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if you really want to get inside a boat and it was locked you could just use a crowbar to open this up something to think about if you do hear someone who's wearing your boat do not switch on the light here's the base station I'm going to pick up one of these infrared sensors okay ash can you shoot me with a fire extinguisher now I'm Ben that's Ashley together we did the unimaginable we sold everything and then set off on a mission to sail around the world civilization see
how we defend against pirates
you later twenty-eight countries later and over 25,000 nautical miles we are only halfway around the world I've no idea what's gonna happen subscribe to follow the adventure as we finish this lab all right so we're here in the Philippines and we wanted to have a bit more of a serious conversation with you which is security of sea and specifically security at Anchorage we're not gonna go into details of piracy while we're moving we're going to talk about how we secure our
boat when we're at anchor we're going to cover everything that we have on our boat to


ourselves as well as security measures in alert systems that we've put into place over the last year we've we've been watching this boat of again I'll show you on the zoom ECAM it's a bank it's a big fishing bank it but he's been kind of like following us but not really following us he kind of don't know because you know he's probably going out fishing in the
same direction but these boats here in the Philippines look kind of crazy they look like what you would think a modern-day pirate might use but usually they're just really friendly fishermen yeah we turned off the engines to film and he's going he's just coming by so he's so it's good it's all good I think the main point I want to make is that 99.9 percent of the time everybody is wonderful and we believe firmly and we've had all the experiences in the world to prove
that 99.9 percent of the time every human being you meet is a wonderful human being however you don't want to leave yourself completely open to that 1% chance or that point zero one percent chance or whatever it might be if you take small precautions it might stop a robbery it might stop someone taking your dinghy which is so important when you're out here it might stop a more violent boarding if that be the case we've cruised some of the more remote areas in the last year including
Papua New Guinea and the Philippines and as we've done so we've kind of ramped up our security measures on this boat a little bit yeah I'd say yeah they they still could probably use some improvement the funny thing is here in the Philippines there's only been one spot where we haven't felt particularly fantastically safe sometimes you pull into a place when you get a weird vibe and you got to trust your gut so this is like the first Anchorage in the Philippines where
we've kind of been a little bit sketched out at sunset there is a little fisherman I decided to come by and do really close pass by our boat and he wasn't just going one direction he went the circling that went back just checking I said you know seen what we got on the rail seen if we have an alarm system maybe it brings up a good point though which is what do you do when a fisherman comes up close to your boat in the middle of night or an evening you're not gonna pull a gun on them
but you could light them up with the handy spot light which is what I did and he took off piracy is a term that I think to me always meant like Somalia


coming onboard but it isn't totally just that so piracy is any crime committed at sea so that could mean petty theft someone stealing your shorts off your boat it can mean someone boarding your boat similar to a home invasion style it could be a break and enter while you're not on the boat it could include physical harm it include
hostage taking and ransom demands and finally death all three of the Philippines Papua New Guinea and the area's we've been recently although we felt like there are risks here I think the incidence of things actually happening is way higher in the Caribbean for example in Grenada when we were anchored there there were several piracy attacks at boat anchor that is actually the north coast of Mindanao that can be not the safest place and we're actually just gonna pull into an anchors
just ahead of us about an hour away it's about five o'clock now and we're gonna go over all the security measures we put into place as the night falls and has ran anchor uh-oh what do you want to start is that that poor battery that I said we should buy a new one and you didn't we need to change it and you didn't all right we're pulling into this gorgeous bay here I think we picked a spot now and we're gonna drop the hook and have a pleasant evening I hope I'm
putting some balls on the anchor chain we can't see the bottom there's either rock or coral and it helps to not get the anchor chain to caught so you can get it back up vitals on it is absolutely beautiful here to this place that there's no one around no one this is like the chrome of the Philippines except there's no one around okay so it's time to put out the arms and we've come up with a pretty basic solution now there's more fancy ones and there's more
how we defend against pirates
expensive one you can get built-in alarms as well but essentially what this is is a series of infrared sensors is a driver alert system it's a wireless system where the infrared sensors are powered by batteries as well as the base station so you don't need to wire anything in let me show you so here's the base station I'm gonna pick up one of these infrared sensors that's number two zone number one I will leave this out in the cockpit so that all my neighbors can hear it if
we're off the boat I'll put it onto my pillow at night so I wake up if anyone's coming close to it so there's a few caveats to infrared sensors one is when the Sun comes up in the morning these will be triggered you should probably getting out of bed if it's not late in the day and two if you're in a really Rolly Anchorage this is happening I think twice to us these will also be triggered you can move these sensors anywhere around the boat where it makes sense I have two
up front and three out back so I've zone 1 zone ones are out back and the beauty about these things is that I always take them off during the day or one where I was sailing because everything on a boat rots and crows so they come with these little mints which I've just as app strapped onto various parts of the boat it's just a plastic little piece so then you just slide that on and then that's it and in the morning you take it back off you go for a sail no worries about corroding
bits and then ya get together the most common piracy we've been seeing in these parts of the world is petty theft generally what happens is locals do not want to engage in a confrontation usually they just want to get something and you have this abundance of wealth on the boat compared to what they have which is very little typically they come on board when you're off exploring and doing things on shore it it does happen out here and they're definitely our hotspots I was just about
to open this window to show you how it closes but it's already locked but most boats have these latches they're called bloomer latches they feel safe but they're not really because if you think about it this is just plastic these are just plastic handles they lock with this little thing here if you really want to get inside a boat and it was locked you could just use a crowbar to open this up or smash it from the top so it's more of a deterrent than anything else people put bars
on the inside and that's very good because then you can leave it open at night I read a story recently on women who sail which is a group if you're a woman sailing and I was reading a story on there about a woman who and her husband who had been boarded off the coast of Honduras I think and they had metal grates on all their windows and and what they were in a monohull and they were able to also do a metal grate for their companionway which is on a catamaran you can see it's like
nearly impossible to put a huge grate over this on a mono hollow you have the advantage that it's usually a smaller entrance and you can totally set the half bars made for that and they had really pretty ones made so it didn't look SuperDuper ugly now they were boarded and locked themselves inside because they knew they were secured inside their boat now the men were choked and I just think destroyed a ton of stuff on their boat but they were safe inside I'm guessing that there
weren't a lot of guns involved in this because I'm sure you can still shoot through things but I mean typically they just want to get stuff off your boat so the dinghy was gone and the sails were gone but you're safe inside the real fear out here for Ben and I is bodily harm so the most important thing at anchor when you're cruising is to pull up your dinghy at night the ding is such a big target is such a high value item incident where thousands of dollars including the motor
and the easiest thing to do is just pull it up so in some places like especially the Caribbean which seems safe it's some of the places where we saw the most caught it was crazy there's crazy stories there there is another island over where a German was boarded at night and he pulled out a gun and was shot dead the Caribbean has been in our experience one of the most dangerous areas with cruise Philippines possibly on the safest so you know we've been way more diligent in the
Philippines and in Papua New Guinea than we were in the Caribbean we probably should have been way more diligent in the Caribbean and in Papua New Guinea and the Philippines okay windy winch some reason that's always my top tip up dinghy I don't know how that's turned into a blue job but it is whoa okay so whether you carry guns or use some sort of other kind of self-defense mechanism you need to think about what's going on in terms of the lighting so right now we're sitting
how we defend against pirates
in our cockpit it's completely dark out behind us so what does that mean for the attacker seeing us well they're gonna have great night vision they can see everything you can't see them so what are you are using a gun or a fire extinguisher or an ice or a stun gun or anything else you're gonna be a disadvantage because your boat is lit up at night on the inside and they're not something to think about if you do here's the one we're in your boat is to not switch on the
light and to instead grab a spotlight because the spotlight you can shine out at them and light them up and that kills their night vision and then makes maybe you a harder target but grab that spotlight and go light them up probably the number one rule that you need taking account is you need to be able to lock your boat from the inside including hatches doors anything that anyone can get into so every night when we go to bed we law the cockpit companionway doors and all the windows I have to
admit we do sleep with our window open we don't have a/c on this boat basically an anchor this window is the only this window right here our bedroom window is the only window that's open and been sort of gone through a thing in his head where he's trained himself that as soon as he hears the noise he wrenches that shut and locks it and I have actually a few things beside my bed which we'll go look at next first socket no terrible every morning I get up and make the bed and almost
every day Ben comes down at some point and either lifts it to get in the engine or takes a nap and unmix the bed hello welcome to our bedroom no nothing's gonna happen here I hope not well I hope so I hope so van on camera anyways I wanted to talk about just some of the tools that we have at our bedside because these are things that we might use hopefully we'll never use but some are funny some are not so funny now this is a Fijian war club that makes me feel safe I don't know why
but um that baseball bat would do you they basically use these to break someone's neck or hit them in the head to kill them it just hangs out beside my bed I I have visions of protecting my castle with this I don't know why second off we have the alarm this is the base station to the infrared alarms that I already showed I will put this actually under my pillow like this if we're in a super sketchy Anchorage and like I said this will live up in the cockpit if we're off the boat
to kind of dissuade anyone from coming aboard we also have mercy where's he did did you bring a Kiwi from New Zealand - no that's illegal that's my Kiwi we haven't told anyone yet but actually exported a Kiwi from New Zealand it's pretty bad anyways this little guy here he just kind of hangs out in their bedroom what put him over here he lives in the basket not a very good life in there you know we we're still trying to figure out what to feed him I think milk back to
serious business if you do actually get boarded the idea is to close up the boat because your safest in the boat and then to summon help how are you miss summon help this stuff is gonna happen quite quick quick so we have an air horn right here we will blow this out our side window we also have several flares in our little safety basket here which we could also fire out our little side window which is tiny no one can get in - then finally we have some I don't know this is like dog attack
deterrent what actually happened in New Zealand we had this big can of bear mace and they took it away from us cuz they said it was illegal come on guys seriously our cruisers really gonna be like doing illegal things with their bear mace that's beside their bedside finally we have one more thing which i think is actually a really valuable thing for all cruisers which is a fire extinguisher is an amazing tool to use against attackers you will blind them you will choke them has considerable
range and considerable effectiveness in the short term and then once they're choked and blinded you can go in for the kill with the war club or the empty fire extinguisher I promise you we'll try this tomorrow and the last thing I have in here is the spotlight the spotlight has probably come in the most handy the most number times you never know if it's a fisherman I think 99% of time it is a fisherman but that one time it's not a fisherman can you see me no see see how effective
this is okay so one final thing almost all boats have areas in their ceilings and in their walls where there's big empty spots our boat is no exception and it's really easy to convert a wall for example a very you know mundane looking wall put a hinge on one end a little bit of velcro on the other you can open it up and store your iPad's wow it's bright today so the Sun is just coming up and this little guy right here woke me up this morning with that alarm because when the Sun
hits it it starts to freak out so another thing you can do is to leave some old stuff out - maybe not right out like where they can see it from outside because then they'll just bust in for no reason but maybe leave a credit card that's old or a small amount of cash somewhere that's easy to find so they don't tear your whole entire boat apart and maybe they won't find your secret compartment where you have the rest of it stashed away we don't cruise with guns but there
are a lot of people out here that do but there's a few things you need to know if you're gonna do that one if you declare them in certain countries they will confiscate your guns when you arrive in the country and you will have to pick them up at the same place they were confiscated when you go to leave so that can be a small problem if it's a big country and you're entering at one island say the Marquesas and you're leaving at another island say for Bora they're very
very very far apart so if your guns are in way the heck back there you just might just leave them there maybe you don't want those guns anymore the other thing that might happen is in some countries they could just seal them in a safe so you got to make sure you have a nice gun safe on board your boat and then customers may come on board and just put a seal over that safe so that your guns are safely tucked away in there we have heard of the odd Cruiser who maybe just doesn't declare a
gun their guns that they have on board well you better have a good hiding spot because we have been searched in a couple of countries pretty well but if you do that and they find the guns and you haven't declared them I think there can be quite a bit of hell to pay and I'm not saying that's right or wrong or wrong you're right or whatever it's up to you how you choose to cruise and how you choose to enter your countries but do keep in mind that guns if you do declare them
they may not be able to help you at anchor anyway if they're either locked in your safe with the seal on it or taken away by the customs officials when you arrive not the island that you arrive in can you shoot me with a fire extinguisher now please this is a big one on the boat keep in mind this one is expired so nothing really heavy I think it's on with them can you believe how crazy that was it comes right at you and totally blind you and it's stick man it can be good so we're
leaving this Anchorage and it's funny because we're making a security video in this Anchorage and Ben got a funny feeling here and we are leaving it's a bit lady doesn't feel comfortable spending the night here there's not a lot of there's no one around really and about six guys we're just in a bank and staring at her boat for the last two hours we should have probably left sooner but he just got creeped out one guy was like shaking his his penis at me and I don't
know so we're off so do you think it's because we're doing the security video that you're getting totally freaked out by that maybe there's no one else around there's these dudes that pulled up I'm sure they're just do its bit why didn't you go talk to them one dude like actually was sitting in the cockpit I was singing aside and now she's concentrate on our computer and like shin look up but the dude like got out and shook his dick in her and like I
don't know there's no one else around it's late in the day but we're moving Anchorage's cuz I had a serious gut feeling I like butterflies in my stomach I do not want my wife to get raped I'm sorry I don't care how beautiful it is and I'm a bit choked because we've been working on a video for like two days and it was like just on it's just finished and there's like this super cool cave system and like and now I don't get it because he has a feeling
but I have to respect it and we're moving but I'm just I'm kind of a little bit I think it sucks just so you know I mean I think it kind of sucks like a lot it sucks a lot exactly