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How a TROLLING TOP LILLIA Got to Grandmaster

Jan 02, 2022
Lilia is the only champion in League of Legends who has never been buffed or nerfed, though there could be a riot over her in the next patch. she has found a very special strategy that has led her to become a


not with lilia jungle but with lilia toplane. This image has even been tested by some pro players recently, including licorice and jizuke, so we may have found a secret pick before the pros this video. is sponsored by u.g u.g has all new profiles first and only to track your lp per game no other profile has this not opg not even riot's own client a riot employee recently said uwg data is closest to yours now the site with the best data for builds and tier lists they also have the best data for profiles look up your summoner name on u.g and see not only your lp but also your division ranks and promo series wins you want show a popup game or new rank you can pin a match to the top of your profile, plus other features like being able to set a skin background when you create a free account.
how a trolling top lillia got to grandmaster
I really like the patch report feature because now I can see which champions have given me a lot. lp and that they've been throwing it away so I can get rid of them ugg also has some stats that you think only pro players can see like my share of the gold in the game compared to the enemy and how much I contribute after taking it I guess I'm pretty well actually 20 damage for less gold than the enemy is not a big deal if you want to win more games its live game features are great too it shows you who is in their lead role so you know if someone is trustworthy and it also shows you if there is a big difference in one of the lanes so you may need to help them out, check out the link in the description for the new features and give it a try. final fantasy xi city who is a big fan of season 4 started playing league playing normal games and learning the game season 5 became vegan mid lane main and climbed all the way up to platinum season 6 kept looking for a main champion playing a Lots of different champions.
how a trolling top lillia got to grandmaster

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how a trolling top lillia got to grandmaster...

No luck, maybe I was looking for one that hadn't been added to the game yet. However, season 7 returned to some classics from earlier in the season and became ad shyvana and world top main but was still stuck platinum. Season 8 discovered darius and he became a major top i guess turning aoa q's was all i was really looking for grabbing diamonds in his fourth ranked season season nine plus world plus darius and some kled mixed in with all the very strong manly champions that he pushed to dominate at the end of the season he just went up to the limit and got it in season 10 lilia was released in july 2020 loved the champ and her features and her cute style did a full 180 of his manly champs and started to dominate her he decided to make a new account and a trick lilia avoiding her low lp earnings from her seven year old account so of course the sky tower name another final fantasy reference the name of the central building of the town of windhurst its old name was now its new name the tower of heaven in season 11 even with senior year college exams to pass , still hit


203 lp peak and been pushing to challenge with the new items which really helped lilia so lilia top sounds pretty bad right she's squishy she doesn't have a great run for mobility and lane higher.
how a trolling top lillia got to grandmaster
How can she survive in such a long lane against champions who love to dive into squishy ap carry like her? It seems like the perfect situation to just understand the main reason why it works. a top laner in lane at sky tower level 1 takes q he queues up the wave and the enemy at the same time your q is on a stupidly low cooldown for a very low mana cost because lilia is balanced to clear the jungle with this or ne skill as her main damage so even at level 1 you can do some damage on the wave and on the enemy and of course you push the wave instantly with it the sky tower pushes this wave and the next one getting level 2 and the wave on the enemy tower, sometimes at this point with poke, he can even kill or a summoner spell because enemies don't expect this aggression from such a soft champion, no lilia jungle goes to attack at level 2 so no lena really knows the ins and outs of early game even in a really tough matchup lilia can win it before she starts getting a free flash from renekton which sets him back .
how a trolling top lillia got to grandmaster
This is a professional player on the other team. It doesn't mean that much, but even he doesn't expect this low cooldown, high damage, low mana, lilia q spam to resolve it, just like we do, he assumes it's a really bad pick, but then immediately loses level 3 if he stays. in lane sky tower take a second aiming q extra moveme nt speed and bonus damage otherwise take his w push the wave as fast as possible taking a free retreat while the top enemy deals with the minions under his tower buy Doran's ring or boots depending on your gold, as well as a control room for extra security.
This early base can also mess up the enemy jungler's trajectory, as he can no longer gank Lily on top of it like he might have planned because Lily can't even it is in the lane, so it gives you double security. a control room to dodge a future one, but what about ambushes? Clearly, they're the only big risk in playing a squishy champion with no mobility. top lane. They will ambush you as lilia. the way the sky tower avoids death is to maintain its passive speed. constantly stacked having five stacks means you will never get caught even in situations that seem like certain death lilia's movement speed is insane and always unexpected sky tower can get out of situations in lilia that it should i have no right to get out of a champion no mobility, no scripts, you can just run away, it doesn't make any sense really and that's why enemies will continue to attack you. when you avoid it, it doesn't make any sense to them. lilia w is also incredibly flexible because her speed is static and ignores slows, as well as allowing movement through some stuns. knowing how and when to use it defensively can save lane from him and even your health, your e and passive burn are also amazing for stopping enemy bases.
Heaven's Tower has now played hundreds of lilia's best games, which means she knows exactly the range and position she needs to be in for each part of the game in lane if she moves correctly, picks up speed, and then returns to lane. security if it also moves. away from you p he lands the hit then he gets caught and loses life the playstyle q spam is much more thought out than it seems his main focus is keeping his stacks his movement speed passive and conquering when possible both should be at full stacks this is where lilia is an unstoppable champion who can't be trapped and has loads of damage with no stacks you're just a slow scared bambi who will be shot dead at level four and five he keeps this style of play playing it safe when he has no stacks then full aggressive when he knows he can run away.
One thing I haven't even mentioned is how important lilia's burn damage is to his abilities. Five percent of maximum health for three seconds on top of normal damage. His abilities think of that against a tank top. laner will be traded long after the trade is already over and this continues to ramp up throughout the game much like a teemo blind or a malzahar dot you can't interact with lilia when this damage is going through which obviously makes enemies mad and bow down because there's nothing they can do against lilia with an early boot run she's already approaching her max movement speed they'll ever reach this could be the new


top laner to replace t-mo, except lilia top could work in pro play.
Heaven's Tower isn't even a bm player but think about the tilt possibilities. A deer with an annoying laugh, super speed and a lot of damage that is impossible to avoid and asleep. I didn't even mention I don't know about you guys but when I think of our beaming shaco from another video tricking enemies into losing the game I think this would work amazingly here too, spam laughs run and force the enemy. jungler toplane then just run away from him into the woods i may be getting a bit carried away with bambi at level 6 he starts looking for solo kills playing to push the enemy down with q back off q autoattack q etc moving inside and out of range over and over again until it reaches a certain health then falls asleep on the enemy e q combo auto attack does three hundred damage so you know you can kill with that combo e wq combo does up to 500 damage if you can land it in the center of the w knowing these damage numbers is very important since lydia is a champion who plays right on the edge of danger a good w lands in the center compared to a bad w lands slightly off its mark is the difference between a game one and a i play losing game so sky tower is very patient with him and always aligns him correctly he doesn't panic and always puts him in the right position at level six also He can get free ganks, a two second sleep in a long lane as top is a death sentence even in early sleep while your jungler is still trapping enemies on your side of the lane, allowing you and your jungle clearing them out sky tower says matchups should definitely have different strategies even though the basics are the same no m regardless of what you are going to spam q for stacks and run around the opponent pushing them but there are definitely little things that you should know they can make or break a lane top lane eg against tanks he runs ionic boots for cooldown reduction pressing lane take control of enemy jungle if the tank tries to fight you its easy leave them behind and run around them kiting with q which can also lead to a kill against fighters and divers aim and clicking cc's or dashes will be a great counter to you eg wukong e and jack's q against skill shots like an aatrox you can always dodge with movement speed but point and click always lands which sets up his other damage so against point and click champions sky tower think boots run again is if possible use w straight at the enemy during the cc if he has the health to take the trade then run away with the speed up if you don't have health use w to escape. om the cc dodge it as it acts as a little dash against skillshot brawlers, push lane hard and push them under your tower, get wards deep in the jungle and push more bramble vests before the boots can be a good buy here against something like Fiora for range matchups and very high early damage matchups.
He focuses primarily on item selection and rune choices, they are a big factor in his success in any lane with him trading runes in almost every game like a true high-low. The sky tower has taken a trick. it's time to study this style of play and develop builds that allow you to win any matchup. It is inspired to work well against ranged shock cleaners for additional resistance resolution against tough lanes full of brawling champions. Sorcery to outclass diving champions and even change the keystone for different situations. Conqueror. lillier q stacks him twice, giving him an instant force tax and then an additional two per q, meaning he can easily get to max stacks with his playthrough and off playstyle to make the heal trigger, otherwise take arcane comet it's good because lilia's passive counts as bonus damage which decreases comet cooldown mid game sky tower starts looking for pigs like lilia here zooming around the map just having a good time if you can group up with a teammate and landing asleep on an enemy is a free kill if you get back into a side lane you can go for one v once with sleep fighting them with even more speed which early game and in teamfights you are amazing with flash ult potential no matter what happened early game is a great example of lily's 1v9 power always e have a way to win a game this game his team is 5000 gold behind losing inhibitions lilia shows up and gets a game stopping four man dream his team gets some kills and hegets some really important flashes setting up the next fight a minute later where lilia lands another big dream on three squishies allowing her team to chase down and clear the enemy mies for an ace after lilia turns her life around even in this next fight in which lulia doesn't seem to help much he falls asleep on the enemy team dividing them creating an uneven fight for his team to win and lead a baron to the final fight of the comeback, lilia gets another big flash dream that sets up a great trade her team come out ahead then push some later lilia tps towards the enemy base to get a win its not always her job to follow the dream for massive damage you are a low range squishy player who can sleep well and then letting your team clean it up, so once again patience is key, especially in solo queue where players don't instantly react to a play, unlike professional games where you could tell your team about flash is old but sometimes that doesn't work.
Team fighting in lilia is actually quite simple. Spam it whenever it's up and throw it at a group of enemies looking for a sleep indicator if you can't make it when the fight starts. poke with q keeping your st stacks if you're still sleepy once again look for the q flash alt combo your w worsens late game at the same slow speed so be very careful using it aggressively this is the main bug kevin tower tries to avoid in fights with every other championa big damage hit would be something you'd love to spam but this one locks you in place and can get you killed so focus on the damage q, here there are some sky tower insider tips you can indicate flash as darius can which is great to surprise you. kills in lane and also great for engaging your e it actually has a lag as it travels in the air before it hits someone so sky tower can use this in a positive way you can wake someone up with eq at the same time, which is beneficial because if you use wq, enemies can blink between hits, whereas you can't get away from eq once you've perfected the timings, wq isn't that great either because w puts it in the melee range while eq keeps it out and you can also save w to reposition instead of damaging sky tower think you need to be flexible with builds so for example if you are landing someone who can shoot you, like an AP cannon, or someone who is fueled with a demon hug before inputs if you're up against it. immobile champions like darius set or tanks and you want them to suffer you can always go riley first for his full build start corrupting potion then get a cheetah remember a level two or three for doran ring or level one boots , first element, boots of lucidity. every once in a while mythic gets liantries second most consistent item is dead man plate its great for lilia movement speed and from there move into situational items eg morellonomicon vs healing zhonya versus a.d and help his team fight the extra speed of the cosmic drive against low mobility enemies. and the void staff against magic resist also tried an everfrost build that is more supportive, even more cc based with a little less damage, which means it's a bit more gear dependent, but still a fun style.
It's annoying to play everfrost first in the same elements cosmic drive zhonya's morellos with ryalyes for even more utility here is the main room page that takes very well against diving top laners so he can outrun them, here is the safer version that works against mobile top laners like riven, here is the version to play against ranged top laners for higher sustain and here is the arcane feedback page that can be changed in the same way, so all in all six different pages to try i recommend starting with comets and building confidence to get to Conquistador.
I'm playing this live right now if you want to see how it works on Twitch TV Slash Happy Time Noises live every day from 1 p.m. thanks again to our sponsor visit uwg its my favorite league stats website and its the easiest to find with the shortest name so really no reason not to use it please subscribe if you enjoyed it we are very close to 50,000 subscribers. which i can't believe so thank you all for being here please like and comment help with the algorithm thank you so much for watching

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