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How to make a face shield in 2 minutes & DIY Fluid resistant cover for N95: 14 min Pep talk for

May 30, 2021
Hello, this is Dr. yang, this video is for healthcare to those whose hospital has run out of



s and are very concerned about their own safety, so now you know what you can do. The goal is to empower you if the hospital is purchasing the equipment you can. Buy very simple materials at an arts and crafts store like Michaels and do it yourself. Basically, it's a nine-by-twelve sheet of acetate, a one-inch foam cushion, and elastic. You already know everyone who asks for them. I've used them, you know it's very easy to


you look at it, you think, oh, I could do that, so that's what we're going to do if we're going to wait for the factories, you know, Ford Toyota.
how to make a face shield in 2 minutes diy fluid resistant cover for n95 14 min pep talk for
Nike to


and deliver them, there is always a lead time, so what can you do today? So let's say the first thing you're going to need is the graphics acetate, this is called der lr. This one comes in a pack of 25. I think it costs less than $13 and that will get you 25


s. I have a roll of braided elastic and you can make about 11 with this one. It measures four and a half yards long. Four yards will get you 10 elastic bands. this is an inch thick, it comes on a giant roll at Michaels that is 2 2 feet wide by 6 feet long, if it were me and someone bought a giant roll of film I would literally just cut a strip off, it may not fit see It's pretty like this, but it'll work fine, so let's say we'll cut it next.
how to make a face shield in 2 minutes diy fluid resistant cover for n95 14 min pep talk for

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how to make a face shield in 2 minutes diy fluid resistant cover for n95 14 min pep talk for...

We will use simple adhesive tape. Let's say you go to the nurses' station. You take some duct tape. You will take a stapler. You know we are. Speaking of, you know, kind of emergency or urgent situation, we're going to wrap the tape around itself. I'm sure you already did this before gluing it to the foam and just lining it up with the top edge. Okay, we're basically making an umbrella for our


, okay, a splash guard. Next, I'm going to take out about 14 and a half inches of elastic and cut it again with these type of scissors at the nurses station, 14 and a half inches, which is about a large head that is comfortable for me.
how to make a face shield in 2 minutes diy fluid resistant cover for n95 14 min pep talk for
It's probably 14 and as small as maybe 13 and a half. Next, we'll align this right here. What I'm going to do to make it easier. I found stapling to be a little tricky. So what are you going to do to make it a little easier so you don't have to fumble around. You'll tape it to the front edge and then just line it up and tape it down. We'll staple it to make it more secure, but this is just to do some stapling. a little bit easier, okay, you'll take care of that, let's say if you can't find a stapler, this may have to do, but the stapler is much more severe, so we'll just put the tape here.
how to make a face shield in 2 minutes diy fluid resistant cover for n95 14 min pep talk for
Removing the foam as well so I can show it to you, so I glued the elastic to the edge and that's just so you can line up the staple. In fact, I'm going to use the stapler. They recognize this, so the clip goes away. on the outside of the shield and then the elastic is on the bottom and the acetate is on the top when you just put it on I'm going to put two staples so I hope you can see there are two staples here the tape holds it in place while you align it. Otherwise it's a little tricky to staple, just line it up.
I see they are making 3D printed masks. If you've ever seen a 3D printer, it's designed, it can literally take anywhere from 10


to up to half an hour to print. To get out whatever you're printing, they're also using laser cutters to cut these shields, but if it's a rectangle, you don't need anything special, you can just use a pair of scissors and voila, you can start taking care of patients in your room. Next shift, you can make a new one and throw it away, depending on your confidence in purchasing these supplies from your local stores.
Other little details are that you may be able to cut the rounded edges with your scissors to make it look more like the standard shield. When you see patients with this shield, it doesn't look much like the one you normally have, so they may not realize that it is not the standard shield and will protect their face from any mucus or body


s or blood, the other reason to do this is if you have, say, a 95 mask, the two reasons the mass becomes unusable is a direct splash of blood, sputum or mucus directly onto the shield and it is visibly contaminated, so you have to discard the other one.
The reason is that over time the filtering ability of the mask gets clogged with maybe microscopic or visible droplets, as you know, that you can't see but contain a little bit of mucus and then over time it starts to clog the n95 filter material and it does. It is very very difficult for the user to breathe and that would also be a reason why you know it is filtering well but you can't breathe and therefore you can't use it having a physical barrier like them, like an umbrella, well at least block that initial. Splash at our hospital, the other thing they're doing is recommending that they use a procedure mask on top of there and 95 to preserve that 95 so it can last longer, so another thing I wanted to show is a way to make a procedure mask and maybe even save some of the others, so instead of a splash guard or a face shield, this is your shield #95, so what I have here is a part of what a cold compress really is. sleeve, so in our office we put a cold compress on it and give it to the patient.
What I did was I modified this into a makeshift mask and I call this design Omega face shield or Omega mask, so the reason is when it's folded, if you look at it here, it forms the Omega sign, okay, and the way that It looks like this and then when you put it on it


s the n95 mask. This is used in surgery as a curtain. The material in this case is a cold pack sleeve and it's waterproof so this way you know it's not going to get soggy like a paper towel and you can literally do that, if you have enough of them you can throw them away maybe between patients or you.
I know you have a morning shift, you throw this one out because it's not even a real mask and then you make a second one for the afternoon so now we're going to make the Omega face mask okay so the way you know I designed it . I'll give you a measurement, so it's about seven and a half inches long and about five inches wide. Well, to do that, you're going to fold it in half slightly and then from here, from the fold, you're going to fold the front half towards you find the middle with that slight crease in the middle and then a second fold right here, okay, this is the Omega mask. .
Okay, once you do that, okay, this is the shape that you're going to fold over it to find the middle, so take this, then fold it over, and then take this other side and fold it over, okay, and then this gives it that shape. from Omega, okay, next we're going to use a simple staple again using stationery and on the right, we're going to block my face. Right where this seam is we're going to place a staple from the front, where the back seam is. Okay, you want the sharp side of the staple to face the outside of your mask.
Okay, so the staple doesn't scratch you, so I just put it. the staple here, I'm going to finish the mega fold to the other side, okay, like this, we're going to staple the open end with the staples going this way to the open end, okay, the next thing you're going to need is paper. clips and a stationary elastic band or some type of rubber band, these are the large loop type that sometimes wrap around eight and a half by eleven documents, such as in folders, so they are quite common for secretaries if they are smaller. I can't really wrap a stack of documents with a standard clip and then here we go so we have our Omega shield we're going to attach the clip and this is just to


the 95 it's literally a 95 shield okay so on top under the face shield we're going to slide this down, okay, sorry, I'm going to slide the clip down, but notice that the edge of the big loop here is at the top, you're going to make it more secure, you're going to pull this. flap and then tuck it in so you only see half of it, okay, same thing on this side, we're going to slide this over the top, okay, and then we're going to push it down, okay, you'll see the big loop, we're going to pull On one side of the flap, tuck it under you will only see half of it.
It's okay, we're almost done. I'm going to bring this a little closer so you can see me. I'll sit a little closer. Just place the omega shield over your ears like this bow. If you put it on you'll be using your n95 ready and just pick it up like this okay it creates a little tent in the center there's some leaks but the main thing is we're using this as another shield with your face shield so you've got a secondary shield if there is a spray most of it hits the shield and you can clear it, let's say some venturi effect appears on the shield you have a second shield to catch the light droplets and then because it's so simple to do you can discard them more frequently. and/or in another situation, let's say there is no acetate protector; meanwhile you will literally have to wait for an overnight delivery for the next day, but they only gave you a mass of 95 feathers for the day or week, so how are you?
They're going to protect that shield so they can potentially put on their n95, put the second one on top of it and keep it as clean as possible, so I think that's all I have to say for the frontline healthcare workers. I hope they can stay. Sure, we appreciate everything you're doing. I'm doing everything I can. You know, I just look at the overall problem and look for this. Any solution I can make as quickly as I can so far with these face shields, the first batch I made, 48. of a 40 inch roll of acetate that was I think 12 feet long, 48 of them, then I made another 66 using these and then ran out of foam so I just had two more for demonstration purposes and have been working. in the Omega mask, so no, my heart goes out to you and wherever you are, you know it's kind of a MacGyver type thing, but you know, I'm just imagining that if I'm in your situation, I'm in the ready for the hospital and they literally tell you sorry we don't have PPE for you or a particular piece, you know, I think the face shield is really important and 95, so you can't do it, so all we can do is worry, but you.
I know if we can make that 95 last longer just with an umbrella on it. You know this is low tech. You know if you don't have time to do it or you're Michael's or your art supply store is out of stock. maybe you can ask your relative in a state where maybe it's not closed yet or they can deliver it to you and do it at home while they're housing it and then ship it to you as quickly as possible, but as you can see this is relatively easy, the other, The other thing I was thinking is that I'm sorry it made it so long.
The idea of ​​making your own shield actually came from a news article maybe two and a half weeks ago, maybe from Seattle, where the hospital staff themselves were using vinyl sheets, foam, and you know, elastic, it wasn't even elastic. braided, it seemed like you know, you know how to use bungee cords and how to style them, and they, you know, they're


ing about their desperation, this and that. It was literally almost two weeks ago that they were already doing this, so you know and they inspired me to try to do something and you know, just use something where you know, yeah, you know, when the supply chain is completely overwhelmed and everyone is They are drowning and everyone. it's grabbing the same things and just sitting there waiting you have to look for another solution you have to think outside the box think well you have a face shield what are the things that people are not looking for well so you already know this one can start to become scarce Once we start doing this in other countries where they don't even have art supplies like this, they're using two-liter coke bottles, you know, cutting the bottom off and then opening them. up and just using that, you know, that square piece in the middle has a facial, you know, I hope it doesn't come to that, but you know, let's do what we can and be safe, that's it for this video, sorry, bye.

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