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How To BUDGET for Download Festival 2023!

Mar 08, 2024
Hello everyone, what's going on? Something a little different today, so since the


is only five weeks away, no, I can't believe it either. I thought I'd make a couple of videos before


ing them for a while. preparation today we are making a


video. I've broken it down into three different tiers, so we have a


version, a comfort version and a luxury version, so what we're going to do is go. Check out every item you might need if it's your first time you've been 10 times before, like me, and we're going to go over prices where you can get things, some tips on things you might want to keep in mind.
how to budget for download festival 2023
So, without further ado, let's start with the obvious attempt now. um, personally, I don't skimp on tents. I like my comfort for the budget version. I went with the Euro Hike Pop 200 two person tent. um it's from Amazon it's very easy to set up it weighs 35 pounds the only downside is there's not a lot of room and if you want to put a bed in there and stuff your feet could be changing sides or your tail tube is changing sides and if it rains then there's not much protection um but if you're just looking for a cheap and cheerful


tent something that's easy to set up you literally just pull the rope and you pull it and it's there and then you pull it out and it's probably for the best.
how to budget for download festival 2023

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how to budget for download festival 2023...

Bet you go if you want something more comfortable, again on Amazon there is the Andes Four Man, it weighs 55 pounds, it has a porch, but the porch has no floor, so you have your own separate bedroom where everything can stay dry and clean, um , but then the outside has to go on the grass, the deluxe version, which is the one I choose, which is the tent I'm using this year, the Sunny 304, man, this thing weighs 80 pounds. Again on Amazon, it has a large porch, it's sewn with a sheet so everything is in the tent, but then I have a separate bed area so all my stuff stays drier, so I can use that porch area to change . take off your muddy wellies maybe put my chair there if I need to hang wet clothes to dry overnight and stuff so no real downsides to that obviously it's a bit more expensive so if you're looking for something a little bit more on a budget, so maybe you know, maybe you think the next thing we have is a bed now.
how to budget for download festival 2023
I used to sleep on a roll up mat, but I unloaded it and it wasn't very comfortable, especially if you're not on flat ground, um, but the budget. The version I have chosen here is the scented one, it weighs about 10 pounds, you can get them at most camping stores or you can get them at supermarkets. They are simple, easy to transport, but yes, they are not very comfortable otherwise. on the plane to the ground, but if you get a rolled map with a reflective side, remember to keep that reflective side facing up because your body heat will reflect it in the middle of the night if you want a little more comfort.
how to budget for download festival 2023
And again, this is what I'm looking for: an air mattress. Now you can buy air mattresses in shops and you know supermarkets like Asda, but what I do is I go to a place on the site called funds and they make individual air beds. because I think they are 18 pound air beds or double for 30 and they come already inflated so all you have to do is carry them back which is a bit of a pain if it's raining or windy if you have your own , you can take them there so they can take them away from me.
I think it's a Fiverr, so that's what I choose to do now. The luxury version for a bed I've chosen is the Fine Wave Double Lift Air Mattress, this one is from Amazon, £70 and if I've seen the reading video from last year, this is what Jamie slept on, it's very comfortable, but it takes up a lot of space, so if you are in a smaller tent, maybe keep it in mind: the sleeping bags, another very important thing that I don't want to overlook the budget version of the fourth zone is the Euro height snooze 200 by Ultimate Outdoors, weighs 10 pounds, does the job, but may not be as warm as you might need because it tends to get a little cold at night to download the Comfort version is the Andes mom bag Navado 300 of Andes.
It weighs 18 pounds, it's basic for keeping warm but it's quite restrictive so you feel like it's called a mommy bag because it looks like a sarcophagus, you're very restricted so if you're someone who rolls around in the middle of the night maybe this isn't be it for you, but it's the one I use and I thought I've used it for years. I have brought this to many, many.


s now it's the Beast sleeping POG the millets uh This weighs 50 pounds, it has plenty of room if you want to move around in the middle of the night, which I do, but with more space, the more space needs to be heated.
So if you're looking for something that will keep you very warm then the mummy bag is probably your best option, but for me, someone who likes to roll around in the middle of the night and stretch out a bit, I prefer the Beast stroller. So how are you going to get your stuff from the car to the campsite? So a budget version for this would be the standard Euro Hike frame, let me go. Outdoors it's very easy to set up just folds and opens very easy to store it's cheap but there's not much space to put things in it's probably more designed for if you want to put all your beer cases together on top and it's possible You might have to put film around it or put a bungee cord around it or something but it does the job we have used it a few times it gets things there but it can take a few trips the Comfort version is the Ozark tarp from Asda and weighs 60lbs it has a large storage base is quite deep has a sturdy frame base but the wheels can sometimes be a little awkward to pull the frame and bend it a bit or the deluxe version is the 68lb oipler from B and Q has a sturdy frame , it's good for all terrain, the only downside is that it's not as deep as the O's, so if you're looking to put as much stuff in there as possible, a couple of bags and stuff, it might not be as beneficial if you try to do that all in one. trip so you have your tent set up you have everything there you have your bed organized now you want to socialize a little so we all use a gazebo three that I have here are the economical version is this highly white two by three meter and 24 pound bnq, very easy to assemble, great for good weather, but not much protection if it's windy or rainy, which you can't really predict the discharge anyway, the comfortable version, uh, for the voonot. 3X3 Popup, this weighs 82 pounds from Amazon, which seems like a lot, but when you think there's going to be, say, if you're in a group of four, it weighs 20 pounds each, it's easy to assemble but it has no side panels. there isn't much protection, there are a few gazebos on site that are similar to The Sahali White, the budget version, they weigh around 40 pounds, sometimes they have 50 depending on the design, but again, they come with exterior panels so if you want some that is good to protect. you from the weather, the deluxe version I have here is the view, not a 3x3 pop up with the side panels again from Amazon, this is heavy duty, it is weather resistant, the frame, you just turn it around, lift it up, the job is done, it's very simple to set up. up and the only problem is that the frame is quite heavy to carry, it can be a little awkward, so you have everything set up, you have all your tents and your bed ready, what you need for the next camping chair now.
I love my comfort in a camp chair. There is no better feeling after returning from the sand after a long day of standing and simply falling back into a comfortable cultural and economical version that I have chosen is just a standard frame camping chair that you can pick up at any season service um Offers at home uh, like there are supermarkets, it's cheap, it's light, um, but it breaks easily. I've had problems in the past. You can go and watch the 2003 video from last year. The comfortable version is the foldable Euro Hike. of millet, uh, this is 15 pounds, it's a little sturdier or the deluxe version is the Quilted Redwood, it's 20 pounds, this is from Wow camping, it's all about quilting.
Perfect comfort after a long day, it has back support, it has support for everything you put on. a camping chair, the only best option would be to bring the bag to unload something else, very important is the footwear, don't forget that you will be standing, a lot of unloading, there are four days of music this year, so I'm going to be standing a lot and walking a lot, so taking care of your feet is a big priority, so the budget version I chose are the Dunlop wellies. It's Shoe Zone's standard pair of black boots. It weighs 13 pounds. perfect for rain and use on soft ground.
I take them for when the weather is going to be bad, but there is not much comfort in the soles if you walk a lot on hard ground, the most comfortable option I have chosen. They are the Gellert Horizon Waterproof Walking Boots. These weigh 26 pounds from Sports Direct, are stable or flexible. This is the pair of boots I wear. They are very comfortable, but you have to wear them a little first. Make sure you have them. you have a big pair of socks and you're wearing these boots or the fancy ones, um £33 again from Sports Direct, they're the steel toe boots, if you're in a crowd and someone accidentally steps on your foot you'll be fine if you wear heavier items and you certainly have to drop one.
You'll be fine now. You can never predict what the weather will be like, so it's always important to bring a disposable poncho. The poncho is from any supermarket, a pound or two per package. of two do the job for light rain, but they're pretty flimsy, so if you're looking for something a little more sturdy or something reusable and then the reusable ponchos again from any of these, any retailer that sells the disposable ones should sell the reusable ones. Also, I think these tend to weigh around four or five pounds and it saves money in the long run because you can reuse them as long as you take care of them, but they can still get damaged so make sure you take good care of them. hang them over a chair at the end of the day or the deluxe one I've chosen is the Victor HQ uh this weighs 20 pounds from Amazon, it's great protection, it'll keep you dry, it's like a proper one, you know it when you see it. in the movies the police sit outside in the rain this is what they use so you might look a bit like a serial killer but now you'll be drying off because you're at a festival and you might be using your phone quite a bit to communicate with people who are on the other side of the camp or would like to take videos, take photos.
You're going to need a power bank, so the iPhone 13, which is the phone that I have, the phone that I currently have. record this in um it uses about 3000 milliamps per hour of full charge so a full full charge of the phone uses three thousand so for the budget version I chose the ubon 10 000 so this is a little over three charges full that's 10 quid it's from Amazon but you know if you need a full day's charge this won't last but if you're okay you can put it on low power mode or something if you could have helped with your phone battery , this could be for you or you can go Candy charging at Scythe which is a company that gives you a fully charged 5000 milliamp power bank so that's almost two full charges ok 21 pounds for the pass five days but I think when you get to the site it goes up a little bit more so if you want to book in advance you can do it with 21 or I think it does when you get there but you only get one full charge a day so There's a maximum of 25,000 milliamps, obviously, if you get one a day for five days, so it could be beneficial if you want if you need more than one full charge a day, but you're restricted in that sense, once it's ends, the luxury version looks good. they're the two that put out 30,000 milliamps again from amazon, £23, they have a little more power than the big sweets and you can decide when you want to use them instead of knowing you're limited to one a day, what I did last year was I took one of these big Power Banks and it still ran out because obviously we film a lot of stuff so we use our phones more so on the last day I went and filled it up with a load of sweet food, now this is very important obviously you're there five days, you will need to eat, you will need to drink.
I'm not going to cover alcohol because some people don't drink. I'm not going to touch alcohol in this video. We'll talk about it in the download tips, if you want to prepare food on a budget just take bits from home, no chips and breakfast bars are great if you want cooked stuff, don't forget you'll need an Argos cooler for approx. £18 and You will need disposable barbecues which you can get in most stores but again if you need to use one of those a day it will cost you a bit of advertising if you want to be a bit more comfortable there is a co-op on site now the people might think, oh it's at a festival you know this is going to be very expensive, it's actually not much more than the co-op prices you would normally see, some things are obvious, you know a little more alcohol tends to be a little More expensive, but overall I mean a meal deal, you're probably looking aroundfive six pounds, maybe I think one year I bought a sandwich, a bag of crisps, a drink and a big bag of chocolate buttons, but I think it was something like seven pounds, so it's not that much. much more expensive we really love using the coop it is very beneficial the only downside is that there is not much variety and once things run out it takes a while for them to restock the shelves so it is best to go very early in the morning or at middle of the night before going to bed.
If you've got a bit more money to spend there are plenty of burger vans and food stalls on site so you'd probably spend around £50 throughout the festival at the co-op, um this is without how this is only on food, snacks, soft drinks and stuff like that, you can't bring food into the arena, but we'll talk about that more in the unloading tips video, unfortunately you'll be relying on the food trucks in the arena, so you know you mean that a burger and fries is a tenner, that's the average price if you use food vans, maybe once a day, your main meals.
It has to be um, you probably weigh around 80 pounds, but then you'll have to reload with what you brought home or to the co-op, so I would say if you're making the burger, Vans probably has a budget for maybe around 100, so one last thing I want to touch on is those expenses that aren't really any kind of necessities, so they're things like going to the attractions in town or buying a t-shirt for merchandise and stuff, and really that's within your own budget, so if we add all this up, then if you're doing everything completely on a budget, I've got here it's going to cost you £156, so that's for your shop, your trolley, your gazebo, but obviously the gazebo will be split between people, hopefully the stroller will also be divided between people, the most comfortable version is the 362.
This is where the numbers start to scare people a little, but again, the gazebo is between people, hopefully , the Patrol is among the people, hopefully. Um, you don't have to use any of these if you can spare a power bank and then break it in, you can eliminate that cost. This is not what you have to spend. This is only if you are starting from scratch. I've never been to one of these things before. 362 is a lot, but again you can turn things off if you need to, but then the luxury will be 550. Now this sounds like a lot, it's more than the actual price of the ticket itself. so I personally wouldn't go for every luxury item on this list, it's just kind of if you want it, it's there.
I personally don't vote for all the luxury items on this list, the most important things I spend money on are making sure you have a comfortable bed. Make sure you have shoes. If you don't want a padded chair, that's fine. It depends on you. If you're okay with a lightweight sleeping bag that's suitable for pets, you can mix and match. and pick and choose basically everything you want from these, so I hope you got something that hopefully you found interesting or useful. Let me know below if there's anything you've found that's cheaper or if you think you have a better recommendation for us.
We're always trying to learn and help each other, so if there's something you find and think, really good, I found it. I found a more comfortable and cheaper bed, let me know below and we will add it to the list. There will be plenty of videos in the run-up to Festival


download to get us all excited. We will have a video tips coming soon. Soon we will also have a history of downloads of videos from the Festival. the old posters the old lineups tell some stories from time gone by, then we have the actual Vlog and then we will have a little analysis of what went right, what went wrong, what we think will happen next year.
If you're interested in this sort of thing and would like to see more, let me know below, there's something massive coming up in May and plus all this downloading is piling up, there's other stuff going on. We've got the Slam Dunk Festival, uh, we've got 2,000 trees in July, but there's also going to be something absolutely huge in May that I won't reveal too much about yet, so if you want to see all that kind of stuff, sign up somewhere. I don't know where the Subscribe button is below somewhere, leave a like on the video so I know if people want to see more of this kind of stuff.
If this was helpful, you can also go back and watch the Vlog from the last one. year I'll link here somewhere and if you want to see all the threat we made and see what it's really like and if you see us at the festival come say hi, feel free to come and share a drink like Well then we're just going to leave it there for today and see you next time.

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