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How to Ship Products into Amazon FBA for Beginners [Full Tutorial from A to Z]

Jun 07, 2021
I have different boxes. I need to pay to do it, so it will show me firsthand that we are


ping three three-unit SKUs, so one of each different thing to Salt Lake City, Utah, in one box and then another box. I need to


six 25-count SKUs and it will tell me which ones they are when I click ship and which


come in which box to Hazel Town PA. Okay, so I'm going to try and continue with these sends and then come back to the camera. in the next one and I'll show you the labeling process and how I do it and then we'll go back up and start working on shipping again, so I pretty much told you not to waste your time.
how to ship products into amazon fba for beginners full tutorial from a to z
I've labeled almost everything. Except one other thing now couple of caveats here, as you can see I have literally thrown the Avery labels on top of the old barcodes. Now there's a couple of things here, what you basically want to do is throw them over what you put the barcode above, so here's the barcode above. the bottom right and this is important to see, it's self explanatory, this is not the important part. I'm going to take the label from all sides, take it off and stick it right on top of the previous one and that's it, now you can I also have to note that sometimes others like if they can see this product right here it has another barcode right there.
how to ship products into amazon fba for beginners full tutorial from a to z

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how to ship products into amazon fba for beginners full tutorial from a to z...

I don't really worry about that little side because it's inside in the little green one. I'm a little green game. on the side so they don't scan it, but you need to make sure there are no other barcodes on any of the other parts of the BOK box so you can see. I put my old barcode right here, but you don't want them to be confused with this barcode on the front, which is the GameStop barcode that says 59.99. Now it's not actually in the plastic box, it's in the game inside the box, but just because it's so obvious you don't want them to try.
how to ship products into amazon fba for beginners full tutorial from a to z
I ended up scanning that most of them obviously won't be smart enough to do that, but don't put any friction on yourself, so what I recommend doing there is taking one of the others and you can save your sheets if you have extra ones that you don't use correctly, so I have two additional ones here, so I'm literally going to remove a simple one with nothing, it's a white boom. I'm going to put it right above the old barcode. that they don't scan that too and Boom Blox, obviously, that's the one you scan well, so now we're going to start these submissions, we've already gone through the whole process, another thing I also forgot to say before. it's like I said, save your boxes, but also any bubble wrap you get and anything, save that too, okay, and if you have too much, obviously, throw it away without saying it, but save it, save it, you want to protect your inventory, obviously, games . like this one they're not that hard to ship you know I don't really need to protect these two too much because they're pretty easy to ship and in my experience they won't be too fragile but some items There will be some items will be larger some items will be larger heavy when shipping books, obviously if you're shipping heavy textbooks and then you have a small fragile item that can break, you're going to need to know things like Polly Mailer's Things and air bags and anything like this that comes with game bag wrapping paper save it because it will help you protect your inventory when you ship to FBA so now let's work on this first shipment here are three of them so let's figure out what's okay so we'll press review and modify units and it will tell us that we need one, let's sing country Nintendo switch, so I'll take it in my hand right now, let's sing country Nintendo switch. let's sing country Xbox one to the microphone final addition, grab one of these too and let's sing Country Xbox one single edition, grab one of these too, boom, so now I need to figure out which box shows they ship in, so ideally you want to ship them.
how to ship products into amazon fba for beginners full tutorial from a to z
These are in the smallest possible box that will fit all of your items, so I'm going to go ahead and find that this box is a little bit larger, but just to show you exactly what I'm going to do. I'm going to ship them in this box here, so what I'm going to do is tape this down and you're also going to want to remove these labels so that the labels are like on the top of the box. I'm going to tear them off too, but I'm not going to do that on camera because I don't want to waste your time, that's pretty self explanatory and obviously starting this shipment where there are only three boxes is pretty easy, but sometimes they'll be like five boxes, if you ship about a hundred units, sometimes it will only be two and you will be lucky, so what I'm going to do is I'm going to need a tape measure, which is also another thing that will save.
You could estimate a lot of time and trouble, but I don't recommend doing that, so with a tape measure, I'm going to measure it correctly so that we have eighteen by six by five, so we'll put those dimensions in and hide. the unit is here in the computer when a ship shifts down everything in a box, so now that we know we can fit everything in one box most of the time, if you have enough boxes, you also have bigger boxes , you know, and you're not shipping a ridiculous amount of stuff and not starting a shipment of sixty things in a box, you'll be able to ship them all in one box if you have to.
I can create another video about shipping in multiple boxes, but if you must do that, it's self explanatory, more than one SKU per box, total 15 boxes or less, that's fine, and because obviously you won't ship in 15 but you won't ship in more units than that if you're doing this right here chances are you know you're a little bit more advanced you don't need to see this


so you'll have more than one SKU if you need them in multiple boxes and then just add one box right here, number of boxes or maybe you do it too, maybe you do it in three and then you press firm and you just enter the shipments, they are the specific boxes, their weight, their dimensions and then what units correspond with each box is explained by itself, but obviously most of your stuff will be in one box here for shipping.
So what did I say? I've already lost count of what it was. It was 18 by 6 by 5 18 by 6. at 5 in there so wait at the checkout now we're going to put the items in so these 3 on this I'm going to turn on my scale and literally throw it on the scale so What does it weigh? It weighs 1 pound and a little less than 2 ounces, so 1.1 pounds is fine and we'll press confirm boom, calculate it and it'll tell me what I paid or what I took. My cost was so 523 right here, I think I sent it. 28 units in total.
I'm not wrong, so how do I know that the purchase cost for each unit is 5, it was 583,523. I'm going to save 28 units in total, add the next box and divide 28 by this.


price so I know what my correct unit price was, so we're going to print these box labels and I'm going to print them after this video and we're going to move on to the next video in a minute, but right now you can see, okay. this is 1.1 pounds, so as a rule of thumb I'm going to write 1.1 in this box, but where I would put the label, 1.1 in this box here, right at the top, and I'm going to cover the way that 1.1 with a label, but You know, if you only ship in two boxes and there's a big discrepancy, you don't need to do it, but I'm used to doing it, it's a good habit because if you ship in bigger things, once you grow up, you'll ship like five different boxes at once. and some of them may have very similar dimensions and weights, so you don't want to mix up your


and the labels on those boxes. so that's a good rule of thumb, so now I'm going to complete the shipment and mark your ship.
Now I'll print those labels all at once, that's why I wrote it. You could literally print them out and then label the box and then move on to the next thing if you want to do that and you don't actually have to write it down, you can do that too. I just like to print them all at once because I like it. I said I usually do more boxes and more units so next let's work on shipping so it ends up becoming everything else so if I were to look I could press view and modify units and see well these are all the sub units for each specific product I need to add.
These are this box or boxes so they're all going to go in one box and let me find the box that I'm going to ship them in so I think all of these can probably fit in this box here let me see roughly you should be able to fit in this one now I'm not going to pick up this box yet, we're actually packing it all the way because I'm going to want to make sure I protect my inventory here, but really all I'm doing is testing to see if I can fit all of this stuff in this box, which I clearly can. , so now I want to get the correct dimensions, so what are the dimensions?
Well, it's 15 by 12 by 7, so I'm going to put that at 15 by 12. At 7, what is the weight of the box? I turn on my scale and the box weighs nine point two ounces nine point two ounces. Confirm shipment. Will calculate the cost for us. Now it's 492 for this one because I'm only shipping it to PA. So the weight doesn't really matter much, they charge you per pound, obviously, per ounce, but actually what costs the most money is shipping it all over the country, so there are several ways to handle it, but I always like to ship wherever they tell me. . because you're going to incur more costs if you don't ship to where they tell you it's just my personal preference you can go the other way if you want and we'll mark it as shipped so I don't remember what it was.
It was, I think it was like 492, so we're just going to round up and say five roughly to send 28 units and remember I rounded 10 23, I think, and I think I need to divide that by 28 units and that's it. They're going to tell me it was about 36 cents, maybe 37 cents per unit to ship to FBA, so it's super, super cheap, that's where I got those numbers from when I say it's only 10 cents, 20 cents, 30 cents. approximately. I usually estimate a dollar. just to be conservative but I never ship single products or even five products at once and this is a smaller shipment okay it's usually a lot of things and my cost per unit is super super cheap okay now we have the unit shipped now I need to print these box labels and I'll continue with the video when I'm actually putting the labels on the boxes and using the Scottie peeler to label the boxes as well, so that was pretty much the


Simply put, now I didn't need to use my Scottie peel or my googa on the labels, which peel off on their own. Some tips here, now I have my two labels on the corresponding boxes obviously, so I'm literally going to cut both of them off. the labels once UPS labels the others, the FDA label they scan them with at FBA. I'm going to cut those labels out, tape them to the boxes, and then literally drop them off at UPS. I'm out. at home it's that simple now you can also do it if you have multiple boxes or you're doing this on another scale you can schedule a pickup which is also very easy to do you can go to UPS comment schedule pickup but I like to drop them off personally because I'm on my way home, it's super easy now, some talking points real quick before I end this video, make sure this one only has three units, okay, so it's not a big deal.
Normally what I do. What I want to do is cross one, two, three, one on the seam and then two covering that one and then a few others if I have more inventory, but what I'm trying to say is you don't do that. I want to go overboard with the tape with the boxes because obviously this is going to cost your business very cheap, obviously, when you buy it in bulk, like these, they ship these heavy duty six packs from Scotty, but it doesn't, so he doesn't want to. go overboard, but I like to err more on the conservative side with a little more tape than a little less to protect your inventory well, especially when you're shipping a large box like this that is relatively heavy, especially if it also contains heavy books and there are like you know 24 products here and it's worth a couple hundred dollars a profit.
Protect your inventory with a couple of extra pieces of tape. Don't skip the tape. Make sure you have a tape attached. Make sure it's protected because God forbid. You only recorded it once or twice and it broke and they didn't deliver it for that reason. Well, you're out of luck and more importantly, you're out a few hundred dollars per win. We will never return, so protect your inventory. I'm literally going to cut these out, tape them to the box and boom, it's that simple. Now you can also use a label printer if you want. I don't use that personally, but I do use it a lot.
Many people prefer to use the printer, so I hope you like this video. I hope it has helped you a lot, as always. If you enjoy the video, give it a thumbs up. I really appreciate it and with that being said, I will do it. see in the next

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