'm going to start my descent confirm confirm i see the vehicle and the tag we just found kylie's vehicle about 10-4 do a full assessment methodically slowly be sure to focus on pictures of the vehicle so we can accurately convey to the authorities that the vehicle is upside down, repeat, it is upside down, I am in the rear of the vehicle and now I am moving towards the driver's side here 10-4 I read loud and clear I am approaching the driver's window Driver side trying to see inside I can't positively ID anyone in here I'm looking in the back now 10-4 take your time be careful I read you loud and clear in the vehicle above it's four the passenger window is broken it looks like the driver side rear window is halfway down copy that driver side rear window is down yeah that's what we do it for bro good job good job it's positive you know she's in the back of the vehicle she's not in the driver's seat it seems suspicious to me, yes, the vehicle is upside down part of the one we have in the window is halfway down a window is all the way down call the authorities we help families across the country and when we find out they they are notified first so we will notify them first my next call will be atlocal authorities right there, yes sir, could they have missed that?
That's impossible and in our research going into this, um, this is just what we do. find found vehicles underwater we specialize in that I don't know what you guys know and you know we don't always know why we just try to find the where and that's why I can't relate to whatever you're talking about right now, the car is upside down but that's common when a car goes into water because the wheels make it buoyant and the windows are down probably all the windows except one yeah which one is all the way down so nick is my diver which one up or down, what was it?
The driver was down and the passenger rear was half way down is it buckled? no, she's in the driver's seat no, she's not no, she's in the back she's in the back yes, I would recommend that you know that it's your daughter, this is your daughter do what you want to do, I would recommend that you this is i'm not a part of this yeah this will be my last memory i'm doug ok Me, 14 feet below the buoy, is your vehicle. My diver was able to identify that there is debris in the back. The adventures of the specialized search and rescue team in order to say that they have located the body and vehicle of the missing teenager.
They say they found Rodney inside. her car, which is in just 14 feet of water, the team says they have notified the family and law enforcement, the Placer County sheriff's office will now take over the investigation, she was last seen around midnight at a high school prom with over a hundred people. kylie had texted her mom that night saying she was leaving the party in about 45 minutes and her mom texted her to be sure and told her she loved her she said her daughter texted her text message is ok mom i love you too. she has been found to this day, according to reports, so we think that of the two to three hundred minors and young adults that are at that party, someone must know something. pulled from prosser lake over the weekend is that of missing teenager kylie rodney she just graduated high school at 16 with high honors she is so smart beautiful and such a kind wonderful person we just want her to come back home we are so scared and we miss her so much and we love her so much and kylie we love you and if you see this please just come home i want nothing more than to hold you so you can

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