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How To Train Your Dragon 2 - Sibling Rivalry

Apr 27, 2023
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your dread yeah yeah so of course this is another sequel you know we can't talk about a sequel reboot redo anything Not to mention what we thought the first one, um, I haven't read any of the book, have you read any of them?
how to train your dragon 2   sibling rivalry
Oh yeah, I didn't know it was a book until I saw the credits for this one. quick when we think of the first one uh the first one by most accounts i shouldn't worry because stories like this drive me crazy that they don't judge a book by it's cover, the prejudice, the father figure who just doesn't listen to reason and the son. who's got to keep a secret and lime juice the bottom line no no i didn't hear it's been hammered too and we've seen it done a million times and it doesn't add much new but for some reason the first one really worked and i think is o really enjoyed one day away and I think it's the atmosphere I think it's the painting I think it's the passion of it it's still the best 3d movie I've ever seen I saw IMAX in 3d it was amazing um and I think all that passion it all really made it the characters in the story will work in some way.
how to train your dragon 2   sibling rivalry

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Surprisingly, I enjoyed it. Would you think so? he was watching his college play in the NCAA tournament or something I think they were trying to get into the tournament and they lost in a final for a Big Ten game with that whatever they lost and it was a bad loss it was like just an embarrassing they should have lost and she was pissed i mean i was intimately pissed off my wife is a huge sports fan one comes to varsity sports she's alright i'm like you know the pro woman yeah i don't know yeah of all So she's like that We were in Michigan at the time and she's like: I have to go I have to go I have to get out of this house I can't take this anymore I have to go see a movie and I'm like well I really don't know what it is outside I mean this was still I think it was like late spring or something it's like I don't know what's up I don't care I just won't see any movies so we show up at the theater like a seven or eight ish and just what we were watching, there was nothing and there is How to Train Your Dragon and I remembered the commercials and I thought, oh, that looks terrible, it just looks like a Bad Dream Works movie. just a bad one and i'm like but you know how i am she's mad and i have nothing better to do so we'll see it's a kids movie at least i hope it doesn't offend us too much so i watched it in 3d we we put our 3d glasses on, they didn't make it fun and yeah, in the end, i'm like, yeah, what's the best 3d movie i've ever seen in my life?
how to train your dragon 2   sibling rivalry
I mean it was on par with Avatar I think it's better that I haven't yeah and I'm like and we both keep looking at each other it's like who would have thought how to train a dragon would be the best 3d movie we've ever seen because I thought It would have been one of those things with the 3ds just added last second and it would be fine, but now it was really cool. I loved the story. I loved it. It was the biggest surprise of that year and the second to come. on blu-ray as if we had bought it.
how to train your dragon 2   sibling rivalry
I'm like this movie is awesome, so DreamWorks has a habit of taking things that should suck and making them really good, which I was really impressed with. I bet they did this as a hand drawn story. of Moses and it was really good it's like who would have thought kung fu panda came from an animal yeah awesome so now we have the sequel here there's a cliff note version it's better than the first huh and it's better than the first one because it takes advantage of what you can do with it now they can ride dragons at the end of this well they do they explore they are going to look for new worlds they are going to look for new dragons if they find new characters and the characters grow it is an anime movie in which kids aren't just kids they actually grow up huh and they left star trek into the dark it should have been what i'm thinking about it's like exploring new worlds just new characters the character let's establish everything. going back a little bit so you can start learning it all over again is Ino they really go above and beyond they age the character yeah they actually age yeah that was really interesting and they made it believable like it's okay actually I think This is the same guy, only he's aged.
Now he is a little more mature. Who does that? You know we just don't see it. they're doing voices more or less. I have these voices naturally, so they don't need to age them to account for the voice, but they aged because they're like this time has passed, they're going to grow up, so you know and they're going to add new responsibilities and they're going to have new stuff to tackle and that's cool and that's new huh and he meets the mother played by Cate Blanchett huh who is wonderful and she's very P yeah like this new age hippie dragon gone . a little too native she's like Jane Goodall with the chimpanzees or something and she's like yeah I can feel it all over the moves the movements are like very dragon it's weird but it was a ring yeah it's an interesting character it's not I just eat well I'm the father and none of these fathers are just the father even the father who comes so easily has just been v I'm never going to listen and that made them kind of spark that interest and the relationship with his mother is so good and kept hammering and I was like when do we see that in an animated movie?
How many animated mothers have we improved? Especially between them, so it's always a father and son, father and daughter story, but yeah, a mother and son story like yeah, we're starting to see. plus another daughter and Boyle Sister Sister uh back to like maybe like something like Bambi Nick and they were animals so um but yeah so in the much more flying scenes in this one and they all look beautiful sadly we saw this on Thursday what whatever night they didn't have it in IMAX they have it now that I might have to go see it again because I'm just dating that maybe I don't feel cheated for not seeing it I don't know but the IMAX a 3d for the first movie was like a change from game to me like that's what i didn't have and that's what avatar like what everyone said about avatar that was my avatar that was my oh my god this is like making me watch a totally different movie and with the flying scenes in this one now i'm really curious if it's even better because there's so many in this um so you have uh there's a really cool really nice feeling i mean really like i'm watching is man this is like one of the best of the year and then you get to the second half where the villain comes in and it's still good but ok now this is the first movie again so is the villain really boring. knows the scene by seeing what's going to happen the kind of elements like controlling the train playing the guitar no no but he's like a picky eater don't you know he's still huh mumble? you know he's still good with the exception of the villain I think the villainy is annoyingly boring because you could have made this a really fun and interesting villain but he's the traditional wah wah ha ha he's all that the only thing what i will say is you could have fleshed out his backstory more because they were going back like two or three times i'm like walking why do we go back to his origin story they only show him stepping into my leg on his dragon feet yeah energy even that was kinda intimidating us it's like he's older building it okay let's see and he's one of the other villains you've seen I use that here's the thing though it didn't really bother me because we actually have a villain what was the villain on the visit oh yeah I'm the evil dragon we killed i guess because he's in command the other one likes it well i'll say this too it's much better explained in this movie to the whole alpha dragon thing ok i like the feed so now we're getting some explanation of what happened the first one but I'm kind of like why did you just tell us in the first fifth I agree I don't like it I said although I loved the first movie it has problems yes for me the climax was the weakness in the first movie because in this movie they fixed it and this one is treated as if we have to do diplomacy and as if I could convince him that I changed you dad.
We were hammering that out on the first one too, but it was a mixed message because it's like dragons and humans don't get along, we can live in peace, so what do we have to do? this is also he tests diplomacy and he's very eager to travel in the scene what i like to see is i say to myself i don't know if this will work or not i again wasn't sure where this was going like movies of this night like that but that's where the only thing is because this was a problem kung fu panda 2 didn't have kung fu panda 2 the villain was a villain and a creepy intimidating peacock even yeah and there was some sympathy there you felt that maybe there's a chance that somehow PO can convince him that they didn't do that, but I felt like he was more open and in this one there wasn't a lot of sympathy with him, we didn't really know anything about his backstory.
Ori Mia, we only know that he was attacked by a dragon at a time when he lost his arm. Well join the club that everyone else in this world has yeah and he's a bit of a jerk and it's like man you could have had a very interesting villain with this and there's a character that I don't think is giving anything away with this because they make it very obvious in the first five minutes the first conversation hiccup says you know a character that's going to act and I won't say who it is but when it finally happens I've never seen myself don't go in that direction , please, because I really like it, I like that you go in the direction that I don't know where it's going, because this movie does that even though I like the first one. one where you can tell scene by scene where it was going and I like that I couldn't tell what George was going to take and then when he gets to the second half it's like oh now it's the numbers okay but still It's done. well the action is still great the fly is still great I still like The Cure it's all about the execution I don't care if a story is predictable if it's executed very very well I get better movies I've ever seen no twist at all. you know it's going to happen exactly as you predict but it's a lot of fun to watch but with that being said I think it could have been like one of the great fantasy movies like this it could have been like the Dark Knight of like fantasy movies fantasy or something if they had a good villain if a villain was really good at intriguing instead i feel like we have Batman Begins where the first amp is really inspiring really new oh my gosh this is changing everything so the second half is very by the numbers just are you kidding, it's not that it's not that bad, no, it's still the way that the storyboard in this film and the use of music, any animation, there's no lighting, as well as lighting in the camera angles. the villain even though there wasn't much there he was still intimidating and a great presence like i thought the build up was good i thought he was interesting yeah he needed to flesh out more but again we got something i have a big dragon and in the first one that just Santa ran like him, there was just nothing there.
I'll take this guy on what else am I missing the annoying sight. I say you know for a movie call. How to train your dragon we don't see how you train that giant alpha dragon which I think is a pretty legitimate question where it's like all of our dragons are at least people sighs could you survive say how you trained that thing that it's like the size of 5 million sears towers or whatever just so you know obey it maybe never there's no magic I don't know no there's some problems but the other thing is I don't know how bound by the book they are I mean I don't have idea of ​​that, yes, but the thing is, they even explain it more what happens in the middle of what you're complaining about, that didn't happen in the book, I have no idea why, even if it did, I get it. this book to move everyone can change things was still in the here is what was affecting emotionally if a minor director or minor group or story artist had done this it would probably be okay with you as a thought coming private rubick now let's say but it bothered me that he was a really good sailor for such a dark kid hmm how he really does it the way they do it like execution in quotes no pun um and who used to do it yeah I think as you say, especially for children's movies, it's kind of wrong and there's a I mean, it's all a metaphor for how we treat animals and this whole thing about you know dragons aren't born bad, you know it's people. you know people with you you know it's the same with animals you know you train a dog to kill that's what a dog is going to do and the same thing happens in this movie and when yourThe dragon himself starts to turn on him I'm like this it's legitimately creepy and kind of annoying this is kind of Old Yeller it was really old yellowish territory because you've liked them too you know and the connection they have and the dragon is kind of a pet bed it's like watching your pet light up like that i was like oh my gosh like i'm an adult and i'm like this is freaking me out and you know i can't imagine we saw it with very few kids there because it was a late night performance but i cant wait till the weekend with all the kids in your tears ha ha ha mmm yummy yeah cuz im like duh im just looking forward to it cuz i know there will be kids in the audience slapping their envelopes that's good but these movies are all even the first one they like they're kids movies in quotes but they have this aggression uh there's something very aggressive it's kind of viking age and yeah they can talk a bit modern and that we're following kids and stuff but i mean people will lose limbs you know and things like that get arrested no i think the thing that sells the movie is the energy yeah it's not just aggressive but there's energy in every scene there is. very few scenes where i'm ok, i get a little bored, he just knows how to milk the ability to fly and have all these dragons running around and the battles, those epic battles.
Michael Bay should take notes on how to film a battle. because the last 20 minutes of this movie is spectacular it's as good as anything in godzilla i was actually going to say i actually felt more are you talking about the middle battle type or the last battle oh i'm not doing more kind of the middle is ok at the moment i'm sorry it matters to these two bathrooms it also comes to my head no that also comes to my head - I felt that the battle of the middle more than overshadowing the file one which is not always a problem honestly there's a long ways with the bigger battles and then getting Dark Knight the bigger battles in the middle um so it doesn't bother me too much but yeah there's still a thing or two that's not so clear MA you know as with the ending - with type again without giving away too much serve all the spinning dragons as tenants are like wait a minute Oh what I don't care you know because as he said I'm a Beaujolais no no that made a lot of sense see what it has the ability to do that, he explained that at the time probably when you got up and went to the restaurant no oh maybe I missed that you are with you with your thimble sized bladder he explained how all his sword weapon works and how do you have on it releases this kind of gas and can help recover no no no no none unless its a man i'm talking about alpha dragon and toothless and how all dragons do you know what happens in the end there i am something as well as no no no I totally understand it's toothless toothless fought that thing like a cornered cat that kind of dragon is doing to what like I said I'm not oh my god heaven forbid there's magic, no that's very clear but like i said it's totally fast no no i agree it's finicky like there are little things. well until they explain the whole alpha dragon concept well it makes a lot more sense uninteresting movie its a weight loss um like the soup its a queen dragon its like aliens how does this work right?
I agree I think it explains that as I said this is picky but I'm just saying there are little things here even the kids voice you know sometimes get a little irritated once ok now that I told myself that yeah for the most part i'm ok with that but if i have a picky eater in this movie and only one i think it's even more than the first one a very chatty movie at certain points there are long speeches where i feel like you might have had a line of dialogue or something more direct. instead you go on with this long speech about how we have to come together and be at peace and it goes on and on and you don't understand the data and her voice only after a while you just know it goes in your ear India chews it you know it's amazing that they didn't bother me that much, although I agree with you that a lot of it could have been cut short, but it didn't bother me that much because I think this world is so comfortable with herself and that's why she wants to live with herself she's so pleasurable that I didn't care when they'd just sit and talk and soak up the atmosphere he doesn't care when they just talk or soak up the atmosphere i care when he literally practically stands on a podium or says the exact same thing, says the exact same thing literally a paragraph that's built entirely of sentences where it is repeated, yes that's the problem, I don't like, no, I like slow moments. like the time he had spent with her mother investigating the kind of lair the dragons found in this web.
I like to soak up the atmosphere. a speech and i start to go into a snoring phase or just like i know at that point his speech is too long or he's too wordy or loud i say at the end like i know i don't think we're giving anything away the good people win, but when they're kind of boilerplate, yeah, well, when they're talking to the bad guy and he's reiterating the message. something living together yes, like us, anyone can change, yes, and it's a good moral. in this movie though i can't talk about this i don't understand anything in this movie it's less than the first one it starts with the first one it's like everything is as good as the first one at least and it really just goes off yeah just goes up um , so yeah I really enjoyed it um I think I definitely enjoy the first half more than the second but it's still like I said nothing nothing is less than its predecessor and that's what a good sequel should do. go beyond what the day before should introduce new things but also allow you to get familiar with what you liked in the first one and take it in new directions and yes I really enjoyed it I think the 3D is just as good and there are many more scenes of flight and I probably won't see it in an IMAX again just so I can see it again in IMAX because I guess that was a huge game changer for the first one for me how sad I want to see this one again compared to almost anything bring it out for the rest of the summer oh you know what i want for that book of life movie those are the ones coming out all summer yeah you're right so you know someone blocks groups i'm watching the summer of Ellison, yeah, I want to watch Guardians of the Galaxy, but I'm thinking about all the stuff that's coming out and I'm like these fucking kids movies, probably one of the best things I've got. i've watched all year so far like i don't know if it's going to get much better than this i mean i hope so because i was one of the things to be better but hey kids movies now we uh i was talking to brad, he's doing a lot. more of the guy who always sent other people to see the bad kid movies and stuff, so this year he says i'll be fine and open up and watch the kids.
I felt like he was telling me that it's like he actually kept it a secret because all the good fillers this year will probably be the fastest kids and he's really right the kids are putting a lot more money, time and effort into what's going on right now and they're acting more like adults than much. from adult movies and you know about pg-13s and ARS and stuff and I think a lot of it's because there's more possibilities with kids movies you can present these ideas like you know any magic and fly around dragons and that's not it has to make sense how they can always hold on to them without flying off and things like that, you can just accept it and the possibilities you know without more of those limitations i think it builds up nicely the steps on the board had an editorial from a week ago on how, well adults who read young adult fiction should be ashamed and they should hide in the closet and then they shouldn't know they can read it if they wanted to but i'm sure it was like a shit storm like a shame in the first place shut up, nobody likes you and secondly, it was exactly like everyone was against this. one of the things they always said is that children's stories or young adult stories can be wildly inventive in ways that adult stories aren't.
I'm just going to say that this movie is more adult than most summer blockbusters, from what I see. you, it's going to be more for adults than our transformer, which you want, you want a kids movie for, but yeah, apparently you have a bore, yeah, you're not a kids movie that's meant for transformers four year olds, that's it the mentality. yes, except when you realize that they are big breasts, you know them and you like violins, sex and stuff, these are man's times, they are intended for 13 year olds who don't want to grow up, yes, but this movie is more adult than any of that and anyone who is embarrassed among you knows right now no and anyone can see it it's an interesting moment like I said where it's like it's there but I think it's such a good thing huh instead of going to what we need go to the adult movies to get a good thing nope because they used to not be good kids movies it wasn't good anime if not i mean no one tried it's like here was our crap just to say we did a kids movie and that was it but now they're really trying and they're trying to make them really grown up and it did at disney but they were the only game in town but even though they got through you know kind of calm for a time until you know babies aren't I'm doing nothing because she died and then the second loss portal sighs no yeah no no I mean every dresser is ours on the wall right now like all businesses go through the walls, I don't think I want to tell Pixar.
I see you make sequels yes please Kung Fu Panda and a betrayal oh yeah that's how you know the cruelest joke wait that's Toy Story those are good cruelest joke was sitting on that aircraft announcement just before satis. I think that's the Disney outfit that fits. yeah though to be fair i was actually looking i was like well it still looks better than cars two three if i have a third one on the way that's right but you know i'm just going to check it out yeah i think it is You know we're at a point now where we knew this years ago when Disney was at the top of their game about you know snow and all these things you know that get old just because you're doing something for a certain age doesn't mean that you have to be dumb or it can't be good or it can't be brilliant or this whole ticketing audience really means business to the point where, again, I can't wait for some of the kids to start choking, you know?
Did Disney know this? they still know it and other movies and studios are taking notice and they're trying to change and they're trying to adapt and I think it's great I think it's wonderful and they're becoming more artistically free like I said I think this uh this book of the life we ​​saw before i see it directly before i see this looks amazing uh and they're just the lego movie you know they're just expanding with what they can do and have blunt to your life also something from a latin american perspective, yeah emily and so much culture and wonderful designs and like i said it's not just an oh we'll just throw it in from the latin promise you know i know you can tell it's right a lot of effort and i love that i know people always complains about how much you know Oh movies these days blah blah blah you didn't grow up with the dark times we did ok you didn't grow up when CG first came out and then that was the attraction and it wasn't anything else ya You know, and there was no story, no plot, no character, just something cool was here, so you got and of course you got the direct-to-DVD Disney sequels. yeah i think girls finally died out it's all tinkerbell and but it's but i think the concept of bambi seven is yeah that sings yeah it goes on but you know why there and i'm talking about you so i'm just talking about movies in general, I think I mean from a little bit before Godzilla onward, you know where we got nothing but Armageddon and you know, the disaster movie era at any time, so you just have to film, okay, no , yeah, Dante Look deep into Faye, okay this is all going to suck and you just knew it was coming in and it's like that's all you got, you just went to a movie knowing it was going to suck but what can you do?
You want to see a movie and we were kind of held hostage forever now let's expand it has more good stuff but not everything has changed I mean every year we have a Michael Bay movie oh no no but it's not dinner you're never getting a Roland Emmerich didn't used to be anything but those movies though. I mean, and like I said, kiss entertainment with the exceptions: who could put out one movie a year. Disney was hitting a wall. DreamWorks was just trying to get off the Groupon by saying there was also a wall just in movies in general because people, for whatever reason, are like "I just want to see it blow up becausewe discovered CG and we like it." and we want to see more of it and eventually got sicker than ever.
The story and the plot again. that's why this is safe, low, low, you said God, that was in 1998, so that you're talking about a three year old wall uh i say more like close to five years that fox mask same year that's the man that was the one everybody has this is the only movie that actually it's a good action movie that not only has effects and explosions but there was five years of like nothing i need just maybe shooting a year would be nice it's like the worst that was always so much bigger than the best that just it happens no no it's no no what i'm saying is i know it happens i'm saying you know for all the people who keep going on no good summer blockbusters and it's like you didn't get past that part of the rule cg everything what they could have done that was only 15 years ago well people are talking well so you don't appreciate what you have now because this is a good movie like a movie it was a good movie the companies are there are a lot of good animated movies and there are some hello well ok i'll give you this the only difference is you're right when that wall hit it was a double whammy because there wasn't a lot of really good blockbusters that came out during that time but also disney died yeah yeah Disney died, I bet an antenna was stolen, yeah that's what I'm looking for. true there wasn't an alternative yeah i mean i mean not now it's because at least they're putting effort into these animate anything pixar i mean they had toy story but bug's life is cute i don't think that's great. fall i mean it's a movie a year it's like you're looking forward to a movie a year it's like no now we have there's a number of good movies i can tell this one came out yeah not all are great and not all They're fantastic but you know I feel like I've had a lucky streak because I didn't hate guns the way some people did.
Spider-man 3 I'll give it that at least and this one was really good. We had the Lego movie, yeah I actually mean we're physically here so far. Yes, I really enjoyed this. If you liked the first one, you're almost destined to like this one too. yeah like i said it's not perfect but what's good is very good and if you can watch 3d and imax definitely watch it in 3d and imax because it's definitely very very good and very nice so we need to live in peace ba and

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