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How To Save $12,000 In A Year!

Jun 04, 2021
Hi, I'm Tara and this is my mom Gail Cooper and we write the diner with a die because she's holding the book because we don't know how to get people to work so we're doing it on our own without a microphone. We hope this video works, but today we're talking about how to save twelve thousand dollars in one


using our Dining on a Dime cookbook that was shown again to mom, to everyone. Hi Bill, the Dining on a Dime cookbook that you can get in the description below, you really can. Let's say twelve thousand dollars in a


and we have real testimonials from people telling us this, so please you can email us all you want, but people are actually doing these things that we are going to tell you and spending twelve One thousand dollars. in a year they just don't add it up, yeah, the only couple, didn't you say it was like 20 mm and more at Apple?
how to save 12 000 in a year
So I got an email when we did our article on how to get out of debt, which a couple emailed. Yo, she said they spent twenty-two thousand dollars in one year eating out, so we're being very, very conservative here, very conservative, so how this video came about was I was talking to a girl and she said, you know, she said I'm working two. jobs and I'm really tired and it's just me and my husband, so we're going out to eat four times a week for forty dollars each and I'm like, wait a minute, you're working two jobs, do you realize one of those jobs you could eliminate if you work eating out mm-hmm she took eliminated that job yes the job said she worked she is working it yes oh this drives me crazy people get it in their head that you are working a job extra just to pay to go out to eat exactly, yeah it's crazy if like I say people don't put pen to paper to add up the numbers and do the math, they just hand them the credit card, they're done eating, they just They give them the credit card and it's on. paid and then the bill arrives it's mixed up with everything else so you have no idea they don't add up the numbers you have to add up the numbers so you added up the numbers for a family of four that goes out with you four times a day and what do we do?
how to save 12 000 in a year

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how to save 12 000 in a year...

Well, I have to round up, sir, it's $200 a week, we have $1,000 a month, which is $12,000 a year. Yes, I'm seriously yelling at you, $12,000 a year going out to eat because you are too. tired of cooking, we have a solution for what to do if you are too tired of cooking and that's what we're talking about today, yeah, yeah, and one thing for some is that you have to have the mind that you want to do this, there's no Use sitting here listening all these tips and all that and then you stop watching the video and just go back to the same habit.
how to save 12 000 in a year
People don't realize sometimes these actions are just habits that get tired exactly automatically in one day, so they automatically disappear. Go out to eat if you think of a different option before you get too tired, think of a different option and then go ahead and start breaking that habit and like any other habit you have to do it very slowly if you go out to eat. four or five times a week, don't suddenly stop eating out, last a week at max doing this, so start by eliminating, say, eating out twice, that's almost $100, you know, it's a little . nervous, you're still saving, even if you can only cut back once or twice, you're still saving money, so start slow and do it for a couple of weeks and then you know in the next few weeks cut three times and so on. you just have to do this flow, another thing is you need to really think about it.
how to save 12 000 in a year
I heard this story, you have to think about whether you are really too physically tired not to cook or you are just mentally tired and that thought is overwhelming because I remember when I worked all three jobs and we didn't go out to eat but I would sit all day if I didn't do this . I finally found the secret later, but before I found the secret I was thinking all day, oh, I need. to decide what to have for dinner, what I'm going to have for dinner and then at work I'm thinking about what I have in the freezer, what makes it, where it's hot, I grain it, literally, heating up the family sauce exactly because it shows up all the time you're trying to do your job you know your stuff at work go to your dentist about eating every day how dare they I know it again I know your family what are they thinking they want food every day they insist on This I think we don't need to indulge in therapy every week.
Look, I know I agree with you, but I heard this story once to show you how much mentality there is behind all this often and that's this girl who was cooking dinner. and she was just taller. I'm so tired and she was trying and she wanted to clean the kitchen after making dinner and she kept telling us we were together and cleaning up dinner. I'm just too tired. My husband said everything. He said: I'm sorry, but it's okay. I just thought she made me go out dancing tonight and she said, give me 15 minutes and I'll change my clothes so I'm ready to go, you know, and then she had energy, physical energy. dance but she didn't have enough energy to clean the kitchen, you know, thinking or the dishes and stuff, that shows you that this is just your mental attitude and that's another thing about cleaning the kitchen, keep your kitchen clean, like that which starts slow, be honest with yourself, am I mentally wearing myself out doing this or am I really physically tired, so the other third thing is cleaning, keeping your kitchen clean because I don't want to go on your trip home from work or from picking up. to the kids at school and there's a messy kitchen to try to even begin to think that you haven't figured out what you're going to eat, then you have the kitchen myth and you just say, I give up, let's go out to eat kinds of things and I have to say what do you know, we do three live shows a week and I'm physically exhausted to the point where I physically can't get out of bed, I mean I lay on the couch and I can't move, so my kitchen after the show looks like a mess, looks like a bomb hit, but if one of the kids can't clean it up for any reason, yes, most kids wash the dishes, don't email me, but if for some reason, yeah, ya You know, kids don't.
I don't always clean it like they're supposed to, you know, you try, but I always, always, even if I can't do the dishes at night, which I try to do first thing in the morning before anything else happens. The dishes are ready while I wait for the kids to put their shoes on for school or whatever. I just get going and do what I can and keep, you know, whatever, we can only do a little section at a time, just, yeah, you know, it's okay. What I mean is, don't give me that excuse that you're too tired.
I know it feels like physical exhaustion that you're going to drop dead and yet I wait until I get the first opportunity and that's the first thing I do. is to clean it up completely and that's another thing I want to mention, we're not talking about there's going to be exceptions because we're going to have someone for the exception and we're not going to talk about the exceptions again, you know, I had a newborn not even I had a kitchen it was difficult I wash my dishes in the bathroom it was difficult for me to stay on top of things well I knew the video is on go to Mom's cheap mom series and you can find that video about how she didn't have a kitchen with the newborns born, yes, so I know what it sounds like.
I was up with a colicky baby all night and couldn't even sleep until 4:00 or 4:30. in the morning and then you would be there at 5:30 in the morning because you were a little kid. I sleep an hour two and I know I'm completely exhausted and sometimes you can't if the whole family has been sick for a week or two, those are the exceptions to the rule, those times I give you permission, you may have to go out and grab a fascist, but save, save, you're going out to eat for those occasions, you know? No? We are talking daily, weekly, regularly.
That's how to get out of that habit of doing it all the time, so another thing that people use as an excuse is that it takes too much time to cook a meal. You know, that drives me crazy. Exactly two minutes to prepare dinner. Thank goodness you remember when they came out. with a 30 minute meal, I think it's already bad. I know I can't stand 30. If I had to spend 30 minutes cooking a meal every night, I would never cook. You know, I would tell Matt. I ask him why. You spend 30 minutes cooking dinner, I know, and that was just prep time; usually that was just prep time which wasn't even the actual cooking.
We watch so many shows on TV, go online and see these gourmet chefs and things like that. We feel in our minds that we have to make an elaborate and sophisticated meal. I'm going to give you examples, a bunch of menu examples and meal ideas that will only take you maybe 10 minutes 15 at the top, you know, clicking on a meal that you can leave for your family and the things that you're preparing, Some say it's okay to eat a bowl of cereal, people know, yeah, that's a minimum, you're saving $50 if everyone just sits down and eats a bowl of cereal and that's all they want to eat anyway and Don't give me that nonsense about it being unhealthy.
You have your Gary, which is very healthy protein and calcium. You have your Cheerios, which are very healthy. All your minerals. Add an apple. Oh, in a glass of juice and you'll have a decent meal since we're not in Ethiopia, yeah, that's what I was going to do, that's what I'm going to explain to you how you can do that because well, let me back up because I won't get into it. that, you don't have to do it at the 10:40 meal, yeah, to do this and I want to touch on that, I'll address that about the preservatives, that negotiation, you know, no, okay, okay.
I don't want you to chime in, but before we get into that real quick, sometimes we say we're talking in time, you know how long it takes to prepare these meals. I have meals that I can, I'm going to give you today. that will take the same amount of time as you drive to a restaurant, park the car, walk in, wait to be seated, sit down, wait for the bets to arrive, take your order, and when you finish that section, you don't even wait for your food but just get that part I have meals you can eat if you've had them on the table for that long oh yes you can do it in the comfort of your home with your sweat, your comfortable clothes and not in a noisy place noisy restaurant now kids can be noisy you know how to get home you know what I mean a little more comfortable and that's why, when you shout, it takes too long every meal I make takes less time than going to a restaurant waiting for me you have to prepare the food, they're waiting have the waitress do the whole pace followed by paying the bill, leaving and taking the car, all of this, even especially the driving time, just a drawing, depending on how far you know, but it's only a 10 to 15 minute drive. time, stares and returns to the restaurant.
I can make a full meal easily yeah so don't use the excuse it takes the machine but you didn't say that but it's like two and a half hours I can't do that you mean every week well every time you go out to eat every time you go out to eat you spend at least an hour in the restaurant it takes you an hour to get to sit down and all that teaches you half an hour of tapa owl I know and we don't even include when we say the approximately $50 for a family to go to eat, we don't necessarily include tips, maybe or gas, you know you're taking money for gas and you just have the time that you could take those couple of hours. of time and spend it doing other things that need to be done at home, you know, like cleaning the house or just in your sink, cleaning your sink, you won't get or even relax, well, yeah, and if your kitchen is in that bad disaster state, you need to take a whole week and say we will eat nothing but toasted waffles and cereal for a week for dinner while I clean my kitchen so I can start cooking, okay, well, here's another thing: let's say you spend when we calculate. $50 to go out, let's say five times a week or four times $200, we'll do it that way, you spend $200 to go out to eat, do you realize that you could hire someone to clean your house for three hours, pay them $25 per hour?
That's $75, you could hire someone to clean your house and you still have extra money left, yeah you know, you have a clean kitchen and you could cook in it, so yeah, you can make some money at home, it's been your cook, you can pay someone. Come in and clean your Can't you clean your house for three hours every week? I'm going to charge $75 and if you're st. I can't spend $200 to eat gloppy, you know, save 125 almost, yeah, thanks to this and you'd have a whole house cleaning my proper bed, yeah, so think about these things, just don't go.
Talent change. Sometimes I feel like we're already in the zombie apocalypse, yeah, because people just walk there, they convince themselves that they're so exhausted that they don't know what they're doing, they're not adding things up, they're not figuring things out, and They're just walking around normally, going through the motions of life and arguing, you have to stop andI got an email from mom, it was a very nice email, she was a very sweet lady and I had to give her some tough love because she was like you know we have four thousand dollars in credit card debt, I'll stay in home, mom, I should get a second job to pay for this and she said, well, could you have a problem with coffee in the car?
I know you had your own question right there. three thousand dollars in a year just for a coffee and you don't have to go get a job, okay, yeah, I know, so start thinking, don't be like one of these zombies, just go through the motions, you know, find out why are you so soft to find out why you are zombified and start fixing itIf you know now there is a lot of information that you can get, it will help you with that and I'm not talking about Mike and I will go on a dinner date once or twice a month, I'm not talking about that at all we're talking about a chronic problem here a habit a habit of just going out to eat because you're too tired yeah what didn't you talk about before?
Oh, I know about preservatives and stuff and eating the cereal. so now I know we're just going to get emails and lamps, so I have to grade this like we do every time there's a point. I believe in eating healthy. I've been studying food for almost 50 years, that's how old I am. I said that out loud, but I've actually been studying healthy foods and I mean, I study them, I don't just look like, oh, I want to eat organic, so I'm going to look at all the advantages of eating organic. On the other side I look at both sides of each coin and any food topic that I study and studied for many hours, you don't understand.
I probably spent this week alone on this video, six hours on things I'm studying on the Internet Planning, figuring six hours just for this one when I say I study. I really studied this food, so I know the health problems. I know it's healthy. I know what is out there that is best for being healthy and we are going to talk about foods that have preservatives. I know if you're talking. We're going to talk about foods that you keep in the freezer and that you eat out of a can instead of seeing you soon. I know and you should realize it.
Yes, you know. Not the first thing, if you're really scared that this is only for a season, we tell you to eat like this with these fast foods for a month, maybe two months, until you let that habit go. eating out all the time to get your life under enough control that maybe you can start adding a little bit more healthiness if you want, you know more foods, more food from scratch, although I don't necessarily think you know the same healthiness. all the time, but you know you can, you will change your eating habits and you will have to do it step by step, so for this first step of eating, let's change, you may have eaten some preservatives.
You may have to eat some canned and frozen foods to do this, so don't panic, you can change and once you have it under control, you can change the next step in your life if you want and move on to the next thing . please don't yell about it and another thing i don't remember very well great grandma now we have such a strange mentality about food is our god i'm sorry people spend more time reading food labels in their can i suppress they even say this but They do it, they spend more time reading the food labels on their food cans and food boxes and they read the Bible half the time, I'm serious, and that's why they almost grimace, you talk about God, You say, oh, you understand. chance to eat that, I shouldn't eat that, do you realize the stress you feel every time you tense up and try to decide whether you should eat or not, that is causing more harm to your body than any order and then any preservative? you're eating, you see what I mean, stress causes illness, it causes heart attacks, it causes obesity because you're stressed and a lot of people eat when they're stressed, so you might be eating organic foods because you're stressed and tense, which I'm eating it a lot and it has as many calories as anything that contains preservatives, so this is a whole other show, I know and I won't go into it too much, but you have to rethink this whole thing that I can't get out of.
Yeah, I mean, I always think about great-grandma. She said she lived on a ranch in the new no man's land. She had to cultivate her own garden and she didn't sort souls into the dust rift. She had to cultivate ours. The gardens do all their canning, you know, they killed, they did the whole thing. I remember her saying that when they came out with Fox and Candace macaroni and cheese that she could buy, that she didn't have to can herself, she was already over it. you know, she was and I got our great-grandmothers and great-grandmothers were much wiser than us, they took what they had at the time and did the best they could with it and adapted to the new and I remember the noodles that are there.
I've told this story a million times. My family loves great-grandmother's noodles. She made them. I always heard about it before I got married. She even made these noodles with leftovers. She spent hours preparing these things. delicious, she used everything from scratch, you know, blah blah blah, so after we got married, I asked her. I asked him: what is your secret? These noodles were so good, how do you make them? What's your secret? She says I've never told anyone else in the family this, but let me show you and she takes me to her freezer and pulls out a package of what they call Remis, something like ree mas, something like frozen noodles in a plastic bag and she says this is what I use and everyone thinks I make these wonderful things, so you know you have to get over these phobias because that is an obsession, that our food has become an obsession and any Whatever is enough of a session is worse for us physically than the obsession itself, you know, food itself is like that.
That's enough, now I'm going to give some ideas on what to do to get out of this. You'll have to use convenience foods and you'll be thinking, well, that's expensive and yes, sometimes they are, but it's a lot cheaper. I found that because I put pen to paper it's cheaper to use a few convenient foods and items than it is to go out to eat so that's how you start and that's the part where I say start with a lot of these prepared foods and then you can start earning yourself, you know you need to do other things to save more money and spend a dollar fifty on four TV dinners if that's what you need to do, it's a lot cheaper than $50, yeah, for me and yeah, and the thing is that you have people with rocket science.
Not bad, Galius, and you need to find out what it is that's setting you up. I don't want to cook because, like me, I didn't want to wash the dishes because I didn't have a dishwasher and I was afraid to prepare food because Then, even though the kids helped me, there were still a lot of dishes I had to deal with every day and That kind of thing is fine, so does it bother you? Paper plates, you know, paper bowls of that paper, but you know the disposable ones. Disposable frying pan bowl I found frying pans at my Kroger store the other day I cook, it was three or four eight inch frying pans for 50 cents, yeah it's a good deal, I'll get four for four bucks a dollar at the EB store even if you have to pay full price, it's cheaper to pay full price for a disposable pan for cooking than it is to go out to eat, so use paper plates, use disposable pans, and if you have to use plastic forks, I usually always use regular cutlery because it's not so hard. just so you know, use silver foil four at a time, I put tar, use silk pad many times, I hate subpaths and they are good, sticky candies and sticky things, and if you have the time and energy to use them, use them, but I hate them. them because I always wash some things and they are hanging I'm thinking now what do I do with it because here I have washed it in my thing I don't have anywhere to hang it you know so if I hang it above the chair it drips on the floor in a straight line over the positions in the 3 or the foot, yeah, yeah, well, my counter is so small that I don't have room to hang everything you need, so yeah, so, goal, make do with it, I can't.
I'll grab my cookie sheets. I always cover them with aluminum foil and now I even use a lot of parchment paper because people don't realize that you can reuse that parchment paper, it's more expensive and positive, but if I'm making something sticky, I'll do it. I use parchment paper and I like my cookies. I know I can't wait to hear the expression on PLC. I wish I could see the expressions on people's faces. I say this. I use the same sheet of parchment paper on top. Oh, bake my cookies. You know, and you do it for 3 or 4 months, yeah, well, I take away the crumbs, there's nothing left there and you can talk, but all the germs are fine, let's think about these people, this is a zombie attitude.
You're putting these cookies in a 350 to 400 degree oven to pretend what terms are going to suit me with a mom. Use our gloves to make the cookies now. Well, I'm weak because I got a comment saying that your viewers would really appreciate it if you used gloves to make your cookies. food, so that's what I mean, people don't realize that you put those pans in an oven that cooked everything on top. I even called the health department. I say I study these things. I'm not kidding, so I called health. department in my kitchen utensils I was making the gingerbread man to see what the health requirements were and everything they sent all the cookies there are no rules there are no regulations because they are non-toxic foods first of all my first thought is who sells toxic foods , did you know? guys who would sail on the dock, but what they mean is that you can't get food poisoning, you can't get food poisoning with a cookie, so I eat so many that way, it's safer for my body, much better, yeah, we should all do it.
Go on a cookie diet because we know we won't die of anything, you don't need cookie dough either, but you can still use parchment paper, so think about these things to make your life easier when it comes to thinking about and making the cookies you want. want. You won't have to clean as much, maybe a pan or something you can boil on any plate, so start the first month using all these convenient items and then when you don't, you'll be trying to stop. I plan well, Monday is a hard day at work, Monday is a hard day at home because I'm running errands doing this on those days and I start planning that that's the damn day to make my convenient meal or that one day we will go.
I go out to eat Think about it that way the rest of the time I'm going to cook regularly Prepare for these things a little You know you have to prepare You know when you're going to get tired Probably most of the time so prepare for those days something else and not the I mentioned, I'm going to go ahead and put it in now when I talk about preparing what I finally discovered that helped me the most in removing this heaviness that I had all day. Worried about what I was going to have for dinner, what helped me the most was that either in '94 or that morning I wrote down in three words what I was going to have for dinner.
I'm not talking about a menu plan for a month. You're very tired, right? I am, I'm sorry, I know, but I feel bad or the attic is fine and I was looking like this, just so you know, so I found out that the school is teaching our children that aliens brought us our technology in science, so as a mother, you know, I get a little angry, so I wasn't on this last psychic alien show and then I had to go to school, that's what's fine, I'm sorry, I don't want to be nosy. Sorry mom, but most importantly to help me probably more than anything else.
I mean, it really made a difference in my age in everything. Yes, that morning I found out that I'm having chicken for dinner and I took it out. The freezer had it waiting or I was going to have French toast and spaghetti that night, so I took the French bread and the little hamburger package out of the freezer, so what that did were two things that my mind didn't do. Thinking all day more about what I was going to have got out of my head, you know, Don, I've relaxed, I could do all my work, whether at home or at work, better and then something else that afternoon, at the end of the afternoon, if I was really tired and I thought, you know, I'm so tempted to go out to eat or do something else, I have that food, so I already bought it in the refrigerator and then there was a part of me that thought I don't want to wasting that food, you know it's already parked for me, thinking about it and knowing what I'm doing is like 75% oh yeah, you have to fight to cut the food at five minutes for dinner, trust me, I'm the expert and I know it. how to defrost food five minutes before night better, but you know, the second one will be overwhelming, yeah, yeah, yeah, okay, now I have to fill a sink with water and then I got bleach.
I'm going to make all of this, I just made it with chicken. and the microwave time thing and all that, no, and I didn't want to waste the food that was in the refrigerator too, so that was a little more motivation. Sometimes he would even go a step further and ask if he could prepare something overnight. Before, for example, if you could defrost the chicken again and simplyI would put it in the pan, cover it and put it in the refrigerator. I already put it in the pan, all I have to do is put it in the oven. in the morning for whatever and do anything you like, inhale in our crock pot ebook.
I'll put the link to the description below, but in our crock pot ebook, if you love crock pot, go in there, find the recipes, and see. We also have dinner times, let me find that real quick, except I think mom, okay, you're page eleven. Can you upload it to page eleven so they can see it? Oh right, and we're dinning on a dime, lots of these. the tips start, yeah, they start on page eleven there and then we have three or four pages. I'm Danny, our nano page. I'm using these pages today, there you go, so all of these ideas are in Dining on a Dime on page twelve and thirteen and I just want to point out that yes, you might have to go back quickly and watch the video again.
It is there in the book already presented to you. Mom works very hard on the menu. Mom is the person who makes the menu. I don't. make the menu mom, so it's the menu, yeah, in fact, there's like six eleven twelve menus just on this page, yeah, and that'sAnother thing I was going to tell you about menus when you plan it right. I'll get to that in a minute. I guess I'll wait. Yes, I didn't write it. I didn't mean to divert you. Serves well. No, it's okay because I'm glad you did because today I'm going to teach about this in these pages and that's what I'm going to use some of the things for, but what are we talking about before we continue?
We ended up frozen. your food and if you just take it out of the freezer and you defrost it all out of the freezer and do all that, then the next thing you have to do is sit down and I'm not very big, oh, I know I got out because you were Talking about crock pot stuff , there's no need. I DO NOT believe in medicine. I mean, you can't, if you make a cookie, make it. Whatever works for you, keep doing it. Can I do it either way? bags of weed have bags of clay pots that you can put in yeah do that okay hello with every command yeah and I shouldn't say I'm not a day just for me it never works because first of all people put thirty days. value of things in your freezer over the last eight months life-traitor and it's not because the refrigerator is like a power outage or something.
I've lost two freezers full of food in eight months. I don't want to have hundreds of dollars worth of food. in my freezer and I know the power goes out and I lose everything, yeah, so I'm afraid to cook. I did mega cooking for a woman for a long time, she brought, I worked full time, she brought me all her food. about Elmen the pots or disposable containers to put them in and I cooked everything for her to prepare the food for her to take home and put in her freezer, that was a job, literally, it was a lot of hard work.
I can't do something that big, you know, spend a whole day two days doing this preparing food for months because as useful as it is, even when I get ready to use it I still have to take it out. in the pot remember to defrost it, you know, or take it out too much or whatever and then sometimes I have to clean a pot or I still have the dishes in place and that part is what bothers me about food. throwing things together isn't as intense it's the cleaning and you still have to clean with these when you do the mega clean crock pot meals you still have that cleaning that's why I know you Vibram I have fibromyalgia and my hands hurt try and I hold that pot to clean it, but you know there are pot bags that people swear by.
I've never used them and if you want to do something, but you know what, when I do that they always leak, I would get a hole and then it connects, it beeps often, oh now, a couple of weeks ago, I know everyone keeps saying, well I make my crock pot because it saves me a lot and electricity, and I'm going to come in here and tell you Everyone, once again, I thought this is true. I've never checked it. I never approve of something until I don't agree with it until I thoroughly review it. I went and did a study on this.
They said you use a lot more electricity. crock pot in your oven it does depending on what oven you have and what crock pot you have, that number can be almost, you can use almost double the amount of electricity using your crock pot and the logic of why that is your oven. very insulated, very very insulated and you set it to 350 and you turn it on and it goes to 350 and the oven turns on and off and it will stay at 350 for a long time and then when it starts to go down it turns on and reheats the the crock pot doesn't It does that, it draws power at 350 all day long without stopping or cycling the furnace and the cycles are long enough between them.
I find that my food cooks better in the oven in the crock pot, you are not, there is a different consistency to the food, it's like the difference between cooking in the microwave and cooking in the oven, cooking in a crock pot and cooking in the oven, and many people rely on the crock pot. I think sometimes they haven't done so many things in the oven and they haven't done it. It's not the same thing that I haven't noticed, you know, I compared it to, oh yeah, why don't I use a slow cooker, the ploy I don't promote it or how to stock pots, menus, e-books because I don't do it much.
I guess I need to start doing it more, but I kept cooking and they also don't realize that if you don't see the convenience of a crock pot under a crock pot, it's 250 in your oven, the highest 350, so everyone What you have to do is you can put that pie in the oven at 250 and leave it in your oven for the same amount of time as the recipe calls for. I like it better in winter because it was not my intention to climb into the pot. pot cooking is fine but what oh oh it would be my fault but in winter having the oven off is a double whammy it keeps my kitchen warm in my house it's small enough to make a big difference so I still get more savings than so be careful and always do the crock pot things because it saves you time and you know money doesn't always work, it's working for you and stopping you from going out to eat, do it beyond the next thing I was going to do is the next thing you should do if it's not like I'm saying make 30 menus for two weeks some places I hated making menus when people tell me you have to sit down and make minions for two weeks I just had a mental stink block, There's no way to get up, it's just clogged, but I'm going to tell you that if you can take a piece of paper and write down five, just five convenient menus, I'll give them all to you right now.
I liked what we said: we have it in the book, you know some of them in the book and that, and then I'll give you some extra ones so you can rewatch this video if you don't catch them and I don't have to use brain work on this, everything is like that and we have, I don't know how many other e-books that are all menus, we have Dining on menus for a dime, which are menus that we make up using just recipes and we dine for a penny we have slow cooker menus even that has the menus and the recipes we have the leftovers menu where you can use all your leftovers we have that ebook we have quick and easy mixes we have a great selection of menus for you to choose from so I'm going to put everything in the description below, but then on our website for ten years, every week I came out with a new menu pretending they were menus on our website, which is like 52 every year. for 10 years there were 520 menus on the website along with those recipes, you don't even have a small directory, yes, about any excuse that this is too difficult, given, okay and the idea is limited, yes, to go with those menus, how to make an easier menu and things so you know it's not that complicated I'm just asking you to make five and you could it would be even better if you could make 10 to only make five and people don't realize you say well, That's not many, but like let's say you made 10 menus, you know, you just wrote simple ones and I'm going to give you at least 10 today I say minimum 5 to 10 if you can't my life on my feet my family my parents my parents with you but my family Me I would get tired of just 10 more minutes and, oh no, it has been proven that your family eats the same thing, 10, there are 10 favorites, they have 10 favorites and they eat as if they have the same thing over and over again, and if you think about it, if you have 10 menus there are 30 days that's when things depend a painter there are 30 days in a month you have 10 menus you only eat those menus three times a month scat 3 menus scattered throughout a month 30 days that's not going to tire you with them yes then you know, let's start with the five and you should be able to get ten names, at least do the five to start now, some of the things I'm going to do, if this is okay, char, I'm just going to go over them. some do, because people want to know exactly what we eat, so I guess you check your thoughts and I'll make five or ten of what we eat.
Well, an example of the real foods we eat, so go for it. Okay, first at the top. the list should just be frozen pizza, you know it's okay, yeah, and you know it's actually healthy, it's got a cup of tomatoes, a quarter cup of a quarter cup, that's not much, I mean four tablespoons of tomato sauce is equivalent to a vegetable, so you have your tomato sauce you have your grains you have your change your daring you have you know a pepperoni sausage you have your meat there your protein and all that I worry about cutting an Apple and putting it in the place, yeah, yeah you can do that or get a bag now, another thing I'm into.
I'm going to mix some of these up a little bit, you can mix and match these things like I say. a bag of lettuce is already chopped in the bag, throw it in the bowl if you want to be really barbaric and mom is lying dying on the couch from dad's horrible illness and the kids can grab our hands, they'll leave us and we'll throw it away. their pet bowl and you know, I don't suggest doing that, you can say we've been very, very sick before, but, you know, you can have the bag of lettuce and the tariffs in there and the cabbage and the good things you can get. now and put that with a pizza and what you do is you put the pizza in the oven, take it out of the freezer, put it in the oven, come in and change clothes afterwards or if the baby needs a diaper change real quick, come back in and the piece goes, you set the table with your paper plates and you take out the lettuce and how long does that take.
Yes, five minutes. You can skip doing this and just have the pieces ready. Yes, so keep two or three pieces. your freezer and I will take care of you. I have pizzas on hand for those days when I eat today and I know I'm making this recording with you. I already told people that I do a soap opera show, so now I have to go do it. I've been dealing with this like Google and I know tonight I'm going to be a dead person so it's going to be pizza and I'm okay with that and guess what we're living to tell about it, you know what's so ironic? gets more people telling me how healthy I look.
I am a walking, talking preservative. Anything that's different. You know, my teenage kids would love to eat the whole piece. I'll let them do that. I love meat. Two or three slices, usually two and I say you can have an apple or we can open a can of peaches or um, they're back, Joey, what a man, do it, so go ahead, sorry, yeah, no, it's okay because you're Saying all the things you know, the same kind of things. What's nice is just having hot dogs and buns on hand. I mean, it doesn't take time. You can take it out.
You can throw it in a yogurt container. You could throw it in a container. An ascetic vessel. Cottage cheese cut into slices. A tomato cut into slices. to the cucumbers, I'm not saying to do all this, but choose a juice, you know, you can just line up a tomato with the hot dog and throw it in a pan with fries, frozen fries or frozen tater tops in the oven, so What you do is you go in, you put the aluminum foil in the pan with your frozen french fries in the oven, you go in and change your clothes, change the baby's diaper or whatever and get the kids done from school, you come back , you set the table to put the sausages in the microwave, you can even boil them in a pan, which I like because it tastes pretty good, but if you're really quick, put them in the microwave, place them on the table with the sliced ​​tomato and the cottage cheese or yogurt and that's it. a perfectly good meal the fries come out at that time another thing those fries are great or tater tops you can make a whole meal with the fries you can have some there are a few things I like to have on hand and that one of them is great to manage to keep the grated cheese.
I like to keep packages of cooked hamburger in the freezer and I'll mention a couple more things I like to have on hand, but anyway, you throw those fries in the oven. Back in, you grab your shredded cheese and people can mix and match whatever they want, maybe pull out your package of frozen hammer or a can of chili or that can of chili on top of the fries, sprinkle it with cheese for some jalapenos in your family. . level, you have all the food, yeah, a whole meal right there and it took you how long to open those cans and those bags, you know, 5, 10 minutes tops and set the table, so you know, do this.
I remember going to great-grandmother's house. and I would put on what seemed like a feast to me, she would ask me to stay for lunch or dinner and she didn't have anything, maybe she would cook but they would grab her cottage cheese and she would snack on a little bit oftomato inside she opened a can of peaches and put it on the table, she usually had carrot or celery sticks, if you have them, that's another thing, take a bag of baby carrots, she always had bread and butter in which it was , put a pile of bread and butter with maybe a little jam. apple butter or honey on the table, sometimes she would just put a plate of hard-boiled eggs, where she would put a plate of ham, ham with cheese and lettuce on the floors, we had bread and that's it, and a plate of pickles or sweet pickles. pickles and she was like a thief and it all came out of a can or a jar that took her ten minutes to throw together and I thought that was wonderful so you don't have to do, you know, do much. to cook it, these ideas are also perfect for the summer, yes, you know how to do it for the summer, so another thing that I like to save is hard-boiled eggs, because if you are going to boil some, boil a pan with hard-boiled eggs like a dozen, you can take them with you in your lunch to save on lunches, add a couple of hard-boiled eggs, you can make a chef's salad one more time with my family, I love chef's salad, possibilities for fishing in the summer, you can get your bag of chopped lettuce a tomato you already have your hard boiled eggs there if you have made them all together chopped cut a couple of those to put there get your pan cold cuts or whatever and turkey if you have it put that on it and roll another ten minutes or less, you may have cut the lettuce, they are already together.
I like to pass by and here's another thing you can use, I like to pass by like it's now the week before Easter. They have felt everywhere. I'll go get some pre-cooked ham. I don't even have one, I buy a cooked one. I'll get a pre-cooked Lincoln's. They're on sale, but she still goes out to eat and I take it straight to my butcher. go to Kroger Krueger and Kroger problem programs and I take it to my butcher there and I give them this ham and I tell them you're going to slide half and quarter inch slices and the other half you're going to dice and slice it and little guy tells you he sure even does that job for me, yeah, something I have, I have this ham and someday I can make ham sandwiches with it and add chips to it or even take out a bag of chips if need be. to canapés to accompany in a tin of pears to place on the table and I am ready to be able to use them that way.
You could make scrambled eggs and yes, take some diced ham and put it with the scrambled eggs orange slices or add a glass of orange juice, some toes and you can even put the ham on the side if you want and I have a meal so use your Blitzer to make those die spam that would be perfect in the chef's salad it's already diced and ready to go just throw it in the chef's salad so you know the salad too yeah yeah, and do it, yeah, oh, that's another thing, a pasta salad is really good, they make a plate of pasta salad. keep it in your refrigerator for a week and eat it with lunch and change the fruits and vegetables, well what would you do, what were you going to do, I was going to make a pasta salad;
What I was going to say is that the pan turns on the water when you walk in the door and the water starts to boil, go in and change your clothes. I'm just giving you the tutorial so you can see how long it doesn't take to change clothes when you boil the water again. and throw the macaroni out of the elbow, your Curt, any spiral, any type of maximum that you know you want to use for your popsicles, throw it in the pan while it's cooking, take out the bowl, all you have to do is chop the tomatoes if you have carrots. cut them a little, five minutes to chop fruits, enough hands, whole vegetables and you can only do, you only need to do two vegetables if you want, put tomatoes on the carrot and that's it, if you want, you don't have 1500 duty to just chop a tomato and a bit of carrots and use the baby carrots, you don't have to complain, you know mom, I think we need to get us some cattle with one hand so we can go, girl, okay, go. and just do the two vegetables and then by the time you set the table, the already cooked pastas, throw them in with the vegetables, sprinkle some of that grated cheese that I said to keep in the refrigerator every time you make something and you'll be ready, yeah, or mayonnaise, I add mayonnaise or I sprinkle a little onion and garlic salt, you know, or powder and that's it, it's less than ten minutes, yes, or you want to heat Alfredo sauce in a jar or you know any type of sauce that you like similar.
Yes, add the alfredo sauce that comes in a jar and if you have cooked chicken in there, can you sing a canned chicken? Don't throw it in and you'll have a full meal with a bag of lettuce or a couple of slides of apples on the table or something like that, so another thing is also age and I'm still talking about eggs, if your family likes them, what sandwiches of salad, it takes no time, cut up an egg salad sandwich and you've got it, but you can add one more time with a container of yogurt. I'm trying to think you could open a can of green beans to go with that or peas.
You can also add frozen brisket, broccoli, frozen broccoli from the freezer, frozen cauliflower from the freezer. put it in the microwave, sprinkle on some cheese, shredded cheese again and you've got yourself a clove full with egg salad and some broccoli and some tater tods, you know, add some tater tots and that kind of thing now I like to make potatoes They don't accept it in the oven. You're at home. What you can do is clean the large potatoes, wrap them in soy, rub mine with butter and a little salt, right, and add bacon grease or bacon grease, either one.
It would be really delicious. and I rub them and put them in the ground and leave them in the refrigerator that morning so you know it's going to be a couple of hours before dinner. I just put them in the oven and forget about them and there it is time for dinner, I can get one of my slices of ham, take the potatoes out of the oven, I can add a little alcohol, yes, or like a leftover roast, you can use leftover roast and just add fresh baked potatoes and exactly, you know, it's very, very simple. "The thing is to write them down in a list because our problems we can't think of, I can't think right now.
I think it might be even easier if you wrote down five main dishes and five salads, do it like that if you can." If you can't do anything else, just take the mains and then take a can of pineapple and sprinkle and a can of mandarin oranges, mix them together, sprinkle a little coconut and you've got a fruit salad there, Billy. yeah, you know, okay, another thing you want to have on hand is deli meats or cold cups because you can't add anything else, you can make sandwiches, if it's turkey, you can put everything in it.
I make it into chef salad and add it to things like that. I like to save packages of hamburgers, what I do is I fry up some hamburger and I divide it into packages of the size that I will use for a meal or the size that my family has and you can take it there and buy tacos. They already have peels they already have fries each I just have to fry them in oil from scratch heat your oven put the peels there you have your package and then you have the same thing like grated cheese it's still there take your lettuce from the lettuce leaf bag you know the world It's a better place, I know, you have your bag of lettuce and you have tacos, add some supports, tortilla chips with salsa, full meal, full meal, right there you can provide some flour tortillas.
Get it, take a can of refried beans, add the shredded cheese back in, roll them up and you have greens, red peppers, just mentioned in that, but you know those are other vegetables that eat well, so something else. Oh, grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup, how simple can it be and those are comfort foods that people actually pay for. I can't believe these people actually pay money and restaurants eight dollars. for a grilled cheese sandwich, are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? They pay to have a grilled cheese like I can't even calculate that in my brain and not how a show ends and even if you want all the fresh cheese to go through. cold cheese and make yourself a cheese sandwich, this is not rocket science, people I know, and if you want to improve it, add one of those slices of ham with the cheese and make a grilled cheese sandwich, you know, it's endless, how heavy! dollar, hey, yeah, then you could make the grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup and add some of your baby carrots in a ball next to the rotten apples, cut up some cucumbers and some slices of twigs, done.
So now there's one thing we haven't mentioned yet and that is that for breakfast at night, to prepare them, you can make the pancakes and waffles myself, but you can buy them and throw them away, and that's even cheaper. Remember all this. I know. It seems more sensible that the goal of this is to buy prepared foods so that you can stop eating out so much to save money, so buy the waffles, the frozen waffles, the frozen pancakes and you can heat them up, you can get the sausage patties. sausage link, serve that one more time with some apple sauce or orange juice or even my frozen blueberries, frozen strawberries, frozen peaches, frozen mangoes, any of the yes, basically, yes, you can use any of the frozen berries whatever you want, just put them on top and add them. them and that kind of thing and you have a very quick meal once again scrambled eggs, of course you can do that.
I already mentioned the ones you know for a meal and everything and you even like the Tam slide if you have the frozen waffles frozen pancakes take a piece of that slice of ham and serve it hot and serve it with those things that you know are so it's really very simple, oh, another thing. You can do this sometimes if you are at the store whenever you want or you go to Walmart and you could use it the next day. Buy a deli chicken at Walmart. Okay, now you can not only use it for one meal, but you can also use it after using it for the main meal for once if you have some pieces. you don't have to chop you don't have to cut what I would do is simply remove some pieces of chicken put it between some bread with Maino mayonnaise add a piece of lettuce and you have a chicken sandwich, you don't have to do all this adding the grapes and olives and not grapes with grapes, almonds and chicken and make all these fancy chicken salad things.
You see all these menus for our baby chicks and chicken salad recipes. Don't think you're good and wonderful and if you have the time and feel like it, do it, but I'm talking survival mode here and you just rip that meat out of there and hit it off the bread with a little bit without mayonnaise and let your teaspoons bite and chew, you know, basically, you can do that and then just add tater tots with cheese, sprinkle on them a little bit of colored flour, if it happens, if you have the time you want, you can cut up a melon to serve or bunch of grapes just throw some grapes on a plate, you know, green and red grapes or something on a plate, there's another mini how look how many things we've already gone through and they can all be That's way more than five menus I've given you, do all this , they can all mix and match, you know, do different things, would you like to make some of your own or well, it all comes down to a couple of what we do? very fast just because people know what we eat, so what I'll do is make a roast one day, which literally takes me three minutes.
I get a video, you can see, it's like three minutes long and it takes me to do it. when you do that in the crock pot you usually don't do it right. I do it in the oven or in the clay pot, it just depends on the day if it is summer. I'll do it in the crock pot if it's winter. I'll do it in the oven because that's fine, the crock pot doesn't heat a house as badly as the oven, at least mine doesn't, but crock pots are very hot so don't say that. just like you, I know, so I'll cook a roast one night and then add my potatoes and carrots in there and that's dinner, then the next night I'll bake meat and noodles or make beef stroganoff or something and then the third night I'll make something like a stew or a hearty vegetable stew for dinner and then we'll have a soup with that and you can make rusty sandwiches, yeah, it would just make room. for dinner, yeah, you guys really need to get our leftovers, we need to start promoting our plan more ahead of time, leftovers because it's not really about leftovers, it's about cooking ahead to save time, yeah, and so on, and then what we will do is my pity.
Mexican food for every meal, so we have a lot of Mexican food, so I'll buy a can of olives, I'll cut them all up, I'll cut the onions, but the thing is our cream cut the tomatoes, cut the lettuce and put it away. that in the refrigerator and then two or three times a week we have these or tostadas or tacos or fajitas or burritos or something like that and again if you need to make it more convenient you buy chopped olives you know they are more intensity of the dye, you can buy herbs, a look again, you can't grate the cheese and have it there, go ahead, so you know it's not a lot of work guys, like I said, I'm rarely in shape, I rarely spend more than 15 minutes at dinner and it's usually like 10 minutes, I really don't have the energy to cook huge meals andIf you guys come out on our live shows, you know that sometimes we're looking for things to talk about because I finished the recipe and saw what you guys wanted. to know, yeah, you made that egg, egg, brunch and roll the other night, what kind, what was it, five minutes, five minutes, and you know, and if you're worried about using your chalk camera, that's already codes , don't invent bacon.
Know that or buy pieces of bacon, okay, what you know, it's like a foot, we're trying to get you to stop eating so much, so go out, yeah, be careful, okay, come on, so there will be other nights. All I do is fry some chicken, not fried chicken. It's just not a rotisserie chicken or I'll cook it in the pan like a chicken breast with seasonings. I'll roast it in the pan. Chop up some cucumbers, green peppers and carrots, goodbye baby carrots, that's it, throw them on the table with some ranch dressing. I'll open a can of applesauce or cut up some oranges or apples, whatever fruit is in season, it's mangoes in season.
I'll cut up mangoes that kind of thing for another meal, then for one night we'll keep it super simple so I'll fry up a piece of ham and add some French fries or some tater tots. again and again just cut up some apples, oranges or vegetables and eat that. I don't cook much because I'm going to start making a couple of videos of me cooking dinner just because people need this so much, don't walk it. so hard that I'm sorry, I interrupt, I forgot one thing: it's spaghetti sauce, keep your hand on your spaghetti sauce and you know that once again you boil, you put the water to boil with the noodles and you change your clothes and then you just and you can stay, you buy French bread to go with it that's already spread with garlic butter and that you can keep in your fly, yes, even eating salad or I find it difficult Peter says, oh, that's it, ha, yeah, it's not, it's Portion control, you won't let a child eat the entire loaf of French bread, come on, people don't realize what they're saying.
You're supposed to consume between 11 and 15 servings of grains a day, we have a lot of energy exactly and that's why people eat more, between the fat and cars they get from their diet, it makes them hungry. you get more carbs or it's more satisfying, so you can eat a small portion of that, instead you're eating a huge picture for some, maybe a lot of other things that have more calories that in the long run, can be our increase wider weight, yes. smell serving spaghetti, chop up some vegetables, give the kids applesauce or peaches or whatever and you'll have a very healthy meal.
Don't email Tony or me, he's unhealthy because that's why he is and you know we are. I'm going to get people so they can eat sodium, oh Allah, if you're on a special diet, you have to adjust it to what you need, but you can Corinne and you find out. You can get frozen fruits and vegetables. I buy all vegetables frozen. When we put them in the microwave we put a little butter and salt on them and that's it, you know, here's something else. We have given enough examples of cutting fresh vegetables, cutting fresh fruits, making pineapple and you know. together there are enough examples you just need to choose what fits your diet in cents what we have is about the obsession with food now we don't listen to people automatically they don't listen to what they say we say because they think I'm on a special diet so that none of this will work for me, instead of thinking, is there something to that?
They say I can choose a little tip, yes I use it and I know I will. get 50 people to email me and calm anything down. I'm Gabe Ethical. I can't get over all those carbs. Go buy some spaghetti squash, cut it in half, take out my seats, throw it in the pan and roast it, it's not difficult. I did that before I had to go on a diabetic diet during my pregnancy. I totally get it, but this isn't hard to understand now and we're giving examples like cutting the tomato, cutting the cucumber, getting the color of the flour, taking out the broccoli, people just don't.
Don't they make it harder for something? They want to make it harder than it really is and you can adapt any day. This is where I get frustrated with all the special diets. I don't have gluten. I don't have sugar. I'm like this. free you can adjust any of the tips we give you you can adjust them to your diet you don't want to take the time to figure out how to adjust them you want us to do all the work for you so you can sit still you know sometimes I'll make it no, yes, I'm left-handed, Okay, I'm left-handed and I could spend my entire sixty-five years saying, well, how is a left-handed person supposed to do this? figure out how I can do it on my own now maybe some right handed scissors are fine.
I know, yes, you have a mirror behind your brown gaze so you can see the other side. I think they always print on the opposite side of the mug with the print and pretty things on the wrong side of the mug for me. Oh, I'll give you some ideas, mom, hold our book or have some dinner too, you can have cereal, you already mentioned this, you can have cereal on our cereal, we were one. I think we spent a month eating nothing but cereal because, well, chronic fatigue couldn't drive to the store and I didn't have anyone to bring us food, so like I said, we lived to tell the tale, so there's the shed for jars, our dime dime dinner cookbook, all of these tips are on page eleven, so I think 13 or 13, but we're out there and that's just a couple because then we have leftovers and we have something else like fussy Kent, how? what to do for menus for picky eaters for that and those don't just look and see picky eaters and think well, I don't need that, it's a very simple thing, those are really simple foods to make and all my other tips that we did.
Don't mention, oh, okay, we're at the door, after this, don't make special meals for each member of your family, unless there's some idea that you're going to die if you eat peanut butter, that's okay, I'm not talking about that. if you are a special request if your children are special, you order every meal and you are making all your children something different no, we made dinner, this is dinner, if you don't like it, you won't have dinner and that's it, and they no I don't get sandwiches or anything except this mom who makes grilled cheese for a pancake and another tomato soup for enough.
I mean, don't do that, that's not right and one more quick thing: I know there's seven of us, but if you say well, my husband won't tolerate that or my kids won't tolerate that fine, you say you can make dinner, yeah, I do. I feel, son, I listen and I remind your husband, who makes twenty dollars an hour, that he has to do it. work twenty-five to thirty hours because this was after-tax money this is not before-tax money you have to work twenty-five to thirty hours to pay for going out to eat if that's what that man wants to do I have a week yes income yes then yeah so just say okay if you want it if you don't like this and you can start cooking yeah or make more money yeah hell I can't do it you know I don't want to sound mean and hateful and you can do it in a loving way and hopefully you have enough of a relationship with your husband for him to care enough about you then he would tell you and take my place and you need to cook those meals so you can I can pay for your counseling because I didn't help you Oh but anyway yeah we even have a piece of the leftovers because you made the leftover things in the book on how to do it and there's a whole index nobody knows this, but we have an index that starts on page two starts on page four our kidney for our 54 or 54 in recipes that use leftovers, so let's say you make a roast and you don't know what to do with the roast the next day, we have the recipe is already there to show you how to make all the typical recipes you know and how your Rose recipes are there , let's see where I am, so select onions, there are 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 15 to 20 22 24 recipes that use leftovers. onion we have four recipes that use leftover ham we have seven recipes that use leftover eggs or I use soy leftover rice leftover soda yes leftovers no this mixture of vegetables we have 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 15 18 20 22 24 26 recipes with meat and leftover of meat, so when you cut it, guys, seriously, we made real applesauce, we have recipes for how to use the leftovers if you have any left, but yeah, that's what we have, yeah, we never did, that it's good. section yeah we need to I need to start promoting that more or if we get that we need to start promoting that more so okay check out our iodine cookbook for dinner and all our other books guys it's in the description then you can get a link to all.
Of them we will see you next time, please give us a thumbs up, share, comment, share with your friends and see you next time, hello.

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