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How To Open THE ICE BALL in Fortnite Battle Royale!

Jun 10, 2021
I see that today there is a pool in the sky wait, I didn't even touch it, it's cold, okay, from the boss here we go working here we go Paulo I got it I got it I got it Josh Josh's good jelly flies towards him, come on, you got this, come on , jelly, come down to you, you're the last person, boost, boost, oh, you missed it, really, oh no, he jumped, he's a genius, no, it's okay guys, why do we need stronger weapons? We need to destroy his spear. You're right Danny Hey guys, this is this beautiful sphere, see a guy, what's up darling, someone, man, there wait, Jenny, here, there's a ship entrance.
how to open the ice ball in fortnite battle royale
Oh, what dogs, crazy people. What if I like shooting? Can I shoot? shoot him, what are we going to shoot him with a gun like he's breaking


him? I'm trying to get him out, no, you need a gun here, grab this, yeah, I'm doing anything I don't have as help, now Josh, come on. cold I have a thousand bullets what are you? Come on, come on, I think I see a little break, it looks like this break there's some damage, but I don't think we're going to get there this way, guys, no, no, we need more power.
how to open the ice ball in fortnite battle royale

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how to open the ice ball in fortnite battle royale...

Guys, wait guys, stay back, stay back, what have you, what have you, I have this, but it looks good, same thing, you have shotguns, no, we should try shotguns, try it and try everything, try everything, I don't think so let the bullets work. I don't see any mobs I think she was a mom did she leave a mark? Make some noise. We need very powerful things. You want something that explodes. Yeah, we're very, very, very, very, very, what, man, wait, maybe try to cool down. this buzz this is wait okay jelly you go first pull pull one first oh still interesting how does ice work?
how to open the ice ball in fortnite battle royale
It's not sticky, it's lit up purple, throw it all the way in, no, not even a working cigarette, yeah, it doesn't do anything, wait. second what Oh, what do you see? I don't see what you Fred, I didn't see anything, it's white, wait until you're the last one, yeah, until the last one, okay, okay, it doesn't work, I guess we have to try this. What the guys want to run Josh you might want to run no don't do anything are you going to stretch at the top? Yes, I'll get there. Wait a second, you can't, you can't do that, Josh, oh, is it too high up there?
how to open the ice ball in fortnite battle royale
Oh. line it up there nothing didn't do anything this is probably one of the most powerful wait let me give up one more Oh Josh judge no that was so wait I was like stuck on it it's falling down there guys I got some more stuff right? OK? I hope he didn't get that far, but I have gas grenades, okay, what are you going to give that guy over there? It's weird, the dynamite literally got stuck. Oh, maybe they'll try, let me try. It looks like he's hotboxing it. It's damaging his brain. let me know okay I've tried if I look if I build a wall okay here and then this like this and then I use my adhesive maybe one component omg okay wait wait wait to judge Jelly Jelly, come back here.
Wait, I need everyone to hold me Oh, perfect, okay, ready, okay, three two one, well, oh, move, I swear, it moved, so what I need is a side angle, yeah, I know, I don't need to hug anyone, see three two, what not. Sorry, you're not happy enough Josh, oh well, maybe Jelly should try, he sees the heaviest attempt to land on him; maybe something else, okay, it didn't work, try to last, damn, yeah, what's that jumping? But straight through there, uh, okay, no. I know it's a very slippery cabin I don't even know, oh I can't stay there, it's so slippery, well, it's too cold, guys, come on, well, what are we thinking, come here, judge, don't hold on.
I saw him directly inside. Yes, I was into this. We need a grip. My head is going crazy. What did you see? Did you touch it? Look, Josh is here. Yes, and you can enter it. You can stick your head in it with uh, but we. I need to get higher, we need to have high snow. Oh lord, wow, jump, jump, jump in there, that's like most inside of it. He's on standby as he sees that Josh is cooling down to the core. I have no visibility inside oh no it's thick it's very thick I have an idea okay this is a nasty idea it's nasty oh that's my idea guys well I'm thinking if you run in there and die properly Speights could kill the


and you could respawn. within this, okay, so what needs to change?
TV jelly jelly jelly this other peak here maybe here this one this one isn't even close okay okay oh this might not actually be traded are you kidding me? not enough no, it doesn't mean we I can't go higher, the game's thinking about this because they knew the traps would actually hurt, okay, jelly, how about you kill yourself right below? What does a car mean, buy anything, no, nothing, okay, okay, okay, I think we should go get it. some beer, we need to get a vehicle, some try to use it, okay guys, we've collected some awesome vehicles to test, now wait a second.
I just got the best idea why we didn't think of you. There, yeah, you see, I feel like there's a little bit of blue glow here, but it could have been there before we left this for about two hours and it'll melt, we're about sixty minutes in, we'll probably have to try a few different ideas, so Josh . Josh, are you kidding me? Yes, this does nothing. I can try? I can do it? Yes of course. Oh wait, you actually have them all, okay, I want to rock. Oh, Jilly, Jilly, come on, you could die smart, hey, Kimmy Jory, okay, go there.
Wow, daddy, oh, did you see anything else? I feel like you could or did things differently. Okay guys, let's test drive some of these vehicles. Jenny, will you? Do you want to come in tonight? No, I'm taller playing, oh well, it seems. let me out let me go back it was white wait guys I can't tell if you came back a little yes perfect Jordi's head is inside inside let me jump wait let me light up a little better because you guys, what do you see, George? oh my god, oh my god guys I can't tell you what I saw, what a lie, oh my god, I saw my entire screen it was all white. oil is great, try some more things, yeah, bye, charlie, bye, charlie, you can both continue if you want, oh.
Oh my god, driving down there, what happens if you jump on it? Well, he's under there. Well, I need to, I can't see back, I need to align myself a little bit. Okay, okay, oh where am I going? Wait, he won't let me into work. Get on the back, back, hey, go, go, win, kill me, win, you're good, you're okay, oh your head got stuck and then you swing and then you change, guys, you better not let me, don't let me change anymore , you listen, you drive. going down that ramp and going up damerov will block our heads, oh my god that's not like that, how did you do it?
What the hell leave me? Okay, let's try this. I think you can go find a little ramp guys I'm pretty sure I can have a tree under a Geordie climate controller ready yeah guys what's up with this thing? There's no crack, it cracks right under it, oh I forgot how they work, my bad, yeah, keep going, otherwise give me inside, what the hell, wait, wait? what I come in quick do you like in for a second are you in uh no, it's you guys that was hard to say oh okay, that was it was white I try something but I have this heavy sniper? you're just going to shoot you really think the bullets will go through and we made this gun in the game and it can't even scratch it something else didn't work like explosives I'm pretty sure I really don't know that will make the whole platform break I think it's still I don't know, Jelly, let me try this first, oh yeah, 1 million IQ, guys, guys, you can't even get there, wait, what happens if I get under me?
What if you vote for it below yourselves? That's one thing, I'm Mike? and my good position for you to bounce you bounce Josh, I didn't even wait we need walls, we need walls, you've gone up one more and you can't knock down walls, I have seven, oh, you say, okay, wait, but we can put Okay, I have one more, I have one more that wants to try, maybe so maybe there will be a perfect light. I'm going to configure something else. Sorry, you guys need help here, oh well, you really want to film this thing. Don't I have you, family?
Oh okay, just take mine, don't worry, it won't happen guys, not even a scratch, wait guys, yeah, it's cool, its turrets stopped heating up because it's cool, yeah, oh my god, geliar genius, what's up with that? oh hey hey what wait look up look up Wow guys I'm hungry sit on it I can't move okay I'm sorry oh wait what guys Josh why did you do it? How did you guys do it? okay, it's time to try the lost things, guys, what is this? What is this port? A stronghold. Progress. Are you ready in a fortress?
Oh boy, here we go try it. What's inside? Wait, can we get interest on the house? I guess it was nice it's halfway inside me you can't build here wait I can build wait what wait what wait what oh my god this is interesting guys this is strange I don't know what's going on I can't see anything it's not like this is, guys, clearly, okay, how about I update this to SAV ACK? All you guys might want to go straight and find a viewing platform because this is going to be crazy. Ready, I got it. Yeah, three, three, one, oh where did he do it?
Josh, come on guys, Josh, gone, guys, gone, Josh, ice, hello, oh, look at the kid. I was going to say the cube, this here is the stadium and, oh, the cube game, now, this is cool, in fact, this seemed so clear now, oh, it moved. when you were surprised you really moved but you want to do that again Josh next door no no what that's jello yeah I saw him move I broke it she immediately saw the guy move seriously yeah You're not well, but I eat a little heat. nothing, he goes, it's like that. It kind of spins up and down, yeah, oh yeah, it moved, it gets recoil when you shoot, yeah, that's weird, Josh, I'll buy a used boombox, it's cold, wait, wait, wait, I'm going with someone, someone throws one at the same time, okay, okay. throw me one, let me know when you're ready to boombox this bad Larry, two, one, no, no, here we go, it's good, it doesn't work, oh it literally just breaks, okay, something's up, okay, put your hands up . car, what the hell is that?
Okay, yeah, okay, well, the cube, I mean, we did it, we did it, it was just for a second, turn on a light for more, bye.

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