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How To Paint A Room | DIY For Beginners

Jan 20, 2022
Today I am going to teach you how to


like a professional but as a home owner we will teach you all the skills you need and show you the tools the equipment this is my equipment this is a professional


er this is all you need you can packing all the things in a backpack and taking a bus to work is not that complicated ok but we are going to show you techniques and skills so you don't get caught in the tape trap what i mean by that is there are plenty of videos to show the homeowners oh we don't think homeowners are skilled enough to use a paintbrush so we're going to have you put 40 of the tape all over your


and you waste half your day doing it in this video I'm going to show you how to avoid that , I'm going to show you how to paint this hallway as fast as you can stick it right so there's no blue tape, just let's get into the skills and tricks we're going to teach you everything you need to know in this ste video so you can master the art of painting because if k now how to paint you can do things in your house that are the biggest return on investment is painting your house inside outside the kitchen cabinets no matter what you want to paint when When you finish this video, you will have the skills and confidence to do it.
how to paint a room diy for beginners
Remember on the difficulty scale, painting is like number one. It is the easiest thing to learn on the market, but it is the greatest skill because if you can't paint, you can't finish. If you can't finish your project, you really shouldn't be starting, so let's learn this skill, dive in, and watch the full video. must haves ok we gotta have a paint tray you really want to have a liner especially as a home owner because what liner does allows you to finish your job and just throw it away so you don't have to wash it all down this little yellow arm is is nice to have but it's not final you're going to want to have a nice cage like this this is the Wooster cage and yeah we're going to have links to all the tools in the video description just so you know it's ok this is the Wooster Sherlock Handle and this slides on it has a pin and does a positive lock never again are you going to have to paint while the handles turn this is awesome once you have that set up now you have the ability to extend it and retract it good this rod cuts your work by 60 to 70 percent makes the job effortless you need a sleeve too ok we used microfiber this is an 18 mil there we go os, that's my dolly you'll want to have too. a three inch angle brush this is my three inch angle brush it doesn't have to cost a fortune you can get a good one for about 20 bucks and then I have my 501 tool ok this is a scraper and it's used as a screwdriver Also when I'm done today , it will clean any extra paint from the roller sleeve.
how to paint a room diy for beginners

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how to paint a room diy for beginners...

Okay, by the time you're done painting, you'll have almost a quart of paint sitting on this thing, so make sure you don't have to spend as much time washing your gear, it'll put the paint back on too. in the can so you have it for touch ups later that's ok you'll want to have an alpha knife because I've ever done a job in my entire life I didn't pull out a knife at least once of course you'll want a ladder if you're having trouble verticals like me and you'll want to pull some sort of sanding pad ok remember a good paint job is all about prep and if you're not sanding it between coats you're going to get poor performance ok now on to the video of today i'm not going to share everything about patches and tweaks and all the repairs we have videos for that we'll put a link in the description of the video where you can check the link right here in the cart ok now let's jump right in because what separates a good paint job is om a bad paint job is the material is the paint now i have been using different paints for many years i have been using c2 for the last 12 on and off on different t wow love this paint high washability it's ok high use great for high traffic areas and they have patented technology they use a poly serum as a hardener that's ok the strength of this paint is not from an oil based product so what there are no resins which means no shortages no supply issues that's why we're promoting this right now okay the other thing is it's very low voc which means when you paint your house doesn't smell like you've been painting for a week absolutely amazing ok no headaches cheers when it's time to paint all you've done.
how to paint a room diy for beginners
What you really have to do is clear the space, put down a tarp and then you have to remove all the cover plates because this is where the prep comes in. That's where the knife comes in handy. Take out all the screws. Remove all cover plates. Don't paint. around cover plates that aren't great ok ok so the purpose of this video is not to show you how to paint with new drywall it's to show you how to repaint most people want to get a job done paint because well let's face it the color is ugly or they are living in a new house and the builder used very cheap paint and they can't wash the walls.
how to paint a room diy for beginners
The first step is to take some trim paint and fix all these mistakes right here where they were painting the wall and got it. painting the whole edge is not cool because if you come in and do a good job you'll have three colors sitting there it's going to scream so before you start grab some paint for the edge and make sure that edge is painted now No i care if it covers the whole wall because it will go back and cut a new line but just make sure the old paint is covered there we go thats much better the same is true for ceilings. you might find you have to paint the whole ceiling paint your ceiling i If you have to start with a clean palette if you need to learn how to paint a ceiling it's a little different technique you can click the video link here or see the description from the video below because when you paint ceilings we follow different rules and walls it's ok it's just about the direction you want to paint all that information in that video let's move on to how to paint your


the next step once you have Cleaned up the roof lines and trim lines is you. you're going to want to sand just use sponge sanding if you must now you don't have to spend a lot of money on a deck i guarantee when the builders painted this they didn't sand and the walls feel like sandpaper now this wall has to be sanded properly now the best thing is we're ready to paint right now no tape don't waste time it's fun because there are two things the paint world never teaches homeowners it never teaches them how to sand which is amazing because the difference between a wall What has been sanded and a wall that hasn't been sanded is, by touch, you can walk into any house in the world and do the following and if it's not smooth as a baby's bottom, it wasn't sanded and you know, because it's just gritty, feels like a dirty wall.
I think one of the reasons they don't tell you to sand is because they want you to be unhappy with the finished product, so you buy another gallon of paint. Try to do everything. again i dunno the other thing they never tell you is to use a paint stick come on be honest every time you see a commercial or a movie any ad for a paint company they always have someone standing there painting the wall like this Oh, and everyone thinks it's normal. This is the most abnormal painting technique in the world. No one who has ever made a dollar ninety-five in their entire life paints that way.
There is a reason for that. Hey, this is so much easier. your hands under your heart when you're not working which means half the work it's not all the stress on your forearms because you're holding the damn thing right now you can use both hands half the work again and besides that can get a much more even distribution of the paint well it will blow your mind when you see how easy it is now just for the record the color here is bubba ganoush it's from c2 we have a new fix with c2 paint so you can get this excellent affordable quality paint. video description for the details and the deal we got for you this is one of the highest quality paints on the market today definitely rivals benjamin moore ok but we will get you a much better price consider it they dont use oil based resins to make their paint hard and washable so they dont have supply issues now i hope this turns out looks like im going to paint cream on cream no way its too bad hmm baba ganoush yeah thats different ok okay guys? so the brush is new right now ok i don't have anything loaded so what i'm doing is i have about two and a half inches of paint left in this can and i'm just pushing the paint into the brush and until load it up enough, I'm not going to try to cut the roof line.
Now the wall here is a flat paint, oddly enough, so what we want to do is drive our brush nice and slow about a quarter of an inch from the ceiling. that is flat and wants to apply the first coat of paint before trying to be too delicate and getting too close to the surface is ok because paint doesn't glide it doesn't move well on a matte paint so on the second coat is when we will push that towards the corner you'll see when we get there this works great while you're on a ladder do the other side of the hole while you're at it we're going good good today we have a new person we've selected from our instagram and facebook photos and lets say hi to russell russell awesome job on your bathroom renovation now listen up guys if you want to say hi let us know give us your name give us your city where you are from and then or share your project, it is absolutely amazing to see them working hard in their houses, but you must follow us on our social networks, instagram and facebook, check the information note below in the video description, enter there and start sending us your photos of your success stories, okay? we would like to share with the world so that everyone else can be encouraged to go ahead and DIY too cheers well done lets go back to the video here we go now we have the brush working im going to show you how i cut the outside of a wall, roughly speaking the corners outer ones are sharp edges you want to use the heel of the brush which is this part right here place the brush on it and it will fan out again draw about a quarter inch away and you get a ridge paint now you come back with the paint and you can just draw against the edge of that corner.
You will never want to use a rolling pin here. When you're on the other side looking this way, you don't want to see two colors. this is the secret so if you just use your heel draw a line and then you can push that paint all the way to the edge you'll get a perfect edge that's how the pro cuts in the corners now if you're going to be painting your walls and you're changing the color you're not going to want to change all your baseboards and repaint them and all your other trim again it's like the ceiling only upside down the secret here you want your head to be able to see under it so you have to get closer to the ground here what draw that line yourself but a quarter inch out make sure you don't have too much paint on your brush for this and you can push it down then just pull forward, if it's collecting too much paint remove it and start over come on that's it a nice edge this is one of the highest quality paints on the market today this is the new way poly poly looks like a one coat topcoat paint but it is not we have shown you how to cut the roof how to do the outer corners how to cut the Trim I'm going to cut the rest of this room real quick because you want to do all the brush work and then spread out your first layer.
The only thing you need to know about cutting is this when you have a wall. outlet plugs and switches ok you want to brush the area because you never want your roller to get too close a sure sign someone is in too much of a hurry is when the electrical outlet has paint all over it ok and if you find just a little extra paint you can see the brush marks dust it off get rid of those here we go now it's time to roll so we're all done cutting now it's time to roll but before we you do it remember we are dealing with uh the paint has a lot of tech and acrylic at the time of wa sh this brush is ok don't wait till the end of the job or the brush should be rubbish that's a pro tip ok here's the kit it's got the rest of our paint ok what i want to do is first i want to load the roller this takes a minute ok it's just a matter of pushing that paint in there and getting it nice and full in there come on be patient now if you got good quality paint it won't drip you get what you paint right there guys now that the moving walksthey're unbelievably difficult because working with a stick oh look it just happens it just rubs off so if I don't extend it I can work from top to bottom and that's how you want to roll any of this w business you just want to upload this here and just lightly touching the wall, okay, and the paint will come off on its own, okay, and then you want to go about two rollers wide and then you want to go back to where you started because there's a lot of extra paint on that part of the wall that you want to zoom in to the edge but not over the edge, about a half inch away and that will add texture to that previous brush stroke.
I always stop a few inches from the bottom and a few inches from the top. That's why my cut line is about four inches high, so I never risk hitting the ceiling. now we are trying to make the texture on the wall consistent every paint company has a different coverage materials are made differently thats ok and if you find your wall looks too wet and too thick keep extending this until it is not the case. I am already impressed with the coverage of this paint. I love this new cabinet finish and wall paint. picking up the extra paint from stick the wall and you'll make sure everything looks the same ok it's not about speed it's about perfection let's not be like these guys who walk around with a double width roller trying to paint a whole wall in nine seconds that's a mess it's always because this paint has great coverage we're going to leave a little bit of space this time so when we back up we can roll again now there's a lot in the paint it's called the wet edge now i didn't pick up as much paint as the first time here because i'm just trying to make this easy the wet edge is fine here and you always want to paint where the wet edge is before it starts to dry remember we talked about paints today these days they have a lot of tech in them and you could tell on the tin it takes two hours to dry but that's only because there are still houses left in plaster and if you see any lint get rid of it and roll it back up, still There are houses out there that are laughing plaster and that techn Acrylic paint takes about two hours to dry, so the instructions on the tin are based on worst case conditions.
The truth is, this stuff can dry in 20 minutes on the wall, so you have to keep the leading edge wet, which means if you start painting. with the roller and the phone rings you don't stop painting you finish the wall and you call back or you will have a final easel it will dry in those minutes that you leave and then you are going to have to take out the sanding block, it is really melting this paint itself same for a perfect look now if you have never seen anyone paint with a stick like this before how easy it looks compared to holding it by hand this stick only costs about 20 and you're going to get there you don't need a ladder gravity has to work there we go nice and controlled up and down and then back up to pick up the extra paint leave the consistent texture on the wall and that's all you need to know the truth is if you use good quality tools and good quality paint .
Painting is easy, yes, it's actually a lot of fun. Anyone who says they don't like to paint is doing it wrong. This is incredibly satisfying. I have one more rule because when you are playing with a painting. you're actually rolling in one direction and you create a grain with the texture and you might not see it as long as you're always rolling in the same direction resist the urge to change the direction of the roll it's ok if you have a big window here and just you have a one foot section of wall don't go left to right it will show you will actually see it in the wall texture changing direction just use your roller down here like this and do little rolls never change the direction of the roller in a wall.
The best thing about modern painters is about an hour after you have applied the first coat you can jump to the second coat if you have air conditioning if you have air conditioning. Conditioning or a decent heating system in your home isn't going to b If there's a problem, just run a fan for a few minutes and help speed up the drying process and then you'll want to sand one more time. an hour old you'll actually see all the changes from where you actually sanded something also if you look at the light right okay look we just try to zoom in on the camera so you can because I can see this playing its day against the light the camera he can't get it, the truth is cameras lie, everything you see on youtube looks ten times better than the real thing, the secret is when you're painting, just trust me and do the sand. between coats feel the wall before you sand and then it will blow your mind the difference in texture ok this is the secret it's ok to get a great finish i'm going to show you how to do the second cut because the second cut is where you get your precision line every time you feel pain When laying on a flat surface, you should do the precision cut on the second layer.
What it is, there just isn't that much drag, so you don't need a lot of paint on your brush and you can draw a perfect line without it snowing. plow on you you know what I mean so here we are going to show you so this is what you push the brush in and load it up and then wipe it off okay you don't want too much paint you want it inside the brush not on top from that now we're going to run a nice long straight line again right under the other one but this time we're going to push the brush right into the crevice right into the crease you can reach in from either side it's ok and you're just going to use the tip of that brush is fine and that's how you get a nice straight line if you use too much paint or push too hard or try to be too fast you're going to push the whole ceiling but just a little bit of pressure and because you're painting from the inside of the brush , you can actually place the bristles right in the corner and it will come out perfect.
I have to get that corner here. We're going to lean a little too far from the ladder here. Now one of the rules when you're doing your second coat every surface of the wall that you paint, you paint the entire cutout on one wall and then you roll that wall and then you move on to the next one because the first coat is fine if you can see the lines on the roller doesn't really matter the first cut takes a long time but once the first coat dries you need to make sure you finish one surface at a time so cut and roll each surface individually and that's how you'll be sure that you can blend in.
We talked about the wet edge, this cut can be wet at the same time I'm rolling so now I'm blending the brush marks with the roller to give it texture and then you won't see the brush marks now if you do. If you're interested in learning how to do DIY renovations, we've got plenty of videos on the channel to help you out. with the projects, the thing is, a lot of changes have happened in the industry with construction technology and construction technology in the last, I'm going to say 80 years, since 1941, when they started the national building code, they've come many different materials. and different technologies so we went from laughing plaster to drywall with oil plaster to acrylic paints so no need for primer if you're anything after 1975 unless they had oil paint on there for some reason. you need to use a transition manual in certain circumstances the truth is not all as simple as you would like it to be so consider joining a membership program for five bucks a month you can have access to our forum and an email or you can send photos and ask us questions about your particular job, all you have to do is tell us your home age and where you live, and then ask the question, we will be able to help you, so when you are doing it.
On the second roll you want to start where the cut started so try to get the wet roller to make contact with the wet brush, ok that's it, resist the urge to use too much product, it shows when you're using it. quality paint you already get a great skin so we're just looking at an extra 30 skin so you can roll it out instead of a roller you can use two or three the only other thing you want to do is try not to dry with the roller no don't roll it so it gets so dry you're pushing too hard it just makes it a lot of work ok you should be able to move the stick up and down without putting too much pressure and get the job done remember this is supposed to it's fun it's not a lot of work ok ok so you can see after two coats with the glossy type of finish and a good spread of the paint you get a really good look now one more thing you need to know is that most paints in the market which have high washability high durability technology also have 30 days curing process ok that means after painting it could be dry in a couple of hours s, you might feel good and hard the next day, but resist the urge to hang pictures or mount accessories or the like. on a freshly painted surface for at least 48 hours give it two days make sure it really starts to harden and after 30 days you can do any kind of wash if you have some dirty fingerprints or any crayons on the paint.
Don't wash it for the first 30 days because it will interrupt the curing process and you will get that smudge mark that will ruin your paint job. video a thumbs up well welcome to youtube we need the guys engaged so don't forget to subscribe to the channel hit the bell icon for notifications which is youtube's way of letting you know the next time i upload a video and remember guys if we are doing ling renovations or remodeling and construction projects around the home and you need help please consider joining our membership program we understand there is a lot of information out there a lot of learning and many different homes and different geographies all have specific needs the membership program is designed so you can have access to me and i can help answer your questions you can even send us pictures on our member forum we have set up for you that's ok it's only five bucks a month and you get great access to us and the shows live too so come along for the ride and if you are working on an older house that needs m Lots of repairs then consider clicking this video right here we did it a few years ago it teaches all my tips and tricks so you can get your house looking brand new before you paint because that's the secret to success cheers to the next

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