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How To Decorate a Buttercream Cake | Gobal Sugar Art

Jun 09, 2021
Hi, I'm Alan Tatro with Global Sugar Art and in the last two videos I showed you how to cut a


and fill it with fruit filling or


filling and in the next video I showed you how to ice a


. So that you don't get any crumbs in this video, I'm going to show you how to


with basic


to get my 9 inch cake all frosted and ready to go, and the first thing I want to do is divide this cake into eight equal sections and shape it. The easiest way to do this if you don't have a fancy guide marker that you can place the cake on is to use your spatula and make a mark on one end of the cake and then in a straight line. on the other and then turn your cake and do the same so now you have four and then between each of the four marks mark one more and that will give you the eight marks so now my cake is evenly divided into eight sections and I'm going to make a garland border on the side of the cake on all eight sections, so now I'd like to mark where I'm going to place that garland and there are a lot of different techniques you can use, probably the newest one.
how to decorate a buttercream cake gobal sugar art
On the market is this Wilton garland marker. There are different notches here, so I can move the garland around and make it longer or I can make it deeper by lowering or raising it so I can figure out how much distance I have between two marks. I can set this accordingly and then I can just push it into the cake and that will score the cake for me, so that's one method, an old, tried and tested method is to just use a round cookie cutter and you can do that if you have a set. Just like basic round cookie cutters, choose the one that fits the cake best so watch the distance between your marks and then you can choose which one you want and push it towards the side of the cake and that will also market and here's a trick of years gone by when none of these things were available except maybe cookie cutters are a simple plastic cup and of course you can get plastic cups with different diameters so what I like to do is take a plastic cup and cut it in half, this allows you a couple of things, if you are making a larger or smaller cake and you want eight segments in each cake, you can squeeze it to get it right in the exact spot you want if you leave it .
how to decorate a buttercream cake gobal sugar art

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how to decorate a buttercream cake gobal sugar art...

It goes, it will make a wider garland if you squeeze it, it will make a narrower garland. They are disposable, they work with any cake and you can buy plastic cups anywhere and you often have one at home, so this is a very very. Easy way to mark the garland, so I'm going to use the cup and just make those marks right on the side of the cake. I don't have to make a deep impression. This is just a guide to where. I'm going to be piping there so now I have my eight marks with a little tool that you probably have at home and never thought of using hmm next thing I'm going to do is fit. a bag, a piping bag with buttercream frosting, and a Wilton 104 tip or any number 104 tip.
how to decorate a buttercream cake gobal sugar art
This is a typical rose tip, it has a wide end at the bottom and the top end has a very thin end, like this that we will use this. face down we're going to put the thick end on top and the thin end on the bottom and I'm going to turn the bag so that the thin end on the bottom is coming towards me so I'm going to bring that towards I, I'm going to place a little bit down on the board here so you can see what I plan to do. I'll just do an up and down motion and create a little ribbon. and this is how I will prepare you or this is how I will place the board or the edge of the garland around the bottom of my cake hmm, so we will start first again, the big end of the tip is facing up and the small end is facing down. and a little bit outside of the cake I'm just following my marks now I'm going to put another border on the inside so I don't worry too much if I'm not completely covering my garland mark that I made with the cup of buttercream.
how to decorate a buttercream cake gobal sugar art
What I'm using today is a pre-made CKD buttercream, it's delicious, it spreads beautifully, it goes on very smoothly on the cake, you can see the nice smooth sides that we have on the top and two more, okay, so there We have our garlands ready. an inside garland this time I'm going to use a pink icing and I placed in the bag a number 16 star tip if you don't have a 16 use a 14 15 or 17 or 18 anything in that range will work and I'm going to use a move e this time, so when I'm playing, I'll just think about going into a little circle like I'm writing the letter E very consistently and start from one end and keep going. to the other with the same emotion, so I'm going to start with the left side of the garland, there you have it, and that will be the inside of the garland.
If you're just starting out piping, it's a good idea to use a slightly larger tip. The smaller the tip, the more errors will appear very easily, so if you are just starting out, I recommend using a slightly larger tip. This really has to do with pressure control and when you use a very small tip, you have to put it on. More pressure to get the frosting out of the bag and as you do so it becomes a little harder to handle and your hand can really start to shake. One of the tricks I've always used is to use my left hand because I'm right-handed just as a guide and sometimes I just hold the bag or just put my finger on it just to stabilize my hand.
The other trick with decorating with buttercream, especially for beginners, is to not use a large bag, use an 8 or 10 inch one. one inch bag at most, the more frosting you have in the bag or the bigger the bag the more pressure it will take to eject the frosting and then you will actually shake a lot more and your hand will get tired very quickly, so when you are just starting out to use a smaller bag, it's much easier to control what you're doing, so we have the garland and we have the star trim design on the inside.
Now we're going to make a big shell edge on the bottom so I'm going to use a 22 tube a 22 tip you could also use a 30 or 31 or 32 or even a 19 or 20 or 21 if you have that on hand for the bottom edge I'm going to make a normal shell the shell is made at a 45 degree angle and I'm basically going to squeeze the bag to lift it up slightly and the frosting will roll off the top and then I'll decrease the pressure as I lower it and completely release the pressure before away, so again I'm going to squeeze, lift slightly and then, as I relax the pressure, I'm going to lower it.
I'll make one more after you make a couple thousand of these, you can make them on sleeps there, it's really not that hard to make it on the side of the board or the side of the cake, excuse me again, I'm coming in at a 45 degree angle , just try to keep them consistent and remember before you throw. To completely release that pressure a turntable makes decorating much easier if you notice I have this cake on a turntable, it doesn't have to be an expensive turntable when you start but it should be sturdy so the cake doesn't tip over the plate. rotating especially when you get into larger cakes and there we go there's my last layer and now on top I'm going to do a reverse layer using the white frosting again this time I chose an 18 tip and for the reverse shell is done the same way as the normal shell, except I'm going to do a clockwise movement and then counterclockwise, so again at a 45 degree angle, I'm going to go in one direction and then in the other. so it's counterclockwise and clockwise, back and forth and this gives you this little swirly inverted shell pattern and I'm going to do that right at the top of the cake, just at the top edge.
I've already chosen my flowers for this. pastel and I know there is a little yellow in the arrangement. I'm using gumpaste flowers that I colored myself and that's the topic of the next video in this series on how to accent and color your own. gum paste flowers, the ones you can buy, so I know there's a little bit of yellow in that arrangement, so I'm going to want to add some yellow accents to this cake, so to do that I put a number 3 tip in a bag yellow in color and along the shell at the bottom I'm going to drop a simple rope, so I'm just going to hold the tip right where the shells join, I'm going to pull it out and then I'm going to bring that over to where they join again, so I drop a pretty rope.
It is important that you do not drag the tip and try to place the rope. The secret to this is to take out the rope and then twist it and then they will fit well and even see. If I can get a few more here so the camera can catch them, this is a good way to add an accent color without a lot of piping and without adding a lot more decorations to the cake and the last three, okay, so we have the yellow on the bottom, we have the yellow on the top now, if I wanted to add a little more accent, I could use the same yellow tip and I could drop a little loop here and then a smaller loop so these are just small.
Accents that highlight your decor add a little color wherever you want on the cake. I'm just doing a bigger loop and then a smaller one and the last one is fine, so we're done, you might want to. writing on the cake and writing is an art in itself and that's something we can do in a future video, we have an anniversary coming up so I'm going to write happy anniversary on this cake and I'm going to end it with C flowers so I have to decide where I want write and where I want to put my flowers and I know I would like my flowers to be in some sort of arch at the top of the cake so I'm going to choose what I want.
I want it to be the front of my cake and then I'm going to write happy anniversary right here. You'll notice that I'm using the finger of my left hand only as a guide. I can go back and embellish some of these ends there so we can have you happy anniversary on the cake and to finish off I have some gum paste flowers that um these are gum paste flowers that you can buy on our website and they come just with the calla lilies and some pale pink roses and in my next video that in In this series I will show you how to accentuate these flowers with petal dust and glitter dust so you can really make them pop and put whatever colors you want for the cake, so everything what I'm going to do is add this to the top and voila, you have a full anniversary or birthday cake for any occasion you want, you can make this cake with different colors for any occasion.
It's a simple and easy buttercream cake that everyone would enjoy. I'll just put this like this. that you can see finished product I hope you enjoyed this tutorial today. I have used the disposable seal bags for keys and I have used tips three and two for writing. The third was done with rope work. I used 104 for the white. garland and 16 for the pink inner garland and let's see, I used 22 for the shell on the bottom and 18 for the inverted shell on top and again you can use the Wilton garland markers or this is a simple set of cookie cutters fat daddy-o's rounds that will also allow you to mark the garland and I think that's it and the CKD buttercream.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, you can find all the products at global


art calm and thanks for watching.

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